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INTERESTING STUFF – 21 January 2017

What are You Doing During Today's Inauguration?

Civil Rights hero John Lewis has been the representative for the state of Georgia's Fifth Congressional District since 1987. He has taken a lot of tweet vitriol from the new president for announcing that he is boycotting today's inauguration.

Me too (along with several dozen additional federal legislators) which, since I live about 3,000 miles from Washington, D.C., just means I will not be watching on television.

In no way is that meant to scorn or disparage the office of the president nor do I believe – even with possible Russian interference in the November election and FBI director James Comey's reprehensible behavior toward Hillary Clinton – that Donald Trump should not be sworn in.

Alternately, Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings of Maryland takes a different view. Yesterday, he told CNN reporter Chris Cuomo that while he believes others should boycott the inauguration if they want, he is attending the because he wants to be a witness to history.

Further, however, he told Cuomo that if the public knew what he and some colleagues had heard in the classified briefings about Russian interference in the election and other information, they might not attend the inauguration themselves. This six-minute exchange is a more informative interview than we usually get on cable television:

Note that Cummings says the information from those classified hearings will come out later.

We, the citizens of the United States, can respect the office of president while generally opposing the man himself – which is the intention of my personal boycott.

To tell the truth, however, I have a long-standing appointment and several errands that will take me away from home today for all but the oath of office so I didn't put a whole lot of thought into my boycott. I would not have missed President Barack Obama's inaugurations for anything; this one doesn't matter to me beyond the fear I feel for the future of our country and for us, the citizens of America.

Besides, what am I really missing. There will be more reporting than anyone needs of the inauguration address and since Trump disavows or changes his mind about everything he says faster than anyone can parse it, it doesn't really matter what he tells the nation today.

Apparently, a lot of people feel as I do about today's event. One website I ran across asked readers how they planned to spend the day, offering these four choices:

Watching the ceremony
Avoiding the spectacle
Moving to Canada

I do recall reading news stories about how tens of thousands of Americans, on the day following the election in November, were Googling what is required to immigrate to Canada.

Remember when, a few weeks ago, I posted a Dr. Seuss parody titled How the Trump Stole America written by a North Carolina minister named John Pavlovitz?

He's had some thoughts about what dissenters can do on this inauguration day to resist. Here's the short version:

Serve someone
Financial activism
Get your hands dirty
Reach across a divide
Reassure your children
Cultivae gratitude
Be visible

You can read Pavlovitz's full post with explanations of his 11 points at his website.

Resist200Since I am already committed for several hours today, I like the last one in that list for us - for elders - so we can store up a lot of energy for the long resistance we need to undertake starting now.

What are you doing today?


I am taking an online course from Harvard on photography, I am cleaning out my bedroom closet, I am writing poetry and I am bird watching. I do this stuff almost any day. I am protesting silently. But I will also write some checks today to various legal entities that may save this country from total chaos.

I am watching and hoping for rain, pigeon poop and sound system problems. But I'm watching on CNN since they seem to be the most recent media target of the man who would be king. I respect those who want to boycott or protest the events today. I wouldn't walk across a street to see him in person and know we're in for a few years when we can't sit on the sidelines. If we see something we don't like, we must let our voices be heard!

I'm doing laundry and household cleaning and keeping the TV and radio off. I'm catching up on my favorite blogs (like this one). I'm re-reading a favorite book.

Later today I'm picking up a friend and driving from Manhattan to Baltimore to stay at a hotel that I booked on November 11th when I first hear about the Womens March. On Saturday we'll make our way to DC to march with upwards of 200,000 others, or so they say, to stand in solidarity with women, minorities, members of the LGTB community, and all others who support them. With my husband's help, I made a big sign to carry. I'm reassuring my daughter 1,000 miles away in college that I'll stay safe.

I'm feeling oddly hopeful. Now that the campaign is over, the buck stops with the president. I think it will become ever more apparent, even to the people who voted for him, that the emperor has no clothes. But his grandiosity may mean that he remains a thorn in the side of those who would carry out the hardcore rebpublican agenda. We shall see. It seems we are all cursed to live in interesting times.

I'm out of the country. On a train from the county of Cornwall in the far south-west of England on my way to my old home town in the Royal County of Berkshire. Glad to be feeling other vibes today.

I will play with my granddaughter whose future I am very afraid will be worse because of the man who will be POTUS.

