U.S. Election Day 2016
I Will be in Mourning for Awhile


I feel the same way Ronni.
One of the problems with being an older adult that there is no one to give me a cookie, dry my tears and tell me it's going to me OK.

That should be "everything will be OK".


Mostly, I'm sad. I'm selfishly somewhat thankful to be as old as I am and that I've had the good years that I have, but sad for the rest. I feel as though there was so much opportunity lost yesterday.

One of those days I'm really glad I chose not to have kids. I feel sorry for the younger generation. So fortunate that I get medicare in December, and already get Social Security...though who knows how much damage the reps will do to both in the next four years, unrestrained.

I do have to wonder if Trump was partly acting to get votes, and he might revert to a more liberal president? If that happens, his "base" won't be happy -- but they might not notice! Ha!

So sad and disheartened for Hillary and the message this sends to women everywhere. Smart, qualified, prepared women fall short of male dominance. I live in a deep red state, so have always been in the minority...but always felt the USA was overall was progressive. Today, not so much.

Why are we all so surprised.
By now we should realize that if you see one cockroach run across your kitchen floor, that there are hundreds more lurking behind the wall just waiting for the OK from the main roach to say "It's alright to come out now."

A sad day for America.

I don't think the U.S. is so utterly changed as utterly revealed. What has been hiding in the background is now front and center.

Thank God the Framers added the enumerated powers to the Constitution.

Elections belong to the people. They decide. If they choose to turn their backs on a fire, then they will have to sit on their blisters. ~Abraham Lincoln~

I am puzzled why Hillary did not deliver a concession speech. After seeing her front Trump at three debates, I refuse to believe she is gutless. A gracious concession speech to her loyal supporters waiting till midnight was the right thing to do. And to despatch Podesta and then about 5 minutes later concede via telephone to Trump? (can't believe that Trump lied about the call). So what happened??

I am horrified. I am in mourning. A monster will be president of the United States.

God help us all in the united States of Babylon.
Breathe in and out and carry the light.

Devastating. On more levels than I can fathom right now.

Perhaps that odd focus on clowns recently was portent of having a buffoon elected.

What cast of characters will he choose for his cabinet? Guiliani as DOJ, Ivanka as Secy of State, Lewandowski, Christie, Newt? Egads. All clowns who need no masks.

I'm sick for the minorities and immigrants (Van Jones gave an emotionally moving comment on this last night), every child, the wild places, all animals and ocean life - it's open season now. The list goes far beyond this.

The press is all about economics, but that will not be the lasting destruction. Life is much, much more precious and worthwhile than that.

A dark part of me knows the Republican politicos in Washington are not that shaken by this. They know their position to influence this man-child and there will be hidden deal-making in back rooms for 4 years. My days of being interested and up-to-date on politics are nearly over. I think there's a silver lining there.

I worked as an election judge for the first time yesterday.The first I heard of Trump's lead was when I got in my car after nearly 17 hours of being cut off from television, radio, the Internet, social media and political discussion. I was truly shocked when, at nearly 10p.m., I turned on the car radio and heard that Trump had a strong lead over Clinton. I was exhausted last night and did not stay up to listen for the death knell, and as long as I had not heard it, there was still hope. Hopes were dashed this morning when the radio by my bed delivered the news. I'm truly stunned.

A few days ago I watched a movie, based on a true story, about a group of women in WWII who were held prisoner by the Japanese. There is at least one documentary out about this also. These women, who were mostly American, English, Australian and Dutch, were held in abysmal conditions on Sumatra. Somehow they created a choir using only their voices as instruments, with no words, and presented stirring concerts to their fellow prisoners and captors. It was very moving and inspiring in its message of resilience of the human spirit. Perhaps it's time for us to start singing.

In spite of it all, the sun came up today. I am grateful for that.

I am terrified. What will happen to family, friends, neighbors and all the members of our community who are black, Hispanic, LGBTQ, disabled, Muslim, immigrants. I feel betrayed by Americans and find only some small measure of solace from posts of others who feel similar and are better writers.

While I understand that Trump can't legally do most of the stuff that he said he would do, the President and the first family set the tone. And that tone appears to be hatred.

It is worth noting that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

Although I intellectually agree, the president elect has spent about half a century proving that he can bully anyone into just about anything he wants. Why would he be different in the White House.

My hope is that in the next 4 years, his base will find out how much he lied to them, find their lives worse instead of better, and thus will be mad enoung to elect Elizabeth Warren in 2020.

