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Happy Valentine's Day and Update on the Retirement Fiduciary Rule

Second Annual Time Goes By Donation Week

Last year, the first ever Time Goes By donation drive was a big success. Readers were amazingly generous and it has meant that for the past year I have not needed to sweat the always increasing blog costs.

Among other things, last year's drive allowed me to afford a paid account with the email delivery service I had been using so that since then, each day's blog post has arrived in subscribers' inboxes ad-free - no small thing as the free version had become almost unreadable due to the clutter of advertising.

Even before purchasing that ad-free email service last year, Time Goes By online has been a free and advertising-free zone on the internet since it was launched in 2004; that will never change.

When I started this blog before I had retired, I had no idea it would last this long nor that I would last this long doing it. Having been a happy generalist for nearly 50 years in the workforce, I would have bet against my sticking with a single subject for more than a decade. Actually, I would have voted against doing anything for more than a year or two.

But here I am with something that requires at least as much effort and time as any job I had, remains a labor of love after all these years and that while I wasn't looking, turned me into an advocate for elders and our issues.

Neither did I know or expect what a fine gathering place TGB would become – I didn't plan it this way; it happened organically. I would be just one more bloviator taking up space on the internet without the thoughtful, knowledgeable and often funny contributions from the community of readers who post their observations in the comments and send suggestions for future posts and Saturday's Interesting Stuff.

Every day, I appreciate what each of you bring to this vibrant blog. I may write the daily posts and Peter Tibbles may turn out his excellent Sunday music column, but I'm always eager to see what you have to say on the on the subject of the day and I don't ever take this blog and your participation lightly

That said, here I am with the second annual pitch for donations. When I was thinking this through last year, my promise to myself was that I would make it as unobtrusive and unannoying as possible. NPR's frequent drives with all the program interruptions make me nuts; I don't want to drone on at you as they do.

So, the campaign consists of this introductory blog post (including a nice surprise at the end) with a link to the Paypal donation page and a MUCH shorter version of this invitation to contribute at the top of each post through next Sunday. The “rules” are these:

First and foremost: no one is required to donate. Nothing about TGB will change if you do not. This is entirely voluntary.

If you do choose to donate, no amount is too small. Whatever is comfortable for you is all that matters.

You do not need a Paypal account to donate. When you click on the link below, the Paypal donation page will open (it's a little slow sometimes) where you will have two choices:

  1. You can donate via credit card or, if you have a Paypal account, by a money transfer - both in any amount you want.

  2. You can make a one-time donation or choose a recurring monthly donation.

All this works in the United States and internationally.

Let me reiterate: Donations are voluntary. Nothing changes if you do not donate. Here is the Paypal link which you will also find near the top of the right sidebar.

Although the donation button is a permanent piece of the furniture in the right sidebar, you will need to suffer through this campaign only one week a year.

* * *

And now, because you have been so patient throughout this post, here is little gift for you: the main essay from the season opener a few hours ago on Sunday of John Oliver's HBO program, Last Week Tonight. It's about Trump and Truth and Oliver is at the top of his game. The usual warnings about language apply.


Happy to donate, after all TGB is priceless.

Count me in.


John Oliver is perfect.

Thanks for all you do, Ronni.

Beginning days with your column is a connection to normality and very welcome before entering the bizarre times of *T and his minions on most internet sites.

Well, that was easy.
Donation done.
Thanks for letting us contribute to help your blog exist.
This small donation really makes me feel like "one of the family!"

Done! Well deserved and wish it was more!

WWW no

Woo...John Oliver certainly makes it clear where *'s 'alternate truth' comes from...and that is even more terrifying than what we already knew....

Thank you, Ronni, donation made. John Oliver segment as funny as it is chilling.

I wish I could donate enough to keep you writing for another 30 years because I have learned more from your blog on aging than from any other source. You do the research for us and I am sooo grateful.

As usual, John Oliver's research team came up with great stuff. Funny how Trump gets his so called faux-news from listening to Fox. No surprise, but terrifying.

Donation done! Thanks for the great work. I don't always comment, but I DO read every article.

Thanks so much for John Oliver. May his tribe increase and may his words get to the ears that need to hear them!

My support is ongoing. Thanks for all you do.

Thank you for this opportunity, Ronni, and for all you contribute to my life in so many ways. It is a privilege to be able to help out just a little.
And so lovely to have John Oliver back for a little catharsis.

Thank you so much. I appreciate your work so very much. You've got to be a special lady.

Thrilled to have just donated with much love to you, Ollie, and Crabby Old Lady (from whom we have not heard for a while).

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