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Vote as If It Matters

Over the past couple of weeks, Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump has not only gained on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the polls, he has surpassed her in some of them and Democrats are beginning to panic.

I'm not a Democrat but I'm also not immune to running around like a chicken with my head cut off over this.

My friend Jim Stone sent me the link to a posting at Balloon Juice where a Facebook entry about voting for Clinton is reposted (Sourcing on the internet can be complicated.). The Facebook entry is the point but first, you should read the Balloon Juice lead-in:

”I’m with respected blog colleague Kay in thinking that it makes little sense to blame the Youngs for the horrifying possibility that Trump could be elected because of millennials’ insufficient fealty to the Democratic nominee.

“Yes, anyone who is determined to throw a vote away on sentient Caucasian dreadlock Jill Stein (hat tip – Sam Bee) or human bong avatar Gary Johnson deserves a clue-by-four upside the noggin.

“But it’s the Olds — specifically, older white folks — who weaponized the ferret-wearing shit-gibbon. Let’s put the lion’s share of the blame where it truly belongs.

“I think I’ve talked all the millennials in my purview into backing Clinton. (Or possibly they’re lying to me to shut me the hell up.) That said, this piece from Tooney of the Twitters might be good Facebook fodder for the young idealists in your feed who’ve bought into the purity brigade’s anti-Clinton smears.”

Not just for the the young idealists, but the old troglodytes too. They may not be among the rabid Trumpsters we see at his rallies but too many of them have become knee-jerk Republican voters who haven't noticed that their party has become the home of racists, mysogynists and xenophobes.

Up until the turn of the century, voters 65 and older had been reliably Democratic for a long time. In 1996, they voted for Bill Clinton over Bob Dole 50 percent to 44. In 2000, they voted for Al Gore over George Bush 51 percent to 47. And then it changed:

2004: George Bush over John Kerry 52 percent to 47

2008: John McCain over Barack Obama 53 percent to 45

2012: Mitt Romney over Barack Obama 56 percent to 44

Note how the spread has increased from one presidential election year to the next: 5, 8 and 12.

Do I think Hillary Clinton is the ideal Democratic candidate and paragon of political virtue? Hardly. As I emailed my friend Lia who blogs at Yum Yum Cafe recently:

”She's a politician. She's always been a politician. She's done some really stupid things over the years. She is also smart, incredibly well informed, knows how politics and Washington, D.C. work, has relationships with the leaders in most countries of the world...”

And she will work her butt off without letup. That's just how she rolls. Is she my first choice? Of course not. But compared to the other, well...

I'll shut up now and let you read the posting below or at Balloon Juice or where it was first posted. The reasoning of it seems so obvious to me.


Think about posting this to your blog or Facebook page or any place else where it might help convince someone who thinks Hillary Clinton is not the better choice over the orange-haired, ignorant, racist, verbal bomb thrower. Or that abstaining on 8 November or voting for a third party candidate in protest that will dilute the Clinton vote is a virtuous idea. (Hint: it is not.)

Vote as if it matters.


The posting is incredibly obvious - to both sides! There are those who read through that list and say, "Yeah". Then there the others who say. "Nay! I want less government and therefore lower taxes!"
I have worked in the elections as a poll worker for the last 10 years. Honestly, I am no longer surprised to see the straight-line party vote. My guess is, it is simply a lot easier than taking the time to do the research. Or, "It doesn't matter who you vote for, the results are the same". Or, "My vote counts. So I'll go and hit all the switches in a row, and get out there!"
Every set of results in which I have participated have been narrow and most times razor thin. Partisanship has taken hold.

Yeah -- let's stop complaining about young people. We wouldn't be in this anxious state if it were not for the myopia of my generation (older Boomers) and older folks. We vote, but we've lost our flexibility in the face of change, if we ever had any ...

Once again, I am commenting from the relatively safe haven of Canada. Do I acknowledge that if Trump wins, we would be horribly affected too? Of course I do. I'll do everything I can, in the form of posts, comments on blogs, social media to help. Many Canadians feel the way I do.

An absurd week in America’s two-tier election
Pundits claim Clinton had a bad week. Next to Donald Trump’s seven days of gaffes and scandal, that is insane.

I don't understand my age group or why our voting habits changed.

Still the Lucky...
Many Americans forget that our choice of president affects the entire world - so much so that some have suggested that people of all nations should be able to vote for U.S. president.

It's not only Canadians. I have friends in England, Germany, Australia, Scotland, France and others I don't recall right now who, like you are terrified of Trump being elected.

When I read that Trump is soaring in the polls I become terrified and saddened. At times I am glad I will soon leave the scorched earth that Trump is creating. What is wrong with these people? The lack of education and research is shocking and their rigid myopia is sickening.

I have 2 granddaughters that will be voting for a president for the first time. One will vote for Hillary, but the other one believed all the negative garbage that the right-wing machine spewed out about her (Hillary is a crook, etc.) during the primaries and will probably vote for Jill Stein.

I do hope I can get her to see how foolish this is before the election. She was so intense about Bernie that she can't let go of her anger that Hillary won. Too many of the youth who fought so hard for Bernie feel the same way. Somehow we need to get to them and see the damage they will do if they vote for a third party. They must stop believing all of the lies about Hillary and see that they have been brainwashed.

I must add that this granddaughter is very bright and very stubborn. I hope her intelligence wins out.

I will be voting a straight Democratic ticket. However, I am not reading, listening to, or watching anything political. There is nothing anyone could say that would make me vote for Donald Trump so why should I keep myself in emotional turmoil with all the ugliness.