I am more afraid for our country than I was immediately after 9/11.

I can't believe we'll be going from an elegant, thoughtful speaking president to a man as crude and rude as Trump! I'm in shock that so many Americans could not see through DT's empty promises? What are they going to do when he doesn't deliver or he delivers changes that negatively effect their lives? Will he try to put HIllary in jail? Silence the press? Those promises alone are an affront to democracy!

I am in despair. Last night my 18 year old daughter, 700 miles away in college who voted for the first time, for Hillary, was texting me throughtout the evening with growing fear. The unthinkable happened, and I had to tell her not to despair, that her life would be long and she would see many ups and downs and twists and turns, and, this, too, would pass. I tried to give her a sense of hope I do not feel.

I can't stop sighing and feeling sick and have been this way since Brexit. Trump's win has compounded this and I feel as if I'm living in a totally insane world. Am glad I'm in the winter of my life.

I'm in disbelief also. Can people really not care that this man has NO experience in elected office? I'm afraid I still believe that there is a core of sexism in this. People who didn't like Trump and also didn't like Hillary -- they chose Trump because they wanted change. They've been constantly complaining about the country changes of the last 10-15 years anyway, so what sense does all this make?

I'm just so sad.

I dressed all in black today, even though it's a color that doesn't suit me. I am in mourning for our country. With both houses of Congress in Republican hands and more than one nomination to the Supreme Court over the next four years, we are going to be in deep doo-doo for a long, long time.

Such thoughtful comments. I'm sickened too, but glad for your words.

I'm worried about all the above plus fear that the 2008 recession will seem like a walk in the park. Also can't unring that bell of having seen the new first lady in all those nudie photos. Pandora has escaped her box and is sporting a Miss America crown. I give her a O rating.

A big shout out and and thank you to the FBI! I would never have believed that such a horrible excuse for a man could be elected. But then who knew that the FBI would turn on its own people? And we all laughed when trump said the election was rigged! Boy, how naive we?

I'm with Tarzana, Elizabeth Warren in 2020 . I'm afraid what the next four years will bring. God help us all!!

Yes, Nancy, I agree that it's the Supreme Court that will make all the difference in our daily lives. Farewell choice. Social security and Medicare at serious risk. Health care gone. I have a grandson who is black, gay and autistic. God help him. But probably my worst fear is for the international situation. This horrible man has essentially pledged to slaughter anyone who messes with the USA! USA! USA! I am too old to stand on street corners vainly protesting another war and it wouldn't do any good anyway. I have not gone to bed nor eaten and still feel utterly sick. I can't see my way clear to getting over this no matter how many times the effing sun comes up.

I think, given the USs habit of violence, and now, unimagined levels of stupidity, the universe decided we didn't deserve a woman as our president. It's, evidently, something that has to be earned and we aren't there given that we put guns in the hands of children, condone rape, and gun down black citizens as sport. Do I sound angry? You bet, and am already looking for ways to make sure we can change this in the future.

Check out Bill McKibbins organization at 350.org.

I agree with Florence. The United States has been revealed. Not for what we might become but for what we are now. How else can we make sense of electing a man filled with hate and intolerance? I am heartbroken and ashamed. I can't see anything positive coming from this. Maybe tomorrow, but not today.

The observations above are, on the whole, comments with which I fervently agree. As the grandmother and great-grandmother of African-American granddaughters and one glorious great-granddaughter - I am sickened to the core for them.

But as a feminist who has worked for the rights of women, as someone who has spent portions of her life living outside of the US, I am terrified [if not surprised] at the joyous reaction of the radical right throughout western Europe [not to mention, I assume, Russia, at least at its higher governmental levels]. Brexit, yes, but I think we all have reason to fear well beyond our immediate borders. This feels increasingly to be a world-wide phenomenon. Donald Trump [so nicely labeled a moron by Keith Olbermann] is just one of many whose bliss may be short-lived.

The triumph of what? The FBI, ever vigilant to protect us from the Dreaded Emails? The white males who are terrified at the thought of a - gasp - woman in the White House? Anybody threatened by an uppity woman who was indeed better prepared and vastly more experiencesd than any candidate preceding her?
The victory of bigotry, misogyny, narcissism, brawn over brains, and ever so many other things I, in my despairing fury, cannot even remember in this moment?

