Nothing Else is Important This Week
The World is Utterly Changed Now

U.S. Election Day 2016

Yes, yes - I don't usually publish on Tuesday but even is a small way it seems right to mark the end of what John Oliver calls below, our long election nightmare. Or could it be just the beginning? I suppose, now, we will soon know.

Here are two short videos, John Oliver's final words on the campaign from his Sunday HBO program, Last Week Tonight. I couldn't decide on the best order to present them so if you think I've erred, just rearrange them in your head.

See you back here tomorrow, rain or shine, win or lose.


I voted! Oh Happy Day!

Let's see,
Valium- (Yes)
Prozac- (Yes)
Johnnie Walker -(Yes)

Okay, I'm ready for election night coverage.

I can't decide whether to watch telly tonight with a big glass of bourbon at hand or just read a good novel instead and check tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll watch with the sound off . . .

I think I'd better make a run to the liquor store before I started watching the returns tonight. (And I don't drink!)

I was intending to read Ann Patchett's newest book today until 10pm or so and then check online, but I like Jean's idea to keep the sound off.
And, with a fine wine, I intend to have a good time.

Often the election is "called" before the close-the-polls hour in CA, and I'm hoping that happens again this year, big time!

Can I come and watch with you Bruce?

Funny, we all think alike. Hubby just stopped by my desk to say champagne is chilling. He's hoping to celebrate, but never the less we could also drown our sorrows. But I don't drink much bubbly, so it might take a deep bathtub for me to drown my sorrows especially if it has to go to a vote in the House or the Dems don't regain the Senate. So weary of the hate on everything obstructionists. I do, however, think there are enough still sane folks; looking forward to nodding off with a smile.

It sounds like we will all have a big hangover tomorrow morning. I hope it's from happy celebrating and not from drowning our sorrows.

I will stay up later than my 10 PM bedtime. My Philadelphia friend wrote me,

"I woke up this a.m. – had the window open & heard all these happy sounds of people excited, talking, etc. Thought maybe it was a kids’ event & that was what all the happy-sounding chatter was due to. Finally rolled out of bed, peeked out the window & to my SHOCK, there was a LONG line of people winding around the block --- & I suddenly remembered today was Election Day --- & it’s held at the church across the street. I have been in this house 15+ years, Rosemary, and have NEVER EVER seen such a sight! At most when I go in to vote, there are maybe four people inside in line. This is great! I think, THINK, they’re for Hillary but that’s probably just my wishful thinking. But so many people lined up to vote…, with all the hoopla, and the President, Hillary, Bon Jovi AND Bruce Springsteen all came to Independence Mall last night for an event……what an election!!!!

I'm hopeful today.

I love to laugh...but...this election isn't a joke. The so called Republican idiot may actually win. Heaven forbid.

While I hope this election is over long before it reaches my state, I voted early this morning.

I'm just hoping that tomorrow's headline will be a phrase that the candidate to which it might justly and aptly apply, and who made it famous:

"You're Fired!"

Crossing my fingers that some congressional members find they are "fired" too. Planning on watching "The Crown" on Netflix this evening for some distraction.

My naptime dream today is that when the Donald goes down for the count tonight, his brand goes with him. Because he is a LOSER!!!!!!!

Goodness. Voting for a woman! What a day. NYC keeping Susan B Anthony's grave site open late tonight!

Thank you Ronnie for sharing John Oliver. It made my day!!!!!

Fingers crossed for Hillary -- We voted early and I'm so glad we did!

I'm enjoying a closed group on Facebook, Pantsuit Nation. What a bunch of winners! So I dug out a blazer and pranced around town in it, a bright Hillary blue blazer! Glad I voted early last week. North Carolina needs every Democratic vote for both Senator and President, as well as other more local seats.

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