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Independence Day 2016

Each year we celebrate the The Declaration of Independence with parades, backyard barbecues and fireworks. All good things but it is also a good thing now and then to re-read or re-listen to the words of this powerful document that has inspired people the world over.

Back in 2009, a bunch of well-known actors got together at Independence Hall in Philadelphia for a live reading of the Declaration, prefaced by a magnificent introduction from Morgan Freeman.

There is a video of the event produced by Norman Lear and Rob Reiner and it is worth your time to listen on this, the 241st anniversary, to one of the greatest documents in the history of humankind.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone.


Thank you, Ronni for your post and linked video. Absolutely stirring. How long it takes to grasp, even understand independence, and to advance it beyond a declaration of words, and to preserve it for all. Again, and again. Happy holiday to you and to everyone in the TGB community.

Happy Fourth of July, Ronni!

Thank you for this post, and a happy Independence Day to you and those who tune in here. It's only 10:20a.m. here in northern Illinois, and I've already read and heard the Declaration of Independence twice. A good start to this day.

Thank you, Ronni, for posting this wonderful reminder of how our country began. I am saving this to a file to read periodically as a refresher course of what Independence is all about.

Such a moving reminder of what we celebrate today. Thank you, Ronni, for posting this.

Happy 4th to you, and I thank you.

An interesting point came up yesterday with an old friend. She lives in the tiny, far-inland California town of Comptche. Here older folks are meeting to make a senior disaster plan. What do you know that other people living in isolation have done about this situation. I didn't write that at all well...sorry. I gave her a link to your blog.

Oh, the use of precise language! A stirring presentation.

Thank you, Ronni.

Darlene writes: I am saving this to a file to read periodically as a refresher course of what Independence is all about.

And so am I! Additionally, I've been watching today the wondrous award-winning PBS production of The Adams Chronicles. On YouTube in multiple chunks beginning here:


Thanks for posting this Ronni! Yes, I watched it through. It touched my 87 year old heart. My hope is that people will put aside current criticism and try to see the dream these dedicated people had for this country. As I peer into the hidden future I am afraid for that dream. I pray that the strength of the dream will abide and persevere into the ages and that future history will show that that dream blessed this world.

Thank you for posting this...it was wonderful to listen to. I went to YouTube to grab the link and it says it was done in 2003. I thought everyone was looking a little young. :)

Happy 4th, all! Wish I could be as optimistic about the future of the country as our forefathers were. But they didn't have Donald Trump.

Happy Fourth of July, my American friends. As you know, in Canada our forebears took a separate course -- which might not have worked out as well as it did for us if British politicians hadn't been lastingly frightened by your revolution into using a far lighter hand with the rest of their colonies.

Though it took us nearly a century to become a nation too, I'd say we are mostly happy with the result. So, thank you!

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