Most of all, though, when I realized what was happening, all I could think of were the Somalis who live in an apartment house across the street from me, who came by with their bright-eyed, cheerful little ones on Hallowe'en, who survived who knows what horrors to end up here in what they assumed was safety. Or all the Latinos and Latinas I see all the time, who are now a part of the fabric of my city, working, studying, learning a new language, trying to adjust, as all exiles have to do -- but who now have the sword of Trump hanging over their heads. A "leader" who is cheered on by what I suspect is a vastly white demographic group, not yet aware that the world has changed and - despite their "victory" last night - will learn soon enough that their joy may well be short-lived. In fact, it will, it is a matter of demographic reality.

But I, for one, have no idea how to proceed now. Am scared at the depths of my perception - although, in a way, buoyed by my deep anger, which, in time, might return me to activism. Who knows?

I never really believed there were that many stupid unthinking people in this country. Fool that I am.
I appreciate that Hillary won the electoral vote but that and 5 bucks will buy her a latte at Starbucks.
I too am wearing black.
Elle in Oregon

I am weeping today, not for myself, but for my grandchildren. America, how could you? How could you?

This is a disaster far beyond four or eight years. Climate change. The Supreme Court. Immigration. I think in the spring I'm going to start visiting the National Parks before fracking and Ammon Bundy take over.

I am physically ill today. This was my worst nightmare, and dread finding out all the horrible things this man will do during the next four years.

How could this happen? How could this happen? How could this happen?

Now, perhaps more people can begin to understand how we felt in the 1960s when people like Lester Maddox got elected and President Kennedy and his brother Bobby were killed. I and many like me were devastated! Many of us have never recovered from that ... and this just adds to the pain.

Like everyone else, I am really distressed and upset about the election and find it hard to believe. But it is a fact and we will have to find a way to deal with the new conditions and make this country work together. I don't believe that we liberals understood the anger abroad in the country and may not even have cared, but now we HAVE to do something about it - FOR ALL OF THE COUNTRY - and I do mean mean ALL of the country.

A parallel to something I just read . . .

Now it's time to not worry and be happy - perhaps delusional!

Look at it like this . . . we finally no longer have to be concerned about things like, a clean environment. safe drinking water, clean air, good health care, legal abortions, fair elections, good schools, safe food, and anything like a better, livable minimum wage – and, the first amendment and the future of professional journalism - just smile and say, "goodbye".

May God bless those 1% who now have title to the remaining 99% . . .

I heard Trump's victory speech. Was I imagining things or did his audience fall quieter when he started talking about being President for all Americans. I have a distinct feeling that if he tries to do that his supporters will turn on him. He's let the genie out of the bottle now.

Roe v. Wade will be history, too--you can count on Pence to push that and he won't even have to push very hard with a Supreme Court appointed by Herr Drumpf. This is a total disaster for our country, and I can't see any way around it right now. I hope that in the days to come I will because we'll be stuck with the results of this election for at least 4 years. I still find it hard to believe that there are so many gullible people in the U.S.--that they would actually elect a Carnival-Barker-in-Chief.

We are all so full of despair, but I am thinking -- what can I do now. Let's face it: we are pretty powerless against the juggernaut that is the Trump cabal But now is not the time to shut up. Now is the time to rage via every media and other outlet available. I'm thinking of starting a "Raging Grannies" group in my area. It's a way to get attention protesting that should not land me in jail. Check them out.

This has been a vote of anger from large numbers of people who have been ignored. Yes, it's a terrible choice, and is almost sure to work against their own best interests. But politicians need to pay attention to the huge population that has felt left behind. Are they sexists, racists? Then we need to make their lives tolerable enough that they can become educated enough to recognize the error of bigotry.

This is a terrible shock, but it's not the end of the world.

A hard-working activist in my community wants us to remember that 50% of the people in the nation did NOT succumb to Trump. OUR 50% have to work even harder for civil rights.

I guess Michael Moore was right after all ("Michael Moore warned a Donald Trump victory would be the biggest 'f*** you in human history'. He was right - " - independent.co.uk). To top it off, Paul Ryan's speech this morning was a chilling portent of things to come.

Yellowstone summed up our future in the previous comment.

One thing I feel compelled to say about this insane election. Hillary lost because she was a woman. Period. She was not bad at campaigning. She in fact pulverized her opponent in every debate. She addressed issues. She made proposals for change. He made mouth garbage and that's not hyperbole. The proof is in those transcripts in which he was quoted verbatim and made no sense whatever.

