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“About” Taking a Day Off

Life has intruded and for a day or two I need take a short break from writing that requires actual thought. So here are a couple of things that won't tax my brain and I hope will amuse you.

As I was explaining to my friend Erin Read who is director of strategic planning at Creating Results, I like pigs almost as much as I like cats.

Also, I am a long-time connoisseur of television commercials. Except for people in the business of creating them, hardly anyone believes they are an art form, but they are and I keep an eye out for the exceptional ones. They are few and far between but they do exist.

One turned up recently that involves a pig. A blissed-out (stoned?) retired couple are walking their miniature pig along a waterfront. It's shot in moderate slow motion. The music is a bit odd and (to me) unrecognizable but catchy. The whole thing is a little off kilter, mysterious and strange.

And those are the reasons to stick around until the end to find out what it's all about. Take a look:

Did you catch the bewildered look, about halfway through, on that little boy's face? And the woman holding the pig in her arms like a small child at the end? In a bank?

I've watched this commercial about a dozen times and am still befuddled and charmed. It's beautifully done.

After frequent airings for a large part of 2015 and then disappearing, another commercial that is as brilliant in its way is in rotation again recently.

It's about a guy who is checking off items on his ageing dog's bucket list and I tear up a bit every time I see it. This is the long version that is rarely shown on television.

At our ages, we've all been there and not only with a pet. It's a great commercial.

Now. About that “About” word in quotation marks in the headline today.

The link named About above the banner on every TGB blog page goes to another page where you will find links to Peter Tibbles' bio, the Photo Timeline and an About Time Goes By page.

Except, that last one has been a dead link since the blog was redesigned in 2015. The intention then was to rewrite the About TGB page and I didn't get around to it until now.

For those of you who keep asking why that page is missing, my apologies for the delay. You can go directly to it with this link, or click “About” at the top of this page for all three About choices.


Hope you are well and content!
As the roommate of a 13+ year-old Boston Terrier who's getting wobbly, that bucket-list commercial touched a nerve. There are commercials that I think rise to the level of art, and these are two.
Thank you.

I am not much of a television watcher, and had never seen these commercials, so they were a treat. That Subaru one is both heart-warming and -wrenching. If only everyone had an end-of-life experience filled with such love. Thank you for sharing these videos today, and I hope all is well.

Loved the pig. Couldn't make it through the dog.

I love that pig commercial and that hippy dippy couple.

Such a sad commercial. If it had been a black lab I wouldn't have been able to watch it.

These commercials give loving tributes to our adored companions, be they cats, dogs, fish, pigs that don't fly.

Pig made me smile - thank you! Will save the dog for another day.
Nice to take a break from news & politics!

I love pigs, too. They are so intelligent and I can no longer eat pork
one exception. I love bacon and just can't give it up so I try to avoid thinking of where it comes from.

Having said goodbye to many beloved pets I found the dog commercial heart breaking, but beautifully done.

My dog was a part of my life for 18 years (mixed breed with good genes, I guess).
After he died, I never had another pet. The loss was too painful.

Every time I see that Bucket List video it makes me sad that I didn't do something like that for my dog before we had to put him down. It's very well done and a tear-jerk in a happy way that people care that much...

Pig commercial—brilliant! Love the pig's body language when he is being held in the bank, "I've died and gone to pig heaven!" Thanks for leaving us with these thoughts for the day!

"I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals." - Winston Churchhill

That's really funny, Chuck. True too. I'd never heard it before.

The dog commercial was brilliant, but it did make me cry.

You'll love this feel-good Vodafone New Zealand TV commercial, also starring a pig: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KTfyrTTey8

I am also a connoisseur of really good commercials. It takes talent to tell a story that is memorable in 30 or 60 seconds. The dog commercial always reminds me of a cold February day in 1999 when I carried my terminally ill 14 year old dog up an icy hiking trail in our favorite forest so we could share it together one last time. We got stares from the few that were out there, but I didn't care.

I like the dog commercial, too. The acting in TV commercials really impresses me, as does the copy and the creativity.

Good one, Miraz.

Yes, first time I have seen the whole dog commercial. Both are really good.

Beautiful creative commercials.

Love that little pig.

The bucket list reminded me of my last cat that died at age 17.

A photo of her sits beside my laptop.

She's watching.

Ronni, The song in the pig video is called "Mr Lova Lova".

I love both of those ads but the one I always have to watch because it makes me smile is the one with the little horse, "Little Man". Just love that little horse coming out of that huge horse trailer.

Thank you, Ronni. My 'grand-dog' Molly went across the Rainbow Bridge just Wednesday at the age of 15. We were very close since I kept her anytime her human parents were out of town. She had to have someone to sleep with every night! So the commercial was a teary watch, but lovely just the same.

The song in that pig commercial was stuck in my head at work and I realized that I didn't know what they were advertising. So next time it came on I watched it carefully and found it was for Chase Bank. I have no idea what a pet pig has to do with a bank, but I am sure that they approved of having me watch it so carefully until I saw their name.

Thalia - My take was that Chase is a "piggy bank." Or maybe a place where the whole family is welcome and taken care of. It's a catchy ad, with some down home quirkiness and a nod to individuality.

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