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ELDER MUSIC: The 7th of April 2016

This is Peter Tibbles. I'm usually lurking over there on Sunday but now and again I pop up my head on other days and take over the column, so here I am again.

This is because Ronni turns 75 today and that's a significant number, three quarters of a century. Naturally I've baked a cake for the occasion.


So, because my usual gig is music, that's what I'll be doing today. The musicians featured all share Ronni's birthday and she's in pretty good company as you'll see. Besides those, I'll mention a few others who share her day as well.

Ronni Bennett

That, of course, is Ronni pretending to be Norma, the Assistant Musicologist.

I'll start with the very best today, and that is BILLIE HOLIDAY.

Billie Holiday

Trying to select just one song was a real challenge. There were many possibilities and several strong contenders. It came down to me saying to myself, "Oh just pick one.” This is it. God Bless the Child.

♫ Billie Holiday - God Bless the Child

Also birthday boys today are a couple of actors Jackie Chan and Russell Crowe.

JOHN OATES was the dark haired one in Hall and Oates.

John Oates

He was the one who played the guitar. Daryl mostly sang lead but John sang quite often although probably not on this one, Rich Girl.

♫ Hall & Oates - Rich Girl

Another actor, James Garner.

For a complete change of pace here is RAVI SHANKAR.

Ravi Shankar

He recorded several albums with the great violinist Yehudi Menuhin who doesn't share the birthday. The track they play together is just called Sitar and Violin Duet.

♫ Yehudi Menuhin & Ravi Shankar - Sitar & Violin Duet

Francis Ford Coppola has a birthday today.
JANIS IAN had a hit single when she was still a teenager.

Janis Ian

The song, Society's Child caused her to be banned by the usual suspects and other crackpots. She released a well received album called "Between the Lines" that contained the single At Seventeen.

♫ Janis Ian - At Seventeen.

Happy birthday Jerry Brown and Wayne Rogers.

BOBBY BARE had a huge hit in the late fifties and no one knew about it.

Bobby Bare

That's because it was released under the name of Bill Parsons who was a friend of Bobby's. That was because Bobby was called up for military service and couldn't tour to support the record so Bill lent his name to the record and toured in his place.

People soon knew something was wrong as Bill wasn't the singer that Bobby was. That song was a bit of a send-up of Elvis called All American Boy.

♫ Bobby Bare - All American Boy

A bit of quality now, William Wordsworth.

CAL SMITH had a lot of songs on the country music charts and several number ones.

Cal Smith

However, he really wasn't a cross-over artist apart from the song Country Bumpkin, which we won't be playing today. What we have is Honky Tonks and You.

♫ Cal Smith - Honky Tonks And You

A couple who were involved in politics in vastly different ways, Allen Dulles and Daniel Ellsberg.

FREDDIE HUBBARD was classically trained but at the same time he was doing that he was playing jazz with the locals around town (that being Indianapolis).

Freddie Hubbard

The jazz won out in the end. He played with all the greats during his life and listening to him, I can detect more than a hint of Miles Davis in his style.

Freddie plays Up Jumped Spring with some serious fluting going on by James Spaulding.

♫ Freddie Hubbard - Up Jumped Spring

The last of these extras, two who reported on politics in different ways, Walter Winchell and David Frost.

I'll end with PERCY FAITH.

Percy Faith

He's far from my favorite but someone must like him as he sold many records, particularly in the fifties, which is when this was a hit. Everybody Loves Saturday Night.

♫ Percy Faith - Everybody Loves Saturday Night

Uh oh, we should have blown out the candles sooner.



Happy Birthday, Ronni, and thank you again for what you give us here. Wishing you a fantastic day today, and many happy and healthy birthdays ahead.
Thank you, Peter, for this post.

Happy Birthday, Ronni. And with such a varied and wonderful musical tribute by your friend Peter Tibbles--candles too!! Happy Day!

What a lovely treat -- for Ronni and for us! Happy Birthday!

Many Happy Returns Ronni! Have a great day.
Thanks for the music Peter.

Peter.. This is great!