Hillary has been taking crap from the right wing for years, but despite that she was chosen as one of the most admired women in America twenty times in a row. Her favorability ratings seldom fell below 50% and just before the primaries she was at nearly 60% favorable. I don't want to offend anyone but it was the all out effort of her primary opponent's supporters that redefined her into a bitch and a criminal, thus setting her up for all the mud Trump could sling at her including the "lock her up" meme. I'm sick and tired of reading comments---not on this site---from people who say both Trump and Clinton were equally bad. They were not. One of them was a brilliant, extremely well qualified and skillful public servant. The other was an offensive ignoramus. There was no equivalence of any kind.

I agree with everything that has been said already. A friend of mine said she feels the unsettled grief you feel after a death. So do I. I don't know what to do with myself today.

I'm thinking of Sept. 11 and how this might, probably will, result in even more deaths. It came from outside the country, while this comes from half the country we live in. Our countrymen & yes, women.

It may not be the end of the world, but it sure feels like it.

I've really nothing to add. I pretty much said it all just now in my own post. I'm frightened, embarrassed, depressed. And at my age I doubt I'll live long enough to see the nation recover from a Trump presidency and everything he'll do ... and undo.

Hard to believe the sun is actually shining today ...

I don't want to be cheered up today. I need to mourn and validate what I am feeling. Tomorrow will be baking day ....I'm thinking a nice batch of Terrible Awful pies might just set my soul to right...delivered to my hardworking Republican county office.

The next four years will be a trial to our souls - if American can survive a nuclear holocaust of Trump's making. I am counting on the younger generation to get it right. Mine certainly didn't.

Today is the 9th day of Nov 11 ~ 911 ~
Put your seat belts on America.

Yesterday's election was upsetting, but I'm trying hard not to be upset. I've long known my opinions differ from the majority. The Republicans have gotten everything they ever wanted yesterday. They should be able to enact the laws they want. Let's see what they do. We are powerless now. They claim they have the moral superiority to create a better country. They believe they can solve all our problems. I hope liberals don't do to them what they did to Obama. Let's see what they do with their four years.

I only pray for one thing. If their experiments fail, I hope they will admit they are wrong. If they are right, I'm willing to give them credit. But conservatives have longed to test their ideology. This is their time. They've got a mandate. I've always hated the way conservatives never gave Obama one lousy chance. I don't want to be like that. I can't stand Trump, but I don't think we should stonewall him like the Republicans did Obama. That was so nasty. I dont' think we should be small and petty like that.

If you haven't read Hillary's concession speech you should do so now. It was dignified and somber and without bitterness. As usual she put the good of the country ahead of her own despair and heartbreak, proving again what a great human being she is.

I too feel shocked and bereft. I remind myself that one of the blessings of our democratic system of government is the very fact that each person gets to vote their choice and that we then move forward together. This has to be true whether the outcome pleases you or not. I am certain that our country will be bludgeoned by this choice as the GOP President, House and Senate and soon Supreme Court move ahead to dismantle every important advance in the past 8 years (and even before.) Goodbye to the ACA and the people who will die without affordable healthcare. Goodbye to Roe vs Wade. Goodbye to voters rights. Goodbye to any hope to save the earth and its people from climate change. Goodbye to a living wage. I could go on, but tears make this impossible. I can only hope that the future is not as bleak as it appears at this moment.

I'm sorry to be the one to invoke Godwin's Law, but it's been pointed out that 50% didn't vote for Trump. 70% of Germans at the last time that were permitted didn't vote for Hitler and see how that turned out.

I can't add to what has already been said. I will spend the day trying to focus on something to soothe my mind and soul.

Garrison Keillor's thoughts in today's Washington Post express my feelings.

Now I'm going to take a walk in the sun and smell the roses.

I am angry. Make that furious. I am so disgusted with the gullible loons who have inflicted this disaster on us. When they find out that Trump doesn't give 2 figs about them or their problems that they thought he was going to magically solve, it will be too late for buyer's remorse.

The Trump voters learned nothing from having the Republicans in charge of the House and Senate and doing nothing for the country except obstruct and gave the three branches of government to them. Now there are no checks and balances and we have an irrational, ill informed dunce in the most important office in the world.

My depression will last a very long time and now the Supreme Court will be the most conservative, radical one in our history and that terrifies me for my grandchildren

I predict one of the first things the Republicans will do is privatize Social Security and Medicare in their effort to destroy them. Be ready to fight as that's the only weapon we have now.

