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Happy Birthday, Millie Garfield

91 Rocks

My oldest friend on the internet, Millie Garfield, is rockin' 91 years today. Well, her actual birthday is tomorrow, Thursday, but I publish on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so we'll just have to celebrate for two days.

Millie began blogging in 2003, even before I started, and although she isn't doing as much of that lately, there is plenty of rich content to explore at her My Mom's Blog.

For a long time, Millie's son, Steve, produced two video series with Millie for her blog: I Can't Open It and Millie's Yiddish Class.

Here's a sample of I Can't Open It - which most of us old folks can relate to and it's is also a great example of Millie's infectious laugh:

And here is one of Millie's Yiddish videos:

Millie is still teaching Yiddish – now with fellow residents at Brooksby Village in Massachusetts where she has lived since 2012. To help you keep up, here's how to say Happy Birthday, Millie in Yiddish:

A Freilekhn Geburtsog, Matel.

Many of us, when we were kids, played Pin the Tail on the Donkey at our birthday parties. Last year on Millie's birthday here, we played an age game – adding up the number of all our years to see what our cumulative total is. Let's try it again this year.

Take Millie's years, 91. Add my years, 75, and we've got 166. Now, the next one of you, in the comments, should add your age to that, then the next of you add to that total and then the next and so on.

Of course, because more than one will comment at a time, the total will get all screwed up – but that's part of the fun at birthday parties, just being silly. Last year, the final count was 6,414. Let's see if we can outdo that this year.

So, Millie – know that I treasure our friendship, it is a privilege to know you and I wish you a rockin' great 91st birthday. Oh, and here are a few of your favorite flower – actually about a billion of them.

Sunflowers 12

Birthday greetings for Millie can also be left at her blog.


Hi Millie,


May it be a year of good health and happiness.

OK, well I'm a year older this year--so 166 plus 65 = 231. Happy Birthday, Millie!

I just turned 66 three weeks ago, so added to Pilgrim's running total makes 297.

Wishing you a great day Millie, with bundles of sunflowers!

Happy Birthday Millie. Love your videos.
With my 67 years, we're up to 364.

Happy Birthday Millie! Thank-you for all the fun and wisdom you have given us all.

PS: I have a new goal to add to my "it could happen list". I want Ronni to write a fun tribute to me on my 90th birthday in 2032.

I'll add my 73 years to Donna's 364=437.

Have lots of cake, Millie, and anything else you want!
Happy Birthday!

I'm 71, so added to Donna's 437, that makes 508!

Happy Birthday to you Millie! May your year be filled with pleasant happenings! I will eat a piece of cake in your honor!

With my 79 yrs. we are at 516! Happy Birthday, Millie. I want to be just like you when I "grow up". LOL. Wish I could attend the Yiddish classes. That is so cool that you are teaching them. Way to go!!! Dee :)

I'll add my 75 years to Donna's 437 = 512.
Have a wonderful day, Millie.
91 does rock!!!!

Happy birthday, Millie! With my 46 years I believe the count is now 562!

Happy Birthday Millie.
With my 75 years we are now at 637.

Happy Birthday Millie

I'm 78, so that makes 715, but I'm sure the total is already way off as posts come in.

I'm 69, so that's 784

So, I'm 87 until November this year, so now we are a whopping 603 and I'm celebrating you today, dear Millie, you've already lived long and may you continue to prosper. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
P.S. Here's my smiley face :-).
P.P.S. A field of Sunflowers: a timely gift for all. Thank You Ronnie.

675 with my 73 years. I was going to try to go down the list and produce a correct sum, since several people added their years to Donna's. But it's till too early for me to manage that.

Happy Birthday, Millie!

748 with my 73. Happy birthday Millie. Looking forward to next year''s count!

Enjoy every minute!
Adding my 69 is 817.
Susan D-L

If I am correct we now have 839 including my 91 years.

I could never manage the pronunciations in Yiddish, so I will stick with
Happy Birthday, Millie and many, many more.

We are on our way to becoming Centenarians. , I'll race you to the 100th.

Happy Birthday Millie! Have a fun day.

I'll turn 65 in December, can't wait so I can FINALLY get medicare!

With my age 64+748=812!

Add my 71 years to the list.
What a wonderful record and tribute to a mother's wit and wisdom.
I wish I had taken videos of my mom.
Abi gezunt, Millie

My years bring the total to 898.
Happy Birthday, Millie

The total is now 1545 (assuming Gin is 86).

I can't see how Donna came up 1545, so will add my 73 to Gin's 898 giving us 971. Happy birthday Millie! Have another great year ahead!

Oh dear. Did I goof??

Add my 66 years to the list. Does that make it 964?

And a happy birthday from me🎂 964 + 65. = 1,129!

A Freilekhn Geburtsog, Matel!
A very happy birthday, Millie, and many more!
Adding my 58 to Kathy's 1,129 to make 1,187.

1,198 if you add my 69 years. Now I will go on over and wish her a happy birthday.

1198+66=1,264 Happy Birthday, Millie! You're a role model for all of us on exploring and loving life!

Add my 75 years. What does that make? 1,339? I'm doing it in my head. I'm celebrating my 3/4ths of a century all year. Hope you all do likewise.

1416. I am 77.

Happy birthday to the Sunflower gal! Adding my 78 makes 1494.

I ran out of fingers, but if the last total was 1494, then my 82 probably makes it 1, 576.

Happy Birthday, Millie.

You make me smile, Millie. Happy Birthday!

Adding my 78 makes 1654. (I cheated with my calculator)

Happy Birthday, Millie. Add my 83 to 1654--1737

Adding my 52 to 1737 makes 1789.

Happy Birthday, Millie!

Happy Birthday Millie, I'm 69 so I think that's makes the total 1806 now. :-)

Add my 72 years to make it 1809.

Happy Birthday Millie and thanks Ronni


1874 plus 68 = 1942.... a great year as my husband and brother shared that year!

MORE IMPORTANTLY, Millie is a precious lady, so cool and down to earth...Happy 91st, Millie! Luv ya! Luv Ronnie, too, for your beautiful generosity!

Hugs being sent thru the radio, tv, internet, and gravity waves!


Adding my 67 the total is now 2881 (I added up everyone's numbers ignoring any totals shown). BTW Estelle didn't give her age or I missed it so that number can be added in.
I tried to post yesterday but my server wouldn't let me!
So Happy Belated Birthday and wishing you many more.

Happy Birthday Millie. Adding in my 59 years brings the total to 2,940 (2,881 + 59)

I add my 69, it makes 3009 !

Happy Birthday, Millie. I just turned 83, so adding to above = 3092!

I'm 79 so adding to 3092 = 3171. Happy Birthday, Millie.

Add my 80 years to the total.

Joan makes 3250, and add my 72 years to make a total of 3323.

Happy Birthday, Millie!

Thanks to all my friends for making my birthday so happy and special!

Thanks for the Yiddish lesson, Millie <3 Wishing my mom were still around to ask her how SHE said black coffee.

Adding my 64 to the total, now 3387

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