Happy Birthday Ronni! May your day be filled with surprises, balloons and ice cream. 🎈🍦🌼

May your next year be filled with friends, health & happiness! Plus lots of contentment, wisdom and many positive surprises!

Happy Birthday Ronni! And many thanks Peter for your musical tribute and birthday cake for all of us to enjoy!

Happy Birthday Ronni! Yes, today is that day for the ice cream you love.

Peter has put together a great collection of birthday wonder you're so smart and interesting.

Have a fabulous day.

Thank you Peter! and Happy, happy birthday Ronni! I am grateful for your blog. It has been blessing for me as I continue along the journey. May your day be filled with delight and the year ahead with joy. And may you blow out your candles sooner. :-)

Happy birthday, Ronni. I hardly ever comment but read every one of your posts and admire you immensely for your honesty and fearlessness regarding the issues of aging.

The best to you Ronnie on your birthday. It's nice to know that, with all the crap on the interweb these days, there is still one place I can go for some sanity. And Peter, you've done it again.

Happy Birthday, Ronni - and thank you Peter for the delightful celebratory post with some terrific music and great ending!

Enjoy this day, Ronni, this date on which you were born. And eat all the cake your heart desires.

Thanks to both Ronni and Peter for the gifts you bring to all of us!

And a very Happy Birthday Ronni - from one Aries to another! πŸŽˆπŸŽΆπŸŽ‚πŸ·

Happy Birthday, Ronni!

It is a lovely day for a birthday--at least where I am. May the day be yours in whatever way you choose and may the year bring you happy surprises.

Peter, thank you for that amazing presentation that we can each enjoy over and over.

Happy Anniversary of Your 21st Birthday ....
and many, many more of the same.

wishing Ronnie a great day.

Well done, Peter. Thank you for all you add to Ronni's blog. Love the photo of her!

Happy Birthday, Ronni! Enjoy all your favorites!

Thank you, Peter! Happy birthday, Ronni! Eat cake!

I'll add my voice to the chorus! Happy happy birthday, Ronni! Enjoy the cake, the music, and the love!

Happy Birthday Ronni! May this landmark year be filled with good health and good cheer.

A delightful birthday greeting Peter.
Thanks to both for keeping us informed and entertained.

Happy Birthday, Ronnie.

Greetings and felicitations to both of you from me too! Love this blog, and loved the birthday cake. Thanks, Peter.

Rarely post but today is too perfect...great music, cake and fun greetings! Happy Birthday!!

Happy Happy Birthday to you! You are my bloggy-hero <3


Happy Birthday, Ronni!!

Happy Birthday and enjoy many more healthy ones to share your journey. Thank you

Auguri di cuore, dear Ronni ... thank you, and thank YOU, Peter, for giving us all so much to celebrate thanks to Ronni coming into this world on an amazing day 75 years ago. What a wonderful way to celebrate this is for us ... can just imagine how wonderful it must be for her.
I am very grateful for Ronni's life, for the existence of this blog and for all of the many, many wise and generous readers who contribute.
Buon Compleanno!

Wow, what a fabulous gift, Peter! I turn 70 this Sunday and am proud to be in such esteemed company! Happy birthday, Ronni!

Have a fabulous birthday, Ronni. I want to be you when I grow up.

Happy 75th Ronni. May you be blessed with many, many more.

Thank you, Peter, for the lovely tribute to my dear friend. It is a gift to Ronni that we can all enjoy.

I love both of you for the gift you give all of us all year long. You both put so much time and effort in pleasing us with your vast knowledge and research and it is much appreciated.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite blogger! You inspire, teach, offer different perspectives, make us laugh and deserve a special day. Wishing you many more years filled with happy times.

Happy birthday to dearest Ronni! Your talents, passions, musings, rants, laughs, and discoveries that you share with the TGB village are gifts to us (and to countless others such as friends to whom we send links to posts especially relevant to them). Standing ovations to Peter for a perfect birthday-sound-and-light-show! XOXO

Happy Birthday, Ronni! I really appreciate your blog. Here's to many more-- years and blogs!

