Post-Op Day 2

Post-Op Day 1

Good evening to all on Team Ronni, I hope this finds you well. After yesterday's marathon of a day, it was nice to call Ronni's nurse this morning to find that Ronni was resting well as she had been all night.

I sat with Ronni for most of the day today. I talked to her while she slept and stalked monitors as if I knew what the blinking lights and beeps might mean. At about 3:30 this afternoon, Ronni was alert and very ready to get rid of the vent. After assessing her strength, it was successfully removed, and her first words were, "I can talk." That has to be the biggest under-statement of the decade.

It was as lovely of an afternoon as it could be when two friends find themselves chatting in an ICU. We laughed and I showed her pictures of Ollie that I had taken this morning, which made her smile. We talked about Team Ronni and how amazingly wonderful you all are and how very grateful we are to have you in our lives. We also discussed that I may run away with all of you when I start my very own blog upon Ronni's return to TGB.

Ronni's nurse is wonderful. She is empathetic, knowledgeable, confident and when needed, tough. She is very pleased with the progress Ronni is making and is confident that this will continue, as are the members of the Surgical Team.

I am off to enjoy a glass of Cabernet and cuddle with Ollie- he lets me do that now. Thank you all for your love and well wishes.



Thanks for keeping us updated! All my love to Ronni.

Chatting with Ronni who "can talk" and cuddling with Ollie. Sounds like pure heaven to me. So grateful that the support system at the hospital is real and for the so far, so good (despite the many not-so-good moments there must be considering) situation. So very grateful for your support system for Ronni and for us. Thank you, Autumn, and bushels and pecks of love and good wishes flowing your ways from Team Ronni.

Baruch hashem.....yes!!!!

She is so lucky to have a caring friend like you.

Give her a hug from me.

Continued good luck and wishes for a quick recovery and a pain-free rehab.

So glad the healing is beginning

Wonderful to hear. Thank you so much not only to your keeping us up to date, but being there for her when some of us can't. Give Ronni my love and if you can get close enough, kiss Ollie for me.

How fortunate Ronni is to have a caring friend in you, Autumn. And we're grateful for keeping us up to date and easing the restlessness our minds have been in for the last 10+ days.

Thank you very much. And yes, your taking care of yourself is important - for you, Ronni, Ollie, Crabby and all of us cheering in the peanut gallery.

Thank you so much for your caring--for both Ronni as well as her many fans. So glad to hear so far so good.

What a blessing you are, Autumn. Giddy about Ronni's status, your help, and your hugs with Ollie. Have a wonderful day! And thank you.

So good to hear! Thank you, dear Autumn!

A great read. Thank you.

I send a virtual glass of Champagne from France ! Happy to get the good news, from Chantal, Paris, France

So glad to read this.

Good Morning, Ronni & Autumn!
How amazing, Ronni, that you were able and more than willing to chat after such an ordeal! You didn't want to just fall into the arms of Orpheus for hours and hours?!! That is so great, and will speed up your recovery time, and perhaps lessen your time in the hospital.

Brilliant news. All is progressing as it should. Your Cabernet is well deserved. Thank you for taking the time to update us. It is much appreciated.

Super. Thanks. Love to Ronni and you.

Ronni (and Autumn) you made my day. I got this at around 5 o'clock in the morning -I live in Paris, where I wasn't asleep due to a major heat wave.
Ronni usually posts at 2h30 my time, but Autumn posts in the morning (my time), probably when she goes to bed.
So it was just great to know that you girls had been talking and that things were running smoothly. It allowed to go back to sleep.
Thanks for the update. Lots of love.

Autumn! What wonderful news - Ronni is talking! I am so grateful for that news and thank you for the updates. By the way, you have a lovely writing style. Warm wishes, Linda

Oh, the joys of healing, community, Cabernet, the Internet. And, your special friendship (and writing genius), Autumn. xoxo from Tel Aviv

Good news. Hugs for both of you.

so relieved to read this update.

πŸ’œ Wonderful newsπŸ’œ

That is great news! Keep up the good progress, Ronni.

