Surgery Tomorrow
Post-Op Day 1


Hello Team Ronni- this is Autumn writing with an update. First and foremost, Ronni is out of surgery and headed to recovery. It took a bit longer than expected- most likely because The Good Doctor had to dance around all of you in the OR.

I do not know a lot at this time, other that Ronni is resting well and pain free for tonight. It was a very long day, starting with a coffee free wake-up at 3:30 AM, check-in at 6:00, and surgery at 8:30. (Crabby Old Lady only made ONE appearance the entire morning.) The surgery was 14 hours and Doctor sounded positive and confident that they were able to remove the tumor.

Yesterday,as Ronni and I tried to "play normal", fear, sadness, and anger crept in a few times. When this happened, we allowed one another to feel it and cry when needed. We would then summon the strength to move onto the next task on the List Of Things To Do Before Surgery. As we were running through the dry run to the hospital, I silently sat in the driver's seat wondering where Ronni was getting her strength. When we returned home last evening, my question was answered as Ronni checked her comments. Each and everyone of you. Every note, every thought, every devotion, novena, meditation, and chicken foot kiss was received and cherished.

I am sorry to you, the readers, as I am far from a writer but I am committed to making sure you all have regular updates. I will pass along any and all comments to Ronni. Her laptop is packed in her suitcase and I have a feeling you will hear from her sooner rather than later.

Oh, Ollie was thrilled to see me and is allowing me to rub his ears and tail.



Thank you so much for keeping us posted. Love to you and to Ronnie.

A long surgery and hopefully a swift recovery. Thanks for the update...looking forward to more good news. Hugs to you and Ronni.

You both (and Ollie) had a long day. Thank you for posting this so soon.

Good news! Best wishes to Ronni and thank you for the speedy (and very well written!) update.

Thank you for the update. I'll continue to send good thoughts and prayers her way.

My goodness - 14 hours! One has to be strong to get through that. Thought of her several times today and sent out healing light. Thank you, Autumn!

Oh thank you Autumn for posting so soon! I kept telling myself that I was an idiot to keep checking the blog for updates, as there surely wouldn't be one today...yet here you are.

And what promising news, from the Good Doctor! I'm so sorry that we got in his way, but that's what he has to expect when he's dealing with the world's most loved and famous elder.

Fourteen hours - the mind boggles.

I hope everybody sleeps tonight. Hugs to all and ear rubs to Ollie.

Thank you

All day I thought about you and now to see that this is in life's rear view mirror let's me sigh and reflect on how lousy life would be for all of us without you. Know that I am thinking of you and want the Crabby Lady up to speed. Love, Alex.

Fabulous news. Thanks Autumn
Hugs all round! x

With hopes that you are comfortable and progressing post op. Looking forward to updates. Keep strong.

Fantastic. And you ARE a writer.

Autumn, so grateful for this update, and a good update it is.
14 hours is a long time but good to know that the tumour is gone.
Thank you again for being there for Ronni (and Ollie). Hugs and thoughts

Yes, I too thought about you Ronnie, all day and glad to hear the surgery is over...and thank you to your dear friend for keeping us informed...
You have been brave to share this with all your loving followers.

As they say , these days,...WE ARE ALL RONNIE..


Oh thank you so much. I had commented that there would be a crowd in the OR, which, ironically, left me with a smile each time I envisioned the room today. I hope that you feel our collective relief at finally having arrived at the end of such a day. My love to Ronni, you and Ollie.

Thanks for the update.

God bless you both!

Thanks for the update. Keeps us all in the loop.

What a relief to hear that the OP went good, even when it was so long.
Thank you for your quick update, Autumn.

My very best wishes for Ronnie, may she recover fast.

So much gratitude for a positive outcome. Sending love and white light for a quick graceful recovery. Thank you so much for being there to support Ronni and for keeping us updated.

Thank you, Autumn. What welcome words. I hope by now Ronni knows just how widely and deeply she is appreciated and cared about, and that this knowledge helps buoy her spirits, and makes the recovery period more bearable at some level. She is treasured.

Thank you, Autumn! I'm so grateful for this update!! And thank you for being there.

Tell Ronni we're holding her in our hearts and want her to rest and get strong.

Many thanks for the update, Autumn - beautifully written! I hope you have all been able to have a good sleep, ready for whatever day 2 brings.