My day will have the computer mostly off until evening. Ways will be found to keep busy or distracted and clothes laid out for tomorrow's San Francisco March.

So today is leading into another that offers positive possibilities.

I'll listen to Marshall Rosenberg (Nonviolent Communication, personal growth) and music.

It's fitting that we begin today with a thunderous storm, followed with rain cleansing this previously parched state. My take is to use this weather today as a guide as I contemplate and plan a general approach to this uncertain future - to be gentle, purposeful and persistent beneath the anger and fear.

I am reading Indivisible: A Practical Guide for resisting. I was planning to wear all black but that isn't working out. Since I can't go To the March, I am happy that the next generation are there: My daughter and 3 friends are in DC. I have no television or radio on today so I am symbolically turning my back on it. And to be truthful, I have shed a few tears that what could have been isn't happening.

I watched video at the Obama Foundation...

I received this message:
"Thanks for joining us on the journey ahead
Passionate citizens like you have helped shape Barack Obama's presidency from the start.
The work we began together in 2008 will continue long after the Obamas leave the White House, and this Foundation is where that work will take shape."

I will avoid TV and radio news and listen to music while I clean out the cabinet under my kitchen sink -- draining my own swamp. Feels like a national day of mourning, a spiritual 911 without the aircraft.

A lot of you have mentioned that you aren't listening to radio or watching television today. In the short time I have left before I need to leave the house for several hours, I am listening to BBC News on internet radio.

You would be amazed at how much non-Trump/non-U.S. news there is in the world. Our news media deprives us of a lot of information and knowledge.

I'm listening to NPR just now but soon will leave my house to serve lunch at Our Daily Bread -- a place where poor people can eat fabulously healthy food other people from the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens prepared yesterday. After a bit of a rest, I will join a rally to thank Pres. Obama in downtown Athens GA. That's at 5 PM. We'll then take our banners saying "Black Lives Matter" and "Standing on the Side of Love" to Athens City Hall for a rally and walk of protest to T's policies.

After that I'll pack my backpack and rain gear for Saturday's Atlanta March for Social Justice and Women.

I'm trying not to be upset by doing housecleaning. This usually calms me.
Later I'm talking my collie Pippa for a long walk. So sorry the Obama's are leaving.

I am sponsoring a younger person to go to the Washington demonstration tomorrow, and I will be at a local demonstration against deporting a high school illegal immigrant who fears death in her country of origin. Today, I will walk my dog, drive to town for groceries, come home and hopefully get some studio time. I have heard that the number of demonstrators against the election on Saturday will outnumber the number of those attending the election ceremonies.

I am sitting in the Ordway Concert Hall in St. Paul waiting for a concert to begin. I got ticket last summer for this one. never having imagined that it would be under these circumstances. Actually it is perfect timing. And tomorrow I will deal with the rain and go to the MN Women's March. With many, many others! No radio, no tv. I hate what is happening, so I am avoiding it.

I have the same feeling of hope as Patty-in-New-York, that "it will become ever more apparent, even to the people who voted for him, that the emperor has no clothes."

I will spend no money today, online or off. I will not watch the inauguration or follow news of it online. I'll do zazen, read, listen & play music, & have a peaceful day. I will refuse to give in to the impulses of hate & fear. Tomorrow, I'll take part in a Women's March to assert the rights of women & of all people.

I'm in Baltimore visiting with a friend in anticipation of tomorrow's march. We are house looking with her son and having dinner with friends. No TV.

I had a bad night and my sinus kicked in so I will rest and play in Paint Shop Pro when I feel better. I changed my home page to the PSP group instead of news. I've yet to set foot in FB.

I am getting my gear ready to board the bus to D.C. for the Women's March. My pussyhat is packed!

I think it doesn't matter who is president for us --but the republicans want Pence and they will get him one way or another. They just had to let this charade go through so they have complete control.

I was going to watch but I just turned the TV off ---- I just can not witness a Republican take over.

For a while, I thought I'd just hide my head under the covers, and pretend this day does not exist.

But, no, I'll continue with my daily routine, with the sound only of classical music floating through my day.