I agree with everything said here and HRC gets my vote! However, in the potential catastrophe that DT should even come closer to a presidency, besides the voter, and even more than the voter - many of whom vote in sheer ignorance - we must also place blame and responsibility on the media - owned by a few very rich people, and playing fast and loose with this incredibly important election. It's almost as if they believe they are above it all and that they will only benefit from a DT presidency. And I guess they do benefit given that they'll get to report on and sell ads for the possible political collapse of this country.

I really hope I'm exaggerating - I'm scared to death I'm not...

I can't really add to the above. I too am enraged and frustrated by the polls. I had a horrible thought as I was trying to go to sleep last night: the debate will go one of two ways: a) Clinton will clean Trump's clock, and he will implode and leave the
stage in a snit. No one will notice. b) He will hold it together and not shout or fall off the stage or tear off his wig, and the commentariat will say he won, even though Hillary will clean his clock. I so hope I'm wrong. I heard someone (check out the podcast Keepin' it 1600--those guys make me feel better) say that
what Hillary needs to do in the debate is infuriate him. Or that just standing next to him and being Hillary will bring things into stark relief. I soooo hope that's the case!

I've mostly stopped watching election coverage. It's too ugly, biased, depressing, infuriating, etc. I wouldn't trust either candidate to help me across the street. And I wouldn't vote for Donald Trump if he were the last person on earth. (For the record, I'm a registered independent.) I blame the media, in large part, for giving him months of undeserved (and unvetted) publicity and making him the frightenly viable candidate that he's become.

Canadianized version of what Bloomberg said..

Canadians know a con man when we see one.

Canadians know a bully when we see one.

Oh god, thank you for this! I will be sending it out.

I will certainly be voting for HRC and I will not be holding my nose, either. She's been the target of outrageous slander for decades, plus the object of rampant sexism. The description of her as dishonest and untrustworthy, is, IMHO, ridiculous. Is she utterly transparent? Of course not. Who is? And particularly, what politician is? And even, what politician SHOULD be? In this day of instant global communication, any politician saying everything that's on their mind would result in international catastrophe almost immediately. Not to mention, NOBODY--no matter how open and candid you think you are--is completely honest.

So there's that. As for the comparison of Clinton with Trump--it's like comparing , oh, just to grab a couple of names out of the air, Jon Stewart with Rush Limbaugh.

And, for what it's worth, at 79, I have been moving farther left for the last 40 years. But that's relative: the country has been moving right all that time, too. The USA is FAR more rightwing than it was up until Reagan. Sure, we've made some progress in some social areas, but overall we've lurched waaaay right. Sigh. Sigh.

I had trouble forwarding the list of progressive programs/reasons to vote for HRC vs. the Orange One. This column forwarded but the list did not--maybe a copyright issue? Anyway, IMO the media, the Orange One and We The People share responsibility for allowing this situation to develop as it has.

This election will be a phenomenon that sociologists will study for years to come (provided that the Orange One, if elected, doesn't succeed in blowing up the planet in his first 30 days). Trump is a narcissistic, ego-driven, thin skinned, racist, sexist, bigoted, dishonest adult schoolyard bully. He found his niche as a reality TV host/carnival barker, but President he should never be. That possibility is totally terrifying to me.

On some level I can understand why "displaced" white males in the Midwest and South who have lost their jobs, income, security and status might believe Trump's false promises. However, I have a really hard time understanding why older adults/retirees, who enjoy the benefits of Social Security and Medicare, would even consider voting for the Orange One. Don't they understand that he and other superrich Repugs will do everything they can to finally destroy the social safety net that it took 50+ years of painstaking work to build? I guess we'll find out on November 8th. (Wonder how they'll feel when Prez Trumpster proposes a 20% cut to SS benefits?)

Elizabeth - the reasons are actually an image - right click and save, then share. FYI

All intelligent reasons for fighting the Trump circus as ferociously as we can...

I have two millennial granddaughters. One is a successful 24 yo Hillary-all-the-way fan and the other is a 22 yo "idealist" Bernie fan who will condescend to vote for Hillary. When looking at the two of them I see a young woman who knows and has known for some time where she's going. The Bernie fan has been searching for her place. I'm guessing that's what most Bernie millennials are doing as well and finding something lacking in their lives. I'm surprised and disappointed with adults, and especially seniors, who supported Sanders and support Clinton grudgingly, if at all. There are too many thing at stake for the "elderly" and the entire planet to even think twice

Another Canadian, here. I am standing on the sidelines wringing my hands and hoping very, very hard that you guys manage to make the right choice this time.

Not just choice... choices. The downticket races matter, too.

I'm 73 years old, voted for Bernie Sanders, and will grudgingly vote for Hillary Clinton. If it wasn't for the success of Sanders in the primary, Clinton would not be nearly as progressive as she seems to be now. She has some real flaws (affinity with the super-rich, for one), but she is our only hope now. I wish her well, tell everyone to vote for her, and will support her every effort.

I think the popular media encourage people to vote with their emotions instead of their rational brains, and we have to fight that,, too.

I'll be voting for Hillary but I would be no matter who the Republican candidate was. The fact that it's--ugh--Donald Trump only makes me work harder to get her elected. I'm 79 years old and I've been a liberal/feminist/political activist all of my life. I honestly never thought I'd live long enough to see a debacle like this presidential campaign. Who would ever believe it if they weren't in the midst of it?

Every day we uncover another disqualifier for Trump, yet the press ignores them and goes after Hillary's emails or something equally irrelevant. We need to go after the press for their coverage. They created this monster, now it's time for them to take responsibility and bring him down.

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