And thanks again, Autumn, for your update. We do appreciate you having taken time out to be with Ronni this week, and keeping us informed. And if you do start your own blog, I’m sure most of could cope with an extra one!!

Hugs, pats, etc to you all.

Thank you, Autumn, for your wonderful sharing of Ronni's recovery. I have never met her but please tell her that many friends' of Julie's are now her friends as well. You are a real blessing to her, I am sure, and Team Ronni thanks you again!

Ollie and Ronni, such good tidings for small steps. There will be many more to come with your recovery. Thanks again Autumn for being the scribe!

So very glad to hear things are going well! Ronni is lucky to have such a good friend, I know you must be a great comfort to her (even when the Crabby Lady makes an appearance). ;)

Great news! And so glad to hear kudos for the nurse caring for Ronni. ICU is the best & those nurses want to be there......... Don't you all wish the rest of this crazy world could find the love & care shown here for a dear friend. That would be a miracle along with Ronni's progress. Autumn you are the best, thank you. Dee:)

Autumn thank you for your caring update. I am very happy to hear that Ronni is on the mend. Ronni is such a treasure in the lives of so many. Sending light and love for a graceful swift recovery.

Raises the old philosophic question of why bad things happen to good people?
If thoughts and prayers could heal(and perhaps they do), you will be posting again before you know it. A gentle hug.

Cheers to you Autumn! Ronni will be joining you in one of those glasses of Cabernet before you know it!

Thank you for your vigilant attendance in the ICU and your prompt reporting of Ronni's progress. So, so glad to hear that things are progressing as well as they are. The synergy of two strong women going through this together is powerful! May the Force continue to be with you!

Great news and wonderful you could do this for Ronni and Ollie

Thank you for sharing. It is appreciated.
Hugs, Love, and Prayers to each of you!

Redstone and Yellowstone

Love to Ronni, to Ollie and to you, kind Autumn!

Thanks so much for posting. Scritches for Ollie and a air hug for Ronnie.

Post op day 2 love and good wishes pouring in! And there's always room for another well done, informative, educational, and humorous blog... so let us know Autumn, how to find you when you debut your blog.

In the meantime, add my thanks for all you're doing with Ronni and updating this community!

So glad to hear! We are with you Ronni :)

Thank you for keeping us posted, it's really hard not knowing what is happening to Ronni, so you are a gift in so many ways.

Wine and cat cuddles--the best.

Good job, Ronni. Don't overdo, but keep pluggin' along.

Thank you, Autumn, for these posts and for being there for Ronni. I know she appreciates it, and so do we.


Thanks, Autumn. Good medicine for us all.

Really appreciate the update... so good to know things are going well ! CHEERS to Ronni , Autumn and Ollie too!

Not only an angel, but you're a good writer as well! Love to you both.

My morning smiling tears.

Ronnie, so happy to hear the surgery went well and you are recuperating nicely.

I cannot believe how far away the well wishes are coming from, Israel, France and multitudes from the US. A wonderful tribute to you and your blog, Ronnie. Keep getting better.

Autumn. Thank you so much for the updates. You would make a great blogger on your own.

My regards to you and to Ronni. Good to know that despite the events swirling around us, reading your message brings the feeling that in some indescribable way, "All is well in the world. "

Many thanks for the good news update, and please extend our gratitude to her surgical team and caring staff.
Hugs and smiles to all!

Oh goodness...thank you Ronni for your courage and Autumn for your postings. In ways profound these messages speak to a worldwide network of women caring for and about each other... all of us gathered together in friendship by our connection to Ronni and the wisdom and generosity of her writing.
Blessings on your good healing....Dr. Suzanne Baer

Hang in there Ronnie. We are waiting patiently for your return. Best wishes.

Thank you for the update. I am so amazed at how I can be so moved and emotionally involved with people who are internet acquaintances. Perhaps it is the universal humanity that draws one in. In any case, please pass along my best wishes to Ronni and please know that no matter how many responses you receive, you should recognize that there are probably hundreds of others who may not comment but are wishing only positive thoughts for Ronni's recovery.