And good to hear Ollie is being friendly. He is selective about his friends, but he probably realises these are exceptional circumstances.

love to you all, Norma

Happy news! Thank you Autumn for conveying it so quickly and effectively. We all should have a friend like you! Here's to a smooth, speedy recovery Ronni.

Bless you, Autumn, for your very generous "bulletin" for Team Ronni (love that!) after such a very hard Monday and a very long, hard Tuesday.
I, like all the others, am so grateful for the news and for your presence.
Bushels and pecks of love, good juju and gratitude ... plus positive energy for the coming days to Ronni and you.

Thank you, Autumn. Love to Ronni.

No coffee? I'll bet that Crabby Old Lady had something to say about THAT!

Thanx for the update. You're as much a writer, or more so, than many of us, Autumn. Will be a good sign if Crabby Old Lady gets her two cents worth in at some point now that this procedure is over. Caring wishes through recovery.

Autumn, you are wrong about being a good writer. You "had me" by the end of your first paragraph. Thank you so much for the detailed update and for keeping Ollie happy while his mom is away. As a pet person myself I know how much that is comforting to Ronni. Tell Ronni to hang in there!

Add my appreciation for the update. You are the "bestest friend" to be there with Ronni and to be "communications director" for TGB.

Thanks so much for the update! Ronni is one strong lady! Love and hugs, carol

Exhale. Whew.
Thank you, Autumn, this is what we needed.
We appreciate the updates so much.
Love to you and Ronni.

Good news, good reporting. Thank you for that and for the on-the-scene support you're giving Ronni. We look forward to the Crabby Old Lady's return.

Thank you, Autumn. And yes, you are a writer, in addition to being a dear friend. Sending you love and positive thoughts as well. We readers are most grateful for you!

Thank you so much for this note, Autumn! My god! Fourteen hours! (And your writing is spectacular. Exactly what I wanted to know.) Best to Ronni! Best to you!

We are all so grateful that Ronnie and Ollie have you to lean on and be there. We are also very grateful for you and thank you so much for the quick update. So far so good though fourteen hours sounds grueling for both of you. Prayers will continue for a smooth recovery.

Thank you for taking the time to write and let everyone know how the surgery went and that Ronni is through it. I wish all courage and strength to Ronni and the people who love her.

Lurker here, so grateful the surgery went well.

I've been saying a Mi Sheberach prayer for you Ronni and will continue to do so until you're back in the saddle again!

Linda S.

Thank you for the update. We will continue to keep her in our thoughts and prayers.

Kindly tell her not to be shy about pressing the button for pain relief.

thank you
keep repeatedly checking in for news.
you are an angel for being with her....

πŸ’œ πŸ’œ πŸ’œ Thank you Autumn πŸ’œ πŸ’œ πŸ’œ

Thanks for the update. Like many, Ronni was in my thoughts all day yesterday. It's so good to know she has a dear friend with her during her recovery. Ronni has become important to many of us for the wonderful work she does!

My hope is for a complication-free recovery.

Good news, promising! Thanks so much for the update; I kept checking last night, and relieved to see Ronni came through the surgery. ((((Hugs to her & You for strength)))))

Thank you for the update, I am sending warm wishes for a gentle recovery.

Autumn, what a marathon!

So relieved to know Ronni came through her operation in good spirits.

You described Ronni's day so clearly my eyes were grazing my tablet like a bumble bee.

Keep writing. You're good.

Fourteen hours!

I kept checking the time, wondering and hoping.

Thank you for being a standup friend.

Congratulations to Ronni.

Thanks for the update, Autumn! Our collective energies now turn to buoying Ronnie through her recovery from a long and complex surgery.
Ronnie, when you feel the touch of your caregivers, whether helping position you for comfort in bed or helping you take your first steps post-op, know there is an army behind each touch! Wish you the best for a smooth recovery!

Thank you, Autumn, for the update and for being such a good friend to Ronnie. I will keep sending positive thoughts to her, and to you.

Autumn, thank you for the report. Such promising news! Whew. Really long surgery. You are great to do this for Ronni, Ollie, and for us. Hope you got some good rest overnight.

Ronni, when you wake up do as they say (but suffer no fools...stay close Crabby), and just take the time you need. I am so very happy the first big step is in the past.

Sending best thoughts for a smooth and full recovery. With all the wishes, prayers, chicken feet (nice to see you Cowtown Patti!), and gazing (who knew?) odds are great!


Thanks for the update. Keep going forward. Thoughts for you. A prayer too.

