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A Podcast in Which I am Interviewed – Part 1

That is, interviewed for my “wisdom and wit” according to the podcaster. She's very kind but if you believe that...

My vacation continues - made easy as items keep turning up for which others have done the heavy lifting leaving me to just point you toward them.

About a month ago, I received an email asking if I would agree to a Skype interview for a podcast that features only people age 65 and older. Of course, pretty much anyone would be flattered at being asked to talk about herself for an hour, and I agreed.

Now, Part 1 of our conversation is available to listen to but first, here is what Amber Singleton sent when I asked for a short biography so you would know something about her when I posted the interview:

”Amber is a 36-year-old writer and podcaster (who moonlights as a flight attendant). She's based in Chicago, and when she's not flying, she's exploring topics like fear and wisdom through her podcasts at the Rock Your Genius network.

“One of those podcasts is Del Mar Social Club, which started from a simple idea, that the older generation (the 65 and older crowd) has a lot of wisdom and wit to share, which makes for good conversation (and insight, if you're listening).

Amber and I spoke for more than an hour and I had a terrific time. She is smart, articulate, funny and I felt like I had made a new friend.

She has divided our conversation into two parts. You can listen to Part 1 here and she has gone the extra mile by also providing a transcript here.

Part 2 of Amber's interview with me will be available in about a week. I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, you will find previous interviews Amber has done with other elders at the Del Mar Social Club website. Her other podcast, Chicken Shit Conquers the Planet, is at her Rock Your Genius website.


It's a great interview -- loved reading about your interesting history. Loved the pictures too!

Enjoyed listening to you as we drove across the Mogollon Rim on our road trip toward Show Low, AZ! Great interview, your enthusiasm for the cutting-edge work you did was delightful! And you still are doing it!

Finally, a voice to go with the face!

Woohoo Ronni! I, also, worked in the brand new IT world back in the late '80s - retirement in 2013. My field was healthcare but was equally exciting and fun! I also started a listserv online discussion group with members from all over the world in '96 - it was the Wild West of the Internet! I could just hear that excitement in your voice!

And now it's all regulation and multiple layers of administration that doesn't understand the technology and according to my sons - no fun at all! We were very lucky!

Exciting interview, can't wait for Part 2! This should bring many new voices to the TGB family.

I am always so impressed with all you have achieved in your life. And I feel so privileged to call you friend.

I can't wait for Part 2 of the interview. It's exciting to read how your career began and next comes the part of how it evolved into TGB.

This was a fantastic read, Ronni. You have huge balls to have walked out of your marriage with $500 and two suitcases. You did the right thing. You make things happen. You kick ass. You are a success story.

High five, my friend. It's good to know you.

Fascinating interview...I could feel your excitement coming through. I appreciate having the transcript to read, haven't had time to listen to the podcast.

Fantastic and remarkable! My experience is much less colorful and adventurous than Ronni's. She is a true success story, and I can't wait for the 2nd part of the interview. I was working for a small nonprofit at that time--the same agency from which I was "retired" involuntarily 18 months ago. My husband and I WERE the tech department for quite a while until the agency could afford to hire someone who actually had some idea of what was going on. Remember the c:> prompt?! Cut-and-paste? It's so different today--in many ways much easier but also much more complex. I wonder sometimes if any one person really understands how it all fits together!

I so enjoyed this and love how Amber has constructed and edited this. The splicing of her thoughts and comments, in a low-key voice, with your narrative of your history, is brilliant! I'm very much looking forward to part 2.

Such a great interview...listening to it really conveys the excitement of your life in broadcasting. I now remember walking into jobs because I said I could do them, and learned how within a couple of weeks, then within a few months moved up into a new but related field, all before I got my degrees in the 80s. After that I would approach things very differently. In a way I liked the learn as you go way of doing things best. Can't wait to hear the second episode. Have a great vacation!

Great to hear your voice, though I read the transcript first. As Linda said, it's so much faster.

Wow! It was great to hear your physical voice (though your soul's voice always comes through loud and clear) and learn more about you at the same time. I have saved both the podcast and transcript links to pore over again and am looking forward to part two. Thank you, Ronni, and many thanks to Amber and her brilliant idea. I'm also looking forward to learning more about the Del Mar Social Club and Rock Your Genius.
You just keep getting more and more impressive.

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