I really fear for the minorities and the gay community because it is obvious we now have a government of bigots and racists. And apparently we have 50% of the populace who are ignorant.

No, I will not be diplomatic and give them excuses. They have kissed democracy goodbye and we who pay attention must suffer with them. I am irate at them.

Thank you for this blog, and the commentators. Reading the comments assures me that I am not alone in my despair. I too feel I am grieving about a death. Then thought that I have to get a grip and change what I can in my own small circle, so have begun that.

Its stupid, but where before I was interested in visiting America, now I am not. The comments above however tell me that America is not entirely lost.

Trump complained about political correctness. Now, I feel that it would be safer to keep my political opinion very much to myself should I visit America (interested only in NYC and eastern seaboard). And NYC boo-ed Trump and wife when they went to vote (so that's definitely my kind of city). Am I the only person who looking at Mrs Trump stepping out of the car and walking into the voting centre with sunnies on was reminded of Marie Antoniette?

Take comfort in the fact that half of Americans still believe in and uphold the original ideological values of equality and respect for others. The Wild Man let loose amongst us is only here for a time. I am actually excited to observe his limits (if any). I think his reign will have a cathartic effect and release the pus which have been building in society's system. We may suffer or even perish during the process but there will be a valiant fight for what we hold dear.

As to Hillary!! Good god, that woman has become my hero. Battered and pursued by hounds of Hell, she remained strong and unflinching. I weep for her when she did not deign to weep for herself. In the minds of my families and friends she epitomizes the highest standard of strong, straight and ambitious womanhood. Thank you Hillary for standing in the gap for us.

What on Earth just happened? We are as scared about the future as you people over there. The morons are on the march and that is a very bad thing for the planet.

White working class males only? That can’t be true. At least 50% of the population are women. So what just happened?

I agree with Fran 2.35pm above. My admiration for Hillary has soared.

There's a Youtube clip showing DT thumping someone near a wrestling ring, and later forcibly shaving a man (he'd lost his bet with DT) - the look o DT's face is that of his rabid supporters.

History destined to repeat itself. Hitler and his appeasement is similar to DT and the GOP appeasement. Now its to the part ".. they came for A, B, but I was silent .... and then they came for me". I think of the unthinking whites: they will now come for your Medicare and Social Security. The chinless, rabbity weasels in GOP will support that, no problem. At this moment, I do not care if that is vindictive.

ALL the polls were for Hillary, even Nate Silver who was more conservative. I distinctly remember telling myself as I followed Nate's numbers finalised that these were meaningless unless people voted. And telling my son that I'd never tell a pollster about my vote, or lie 180 degrees about it. The early coverage was on a big turnout so I thought Hillary wins with landslide - big mistake. I feel like e-mailing Harry Enten: do you still believe in polls?

Also, would Obama have won a third term if permissible? with these numbers, I think not.

The joke is against Billy Bush - he gets sacked, and Trump becomes POTUS. Anyone with Donny's sexual misconduct record in govt service would get sacked or never hired but... you get the drift.

At the next int'l meet, can the female leaders ask not to be seated next to Donny, and away from his groping hands?

Democracy is under constant assault and we have to be always vigilant. I look at Germany after Hitler - they survived, so perhaps America can.

What happened, Friko? Women joined the Trump fan club. Didn't you see the viral photo of the woman Trump supporter who had drawn an arrow pointing to her crotch and added the words "grab this." Anyone who thinks women aren't sexist or misogynistic hasn't worked in an office or business environment. In fact, women can be pretty vile and this breaks my heart. Men in charge frequently use a woman if they want to control another uppity woman. And sad to say, these women as surrogates are quite happy to throw another woman off the cliff if it helps them get ahead. Such is the competition for the few openings for women moving up. The social media effort during the primaries that turned Hillary into a crooked bitch had numerous women participants.

I was, and am, still puzzled at why the poor contributed to Trump's campaign. He's a billionaire, and proudly proclaimed he was self-funding. Why do you want to starve and send him your hard earned $50?!! Or pay to get your. name on his goddamn wall??!!

I read that his celebration party was charging (exorbitantly) for drinks and glasses - and laughed, for there's a sucker born every day. Trump said he loved the poorly educated - who can blame him.