I can only imagine how comforting it must be to Ronni to have you there, Autumn. I know what a comfort it was to me when Ronni announced this arrangement. And to know that Ollie not only accepts you, but is friendly -- well that is just the icing on the cake. It may seem funny to some, but others here who are also cat people may understand my anxiety about what Ollie's reality might soon have soon become. As dooctafill said, thank you for being a stand up friend. There's a new star for your crown, which I suspect may already be pretty full.

I will be thinking of Ronni, Ollie and you as you all continue down the road to recovery. Thank you so much for all you are doing. Please give Ronni my best and Ollie a head bump for me. Hugs and love to you all!!

Autumn, you write very well--the humor is much appreciated.
Give Ollie a scratch behind an ear--if he is amenable to it.

Thank you so much for the update. Ronni will at least be resting without the mind warp for a few days. This is a tough journey and it has only just begun. I hope you know what comfort your presence is for herβ€”and I am sure you feel the same way.

Oh my! 14 hour surgery! The doc must be super human! Wishing her a speedy recovery! Thank you for the updates.

From Paris, France, I send many thanks for your message and all my best wishes for the recovery of Ronni. I am a "fan" of her blog, she is a wonderful person.

Thank you Autumn for the update. I am so glad Ronni made it through the surgery.
Even though we have never met I feel like Ronni is a dear friend and feel her pain as though we were next door neighbors. It is good news that the doctor is positive. My thoughts and prayers are with her.

You are doing a fine job, Autumn and appreciate all the updates. Thank you

Thanks so much, Autumn, for the update. I was late looking for same thinking it would be too soon to hear from you. All good wishes to Ronni, it sounds good. And Ollie is lucky to have you there.

Appreciate the update Autum. It came through my FB before the email. :-) Continued prayers and give the kitty a pat for me.

Thanks for the good news Autumn! and for taking such good care of Ronni and Ollie. You may notice that we're still in the recovey room, singing and dancing, quite discreetly, when Ronni feels up to it. Take good care, all three of you.

So glad this "step 1" is over for you, Ronnie. Autumn, like others have said, you are a very good friend! I'm not sure if I have someone who would do this for me. Love and hugs to both of you...

Thank you for that good news. Very encouraging!

Autumn, you did us all a real favor with this posting.

We were all thinking about Ronni yesterday and are so very glad Ollie is OK, too. Like Jane, I'm not at all sure I'd have someone to do this for me, and I'll bet it's something we all reflect on since this happened to Ronni.

You're the best. Keep posting!

Dear Autumn, you are the best! And your writing is wonderful, too. Thank you, beyond, thank you, for this update and for doing the heavy lifting there in Portland.

I will continue to "roam the halls" praying for Ronni.

Delaine Zody

Elated to hear from you, Autumn, with such good news.
Thank you for telling us so quickly; your thoughtfulness
is appreciated.
Please scratch Ollie behind the ears - and take care of yourself!

May all be well, and the summer solstice bring healing and recovery to Ronni...thanks Autumn for being the scribe.

Thanks for the update. I was thinking of you all yesterday, and am happy for the positive news posted so quickly today. I send you both strength.

Thank you Autumn, for posting. We're all breathing a sigh of relief this morning.

Thanks, Autumn!
Happy tears here, all best wishes for Ronni's recovery!

Autumn, thank you for being there and for being Ronni's 'voice for us. It was such a relief to hear that the op was over and was successful. Now for the long road to recovery. Love and (very gentle) hugs to Ronni and a hug to you too. A friend like you is a treasure indeed.

Thanks for your post. A friend is the best gift anyone ever receives

Thank you for the update and wonderful news! My thoughts are with her for a speedy recovery. She is lucky to have you!

How fortunate you and Ronni are to have such a wonderful friendship!

Thank you so much for the update. Ronnie is blessed with a friend like you. Will continue to pray for Ronnie.

I have to join the chorus of thanks, Autumn. I am so glad Ronni has such a good friend to be by her side!

Thanks so much for writing. This morning I was going to write an email to Ronnie telling her I was thinking of her and wishing her well. I knew she wouldn't read it for a long time but those wishes have a long shelf life. Fourteen hours in surgery?! Any time I've had long-ish surgeries, the anesthesia used to keep me "asleep" means my brain was unreliable for almost a year. So if she feels goofy for awhile, please reassure her it will eventually pass.

Thank you so much for the update. You are a wonderful friend to Ronnie and so kind to all of us who care for her through our virtual acquaintance. Please add my voice to the chorus of well wishes.