No TV , no reading of inaguration news, etc. What I am doing today is stitching a cloth collage. I enjoy naturally dyeing cloth, using the gifts from the land to mark and color cloth. This partiuclar cloth has many dark colors, round woven pieces and I found some very loud, striated yellow cloth (dyed with yellow onion skins) to add to this cloth I call Holding, as in holding light in this time of darkness. Have gathered rain gear in prep for Sister March tomorrow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Not a knitter so don't have pink pussy hat to wear but do have a wool hat with pink stripes. Made a small hand held sign to take that says;
R- Rights
E - Equal
S - Strong
P - Peaceful
E- Emboldened
C- Community
T- Together

I will have TV on (rare for me) all day tuned to Home and Garden channel, my favorite. I will sort papers (ugh!), visit with my 15-year-old great-granddaughter and her mom, cook and eat delicious Thai food. I will check FB for personal messages, but read no political posts--a delightful day. It may be the last one!

Love "the emperor has no clothes" analogy.

As it happens the swearing in is occurring just as I settle down with my first cup of coffee, trying to pry my eyes open while watching what is normally the local morning news. But as soon as I'm awake enough, and dressed, I'll be heading to the supermarket to stock up before next week's snow. Once home, I'll probably play video games rather than watch anything happening in Washington.
I normally watch historic events, preferring to see and interpret for myself rather than depend on second-hand reports. But I don't know if I can stand to see the biggest egotist in the country getting the biggest spotlight. All politics aside, I think he's a disgusting human being.

I will be busy avoiding TV and radio coverage instead listening to "Hamilton" and Jeremy Irons reading T.S. Elliot on BBC4 and other like programming while I knit more pink hats to take to one of tomorrow's Women's Marches here in Southern California.

This morning I will take my 74-year-old sis-in-law to a medical appointment. She has non-Alzheimer's dementia, and I have become her caretaker. Then we meet a friend for brunch or lunch wearing our pink pussyhats (with safety pins attached).

I was pleased to learn that the ACLU took legal action today and filed a Freedom of Information Act request with several government offices, including the Office of Government Ethics, demanding access to documents concerning the new president's potential conflicts of interest. The fight has begun. There is more information at the ACLU website under the "Action" tab.

It is a momentous day with heavy foreboding.

My husband is watching and so I can hear it, whether I want to or not. I am headed to the grocery, however, as a way of escape.

I'm getting my hair done.

Got up early, had some blood work done. Now I'm doing all kinds of administrative paperwork / email catchup that I've been ignoring. No TV or radio. I am streaming jazz music via my computer, however, from my favorite station Jazz24 broadcasting out of Tacoma, Washington. The VERY best station IMHO. Have a great weekend all!

We are going to a movie and having a beer afterwards. I am trying to avoid coverage on the TV. Long term - I am trying to learn how to tweet as I suspect that will be the quickest way to voice my opinion to those that count. Additionally, I have written to my representatives to Congress several times regarding my hope that they will help "fight the fight". After watching the video above, I think I will include putting pressure on those same people and others to address the hacking, etc. This is a many fronted fight. I appreciate those columns of yours where you lay out a blueprint for getting involved and fighting the fight. Thank you for your work. . .

Working today. I was working also in 2008 and we all took time off to collectively watch Obama's inauguration. Not happening today. Later I'll be taking a friend to a medical appointment.

To me, it's not so much that a republican is "taking" office (he sure didn't earn it) but that * is .

I live just outside of DC, and I'm not leaving the house today except to feed my feral cats. I live near a very large RV resort, and it was very busy earlier in the week. Odd in the winter! There is a big grocery store down the street from it, and I saw a huge rig(parked like only an asshole would park - diagonally across 12 car spots) emblazoned with *'s slogan. So I'm boycotting that grocery store too, until the circus moves along. Wonder what the ratio of supporters to protesters are in that RV camp?

TV off today! There was a post this morning that included the media coverage schedule. It also included info on viewing protests and tomorrow's marches. Starting Saturday at 10AM, you can live stream protests at the website
Only radio will be Pandora, with very calming, new age music.

I've been downsizing for a while, this morning I took all my cd's out of their jewel cases and tucked each into a sandwich-sized ziplock bag. Freed up 2 shelves on a bookcase, and I'll spend a couple hours labeling each bag with a sharpie so I can alphabetize. It's now an 8" stack.

Pursuing every distraction I can find so my mind doesn't wander into a place of speculation and envisioning just how bad it will get.

