A Few Things I've Learned About Growing Old

Happy Birthday, Ronni


This is Peter, the Sunday person. I've been selected as the DJ for the party today, which was probably a mistake.I think I was chosen as I'm really cheap, actually I'm free.

Everyone knows you get what you pay for and I've checked my records, a bunch of old 45s and maybe a tattered album or two in boxes from down behind the sofa, and that's what it'll be today.

Some might say that I'm only doing this so I don't have to go out and buy a card (some could be right), then think of something to write in it. Then try to find a stamp or try to find a post office (or both).

Then wait for about six months for it to arrive, thus ensuring a quizzical look when it pops up in the letter box some time around September. So, let's get this pretend birthday card under way.

Delving deep into that box of 45s, quite at random, I came up with a birthday song. What are the odds? Okay, I could bore you with that as I used to be a mathematician but I'll spare the details.

Let's just say it was that hugely successful artist BROOKS ARTHUR.

Brooks Arthur

Okay, that might have been a bit of an exaggeration. I've never heard of him and I don't know why he's in my box but he does sing The Birthday Card, rather appropriate giving all my ramblings above.

Norma, the Assistant Musicologist, would probably say this is a country music song as it has talkie bits in it. Who knows?

♫ Brooks Arthur - The Birthday Card

Continuing the way we started, next up on the old turntable is DALE & GRACE.

Dale & Grace

It sounds as if Grace might have gate-crashed Dale's party, probably after the cad dumped her. Although, listening to the words, it could have been the other way round. Who knows? Anyway, Happy Happy Birthday Baby.

♫ Dale & Grace - Happy Happy Birthday Baby

Gee, it's been a whole year for DIANE RENAY and she's still not over him.

Diane Renay

He dropped her on her birthday. Dear oh dear. I hope you're not as downcast as Diane seems to be. Happy Birthday, Broken Heart.

♫ Diane Renay - Happy Birthday Broken Heart

Well, the COOKIES seem to know what they want as a present.


I hope someone can oblige them. I Want A Boy For My Birthday is what they are telling everyone who might want to give them a present. I hope they get their wish – Diane's ex seems to be free, and so does Dale.

♫ The Cookies - I Want A Boy For My Birthday

JOHNNIE RAY asks When's Your Birthday Baby?

Johnnie Ray

Well duh, of course we know when it is. It's just that Johnnie seems to be a bit in the dark about it all.

♫ Johnnie Ray - When's Your Birthday Baby

Well, that's got the rubbish out of the way (except for Johnnie Ray, of course), now for some decent stuff, starting with DON MCLEAN.

Don McLean

Don's song wasn't one I knew until I raided the box of records behind the sofa. He called it Birthday Song.

♫ Don McLean - Birthday Song

I hope you don't have the birthday blues today, but B.B. KING seems to.

BB King

That's okay, when B.B. has the blues he makes the rest of us happy. Let's get up and start dancing around to Happy Birthday Blues.

♫ B.B. King - Happy Birthday Blues

JERRY LEE LEWIS seems to be channelling the spirit of Chuck Berry, in particular his song, My Ding a Ling.

Jerry Lee Lewis

It's not surprising, they often appeared together in the early days, each vying for the coveted final spot. Today, Jerry Lee urges us to Keep Your Hands Off It (Birthday Cake).

♫ Jerry Lee Lewis - Keep Your Hands Off It (Birthday Cake)

I'll end with a bit of couth from GEORG HANDEL.


Old Georg has a birthday ditty called Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne, HWV 74, and the two performers out in front of everyone else are WYNTON MARSALIS and KATHLEEN BATTLE.

Wynton Marsalis & Kathleen Battle

♫ Handel - Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne HWV 74

Anyway, happy birthday, Ronni.

We'll raise our glasses to you (the ones with Champagne in them, not the ones I look through).



Peter, this is terrific. What a fun column. My favorite is BB King's "Happy Birthday Blues" and dontcha love those shorts he's wearing in the photo?

Thank you so much, Peter.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Ronni, and many returns of the day!!

And thanks to you, Peter, for this lovely musical tribute and for all the music you bring us each Sunday!

Happy Birthday Ronni. I hope you are celebrating today... and not merely observing.


Happy, happy birthday (and day off!), Ronni. Thank you and thank you, Peter, for good fun and smiles for us today, too.

Happy Birthday, Ronni! May this musical birthday homage from Peter be just the beginning of a day filled with comfort and joy.

Happy Birthday Ronni! I hope its a wonderful day for you. It has certainly started off in a wonderful fashion. Great job by Peter

Happy Birthday Ronni! Have a great day. Yes, I love B.B. King's outfit too.

(But, oops, I think Peter slipped up with the Jerry Lee photo - looks like an impersonator to me. Oh well, he's getting older too...)

Happy Birthday, Ronni and may you salute yourself all day!

And Peter! This was a treat and if you ever want another job, try comic writing. Thank you for a morning wake-up of mirth!

Happy Birthday, Ronni. Hope your day is filled with fun things to do.

Thanks, Peter, for starting her day with such delightful songs.

What a unique birthday wish! Way to go, Peter. And yes, Ronni. loved BB's BD wishes & who knew.........Bermuda shorts with spectator shoes. Wow! I am impressed. Happy, Happy Birthday & many happy returns of the day! Dee :):):)

Happy Birthday, Ronni! You deserve every happiness and good wish.

And, by the way, you share your birthday with my older sister who is 74 today.

Happy birthday Ronni!