Just saw some analysis which indicates that it was the well-off who voted him in. So. you sold out your freedom for a few pence (his tax decrease) while the billionaires get away with another few *millions* in tax saved - and who is going to pay for schools and hospitals, police, roads, etc????

Just watched Hillary Clinton's concession speech. I wish I knew how she manages to look so fresh and composed after such a blow. Salute. She's a greater person than many another world leader who has openly wept/teared at his loss. My heart goes out to you. May God bless you.

When I see/listen to Barack Obama on TV, I feel like getting up to show my respect. (stupid, right?). Similarly, when I see/hear DT, I quickly switch the channel. (Ditto for his hateful lying surrogates.) I would NEVER go out of my way to see DT, even turn my back on him.

I'd have done the same for Hitler.

So does that place me on the same step as that GOP idiot who shouted out in the Senate "You lie" to Barack Obama (and no one spoke up to protest)?? I reasoned it out with myself and think its "false equivalence" (so much spoken of during the campaign). I'm not interested in seeing the swearing in, etc etc.

I did not vote for Trump and I am scared for this country with him as President.

Actually I feel sorry for those that voted for him expecting changes. What I see from here in the Midwest is a nostalgia vote to some extent. I saw the same in a driving trip to rural New England recently.

The country has changed and their way of life is fading -probably more rapidly than they can deal with.

Small towns are fading, people are moving out due to lack of jobs and farm consolidations due to children not wanting to farm. All are no more than 30-45 min from a Walmart, Target, Tractor Supply, etc. and these are killing the local businesses. They want their towns back - but this will not happen. Trump can't fix it.

They want the jobs their fathers or older brothers had. Come out of high school and find good paying work locally. These jobs are gone forever - mostly to automation and some by movement to other places (within the US -like Texas where labor is less expensive not just overseas).

You drive through these towns and small cities and it is sad - crumbling buildings, abandoned schools, and rural poverty.

People are angry and scared- at a number of things - the gummint, immigrants, business, etc. They feel abandoned and forgotten.

You look at these mostly rural farm states on the election results maps - cities blue all else red.

The real sadness is that Trump can't fix the issue - they probably know that but who else has even tried to help? Who else has read their anger? They really have nothing to loose so what the hell - tear it down. Punish the system.

In addition others laugh at their religious beliefs on marriage, abortion, immorality of the culture. How would you feel?

This is at least some part of why Trump won.

So while we can be angry at some of those who let the dogs loose I suggest at least some empathy with those who are suffering through the all too rapid society and culture changes.

I know right now there is anger in the Hillary camp and for the most part this is justified. But not all Trump supporters are the "deplorables".

(Note - I am a recent transplanted New Yorker to the Midwest so my observation is not colored by any personal experience or anger.)

I am old enough to remember when the Clintons "Two for the price of one" campaign was such a flop. The antipathy towards Hillary's healthcare plan. Then now this. Do they object to her elite-ness? or what?!

Barack Obama was unique in that he was all things: good looking, tall, well educated, possessed charisma, happily married and beautiful family, and could even dance/swing i.e. entertain when required. Only one negative: skin colour. Even that, for his, because it was mixed with white mother was ok. And had MORALS and ETHICS. The complete package.

He understood his legacy was at stake and beseeched his base, the African-Americans, to save his legacy. Not only for himself, but for their own good. To be in USA without health insurance, and poor ((shudder)).

America: how many Barack Obamas do you think you will get?!

I have a relative who told me one day before Election Day that he was nutting out who to vote for. I asked if he had see the debates? Yes, all. Plus thought Donny was stupid. And still trouble deciding? I have quietly crossed off that name from my nice-to-talk -with list. Life is too short.

I've just come in from our small weekly vigil demanding that the San Francisco DA charge the police officers who shot a Guatemalan man (who didn't know who was yelling at him) in the back. As we were leaving, several thousand young people marched by, offering hugs to any who needed them because Trump was elected. In our immigrant neighborhood (if the offer was in Spanish), this was gratefully accepted. My neighbors are living fear because frightened white people in far away states have fallen for a con man who will tear up lives without giving a fig for who is hurt.

I'm hurting -- but I'm also angry and aim to turn my anger to (nonviolent) action against all Republicans and other thugs. It would have been nice to retire, but that's not what I get. As someone wrote above, sometimes I'm glad I don't have children. These people are going to let earth warm and kill many species, including ours.

i guess it's time to admit once and for all that we are a nation riven with deeply stupid, spiteful, hateful, bigoted bullies, fearful of losing their unwarranted spot on top of the trash heap. i feel a deep sense of shame for all who supported, actively or passively, our next POTUS.