Thank you Autumn, and blessings and healing to all of you.

Thank you so much for the update. She is in my heart and I "see" an uneventful, blessed recovery.

Ditto...ditto...ditto...ditto...and the beat for good news goes on and on and on and....

Thank you, Autumn, for your excellent report on what has to have been a long grueling day. I can't imagine how complicated the surgery must have been - 14 hours, whew!

I knew Ronni would get through this because she is a fighter, but it is so wonderful to hear that my conviction was right. Along with the rest of Team Ronni I am so relieved that it is over and was successful.

You are a trooper too, Autumn, and we are all grateful for this report. The surgeon and his team were spectacular to stay on their feet and save our favorite elder. Team Ronni owe them a debt of gratitude. Special thanks to you for being there for Ronni and for keeping us posted.

so glad to hear the surgery is over and that Ronnie dear, you are resting well. Many blessings to you and to you Autumn for updating us on how things went. Ronnie is so lucky to have you as her friend and companion through this difficult time. And Ollie too! Best, Susan

i am usually a silent member of timegoesby. but i would like to send sincere wishes for a steady recovery. as i understand it, crabby old ladies have strength and determination unknown to most.

Bravo! Thanks for sharing; prayers from here.

Dear Ronnie, I see you all--you, your friend, Ollie, the doctors and nurses, the attendants--ALL--surrounded by healing white light and the power of love. Peace.

Thank you Autumn for the update. God speed to both of you.

Good news. Great update...keep them coming.

Well, what a relief. Yes, both of you deserve kudos: going through something like that is hard enough, but sitting and waiting and worrying are also grueling activities. But you both made it through the day! [I am not ignoring the alter ego Crabby Lady, she was for sure in the OR keeping track and making sure the medical team stays on its collective toes. ]

Anyway, I wish both of you well. Good sleep. A rapid coming back into the summery world outside -- I look forward to hearing about Ronni's progress -- and her triumphant return to the laptop!! And her great reunion with Ollie. And the return of her appetite and her wonderful, joyful embrace of life!

Thank you, Autumn, for this marvelous report.

Love to you both, Ruth-Ellen

As I sit in a cancer center, accompanying my brother through one of the steps in the study for the leukemia he has, I am grateful for this update on Ronni. It helps so much. Praying for a smooth recovery.

Thank you, Autumn.
get well soon Ronni

Thank you for this update, Autumn, and for your care of the cat in Ronnie's absence. Give Ronni the love of her readers when she is awake enough to take it in.

Thank you so much for the update. Love and prayers to you and Ronni.

Thank you Autumn for the update. Throughout the day I would think of Ronni and would send a prayer. What a special friendship the two of you must have! I'll continue to pray for both of you.

Continued positive thoughts for healing. We were glad to hear about your update.

Thanks so much Autumn! Continued Light and Love to Ronni... and as soon as she's ready a laugh or two or a hundred.


I was anxiously waiting for this update, Autumn. Thank you so much...It sounds good! Getting through surgery is a major step!

Two thumbs up and a gold star for you, Autumn, for being such a good friend and supporter of the feisty Ronni!

Get some rest and hang in there, Ronni is going to need you in the next days and weeks.

Tell Ronni how much love and concern is out here and how we are all cheering her on in spirit if not in person. I'm sure most of her readers, like me, wish we could be with you and able to help her out, too.

So happy to hear Crabby Old Lady made an appearance, very healthy for her recovery. 14 hours..unbelievable, and now your miraculous body is already beginning to heal from the ordeal. Sending you light and love and feeling gratitude for your friends, Ollie, and your strong fighting spirit.

My prayers and thoughts are with you Ronni for a quick and full recovery. Thank you for keeping us in the know. We care.

Such good news. Thanks for the update. Cheering from here: Go Team Ronni!

Autumn, Thank you so much for the update. You are a real Angel.

I had Ronni in my thoughts all day yesterday so I was happy to see your post this morning. I am so happy to know that you are there for her and Ollie. Sending her love and healing vibes.

No surprise that Ronni has a friend with the humor, wisdom, and writerly grace to continue TGB in her absence! I join the chorus of relief at knowing the operation is over and the road to recuperation beckoning. As I walk the streets of New York City (Ronni's favorite place) I hold you both in mind. Hoping that you, Autumn, take good care of yourself. And that dear Ronni feels stronger every day. Ann Burack-Weiss

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