Very glad about the news.
She should be happy for your support.
Best wishes



Re: the comment from Susan R. Rabbi Harold Kushner - author of WHEN Bad Things Happen to Good People - noted that folks were always citing his book as WHY Bad Things ..... His response was unequivocal: no one knows why. And went on to cite the scholar Hillel "When you ask God for help, he sends you people." Whatever our religious belief, or lack thereof, so very true. Ronni was sent to help us. Autumn sent to help her. And all of us sent to help each other. Keep that good news rolling! Ann Burack-Weiss

So glad to hear there is laughter in Ronnie's room. Nothing promotes healing better, especially when shared with an old friend. All my love. Thank you, Autumn.

Also very happy to hear this news- vent out!. "I can talk." Good for you Ronni! All best thoughts for continued progress. Lots of rest and chat with a good friend are the best.

Thanks again Autumn. I so appreciate your updates and your care for Ronni and Ollie.


I'm so glad to hear Ronni is well! I hope things continue to go as smooth, and Ollie continues to warm up. :) Greetings from Colorado!

Thank you so much, Autumn, for your continuing to help us stay in the loop. As many have already said, I am so happy that our prayers have thus far been answered and that Ronni is doing well. And it is obvious that Ollie is in good shape too. I would also love a cuddle and a glass of Cabernet, but will have it in absentia .

Thank you, Autumn, and LOVE and Gratitude to all who are assisting Ronni. I long for her wit and perspective, and look forward to "being" with her as soon as possible.

Sending Love to you, Ronni.

Ollie is one smart cat; he recognizes a good person and is no doubt grateful for Ronni's stand-in to fill his water dish and food bowl. He is showing his appreciation by letting you cuddle with him.

Autumn, you write so well you should start a parallel blog when you return to Ronni's favorite part of the country.

Ronni is one strong lady and a wonderful mentor for her team. I love her to pieces and am so happy that she is doing so well. Team Ronni are all happier each day by the good news Thanks to good friends like you and a fantastic medical staff Ronni will be writing soon.

Such good news. I'll add my thanks for the update and good wishes to Ronni
*sigh of relief*
Tera in Michigan

What wonderful news with which to start the day. All that other "news" out there can't hold a candle to this. Ronni's back, and talking, and next thing you know the nuses will have her doing laps in the hall. You go girl!


thank you, Autumn -- and hi, Ronni --- how good to get this news of growing improvement. Yes, laughter. Vital. Yes, laughter between friends - even more vital.

Soon enough, movement will be reported on -- before we know it, Ronni will be up and dancing. What a happy thought.

I add my thanks to you, Autumn - along with my encouragement that yes, you consider a blog as well.

cheers, many of them, ruth-ellen

Thank you Autumn for the POSITIVE update. You are doing a wonderful job. Continuing to send positive vibes for healing & strength on this journey. Isn't it a wondrous thing that most of us who do not know each other are so united in supporting this special woman, who we have come to care so much about through her online persona!

So glad to see this update.

Such wonderful news!
Thank you for taking time out of your very busy day to keep us in the loop.
So glad you & Ollie can have wine 🍷 together.
Susan D-L

Thank you for this update, Autumn. Ollie (and Ronni) are very fortunate to have a friend like you. So glad to hear that things are going well at this point.

Thank you for the updates. I'm so glad to hear shes coming along nicely.

Ronni is very lucky to have such a close and talented friend.

So good to hear! How wonderful she is alert and able to chat with you. Bravo Ronnie. Sending prayers. Love, Susan

Delighted to hear that Ronni"can talk" and is as ornery as ever!
Thanks for the up-date.

You are a great friend Autumn...I've been thinking who I might call when my day comes for a similar ordeal. Truthfully, I'm not sure.

I'm an "elder orphan" and figure I'll have to hire people to help me. Having worked in senior services, I know firsthand how challenging this will be, esp acting as my own case manager.

Hope Ronni continues to do well. And Ollie continues to warm up to his Auntie Autumn!

