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Memorial Day 2017 and a 92nd Birthday


That is one of the U.S. soldiers who spent a good deal of time last week placing a flag at each and every one of the more than 400,000 military graves at Arlington Cemetery.

Today, beginning at 2PM EDT, there will be the National Memorial Day Parade down Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C. to honor those who died during their service to our country.

The other two big, national events - the National Memorial Day Concert and the Indianapolis 500 auto race - took place yesterday. I have no idea why this car race is always held on Memorial Day.

Other traditions on this holiday are small-town parades, picincs, backyard barbecues for family and friends along with fireworks in many cities and towns tonight.

And there is is one more celebration this Memorial Day weekend, a big one for us at here at Time Goes by: the 92nd birthday(!) of Darlene Costner today.

If you read the comments, you know her name, and you know she never pulls any punches. Darlene always says exactly what she means and I'm proud to call her a friend for at least a decade now.

So, everyone, please join me in wishing Darlene a fabulous and beautiful 92nd birthday.


EDITORIAL NOTE: I had plans for a more elaborate post today – you know, Darlene's big deal birthday, the holiday and maybe something about patriotism in the age of Trump.

But I've been under the weather for the past couple of days (nothing serious) and just ran out of steam so this will have to do. I'll see you back here soon.


Happy Birthday Darlene! People here are shooting off fireworks in your honor!

Ronni, I hope you're feeling better, or at least well on the way.

And while we're enjoying parades, festivities and somber ceremonies today, may we all pause for a moment and give a silent thank you to everyone who has served our country, especially those who gave their lives in service, and those who, today, are still suffering in the aftermath of service. May we focus, not on the glory of war, but on its cost to the entire world.

HAPPY 92nd BIRTHDAY Darlene! Hope the sun is shining where you are.

Cheers to you, Darlene! You continue to offer clear-eyed, valued comments, interesting Saturday items and immeasurable inspiration.

Enjoy and celebrate yourself today.

Ronni, being 'under the weather' was a frequent and physically real phrase when I lived in Portland, but imagine recent event has given cause also. We are all hurting.

Happy Birthday Darlene. I hope you have many reasons to smile today and all through the next year. I always so enjoy your comments here on TGB.

Happy birthday to darling Darlene, and fervent wishes for a speedy return to normalcy to Ronni.

Happy Birthday to Darlene. May your year be filled with good food, good health, good friends, & sunshine!

Ronni, hope you are feeling better soon!

Happy Birthday Darlene. Wishes for a happy, healthy year ahead.

Ronni, may you soon be on top of the weather.

Happy Birthday, Darlene. You're an inspiration to us all.

And Ronni, get well soon.

Keep shinning Darlene! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Always enjoy your posts...

Happy Birthday Darlene, and Good Health Ronni.

Feel better. Love the blog.

Happy Birthday, Darlene and many more!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Darlene! Enjoy the day and I wish you a fabulous year!

I join in the Happy Birthday wishes to you Darlene, and wish you a Happy Year to follow.

Sending healing wishes to you Ronni! Feel better soon.

A BIG Happy Birthday to YOU, Darlene!!!!
Been enjoying your comments for as long as I have been a subscriber to Ronni's blog.

Hope you will be better soon !

Happy birthday Darlene. I second all the praise for your comments over the years. Hope to read many more. Ronni, enjoy a few days of sloth, and feel better.:-)

"May we focus, not on the glory of war, but on its cost to the entire world." Yes, yes, yes, Cathy.

I always feel a little conflicted about the adulation we offer our servicemen and women. I don't want us to think of war as some wonderful endeavor & those who participate as heroes in perpetuity (especially when we phrase the honor as those who 'have blown up an enemy plane,' 'killed x number of the enemy,' 'bombed an enemy village,' etc.)

Happy Birthday, Darlene ... may you have a delightful day - today and every day - and thank you for your insightful comments over the years.

Ronni ... rest, relax, pamper yourself! Hope you come out from "under the weather" soon.

Cheers, Sandy

Happy 92nd, Darlene, and best wishes for good health to all of us! SO agree about the costs of war, which is a manmade action that humans should have learned how to eliminate long ago, but evolution continues.

Birthday wishes Darlene. Many more.

Happy Birthday Darlene,

With age comes wisdom and I always appreciate your




Happy Birthday, Darlene. I, too, enjoy your comments here. I hope you are having a splendid day!

Feel better, Ronni. Sometimes there's nothing for it but to roll over, snuggle under the covers (having your cat nearby helps), and get some extra rest. And stay hydrated!

Happy Birthday, Darlene! I always look for your comments and enjoy them.

And Ronni, I hope you feel better soon.

Darlene, you are a gem.

Your comments make my day.

You make sense in a sometimes senseless world.

Keep it up!

Sending you a two-cheek birthday greeting.


What kind of birthday cake will you have?

Enjoy every second of every day!

A Very Happy Birthday, Darlene!!!

Ronni, Trust you are feeling better .

Thank you one and all for the kind birthday wishes. I do appreciate them and the nice comments that accompany them.

Take care of yourself, Ronni and I hope this finds you feeling better this evening.

Thanks for being such a cool role model Darlene. (I don't know if you actually want to be a role model, but hey...you are).

Courageous, determined, well informed and oh-so-articulate... I hope I'm like you when I grow up.

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Darleen, and as said by others, your comments are always appreciated.
Thank you

What can I add but ditto to all. Just want you to know I hope you have a great 92nd year Darleen, and that you feel chipper again soon, Ronni. You are both appreciated by my small being.

It seems like only yesterday that Darlene was turning ninety! I am so glad to have her as one of my favorite fellow commenters. She's amazing, and I wish her Happy Birthday and many, many more. :-)

Thank you all for birthday good wishes and for oh-so kind comments. Thank you, Ronni, for making it all possible and for the beautiful Internet bouquet.

I may be a day late and a dollar short Darlene, but Happy Birthday.

Belated best wishes Darlene. Happy, happy birthday to you! I alway look forward to and enjoy your comments.

Ronni rest and be well. (Glad you have some soup in the freezer!)


One of my favorite writers is Fr. Rohr. I was reading this passage when I noticed your post for the day, regarding your face with pancreatic cancer. One of Rohr's mantras is you can't go up until you go down. We must all face this fork in the road. We hardly ever choose it but if we are to understand where we are and where we might be going we need to travel the road less traveled (to borrow from Scott Peck).

"I make this point strongly to help you understand why almost all spiritual teachers tell you to “believe” or “trust” or “hold on.” They are not just telling you to believe silly or irrational things. They are telling you to hold on until you can go on the further journey for yourself, and they are telling you that the whole spiritual journey is, in fact, for real—which you cannot possibly know yet."

Rohr, Richard. Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life . Wiley. Kindle Edition.

Love and safe travels, Thom Downey

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