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John Oliver on the 2016 Presidential Election

This is not the usual quadrennial shift in politics we're having in the United States. It is a new world. Everything is upside down. There is nothing we can count on. All we are accustomed to is up for grabs.

Right now, most of the media – big-time newspapers, cable and network television news, a variety of news websites and a bunch of self-important, know-it-all pundits including Oprah Winfrey – are busy normalizing the president-elect. “Give him a chance,” they say, “things will be fine.”

No, things will not be fine.

His second appointment to the highest tier of White House advisers is a man who has spent recent years promoting, even celebrating, white nationalism in addition to publishing vicious anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim and anti-immigration attacks at Breitbart News where he was chairman before joining the * campaign.

Does anyone think it gets better from here? How about Newt Gingrich for secretary of state? Rudy Giuliani for attorney general, anyone? Or Ben Carson for education secretary? Sarah Palin's name has been bandied about too.

* is not a normal politician, not even a normal person. Do not allow the media to convince you he is. His sexist, xenophobic, racist and hateful statements are not just another policy position.

We will talk about all this later but Tuesdays at TGB are usually a day off so I'll keep it short.

Sunday night on his HBO program, Last Week Tomight, host John Oliver warned against normalizing * and made a passionate call for action by all of us.

He makes a good start on some of the steps we can take to fight back and there will be additional ideas at this blog in the coming days, weeks and months.

This is the final Last Week Tonight show of 2016. It will return early in 2017. (As is often the case with Oliver, there is a lot of profanity, a quite prolonged section of it toward the end. It's okay. It won't harm you.)


I read that Giuliani wants to be Sec. Of State.

Some recommendations on here I'm going to follow up on. Looking forward to yours.
Thank you for sharing.

I really want to be in the stay calm and give the orange one a chance, but I am struggling...and you have hit on every reason why.

I haven't viewed the video yet, but just watched my morning TV news and the most disturbing of all disturbing news to me is this:

*has a 60 year, 3million dollar a year, lease on the * Hotel (washington or NY?) and the property belongs to the U.S. Gov't.

Now work that one out in your brain as you consider non-payment, negotiations between * and *.

God have mercy!

If ever a situation called for 'a lot of profanity', this is it. Every time I think I couldn't possibly be more aghast, something else rears its ugly head.

All those years in the US Military taught me a number of things: "It's better to be pi**ed off than to be pi**ed on!". Inexplicably 50+ million Americans simultaneously managed to do both!

Another: "You can't beat'em from the outside - you gotta beat'em on the inside". All of us who are more than a little disgruntled have got to sit back, join the team of rivals, strategize, and let this play out. (How long does it take to impeach?)

This whole 'act' seems to be just another TV show 'Apprentice'. Now we need to couple that show with the last episode of 'Survivor Island'.

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves." - William Shakespeare

Have begun a list of which dearly-held non-profits will have to be sacrificed next year so I can make contributions instead to those which need help protecting those in most peril due to the looming changes.

I am totally bereft, speechless, and at nearly 80 years old ready to give up on humanity altogether!

The thought that there are still intelligent, compassionate people like you and my fellow devotees to your blog as well as my personal circle of friends and family is the only thing that keeps me going.

I guess I have to hang on, hopefully for another four years, and live to see this horror, this nightmare, this blight, leave our lives as a regrettable one-term President.

I'd hoped to gradually recover a bit from the election. Instead, each new * appointment drives me deeper into despair. The best I've been able to do is sign the petition to the Electoral College, futile as it probably is, and watch only enough TV news to keep track of significant events.

Google's a little late in dumping all the fake news sites that promoted *'s election. And Oprah ... she can give away all the cars she wants, but when she starts pontificating on anything serious, run! She's very personable but has some whacko ideas.

I woke from a deep sleep last night and listed *'s choices of those who would surround him. I got physically ill.

The most representative image of the incoming administration to me is one of his heirs gleefully grasping a just-butchered magnificent large cat. I can't remember whether it was a leopard or other cat. Picture says it all.

I pace the house as though a long-beloved dog has died.

To Do List: #1 get rid of the electoral college.

All of this rot would not be happening if we voted for the person who received the popular vote.