This is my first post to you, Ronni. I have read your blog most days for several years; enjoy them all. Thanks for doing this for us wise ones.
I, like all of your readers, hope for your complete recovery.
Thanks again for helping all of us.
Be strong.

Of all the possible outcomes I was expecting, this was the best of the lot.
Glad Ronnie is on the mend. We can all resume normal breathing again...

Grand to hear that Ronnie (and Ollie) are doing well.
You are a good friend, Autumn, not only to those two
but to this community as well.

Hmmm, perhaps we should be preparing little stories
to relay to Ronnie via this blog to entertain her during
her 'getting well' time.

What a great "gal pal" you are Autumn, I treasure mine. Those gals friends who drop everything, travel 100's of miles to be by the side of a treasured friend. Such good progress news about the vent and talking and laughing...all good signs!

High Five, confetti, John Belushi backflips, juggling ninja stars and chocolate chip cookies!!

Thank you Autumn, for keeping us in the loop!!

Ronni's first words...

"I can talk."

Looking forward to all the details.

Hugs to Ollie- "who's a good cat?"

Wonderful news that she is progressing so well. Having you there has to be a big boost for her and a relief knowing all is being watched over. I had such a friend recently and it lets us patients concentrate on getting well and not worrying about daily stuff. That was so sweet taking pics of Ollie.
Hey when you have Ronnie back up and well, give us your link.

I always read Time Goes By but rarely write. I am so happy to hear that things went well. Thanks so much, Autumn, for taking the time and effort to keep us informed. My very best wishes for a good recovery.
Anne, Ann Arbor

We'll all be so pleased
And we'll know for sure that - -
For along with Autumn,
And with Ollie, the cat - -
For we'll ALL know when Ronni's
"Herself" once again - -
When The Crabby Old Lady
Can emerge from her den.

Wonderful news...I've been holding my breath, and I am happy to be breathing again on my own, just like Ronni!! Sounds like you are getting great care, both medical and hugging-wise. Thanks, Autumn, for keeping all of us up to date! Be patient, the journey is long.

Linda W

Still sending good vibes, strength and comfort.

You are loved.

Thanks, Autumn, for the update and for reporting on the progress of Ronni. It seems that she has emerged with her humor intact, thank goodness! I hope that each successive day the report continues to be positive; Ronni is strong and a fighter, and she has Crabby Old Lady to call on, if necessary! Having you there is a blessing to her and to us.

My cat, Nibbles, sends greetings to Ollie. Both are rather stand-offish at first, it seems.

Autumn~ What a blessing you are to watch over and monitor Ronni and Ollie and to keep us informed of her progress. I am so happy that the medical report is positive. Thank you so much!!

Glad to hear Ronni is off the vent. Having worked with Resp. Tx to wean people from the vent I know it can take some people days, weeks to accomplish this sometimes. Only when being deprived of the ability to verbalize do we sometimes fully appreciate how much speaking matters to us. Your support, Autumn, is a boon -- aiding her healing process -- and thanx for keeping us informed.

Autumn ... Was there a post that introduced you? If so, I'm afraid I missed it. After reading you for a couple of days & because of your care of Ronni, I'd like to know more about you. And, if you start your own blog, count on me as a follower.

God bless

I'm so happy to hear this news!!!

Just great to hear this update. Thanks, Autumn.

Very good news indeed. We are all smiling and feeling very positive here. Lots of love and light going out to both of you.

Thank you Autumn for the update. Thanks for being Ronni's advocate!

So, our grandson is visiting this week and he's pretty fascinated by being able to order something around...namely the Amazon Echo. "Alexa, tell me a joke"..."What did the zero say to the eight?...wait for it...Nice belt!" Who knew Alexa was a second grader?

I love you! And Ronni and Ollie, too!

Thanks for the comments and updates. It's great Ronni has such a good friend with her. I'll keep the good vibes coming.

Fran aka Redondowriter here in Redondo Beach. Keep getting stronger and stronger. Thinking of you at this difficult time. So far I've survived two breast cancers and one bladder cancer. Knock on wood. I'm a pray-er, so prayers going your way. Thanks to you, Ollie, for updates.

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