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INTERESTING STUFF – 26 November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2016, Everyone

Some of us may have worried a bit about the outcome during the presidential election campaign but I doubt many – and certainly not me – could bring ourselves to deep-down, really believe our country would be where it is on this 2016 Thanksgiving.

Nevertheless, here we are, and developments from the transition team of the new regime have done little (well, read: nothing) to reassure that the American values reliably trusted (mostly) during our lifetimes still apply.

It is hard to be thankful when the bedrock of the greatest democracy history has known may not hold for much longer. But because, this week, we are only on the cusp of what is yet to be, let us be thankful for what we have. Here is a starter list:

Favorite foods
Good books
Add your own items to the list in the the comments below

Also, in my case, I am grateful for the best blog readers and commenters on the internet. Without you, I would not do this or, at least, I wouldn't enjoy it much. You are the best.

In 2013, I vowed that due to my delight at rediscovering Arlo Guthrie's epic Thanksgiving fable, Alice's Restaurant, after the decade or two it lay somewhere in memory limbo, I would make the song the annual holiday anthem of TimeGoesBy.

As I noted that year, I was equally delighted to discover that with a couple of minor lapses, I still knew the entire monologue by heart. I can't say why but it gives me a great deal of pleasure to sing along for the entire 18 minutes, which I took the time to do (with gusto again this year) before readying this post.

Maybe you would enjoy doing that too.

It's a fine ol' song, don't you think.

Just because I can and it's a holiday, I am giving myself a vacation from posting not only tomorrow, Thanksgiving itself, but Friday too (unless something comes over me and I change my mind). Enjoy your holiday and I'll be back here on Saturday with the latest list of Interesting Stuff.

For everyone who honors me year 'round by reading, commenting and/or generally hanging out here,



Happy Thanksgiving Ronni and to my TGB friends.

Grateful for TGB; books; Central Park; clean water; food; so many lovely friends-- and enough eyesight, hearing, energy and breath to enjoy them every day. Happy Thanksgiving, TGB family!

Happy Thanksgiving, Ronni. And Happy Thanksgiving to all of the TGB community.

The very best holiday all year! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

May you enjoy your Thanksgiving, Ronni.

Happy Thanksgiving to Ronni and all her Faithful Followers.
I'm grateful for all above mentioned items. Also for finding my reading glasses (but
I had an extra pair), for finding my car keys (but I had an extra set). Now I am looking
for my cell phone (no extra one).

So thankful for this TGB community. Kudos to you, Ronni and everyone here for readily offering inspiration, ideas, diverse opinions and support.

Hope you and Olli have a good Thanksgiving holiday and a relaxing break from worrying about the direction our country is headed. Time enough for us all to come out swinging next week.

I add my voice in thanks for everything that's been listed already (including lost and found items -- Estelle I hope you've found your cell phone -- now if I could only find my watch). I'm also very thankful that there are voices of reason in the world that will see us through the coming months and years. And I am particularly thankful this year for those who do what ever they can to resist tyranny, bigotry and bullying and help others to do the same.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone crossing paths here!

Giving thanks for "Ronni and the Posters"!

I've been finding something to be thankful for every day for awhile now. It helps to stay positive. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May your day be happy.

Thankful for your voice of reason -- and alarm when needed -- in this increasingly crazy world!

I am thankful for another day and friends on the Internet. I am especially thankful for you, Ronni, for your blog has provided me with so much needed information on how to stay happy while walking down the path of elder-hood.

Thanks to all of you for being there and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday - I am thankful that my grand babies are healthy, that my son and daughter-in-law are employed, and that (so far) they have health insurance.

Thank you for all the information your provide and conversations you support. Have a great holiday

Things to be thankful for - I actually keep a list in a little notebook to pull out when I'm feeling down.

-new pajamas
-a smile on a dog
-a clean bathroom
-indoor fountains
-the quiet sound of snow
-waking up from a dream with a smile on my face
-afternoon naps
-the scent of freshly cut grass
-finding money in winter jackets not worn for 8 months
-watching cats dream

Thank for all you guys do, and the reminder of Arlo's classic story ~ Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Happy Thanksgiving Ronni, Ollie, Crabby! Enjoy your mini vacation - you deserve some time off. I'm thankful to be able to take a walk in the fresh air, so badly needed in these worrisome times.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Happy Thanksgiving, Ronni. And the same to all your readers who add so much to the Time Goes By experience.

In addition to all the things Ronni mentioned, I am thankful for Ronni, pets, faith, and good wine and coffee. Happy Thanksgiving all!

I am thankful for you, Ronni, and your wonderful TGB blog!
Happy Thanksgiving !

Page Day

Happy Thanksgiving to all at TGB & especially to Ronni for some sanity in the mad world & for helping me to keep my mind stimulated. Dee:)

Happy Turkey Day, Ronni, to you and everyone here.

Happy Thanksgiving! Also thankful that I get to spend the holiday with my favorite peeps - including my parents, husband, our children, grandchildren and our new grandson on his first Thanksgiving. Four generations celebrating together, we are very lucky indeed.

Am so thankful for all mentioned, digital photo editing (cuz I can create a painting digitally I'd never be able to do on canvas or paper!), and living closer to my sons!

Hope you all have a lovely Holiday!

Ah, Arlo and the Good Old Days ... made me smile. Happy Thanksgiving!

To all who read and comment here, and visit my blog as well, Happy Thanksgiving! May you enjoy every minute of this important holiday!

