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This is April Fool's Day. God knows I tried but I couldn't come up with any jokes to play on you that I actually like so instead, here is a small departure for Interesting Stuff – an all-animal show.

I read somewhere that watching cat videos (meaning all cute animal vids) is good for our mood and well-being. True or not, I hope you'll enjoy these. If not, at least it clears out a bit of the backlog for me.

UPDATE at 7:30AM: I just ran across Amazon's 2017 April Fool's Day video - about a special Amazon Echo skill for your pet:

* * *


The North American River Otter – a cute little bugger – has been brought back from the edge of extinction.

There is a lot more information about the North American river otter at the National Wildlife Federation website.


According to a story in The New York Times this week,

”...the ivory boom may be over. According to Save the Elephants, the wholesale price of an elephant tusk was $2,100 a kilogram in 2014. Last month, it was $730.

“This may be a sign of how a sustained global advocacy campaign can actually work...Last December, China responded, announcing it was shutting down all ivory commerce by the end of 2017. It seems the price of ivory has dropped in anticipation of the ban; many analysts believe it will soon drop further.”

Here's the video and you can read more at The Times.


This microscopic creature with a bunch of cute nicknames such as water bear, moss piglet and pudgy-wudgy are found everywhere on earth from the tippy-top of the highest mountains to the bottom of the seas and they are remarkably resilient. Take a look:


Cats are terrific but when you need a laugh or want to be reminded of what fun life can be, it's a good thing to watch a dog at play.


Cats are fastidious creatures. They spend a great deal of their waking hours “doing the laundry” and in the case of my Ollie, just a short pet on my part requires 10 minutes of licking to clean up whatever mess he thinks I've made of his fur.

Dogs, on the other hand, think getting dirty is one of the joys in life:


TGB reader Cathy Johnson sent this video about how some feral cats got a job and with it, a safer life:

And everyone is happy. Read more at the I Heart Cats website.


Somehow I never heard of this bird before. About halfway through the video, he gets really amazing in his mimicry. The human in the video is the wonderful Richard Attenborough.


As the YouTube page explains:

”RSPCA is and always will be for all creatures great and small. However, we thought it important to remind us all that humans are included in the 'creature' list. So to create more empathy for our animal friends, it's integral we remember we are not so different!

“Thank you to Engine Group for helping to make this ad happen and a huge thank you to Geoffrey Rush, who is the voice for animals on this clip.”

More about the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Queensland is here.

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A great way to open April! Especially enjoyed and was awed by the lyre bird.

Thank you Ronni, I enjoyed them all!

The combination of dogs, water, sticks and mud is always a good energizing time. And it was fun to see the Ghostbuster cats again. I'm all for any program that reduces the unemployment rate among cats and gets them off the streets.

And that closing video by the RSPCA was just lovely. I wish it were shown everywhere every day. Maybe by perpetual exposure, people would begin to think more about its message and let it sink in. I'm not usually big on indoctrination, but in this case, I would make an exception.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Hooray for this all-animal post!

We have always had ferel cats in our warehouse. If there is a mouse or rat eventually cats will come in. A little care will keep them around. Just don't try and pet them or worse take them home.

Love animal videos!

A wonderful post, though I slipped off one of the YouTube to a rescue of puppies that left me angry and saddened.

What an absolutely wonderful post!!! This had been a "not-so-nice" day, and your post changed it completely. Somehow animals, even when they are naughty, never disappoint me the way humans do. Thanks again for the reminder that I don't have to be a grouch!

Thank you for this! It was relaxing. : )

Well, it took me most of the day to get through these, mostly because I came back - viewing them one at a time - to enjoy them at different hours.
So thank you for this April Fools Day post - NOT - and thank you for finding all these cute and feel-good items.
Oh, how we need 'em, once in a while...or even more often.

I was impressed with the Lyre bird until the car alarm imitation. Where would he hear a car alarm in the jungle. I think Mr. Attenborough was pulling somebody's leg.

Those were all simply delightful. Thank you...just what I needed.

It was disappointing to read that a couple of Swedish & Norwegian newspapers weren't going to publish any April Fools stories, lest they be mistaken for false news - or perhaps that was the gotcha story!

And Bruce, there are lyrebirds in a couple of forest areas in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, so they would hear car alarms. And they are amazing mimics, which can make it difficult to know whether you have actually heard one.

Following up on Norma's comment, Attenborough mentions in the voiceover that loggers are nearby (lyrebird mimics chain saw) and they must have gotten to work somehow. Car?

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