Surgery Tomorrow
Post-Op Day 1


Hello Team Ronni- this is Autumn writing with an update. First and foremost, Ronni is out of surgery and headed to recovery. It took a bit longer than expected- most likely because The Good Doctor had to dance around all of you in the OR.

I do not know a lot at this time, other that Ronni is resting well and pain free for tonight. It was a very long day, starting with a coffee free wake-up at 3:30 AM, check-in at 6:00, and surgery at 8:30. (Crabby Old Lady only made ONE appearance the entire morning.) The surgery was 14 hours and Doctor sounded positive and confident that they were able to remove the tumor.

Yesterday,as Ronni and I tried to "play normal", fear, sadness, and anger crept in a few times. When this happened, we allowed one another to feel it and cry when needed. We would then summon the strength to move onto the next task on the List Of Things To Do Before Surgery. As we were running through the dry run to the hospital, I silently sat in the driver's seat wondering where Ronni was getting her strength. When we returned home last evening, my question was answered as Ronni checked her comments. Each and everyone of you. Every note, every thought, every devotion, novena, meditation, and chicken foot kiss was received and cherished.

I am sorry to you, the readers, as I am far from a writer but I am committed to making sure you all have regular updates. I will pass along any and all comments to Ronni. Her laptop is packed in her suitcase and I have a feeling you will hear from her sooner rather than later.

Oh, Ollie was thrilled to see me and is allowing me to rub his ears and tail.



WHAT an intense day and I thank you for the update. I will share the information with her condo people as I think I might be the only one who reads the blog. I understand she has a great group of volunteers who live near her to help once you have to leave. I hope Ollie and Crabby Old Lady will accept their assistance!

Remind Ronni there is no speed limit on the road to recovery!

Thank you Autumn. Such a long surgery. The crowd is still around her and you too. Sending love and healing. Ronni is amazing and you are a stand-up friend.

Autumn, you know you have hundreds of new friends and admirers via TGB.

What a relief to see this update. Thank you, Autumn. I was turning blue, holding my breath, waiting for news. And Ronni, you go girl!

Sending you strength, peace, light and healing prayers. You are loved. Rest and recover.


As usual Ronni's judgment in choosing the right person to share her progress with us was spot on. She knows we all wish her a smooth recovery with intervention by Crabby Old Lady as needed to keep everyone real and on task.

Kudos and much rest to you both. Hopefully, reading all these comments will give Ronni the sleepies and sweet dreams.

Many chin scratches to Ollie.

Great job Autumn....thanks for the update on Ronnie...

Thank you so much, Autumn, for being there for Ronni (and Ollie) and for updating us! The note just came through to my e-mail a bit ago, but you were in my thoughts regularly yesterday! What a gruelingly long day for you, Autumn, and for the surgical team. Blessings to you all! Luckily Ronni could 'sleep' through it!

Ronni, may the first day of summer be the first day of a long, sunny future for you!

great news -out of surgery and recovering. Glad the surgeon thinks they got it all. On to full recovery and a long life.

Thank you Autumn for standing in for all of us. All day yesterday I sent positive vibes and your informative post today was so welcomed. As I am also recovering from major surgery, I will continue to think positively about sustaining Ronni's strength through phase 2 of a difficult journey. Thanks to her & you, this blog continues to be an important educational forum for all of us, who are hoping to support her with our love & care.

Thought about you all day Ronni. Wow, a very long surgery. Glad it is now in the past. Thanks Autumn for the speedy update. Now starts recovery and we are all with you. Sending much love from Israel. Yaakov sends love too. Sali Ariel

All the Best from Ireland!

Relieved to hear. Thanks, Autumn. Wishing bundles of energy to you both during the next few days of recovery.

So glad its over and now the healing will start.

I'd like to add my own thanks for the info and my own prayers to the others.

Good all these well wishers aren't in your room. You'd need Rockefeller Center. Which is as it should be. Glad the hard part is in the rear view. One foot in front of the other. Just like being Stanley's talent coordinator, only with saner people.

So wonder full to see so many lovely comments. There is nothing I can add, except to say I am sending good thoughts to Ronni, Autumn and Ollie. You have to be tough to get through this type of ordeal and I have no doubt that you have that toughness. Thinking of you.

14 hour surgery????? But, good news from her surgeon and things surely are turning positive now. Thank you so much, Autumn. You, my dear, are blogger extraordinaire!

Relief! Much gratitude! Love sent!

Thank you for the update -- and I'm glad it sounds pretty positive!

From Tel Aviv, where I was checking obsessively for your news, I send endless love and blessings to you, Ronni; you, Autumn (best darn pre-op friend and post-op friend and writer during this exquisitely sensitive time!); the ace medical team; Ollie; and Crabby.