Thankful for you, Ronni, and the part you played and continue to play in my life! Your wisdom continues to inspire me.

Thankful for your blog. Ronni Bennett. You have added much to my life.

I never EVER thought we'd be hearing the words "President-elect *" but, as Ronni observes, here we are. I signed an electronic Thank-You card to President Obama yesterday. I think we'll miss him (and Michelle) much more than we realize at this point. It may be starting to dawn on * that being President of the U.S. is perhaps more challenging (even for him) than hosting a reality TV show. For the good of the country I seriously hope so.

Happy Thanksgiving to Ronni and all the TGB-ers!

Dear Ronni we do not celebrate ThanksGiving in my country, I understand it is an American tradition, and one I really like.
But I wish to thank you for your excelente blog and hope you will go on inspiring us.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the TGB readers.

I am thankful for YOU. I am so grateful I found your blog, even though I came late. I , too, am grateful for a place where like-minded friends can support each other through whatever lies ahead. Happy Thanksgiving to You and Olli.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Ronni. Make sure Olli gets some nice bits of turkey meat!

Cheers, all!

More things to be thankful for: good health; financial security; sight, hearing and enough brains to read and converse; the birds on my bird feeder; the ducks on the lake where I live.
Happy Thanksgiving to all...

A friend and I became rhapsodic today in gratitude for indoor plumbing and hot water.

Thank you for your excellent blog, Ronni and for the internet friends who post here. It's a treat to read the comments. Have a warm Thanksgiving Day.

Thankful for big family and family stories that never get old.
Good health
Sense of humour. Laughing too hard sometimes, but most times it was worth it.
A favourite walking route by the lake
Music, Motown.
Dance classes-these feet were made for dancing.
Sister's cats.
The ability to recognize a con artist when I see one.*

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Arlo Guthrie performed in our little town last week! It was a treat.
And as we had a foot of snow fall from Sunday until Tuesday, I am very grateful to the creators of polarfleece and other warm fabrics that allow me to snowshoe and walk in cold weather in comfort.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Ronni, and to all the TGB community!
Like others here, I am grateful for things both big (getting through surgery and several other procedures in the last few months) and small (the autumn leaves, the feel of sunshine, a comfortable pair of walking shoes and my slippers waiting for me at home, and that perfect cup of tea). And for friends and family, my cats, and all creatures great and small. And, of course, for this wonderful blog!

And books! How could I have left that out? I am so grateful for the consolation of reading...!

Happy Thanksgiving. Love your work here. It is needed!

One of the things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving is this blog. Thank you, Ronni, for your information and insights. And another thanks to the commentators, I appreciate that there is a community of concerned elders who share their wit and wisdom.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I've lived in the Santa Cruz mountains near the S F Bay Area for almost 40 years. We have a little restaurant nearby called Alice's. (Not the same one, but never mind.) Only a couple of years ago did I notice the bench below a redwood tree outside, with a small plaque reading "Group W." I blurted "it's the Group W bench!" And I'm sure many younger people thought I was crazy.

I'm pretty new to this little community, but am thankful for you and it. I've loved the comments here! And will listen to the song tomorrow, for sure.

Yes, one is tempted to say that there is little to give thanks for this Thanksgiving Day, but I know that despite all the personal and other, greater losses this year, I still have A LOT to be thankful for ... and, yes, like all the others here, one thing I am VERY thankful for is Time Goes By ... for you, Ronni, and Peter, and the many generous readers you have.

I don't always comment, but I always read, and just want you to know, Ronni, that I value you and your blog so very much. I'm thankful to the internet for bringing us together. :-)

A few months after Alice's Restaurant was released, I found myself sitting on a bench in large hall at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn, waiting for the psychological part of my pre-induction armed forces physical exam.
The Vietnam war was in full swing and I was trying desperately to maintain a full course of college credits to keep my student deferment intact.
Fortunately, although I passed my physical with flying colors, I pulled a high number in the draft lottery and the war ended before my number came up.
So today many years later as I sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with about 100 of my friends here at the ALF, I find myself being thankful for not having to have served in that stupid conflict and, unlike so many of my contemporaries, went on to grow to be an old man.

Last, but I hope, not least, to say "thank you, Ronni." I keep hoping that things will be OK, and I suppose they will for some people, but I hope that all of us can live with the transition in our government, and not have to pay emotionally or financially any more. Bless you for providing a vehicle, for all of us who are older, to share thoughts and emotions.

Late to the party, but I want to say how thankful I am for you, Ronni, and for your blog, and for all your wonderful readers. It is so nice to come here and find others who feel as I do. I am thankful for every day and the wonders of the world that surround us.

I hope Ollie got some bits of turkey. My cat, Hemingway, grabs me every time I get near the refrigerator, begging for some turkey. He's partial to the white meat. How bleak my life would be without him. 😸

Also grateful for: The Constitution, the Congress and the Supreme Court to keep our country running in some state of normalcy.

Happy Thanksgiving...and we find things even if Trump were elected.

I invited an old high school boyfriend who is estranged from his children and ex to join us for thanksgiving. He'd never heard Alice's Restaurant all the way thru and was surprised that even the 11 year old grand daughter knew the words. She's grown up with it as did all 4 of my own children and most of the grands. Love that it's the official song of your blog Ronni.

You are so important to many of us Ronni. You do what we don't know how. You give us encouragement and direction. I am very thankful for you Ronni.

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