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ELDER MUSIC: Wedding Bells

Tibbles1SM100x130This Sunday Elder Music column was launched in December of 2008. By May of the following year, one commenter, Peter Tibbles, had added so much knowledge and value to my poor attempts at musical presentations that I asked him to take over the column. He's been here each week ever since delighting us with his astonishing grasp of just about everything musical, his humor and sense of fun. You can read Peter's bio here and find links to all his columns here.

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The selected songs might suggest a rather jaundiced view on my part but no, I had a really good wedding way back in 1971. It's just the marriage that didn't work out so well.

Peter's Wedding

Norma, the Assistant Musicologist is no help in this regard today – she's never been married or ever wanted to. Incidentally, for lovers of gossip, she was a guest at my wedding.

I'll start on a positive note with a song I know very well. This was the B-side of Yes Tonight Josephine by JOHNNIE RAY.

Johnnie Ray

My sister had this one when we were quite a bit younger than we are now. Because we had so few records when we were that age we got to know them all really well. This one is No Wedding Today.

♫ Johnnie Ray - No Wedding Today

Another one we had and it was another flip side, possibly of A White Sport Coat, but I could be wrong. I'm not wrong in saying it's MARTY ROBBINS.

Marty Robbins

Marty sings Just Married, but it's not him that's tying the knot.

♫ Marty Robbins - Just Married

PATTI PAGE has to be present as she was the queen of these songs. I was going to include Go on with the Wedding but it was too much even for me. Far too much talkie stuff and the A.M. would have gagged at that one, not that that would have stopped me.

Patti Page

So, we have the better known song, I Went to Your Wedding.

♫ Patti Page - I Went To Your Wedding

JEAN KNIGHT had several options I could have used. I wonder about her personal life.

Jean Knight

One I considered was The Last One to His Wedding which is just as you'd expect, and like the others today. She also had several other songs where she was not going to get anywhere near the altar.

The one I chose is Don't Break My Heart. I think Jean's just a tad too optimistic for her own good – he's not coming back, Jean.

♫ Jean Knight - Don't Break My Heart

LLOYD PRICE turned up for his wedding but it seems that his intended decided she had something better to do that day.

Lloyd Price

It's a bit odd because if you listen to the words he apparently said "I do" anyway. What? "Do you take this empty space for your wife?" or something like that. Beats me.

To learn all about it, listen to Lloyd singing Where Were You on Our Wedding Day?

♫ Lloyd Price - Where Were You on Our Wedding Day

AL TERRY seems more pragmatic about the whole thing than Lloyd.

Al Terry

Actually, more so than just about everyone present today. Very sensible. Let's Postpone Our Wedding, he sings, after the ex-boyfriend returned and rang the bride-to-be, and she's getting a bit dithery about it all.

♫ Al Terry - Let's Postpone Our Wedding

It's a bit hard to tell if THE BIG BOPPER went through with his wedding or not.

Big Bopper

Okay, the last line gives the game away. Even if he did, I wouldn't give it much of a chance to succeed. Here is Big Bopper's Wedding.

♫ Big Bopper - Big Bopper's Wedding

Anyone who listens to this next song and doesn't burst out laughing must have a heart of stone. The singer is KITTY WELLS.

Kitty Wells

I Gave My Wedding Dress Away sings Kitty. Now it's interesting that when there's a male cad in these songs (there some females ones as well – cadettes perhaps), he always seems to be named Jim. Not just the ones today but many of the others I auditioned.

If you're thinking of marrying someone, I'd steer clear of anyone named Jim. Here's Kitty.

♫ Kitty Wells - I Gave My Wedding Dress Away

ETTA JAMES gets a little overwrought here because she wants to Stop the Wedding.

Etta James

I've always wondered if anyone has ever spoken up when asked if there was anyone present who... well, you know the drill. It's not happened at any wedding I've been to, not that there have been many of those.

Etta decided to do just that.

♫ Etta James - Stop The Wedding

The only way I can end this column is with this next song. The Drifters had the original and it's a really fine version. However, for once I'm going with a cover by NICOLETTE LARSON.

Nicolette Larson

I really like the way she did this song. She recorded a couple of really good albums in the seventies, and some others a little later.

Actually, looking back over the songs today, I don't think that a Mexican Divorce will be necessary, as none of them actually seemed to have become hitched. Oh well.

♫ Nicolette Larson - Mexican Divorce


Patti Page sang "I went to your wedding" in 1952, yes? In the 50s, female singers often performed songs with lyrics where the lover addressed was a woman. (In this one... "You came down the aisle/ Wearing a smile/ A vision of loveliness.") Sometimes pronouns would be changed to make a song 'fit', but if that didn't work they'd sing it as is and listeners just... performed mental gymnastics.

Though the song hasn't changed, listening to it in 2016 is a very different experience!

I guess I wasn't into wedding songs when these were being played because they are all new to me.

I guess I was more into raising two kids during that era than to listen to the radio where my music came from. Although one of my favorite songs was written during that era; or maybe the decade before. It is Nat King Kole singing "The Shadow Of Your Smile". I still love that song and especially when being sung by Nat.

I apologize, Peter, for changing the subject; 'er changing the music theme.

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