(Linda S. I love the idea and will join in saying the "Mi Sheberach," a public prayer or blessing for a person in need of a healing of spirit and a healing of body.)

Thank you - thoughts and hugs to both of you. Your writing is wonderful, don't sell yourself short.

So glad to hear that the surgery is over and all appears to have gone well. Thank you SO MUCH for this update. Fourteen hours is a really long time. I thought of Ronni often yesterday and wish her all the best. Ollie will be very glad to see her when she gets home.

BTW, Autumn, you ARE a writer! Thank you for being there and, again, for the update.

Oh, that is good news. All day I've been thinking positive thoughts for you Ronni. So grateful for the update.

Thank you, Autumn, for this update. And Thank you, Ronnie, for making it possible for us to keep up with how you're doing. So far, so good!! Lately my mind keeps coming back to you during the day and I'm sending good thoughts every time. Keep up the good progress! Be patient if you can. Wishing you a strong recovery! Loha

Glad to hear the surgery went well. Wishing you a good brecovery. All the best, Marjorie

Crying. Tears of relief, shock about the length of time the surgery took, and joy that Ronni is through the worst. I cannot seem to stop the tears, so I'll just go with them. Thank you, Autumn, for being there.

Thank you Autumn! You are indeed a writer! All good thoughts from me and TGB readers to Ronni as she enters the recovery phase. First hurdle - the surgery itself - has now been accomplished. One day at a time applies here...

No need for any apologies, Autumn. You're a great friend for Ronni and a wonderful communicator for the rest of us. Be careful, though: After this gig, you may be asked to post regularly on TGB :)

So glad to know you are both on this side of the surgery mountain! I had hip replacement last week so feel I'm accompanying you to some extent, though my relatively short surgery is renowned for its easy recovery. We are cheering you on and we're grateful for the news.

Positive thoughts, smiles and aloha from Hawaii AND strong mana (energy) and "Geeve 'em" (give 'em hell) attitude from my heart to yours. I love reading your column. You are a city slicker and I am a small town girl (Laupahoehoe, former plantation village). But I thank you for sharing your wisdom (and, well, your wisecracks!) with all of us. You are a marvel. So glad the surgery is over and you are on to RECOVERY. Aloha, Carrie Luke-Knotts

Thank you Autumn, your report is great and the news sounds good. What a marathon day, but on the eve of the Summer Solstice, energy is on the upswing so it was a good day for the surgery to be done.

Many blessings to you Ronni, and to the whole of Team Ronni. I'm adding my love and energy to everyone else's, along with my hope that your recovery will be as easy as possible. Keep the light around you.

The crowd has left the OR but we're all still on stand-by holding bouquets of good wishes for a speedy recovery.

Thank you Autumn for being there for Ronni - and her "team".

Thanks for updating us, Autumn. I thought of Ronni often all day yesterday. 14 hours is a long surgery. Take it easy on yourself, Ronni, and heal well over time. We need you to keep us updated on events, but we can wait for you to get better.

Thank you, Autumn, for this update. I thought about Ronni so often yesterday but didn't think the duration of her surgery would almost double! Wow! Sending healing thoughts and warm wishes. Since Ronni told us about the cancer, I have often thought about how much I value her columns, and for so many reasons!

Thanks, Autumn. Love to Ronni and Ollie.

I must add my voice to the chorus. Thank you, Autumn, for this beautiful update. Ronni, you're never far from my mind these days. Sending so many good wishes. 💚

So happy you posted this update. Her fans were on tenterhooks waiting to hear.
And, you can write!

Ronnie, I just got back from Europe to see this post about your surgery. Know that I'm wishing you the very best and fast recovery.

What they all said!!

Thank you Autumn. It's good to know that Ronni was headed to recovery. I was really feeling anxious yesterday and it's good to know that you're there to keep us posted. Thanks again and speedy healing for Ronni

So pleased to hear after a 14 hour surgery all is well on this first day post-op. Ronni, I thought of you often yesterday. It made all the little irritations and annoyances of my day disappear in an instant. Your journey through this process brought to mind an old quote that has stood with me through many small and large trials.

Slow Down
Calm Down
Don't Worry
Don't Hurry
Trust the Process
by Alexandra Stoddard

We are all( through Autumn's gracious and good humored posting) sharing the process with me in a very very small way. Best of luck to you in recovery.

Thanks so much for the update Autumn. Its much appreciated.

By the way, I am not sure how the others would feel about this but is there anyway to send Ronni an old fashioned Get Well Soon Card through the mail? Maybe to the hospital, a post office box, or through another friend.
I remember being ill and looking up at a bookcase full of get well cards and how much fun it was to get mail. Its old fashioned for sure but still....I realize there is a certain degree of privacy that cyberspace allows so if it doesn't seem viable I am sure all the others posting would agree that we are mailing them through our hearts, minds, and good thoughts. Tera

Thank you for the news about Ronni. I hope she is still comfortable today - my warm wishes to you and Ronni, she is fortunate to have a friend like you. Stay well.