I'm having a "local day of indulgence"... Slept until 9 am (don't remember doing that for a long long time!). Almost noon and am still in my jammies, had pizza for breakfast, and at noon will raise a glass of wine to the Resistance! The rest of the day will be reading a new book (The Book of Joy, a conversation with The Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu), some photo editing, and sorting art materials. Also reading the guide to resisting the trump government on Bill Moyers blog. And, lastly, declaring a political fast until at least Monday when I'll review the coverage on the Women's March and other demonstrations. This is #notmypresident, #notmygovernment and I'll not attempt to normalize it by viewing any coverage of this spectacle.

I am still on "radio silence" , (no tv or radio) as I have been since the election (I read selected blogs, such as this one). I will wear black today, as I did the day after the election. I am attending a "not my president " book club meeting. I am marching tomorrow--with Canadians, who are truly perplexed and horrified at what the US hath wrought. I have been in Canada since the beginning of December, and will stay until my visa runs out. It's the breather I need to store up energy to face and resist.

Watching the ceremony with the 'mute' on. I do believe it's important to be a witness to history. But bring on the hearings...sooner rather than later.

Thank you for this wonderful blog. You are an inspiration.
I will be going to the library to find a fabulous book, then to have a massage with the person who told me bout this blog. She and I will probably talk about how we feel, as we always do. Then to my niece's for dinner and a long soak in a whirlpool tub, play with my great nephews, put them to bed and then plan on drinking too much wine with people I love. I also will send a check to the Sierra Club as I fear for our natural resources and lands like never before.
Tomorrow I plan to begin my reign as a royal pain in the a**. All reps and important #s on speed dial

Earlier watched DemocracyNow with husband....then a Garden show. I will work on my mixed media art project "Love" for art class on Monday before meeting former co-workers for lunch at noon, planned several months ago.

I elected not to bus to LA for the women's protest march tomorrow as I have a bonsai workshop to attend. But will hear all about it from 2 friends who are going.

I am avoiding any and all things political as have had enough stress in my life lately.

Listening to * speech - not sure what I feel except to feel even more scared than I was.
It is the people vs the government
It is America vs the world
Currently the US is a disaster and we will now make it great again

He has laid down the gauntlet and he is now on tap to make it happen.

Had coffee with a friend, and, because it's a dreary, rainy day here, I'm going to do some stuff around the house. Then, this afternoon, I'll be watching A Face in the Crowd on TMC, which is a very appropriate movie for what's happening.


When I clicked on my Time Goes By email this morning, I was greeted with something I've never seen before:

A picture of flames, along with the words...

There has been an error of some kind. Ack! FeedBurner could not deliver this feed to you...

My first thought was "Wow, it's started already"! Then I howled with laughter because it seemed so appropriate.

I accessed today's post by going through an older post, so it's all good. But still, it does make you wonder :-)

Good luck to everyone with getting through your day.

I listened to * speech. I agree with Bob.
He's preaching the people vs the government, It is America vs the world. I think he's a lunatic.

I'm spending the rest of the day playing with my two 5-year grandkids. Later I will have dinner with my son whose health was saved by having ACA. Insulin dependent diabetes. Too much income for Medicaid and not enough income for insurance until ACA. I'm in fear for his life and the health of all those in this boat.

Working. I'll watch Washington Week tonight, unless I get a better offer.

Today it is sunny here in Bellingham so I'll take my new hip for a walk. I'll start bread rising then I'll make homemade mac and cheese with potato chip topping because my grandson asked me to. After his piano lesson he and his sister and I will hang out while their parents go to a party - maybe we'll see the beautiful movie about the girl who hunts Golden Hawks. Friends and I have commiserated via email. I"m listening to the children on the playground of a day care center down the street and thinking about their parents who rely on a variety of subsidies... I'm breathing in and breathing out. Tomorrow I march!

Everything I could say has already been said--and mostly better than I could say it. I totally agree with the multiple observations that it will soon become apparent that "the emperor has no clothes". I'm not watching the inauguration, although I'm sure the nightly news will show it ad infinitum (so I may skip that, too).

PiedType and I, in addition to most readers of this terrific blog, are on the same wave length. IMO the new President is, quite simply, a TERRIBLE PERSON (caps intentional). I cannot think of a better way to express my opinion of him. He cannot stop his constant bragging and bullying because that's who he is. It's so discouraging to see President Obama and his wonderful family, who have what I call "true class", replaced by a buffoon--a Carnival-Barker-in-Chief.

