A Historic Week for Women's Equality and Our Generation Did It
ELDER MUSIC: Wedding Bells



At a fundraiser last Monday night for New York City's Shakespeare in the Park, Meryl Streep impersonates Donald Trump. There is not nearly as much video as you would like and it's terrible quality. Still worth seeing:

You can read more about the show at The New York Times and see another clip. (The clip may be on autostart. Sorry.)


I found this at Buzzfeed in a bunch of photos of “perfect things.” The rest are pretty, but this one is so clever that I would buy it just to have the packaging and never open the boxes. I might even frame them and hang them on a wall.

I suspect, however, it is a European brand not available in the U.S.

Pasta Packaging


John Oliver returned to his HBO show, Last Week Tonight last Sunday exposing the disturbingly immoral business of debt buyers in the U.S. And wait until you see what he did in a not-so-small act to help set things right a little bit.


A short documentary titled Concrete Royalty about a young drummer, Joseph Wilson, who plays with the Brooklyn United Marching Band. Watch:

You can find out more about the band at their website.


Among other definitions, pwn is a synonym for hack, as in computer hacking. There is a relative new website called Have I Been Pwned?


Site creator Troy Hunt explained that Have I Been Pwned? is

I ran my email address and found that I have been pwned twice, once in 2013 when the Adobe website was hacked and last month when LinkedIn was breached.

In the first instance, email addresses, password hints, passwords, usernames were taken. In the second case, email addressed and passwords were take.

You can check for yourself at Have I Been Pwned?


Anyone who can create a tornado in a bubble has probably perfected the art of blowing bubbles. Magician Denis Lock has done that and concludes this performanc,e earlier this year at the London Palladium, with what he calls “Castle in the Sky.” It is charming, beautiful and amazing.


This animated essay was published on YouTube ten years ago in 2006 but it's hard to tell it wasn't done yesterday. It's a parable about how xenophobia, greed and indifference create the injustices around us. And yes, that is the late Orson Welles narrating.

I found this video at one of my favorite websites, OpenCulture, a wonderful, wide-ranging, smart, interesting place.


You may have already seen them at your local mall, in a parking lot or taking inventory at a supermarket. Take a look:

Inventory robot:


Package delivery robot:


Security guard robot:


MIT Technology Review website explains that a

”...small but growing number of human-scale mobile robots...are finding employment outside the confines of industrial settings like factories.

“They’re invading consumer spaces...alongside human staff members for a fraction of the price of employing people to do a variety of typically unexciting tasks. The machines come with navigation capabilities and safety features to allow them to perform simple jobs autonomously without putting people at risk.”

You can find out more at the MIT Technology Review website where there are also links to the companies that make these robots.


There are a lot of compilation videos of the astonishing, breathtaking, amazing beauty of our Earth. They are all gorgeous and worth our time. Darlene Costner sent this one.

* * *

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Another great Saturday collection! Loved the earth video, as well as the Orson Wells video...incidentally, it was originally done in 1971, so it's more than 40 years old! Will try subscribing to the pwnd website. Thanks!

I wish Streep had done a monologue. ... The pasta packaging is inspired! ... Freedom River is heartbreaking in its prescience. ... I was gaming back when "owned" became "pwned." It drove me crazy, as did the very common "rouge" instead of "rogue." It happens when you play with teens. ... I ran a gamut of emotions with "Some impressions of our planet."

My goodness! The bubbles were just incredible!

Every week a wonderful collection of videos! I'm crazy about John Oliver, the magician was amazing and the planet video just stunning. Thank you!

Breathtaking. All of it. Thanks once again, Ronni.

Meryl Streep nailed it, as they say.

The Bubble Magician Denis Lock is so entertaining and charming. What a classy performer!

Everyone should see the Freedom River video with Orson Wells narrating. It should be mandatory viewing for presidential candidates past and present who say they want to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency.

And finally John Oliver. He's gotten a lot of positive publicity on the internet for the show on debt, but will the public quickly become distracted by some other outrage?

Amazing post. How au courant can Freedom River be?

At 74 years of age the video of the planet earth brought tears to my eyes. Such a lovely planet and so horribly misused and corrupted by those of us who populate it. This resulting negativity is not why I chose to come here.

Great Videos and entertaining information. Thanks for introducing me to Last Week Tonight.

I marched in high school and in college...I always stop for marching bands!

The pwned website is valuable; bookmarked it.

Thank you for sharing.

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