Thank you so much for being willing to include us in the updates. I thought about her all day yesterday.

Ronnie need never wonder if she made a difference in her life. So many people pulling for her.

Sorry about clogging up the OR!

I am late to respond today, and you all have said everything so eloquently. I think there are more "writers" here than Ronni and Autumn. Just today, so many positive thoughts, humorous asides, suggestions, etc., were given, that I feel uplifted as well as Ronni might be when she gets a chance to read these comments. I've lived with MS for over twenty years, and besides the wonderfully informative things Ronni reports to us, I also receive excellent information and inspiration from all of you commenters. Thanks to all of you.

Ronni, I thought of you often throughout yesterday, and I am relieved that step one is over (as someone upstream said) and that Crabby fought all the way to get you through it. (And, Ollie and all of your many admirers were in the background lifting you up.)

Thank you so much for the report Autumn, Ronni was my constant meditation yesterday. Now I have happy tears, knowing she is through the surgery and even well enough to read comments. What a trouper! Sending love, hugs, strength and healing to you both.

Thank you Autumn (BTW, great name!). Onwards & upwards Ronni.

Autumn, I usually sit on the side line and enjoy Ronnie's blogs silently, but with joy. However, this situation involving Ronnie's surgery has really gotten to me, and I must say how much I admire Ronnie, as well as feeling that she is part of my family. I do wish her the very best and will be online every day forward to hear of her progress.


I once knew a girl named Autumn -- she said when she was little the kids all called her "Otter"! Great news today and Ronni's great friend is telling it to us.

Please let us know if you or Ronni need anything! We're all here for you 24/7.

Thank you for the update, Autumn. Best wishes to Ronni for a quick recovery and hope she's back here soon. Arleen in NJ

Thank you so much for the update. You are a writer... it was so good to read that everything is going as well as can be expected. We are sending good thoughts and wishes.

Wonderful that you are in recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thanks Autumn. :)

Thank you for keeping us informed (so beautifully) as we all continue with our love and prayers for all good things to continue to come.

Thank you for the update!
Hugs,Love and Prayers to Ronni, You, and Ollie
Best from
Redstone and Yellowstone

Thanks for the update. Ronnie, blessings for radiant health and all the help you need for
a complete recovery.
Please keep us posted on how you are doing unless you are sleeping.

Glad to hear it went well. Thanks for keeping us updated and please let her know we are all thinking about her.

Thank you, Autumn! So happy to hear the tumor was removed! Prayers ARE answered!! I hope you get some well deserved rest, along with Ronni. I can't imagine a 14 hour surgery; how strong she must be!
By the way, I believe you ARE a writer, kiddo!
Hugs to you!

Autumn, lovely to meet your voice wishing it were under better circumstances. You actually write beautifully, don't sell yourself short. You are a wonderful friend everyone needs an advocate with them at trying times. Thank you for being one of those friends who steps up. I'm looking forward to your updates on our, (yes, we are possessive)ronin's progress.

Autumn, I think you've done a great job. Thanks for this and future updates. Rest up and get well Ronni.

Whew!! So happy for you, Ronni. There was an excess of oxygen yesterday, - - all of us were holding our breaths for you. But now that 'the 14 hours' are over, you can start your hard work of recovering.. "Write when you get work!: Hah. Bad joke. Love and energy are on their way to you.

I am so relieved to hear the news about Ronni's surgery! 14 hours? Dammmn. I requested prayers for Ronni at Silent Unity. I prayed for her yesterday morning. Thx so much for posting.

Hurrah! And thank you!

Thank you for the update. Please give Ronni a hug when she's feeling up to it.

I'm glad to hear that Ronni's surgery went well. Thank you, Autumn, for keeping us posted.

Thanks, Autumn, you are an angel, really, an earth angel to all of us, and especially to Ronni, for whom the prayer candle burns each morning. Blessings to both of this time, I'm not into kissing chicken feet, but if you think it would help................

Many thanks for the updates, Autumn, and for being there for Ronni (and Ollie)! Wishes for a speedy healing and a long, healthy life to Ronni!

Thank you so much for the update! Thinking of you and sending good wishes. I so enjoy reading your blog.

If you get this far reading comments, can you tell us what hospital Ronni is in? I'm a PDX native and would love to visit her.

Appreciate the update greatly-shed been lurking in my mind all week.

Sending peace, blessings and health


Thanks so much for the post-op updates. My mother (97) and I both love Ronni's column and are glad Ronni is recovering from her much-dreaded surgery.
Best wishes, and Resist!
Donna Ristorucci

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