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A TGB Extra: John Oliver on Is This Real Life?

That's one of the four questions John Oliver asked Sunday night on his HBO show, Last Week Tonight.

Time Goes By does not usually publish on Tuesday but I'm posting this video today instead of next Saturday because there will be so much more to know by then that we need this to help us up keep up.

Last week was by any measure the worst presidential week yet in this administration and that's saying something. Scandal upon scandal, a new one every day and more than that on some days.

Oliver titled this 25-minute segment “Stupid Watergate.” He takes us through all the terribly worrying events of last week saying everything I've been wanting to say but he does it better than I can while also being funnier about it without minimizing the importance of a single point.


Yes, that was a terrible presidential week. And it will be a terrible presidential month, year, term unless we learn how to make him just a figurehead leader and let congress run the country by some bi-partisan coalition of moderate legislators who listen to their constituents and find real answers to the nations problems.
Let's give Mr. Trump what he thought being president would be like.
Let him greet foreign leaders at the White House, have him shake hands, kiss their wives, and then shuffle him off to the golf course so that the real diplomats can have a real meeting.

Sorry Bruce, my choice is to have a president who is thoughtful, intelligent, understands the complexities of the world stage, thinks about Americans well being and NOT his own self interests, who is not an embarrassment....oh, and is NOT a traitor, or criminal.
John Oliver has laid out a frighteningly accurate summation of just one week or trump and his congress....the American people have no concept of how their actions will impact not only them but all Americans.

It is SO frustrating for us over here in England not to be able to watch the John Oliver videos, apart from a few small three- or four-minute clips that people occasionally upload to YouTube.

"It is SO frustrating for us over here in England not to be able to watch the John Oliver videos..."

Ditto here in Canada, Marian. We used to have access to them, but as of this year we don't.

I am not thinking of his Impeachment, but of his being tried and convicted of Treason. Isn't that what giving top secret information to a hostile power is? And nobody, not even the "president", should be exempt from that.

I'm so sorry that people not in the U.S. can't see these Oliver videos. They are brilliant. It's the channel, MSNBC, that prohibits viewing in certain countries. Sometimes you can find full segments of the show on YouTube that "ordinary people" have uploaded but they do disappear fairly quickly.

I wish I could help but I don't know what I can do.

I appreciate John Oliver's sense of humor and his sense that we should all be very afraid. Because this is real life today.

Just remember as Oliver mentioned that with Trump gone Pence will be President. Which could actually be worse from a social programs viewpoint.

However he probably won't accidentally cause an international incident with North Korea and start a war or something.

Dammed if we don't and maybe dammed if do - get Trump out.

It is really telling that the next 3 people in line for the Presidency may be no better than the incumbent.

I'm with John Oliver - I, too prefer my life before *rump. I think my cardiologist will suggest that the stress is killing me now and I must stop watching news. Unfortunately, I am an addict.

Love Oliver.

. . . and I just want to throw in a point in favor of President Pence: yes, Pence is farther right than Trump (at least, this week), and would be more committed to a far-right agenda, which is Draconian and terrible. BUT--who would you rather have as emperor, Caligula, who was bat-shit crazy and likely to do who-knew-what-completely off-the-wall terrifying thing at any moment, or Diocletian, a religious fanatic who had "heretics" executed, but who was consistent and predictable? I'd opt for the predictable tyrant every time. With one of those, you can plan. With a raving loony, you have NO idea what may be coming next.

John Oliver nails it again. OMG, how could anyone possibly think last week (or the last 100 days) was "normal"? It certainly would be less frightening to contemplate a president that does not think it's O.K. to discuss classified information with--for Pete's sake!--the Soviet Union, which is where BFF Putin spent his formative years. However, as others have pointed out, the line of succession if The Orange Apparition is impeached (or convicted of treason) doesn't look very promising either.

Still, on balance, like Kate G. I think I'd have to cast my vote for sanity--as I did in November 2016.

"I'm so sorry that people not in the U.S. can't see these Oliver videos."

Thanks Ronni! But never mind, despite pouting and whining and stamping my foot, I'm acutely aware that you guys REALLY need to hear John Oliver more than we do at the moment.

Plus we (in Canada at least) still get to hear Stephen Colbert, so we still get to laugh.

The joy of YouTube means we all get to listen to the sane but funny commentary from Oliver as this Presidency unfolds (even if he did desert us to go and chase the $$$ over the pond), we also get to listen to the insane but equally funny ramblings from the madman in the White House. Don't envy you guys at the moment. Although we just have a liar and wanna be dictator instead. What a great time to be alive.

Hummmm --- the choice between Caligula and Diocletian---

I think the crazy unpredictable guy would be my choice. That way everyone would be eligible for ill treatment -- not just the innocents of a particular ilk.

With everyone frightened -- the effort to remove the Crazy one might be expedited more quickly I think?

I think pence is just as dirty as trump. Have you listened to his lies regarding not knowing about Flynn even though he was head of the transition team? He is either another world class liar or extremely stupid. Unfortunately for us, if pence is eliminated we are left with a president ryan. As speaker of the house, he is next in line after pence! sigh

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