Happy birthday, Ronni, from Beeg and me! You give us gifts all year long, so I hope you get some of your deepest wishes granted this year.

Happy Birthday, Ronni! Enjoy all your favorite flavors today.

Thanks, Peter, for starting her day off music.

A very Happy Birthday to you, Ronni. May Your Day be extra special, have a glass of that champagne (cheers! to you) and thank you for the years of your wonderful blog that never fails to be interesting, funny, and informative in so many ways.

Happy Birthday Ronni!

Cheers! to many more!

Cheers Ronnie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Enjoy your day! Thank you Peter, it's a great selection

Happy Birthday, Ronni!
You are the liveliest song in our hearts!

Party-on, everyone---Thanks to Peter and Norma!

Happy Happy Birthday Ronni. Please enjoy celebrating the beginning of your brand new year!

Happy Birthday, Ronni! Have a super wonderful day!

Celebrate! Celebrate, dance to the music and have a fabulous birthday Ronni.

Happy Birthday, Ronnie. Love the blog.

Congratulations on completing another circuit around the sun, Ronni! I wish you many more good years!

Happy Birthday, Ronnie. A terrific blog. Thanks to you and to Peter for enriching our lives.

Happy Birthday Ronni. Loved BB King's song and shorts too. Enjoy today and many more to come.

Great selections Peter for Ronnie's birthday celebration. Happy birthday Ronnie, hope the day is all you expect and more.

B.B. King's shoes are to die for...

From one Aries to another, wishing you the happiest of birthdays! πŸŽ‚πŸ·

OH, MY! One of my favorite people is celebrating her birthday around the world today with strolls down memory lane... performers, tunes, lyrics, attire, hairdos, footwear, props. Perfect. Thank you P&N, a brilliant duo! Love, Tamar

Happy Anniversary Of Your 21st Birthday, Ronni !

Dear Ronni: Happy birthday!

What a wonderful and appropriate birthday "card" presented to you by Peter (and Norma) Your asides, Peter, were very funny and the music, well, as usual, very carefully put together for the occasion.
This is probably one of the best birthday tributes I have ever had the pleasure to participate in and the added bonus is that this is permitting all of us to celebrate Ronni's birthday with her. It is ALL perfect.
Ronni, hope your day continues the way it was started by y(our) musicologist!

Well, Happy Birthday, Ronni! And thank you Peter, for sharing your beautifully planned birthday celebration for Ronni with the rest of us. What a splendid compilation! (I never knew Handel was so -er- corpulent.)

Happy Birthday Ronni - What a wonderful way to start the new year - Peters's songs and all your loving friends sharing this day with you. Have a great day and a happy and healthy year!

From "Peter's Delight"
And, of course, from ALL of us - - -

Happy Birthday Ronni. Enjoy this day and do whatever you want. Best wishes.

This is the best way I've ever seen to celebrate a birthday.
Thanks to Peter for his ingenuity and to you for giving him reason to air it .
Have a great day !

What a wonderful assortment of talent to sing Happy Birthday! Best of wishes, Ronnie, for a happy and healthy decade ahead.

Happy B'Day to you, Ronni! Thanks for the great TGB blog and thanks for the musical tributes, Peter.

Happy Birthday Ronni. Peter I have always, well since I became an adult disliked that song of Jerry Lee's so just bypassed that one. LOL

A very Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday! With age comes wisdom. (You're one of the wisest people I know!).

Thank you for all your wonderful articles and insights into aging.

Happy Birthday Ronni, wishing you joy and good health !

Peter you are a gem!!

A most happy, joyful birthday to you, Ronni! And may the coming year be filled with all kinds of glorious surprises.

Thank you so much for the great music selections!!
Ronnie, have a Fabulous Birthday!

Happy birthday Ronni & many happy returns.

Birthday greetings, Ronni. Wht a great tribute by Peter T. I, too, was taken by B.B. King---not only the sartorial creativity, but the music, which is eminently danceable even if you have to do it in your chair. But my favorite is always Wynton Marsalis, and this duet with Kathleen Battle is a treat: dignified, yet charming, like you.


Happy Birthday, Ronnie! I hope you are having a great day!

Holy smokes, am late to the party, but never too late to wish you a dancing birthday with all the trimmings.

You rock, Ronni.

Your Montreal fan.

We celebrate your birth date with the lifting of a good glass of bubbles and the playing of Peter’s songs for today!
Have a great birthday!
Best to you,

Page Day

Happy Birthday Ronni!🎈🎈🎈

I'm very late to the party tho it's probably a nice fall summer morning for Peter!
Excellent choices for Ronnie's ' Feliz Navidad' today. Would this be #76? Clarify, Ronni.

A birthday toast! Hope it was really special.

Nice thing about your birthday is that we all get to enjoy it! Happy Birthday Ronni!


Apologies for being a day late in wishing you a wonderful birthday, Ronni. With out-of-town company important things got shoved to the side.

So nice of you, Peter and Norma, to put together a party for our favorite elder.

Happy day after turning 76. My step-daughter is that age so I am feeling old. Nah! That couldn't he.

My step-daughter and her lifelong friend are here from California so I have a comparison on being 76.

Add me to the blelated gang here at the end. Congratulations on 76 fruitful and fabulous years. May there be many, many more!

My favorite from Peter was the last one. It brought tears to my eyes, it was so beautiful. I don't usually appreciate sopranos, but the duet with trumpet, magnificent.

And, thank you for your blog. I catch it almost every day and always find it educational, enteraining, thought provoking and well, just plain awesome.

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