Terribly sad in France too and anxious for the future and for the votes for the President in 2017.
Chantal from Paris

Something needs to be done about the Electoral College configuration. We realize the Congress, particularly the Senate, doesn't accurately represent the population, so already the federal government is imbalanced. This sounds "unconstitutional," in that there's millions in this country who aren't represented equally.

Of course, now we're in deep s**t now for getting any of this addressed, except perhaps via the Supreme Court. Not likely. All the President-appointed judgeships left unfilled the past 8 years will now be quietly accomplished, complicit with Congress.

McConnell is intent on reversing or obliterating Obama's programs. This doesn't sound like well-thought-out plans; it's racism. No one has previously ever set out to obliterate another President's actions on this scale.

I see the Republicans filled with arrogance now, far from realizing or caring that this attitude, of division and demand, is what led to where their party has taken the entire country.

Also looked up the 2018 elections and for the Senate it's mostly affecting Democrats. So there's lots of work to be done. Not just for the next 4-8 years, but for the next 50.

I already suspected it but for me it just drives home the fact of how many complete dunces inhabit this country.

It is remarkable that Angela Merkel, GERMANY in congratulating elect-POTUS has to remind of the shared values, including justice for ALL regardless of religion, etc.

Truly the world is upside down today. America has lost its place as the shining city on top of the hill, a beacon to the world.

I continue to be in despair. Just saw a pic of Hillary, apparently walking with husband and the dogs. She looked fresh as a daisy and RELAXED. (Me? I'm abs tired out as if I'd been been campaigning hard for months. I

I've been reading various blogs about the election results, particularly the comments, just to get the public feedback. Odd - many are virulent and FOT Trump, in far too many numbers to be just a coincidence. I wouldn't be surprised if as I read a few days ago, foreign trolls are writing these comments.

Another thing: after the first Barack Obama/Donny meeting, Donny says meeting only to last 10 or 15 minutes, but last more than one hour - implying they got along so well they kept on chatting. BIG LIE. Meeting was scheduled for one hour. It was just so Lying Donny could give out a false impression that the two were getting pally. Its consistent with his campaign behaviour.

His cabinet seems to be filled with big cats - so much for DraintheSwamp.

America: what have you done to yourself?! It may be the rural belt who voted for dreadful Donny, but everyone is going to get screwed.

Is there not even ONE decent GOP? horrible Ryan, rabbit chinned McConnell, ...et al.

.... I should have added that the troll comments are re newspaper articles, not blogs like this. I found none of the comments above to be false.

I just want to alert people.

I have been in a nearly-comatose state for the past two days, fighting nausea and tears and despair. I don't know whether it is the thought of the future consequences or the realization of how many more Americans are racists and misogynists than I could ever have believed.

“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” H. L. Mencken, 1920

One more cry of pain and devastation.

Women, older people, immigrants and marginalized people MUST not take the coming devastation quietly. We deserve respect and must demand it. We must protest, write letters to editors, to elected officials, to all our friends and colleagues stating our outrage.

I'm still in tears but I'm not going to "wish for the best" or "be a nice girl and not use the words that the situation deserves." I will speak up every opportunity that arises.

And so it begins...

The paper this morning (USA Today) had several articles on the racist and anti-immigrant speech and graffiti in several places. So the fears that Trump has enabled or encouraged this behavior seem to be coming to pass. We have to forcefully smack down this stuff - right now!

The business section had articles on how the market is reacting to business who are "not American enough". Meaning using foreign factories. The title was "Trumps Enemies are Already Paying the Price". Their stocks are down.

At the end of the article, which talked about lowering corporate taxes, this was said:
"Investors fears may prove overblown, though. Trump's plans to lower corporate tax rates might encourage tech companies holding cash overseas to bring it to the US and boost dividends"

"Boost dividends" = make the rich richer. Not invest in new manufacturing or add jobs here in the US but pay out more dividends to their stockholders. Most of the population does not really own stocks that would benefit from this. So the rich who hold the stocks get richer.

Now yes many pension plans and retirement investments do hold these stocks and would benefit in the short term and that does help us retired or soon to be retired folks. Good for us. Not so much help for the general public.

So already we are seeing what a true Trump victory might mean...

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