Happy Birthday Ronni! And thanks to Peter for sharing that very large cake and great music with all of us.
Ronni - eat cake, eat ice cream and have a wonderful happy and healthy year!

Happy Birthday Ronni, I enjoy your posts and wish you a happy day filled with fun, laughter and joy. Thank you Peter for your wonderful posts on music that brings back so many memories.

Happy birthday, happy, healthy year ahead. May it be filled with fun, relief, wonderful surprises, and--if not your own apartment in NYC--opportunities to come back as often as you wish. Hugs from B and me.

Many happy returns of the day, Ronni! I hope you're having a wonderful day celebrating the occasion!

And Peter, kudos for baking that cake and creating this musical homage!

Thanks to Peter for his birthday tribute, which he so kindly shared with us.

Happy birthday & many happy returns to you Ronni. I send you the Spanish toast: salud, pesetas, y amor. (Health, money, and love, if you are unfamiliar with Spanish.) I love your column & look forward to it. You write about our lives & our challenges with joy & courage. Thank you for that. Have a lovely day.

Happy birthday, Ronni!

Oh, oh, oh. I am so glad I checked in today in time for a slice of birthday cake and to celebrate Ronni's birthday with all of you! Happy birthday, Ronni!! What a wonderful musical gift to you (and all of us) from Peter. Thank you!

Happy Birthday, Ronni! Enjoy your special day today and all the joys to come. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, discoveries, and insights in this wonderful forum. And, many thanks to Peter (and his AM) for the delightful musical sojourns. Cheers!

Happy birthday, Ronni!

What a fantastic blog you created.

So many lessons taught, so many new friends made, so much laughter within the comments.

Your diligent research is appreciated.

Keep putting down in words what everyone needs to hear about life in the elder lane.

Have a beautiful day!

No finish line!

Your Montreal Fan

Happy Birthay Ronni,
Welcome to 75. Dive on in...the water's fine. Your blog was the first one I began to follow some time ago before you left the Esat Coast and it's the first one I read on the days you post. Thanks for making me think, and for the fantastic Saturday clips that are so great. Alice in Texas

Have the best of days, Ronni.
And thank you for the gifts you give all of us through your blog!

Happy birthday, Ronni - herzlichen GlΓΌckwunsch und alles, alles Gute! You can probably guess what all that means - many good/happy wishes and everything imaginable in the way of good things during the year ahead. [not quite a literal translation, but perhaps clearer than "hearty happywish and everything everything good..]"


Happy Birthday to you, β™«,
Happy Birthday to you, β™« β™«,
Happy Birthday Dear Ronni β™« β™« β™«
Happy Birthday to you. β™« β™« β™« β™«
And many many more.

And thank you, Peter, for the biggest laugh I've had today!! Love the music posts you do, and this one was tops.

Thanks so much, Ronni, for all the wonderful, thought-provoking columns! Best wishes for a very happy birthday!

Happiest of Birthdays--and may you celebrate many, many more so we can continue to enjoy your wonderful blog. But, Peter said it was your 75th...and I thought you were going to be 21 Next Birthday? So I am puzzled. Nevermind..hope you had a wonderful day and celebrated with friends in a style which pleased you most... Was that cake he made Chocolate?...Who knew he could cook.... May the year that follows be as wonderful and happy as this day should have been for you.

Just want to add my birthday wishes to a woman who's such a great resource for us all.

Happy | Happy | Birthday!

Just hope that Crabby Old Lady isn't being called upon today.

Oh joy! Three quarters of a century and kicking ....! Be well and thanks for all you do.

Happy birthday! I basically just lurk and read....but I appreciate all you do to keep this blog going!

Happy Birthday Ronni! Hope you enjoy much good health and happiness in the years to come! Thank you for your great blog! And thanks to Peter for this one!
Ruth M.

Oy, I missed the blog yesterday.


Thank you Peter for such a delightful tribute.

(Miki Davis, I'm going to borrow your toast.)

Happy Birthday Ronni! I hope your day was wonderful

Happy Birthday Ronni! keep up the good work.

A day late, but happy birthday.

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