I'm not able to march, so I'll spend an ordinary day in this world of the "new normal". I'll report to my volunteer gig at a cat rescue/rehoming agency, send off more messages to my legislators, possibly make a couple of modest donations to Progressive nonprofit organizations--and contemplate how to deal with the next 4 years.

I had planned not to watch anything. But I ended up watching a couple of hours of coverage on Democracy Now. At least I felt like we all watching there had similar feelings about it. And I felt it was an important moment in history so I wanted to see it.
A feeling came to me that I was watching a "placeholder" take office. What comes next could be even worse.

I'm listening to Nina Simone and watching the landscape rush past on the train from Boston to NY --first stop on my way to D.C. for the Women's March. No tv, no radio.

I watched the Australian Open!

Wearing black, went to see the film "Hidden Figures" about the black mathematicians at NASA, resting up because tomorrow I will meet my fellow MOMS Demand Action volunteers at our AZ State Capitol here in Phoenix to set up an info table before the Women's March at 10 AM.

I made a sign to carry in the Chicago's Women's March tomorrow.

Hey, Donald Trump is going to be president for the next four years so let's just get on with it ! My life has been pretty good so far..and I plan to try hard to keep it that way !

I spent the morning making soup for my aging parents (mid-80s) to have for supper, shopped for groceries for Mom, visited for a couple of hours, came home to meet with my handyman who's going to put up a rail by the path to the basement for me. I have no TV, so no watching (and, mercifully, Daddy's was not on). This evening I will catch up online (maybe), work on the current knitted hat to go in the charity box, read a bit, then gather up the cats and go to bed early.

The day started off badly around 8a.m. I was having breakfast at a restaurant with two female friends when the televisions on the wall were turned on to the inauguration. I was aware that both of these women were much more conservative than me, but when they both started going on about "needing to be respectful", and "not remembering things like this going on when Obama was inaugurated," and "how sometimes God gives us bad bosses or difficult people to deal with in life so that we can become stronger or learn something. . " I felt sick. I made just a few responses, but spoke them quietly and calmly, but assertively and we continued to ave a reasonably friendly and productive meeting.

Later that morning, during the inauguration itself, I was in the car with my husband and he had foresworn not to watch or listen to the inauguration, but I wanted to listen, so we turned the radio on for a bit. This was just a couple of minutes before the oath was administered, and the commentator noted that it had just begun to rain. We were in and out of the car, but also heard most of the prayers that were offered, including Franklin Graham's noting that in the Bible, rain is a sign of blessing and since it had begun raining just when Trump was being sworn in . . . well, you know. Radio went off again for a bit, sine it couldn't be heard anyway over my rant.

I also noticed that before I began typing here, there were 43 comments. If I'm #45 by the time this is registered, that would be funny.

TV on all day -- tuned to the Discovery Channel. It seemed fitting to watch Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs.
Other than that, doing an assortment of long-overdue cleaning jobs, including reorganizing my pantry closet and making comfort food for the week.

Had an Internet and news blackout today . Watched reruns, Food Network and Hallmark Channel. We are going to have "outrage fatigue " by the end of just this year. Thank you for your blog

+1 to above comments.

I will be following Agent Orange's actions. His words are worthless.


PS - And looking forward to SNL, Bill Maher, Seth Meyer etc tonight.

I am in no mood to hear *'s voice today, tomorrow, or ever.

I went to my line dancing class, later stopped for lunch, parked at the pier.

It was a mild and clear day with a beautiful distant view of Montreal.

I listened to a Van Morrison CD, then took a friend to the hospital for chemo.

We spent the afternoon observing doctors, nurses and orderlies doing their jobs.

So * is now the POTUS.

Resist. All. The. Way.

Also, Simone I like your comment.

I couldn't watch. I don't like to throw up.

I kept busy all day to keep my mind occupied on more pleasant things. I didn't watch the inauguration because it would not be good for my mental health.

I pray all the marches tomorrow will be peaceful.

(Another Lola)

I think mor of your readers responded to this question that have ever written before.

I heard, from my daughter, that TV viewers who want to protest * innaguration should grune their TV to Animal Planet or Discovery, or History channels. Supposedly this will tell those who take surveys about TV viewing would have nocibly fewer viewers than the Innaguration.

Anyhow I never watch TV during the day but I set cable to Animal Planet and watched puppies and kittens being cute whenever I came into my bedroom. It really was charming and more interesting than * for sure.


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