How Do You Want to Live the Rest of Your Life?
The First Sneak Attack on Medicare, Social Security Has Already Happened

A Delicious TGB Extra

Time Goes By does not usually publish on Tuesday but this is too delicious to hold back especially because it does have a sell-by date - Friday 20 January – after which it is not as rich.

It happened Sunday in Scotland's Sunday Herald newspaper where Damien Love is the television columnist. You will find his review of President Trump: The Inauguration about halfway down the the online listings here.

And this is how it appeared in the print edition's featured highlights:


The Twitterverse has had a fine ol' time passing this around and you'll find some commentary on the "preview" at the BBC. A few people object; I think they have no sense of humor - we need to remember to laugh about our predicament now and then, even if darkly.

* * *

FYI: You will find the cabinet nominee hearing schedule for this week here.


After the way the Obama's have handled all the negative things said about them and their race with grace, class and restraint, it's going to be interesting to see if Trump continues to address every single slight that comes his way with nastiness. If so, he's going to burn up twitter. He IS a horror story!

Unfortunately, unlike the real world, this soap opera cannot be cancelled after one season.
Let's hope there is no S5 E1.

I usually say laugh to keep from crying. but the specter of the next 4 years is so horrible that I am finding it hard to do so.


Twilight Zone. Of course! That explains a lot. But I would have appreciated being asked if they were going to make me a part of it.

I'm happy God is in charge of my life. I wish he was in charge of some others.

Everyone is saying 4 years of this nightmare, but if the congress were to change hands in 2 years, we might be able to stop him a bit.

That was entertaining. I was surprised to also learn from Damien Lpve's review of "The Trumps" here, that DJT's father's middle name was "Christ." That's certainly weird. Like Bruce, I am already hoping that there is no season 5 to this show.

Recent articles in the news about blood pressure have me a bit worried. Mine has always been well within acceptable ranges until on occasion over the past month or so. I'm strongly feeling that the change is related to the political scene. As entertaining as it may be at times, or sucking us in like a bad, seductive soap opera, the reality of it is sinking in more each day and may be taking as much of a toll physically, as I know it is mentally.

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