Good for John Oliver. I am still horrified at this nightmare and can't believe it's really happening. It's as if the public hunted for the worst man they could find to play a joke on the rest of us and they found him. It's not funny, you ignorant jerks.

Sarah Palin is being considered for a cabinet position? And people I know are gloating. It's a Shakespeare tragedy on an epic scale.

I haven't watched J.Oliver yet, but will.

I'm overwhelmed with the negativity and horribleness of * and his ilk being in my face, constantly, and am now beginning my personal fight back. I like my balanced, sometimes solitary, other times wild, sanity.

#1 - remove news sites (except NYT - and will go to others I trust, on need-to-know-more basis) and pass over any browser sites which deliver "news" (Bing, Yahoo, etc) that serve to dumb down people - never more will I see pictures, and headlines of a Kardashian, Duggar (who ARE these folks?), royalty (wish upon a star) around the world, fashionistas and sites that try to make us feel we're "not good enough."

Nor will I watch politicians preening and posing while appearing semi-legitimate in their $5k suits. I'll read if need be.

TGB will be a primary outlet and source for inspiration and reasons to act on preserving sanity and how to exist in the *world.

Dumbing-down is loved by corporations and politios, especially Republicans - a tad more than Democrats. It is performed with distraction. Of our minds. And distortion. To overwhelm that which hums in our hearts.

They don't want the citizens to be aware of their corruptions, of their back-room deals, which lead to questions and protests and other nuisances, for them. The thought of 'power to the people' gives them sleepless nights and gives them images of horror.

These are dark times, and I'm going to fill in the cracks with light in every way I can. Intention is to stay only as informed as necessary. There will be donations to save what is good and natural and I'm going to become active to promote those causes.

All this is because I choose to live without the daily ache and angst. When the time arrives for change, or revolution, I'll give 'well-informed, responsibly outraged' my all.

I don't think you give the President-elect a chance, I think you give the system a chance to mitigate the impacts of radicalism as it has for the last 240 years. Oh, you think the system is broken? So did most of your fellow citizens regardless of who the voted for or, for that matter, the almost 47% who voted with their feet by not casting a ballot.

This is a participatory democracy and we have all been more or less guilty of treating it as a perpetual motion machine that needs only our vote every four years while we engage in our "busy" lives of petty family dramas, consumerism, corporate media consolidation, reality TV, and social media excess. We have lost sight of the suffering of vast segments of our population on both sides of the ideological debate. That, at its core, is what this election tells us.

Stop wringing your hands, clicking "like," and signing online petitions as if that will change something. Get out into your community and help those who need it and don't be shy about who you are and what you believe in. Can't get out? Phone bank and write letters for your favorite 501(c)3 that aligns with your views and helps the less fortunate. Pay forward the kindnesses you have received. And, as difficult as it is right now, keep an open heart so your love can get out and you can take other's love in.

Love trumps hate.

Good suggestions, I'm going to copy the names of organizations that would be good donation recipients. AND, * as pres makes me feel financially scared too. But something's better than nothing. It seems there will be Million Women marches in many states, so that some of us who can't make Washington, but could get to something more local can make it.
Oof, feeling very exhausted and discouraged today, but there's tomorrow.

Popular vote for Hillary at two million more than Trump. Gerrymandering and lies got us here.

Thanks so much for post John Oliver's video. I can't get him and this was well worth watching. He makes excellent points and maybe if we all dig our heels in we can make a difference inn the 2018 mid-term elections.

You are right. There is so much sickening "normalizing" going on, all in the name of healing and moving on. Don't be bitter, or a sore loser, they say. Grow up, stop whining, all of those things would be fine in a more reasonable situation. But this is different—this is very dangerous. We can't afford to accept it and just move on.

Hurrah for John Oliver's screed against normalizing * . Normalizing isn't the half of it. All the Republicans are totally sucking up to their dear leader, positively giddy with delight about what he has wrought. It's exactly what I expected, but it makes me sick. In fact, I have been railing against the media for normalizing * from the beginning. Most of the MSM had a simultaneous epiphany a couple months before the election when they all woke up and realized that if they continued to give this thug free publicity without questioning him, the asshole was going to win. Their turn-around was too little too late, and the * won.

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