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Hello Friends, I hope there is beauty in your day today.

I just returned from visiting Ronni in the ICU. She continues to make great gains in her recovery. When I arrived this morning, I must admit my heart skipped a beat when I saw an empty bed. I was thrilled to see it was because Ronni was sitting in her chair! We spent a good part of the day chatting and laughing- her current medications make Ronni hallucinate which was a riot for both of us.

Ronni's spirits are up and her pain management seems to be under control. Ronni's central line was removed from her neck (they could have warned me on this one!) which made her a bit more comfortable. The biggest complaint today is the inability to drink anything as they have yet to remove the NG tube. We are hoping for this to occur this evening and then it is off to a room with a window and ice chips.

Thank you all for your on going support and love.



Hallucinations? When my husband was in CCU here in NJ years ago he was viewing the mountains and lakes of Alaska. That was a better view than the apartment building that was there.

It still amazes me that they get patients up-and-about so quickly these days. Hello to Ronni.

BTW, it was nice of Ollie to allow you to stay in his apartment.

Wonderful news.

So happy to hear the progress, one day at a time!

And now, new friend Autumn, it is time for you to put your feet up and get some rest.

Wonderful! Thank you for keeping us up to speed.

Thank you! You've brightened my evening and brought a smile to my face. :-)


Today's post carries such good news! I'm so happy Ronni could get rid of the central line and that the NG line will go soon allowing a room with a view. Way to show 'em how it's done Ronni.

Great reporting Autumn. Thank you.


Thank you, Autumn, this is so good to hear. You are doing us all the greatest service and kindness. Boundless love to Ronni.


Hmmmm. Drugs good. This is all good news.

The very best news! Thank you for keeping us posted.

This is music to my ears. Keep up the great recovery. Thank you Autumn for being her angel. You are making a huge difference. Thank you again for keeping us updated.
Big virtual hugs to you both.

Lucky for Ronni to have your true friendship, Autumn.

I'm still standing in the circle of support and caring, Ronni. Peace.

I'm surprised she's sitting up so soon. Great news.

It helps a lot to get these reports. Can't help wondering every day, "How are things with Ronni?" Thanks so much, Autumn, for keeping us up-to-date.

Wonderful news! Keep up the great work of healing, Ronni, and being the best friend ever, Autumn!

Well, if she's gonna have hallucinations, I'm glad at least they're enjoyable! Thanks for the update -- so glad things are going well!

Wow! You are making fast progress, Ronni! Autumn, it sounds like you're learning a lot too.

The last time I had surgery, the drugs they gave me made me hallucinate also. I kept telling my partner that people were breaking crockery in the hallways at all hours. I also wanted her to walk my visitors all the way to the door of the hospital when they were leaving. "Why are you being so inhospitable?" I kept asking her. "We're in a hospital! People can't just walk out by themselves!" I saw angel wings several times, which convinced me I was on my way to the pearly gates. All of this was very entertaining for everyone else.

Anyway, I think of you both throughout the day, and am sending plenty of healing light.

Hey Autumn. Once again, thank you for this great update. I wouldn't be surprised if they have Ronni up and beginning to walk the halls in the next day or two. The movement seems to speed recovery. Tell Ronni we're all still out here cheering her on!

Someday you or Ronni will have to tell us how you two know each other/where & when you met. What a great friend she has in you!!

Oh, such welcoming news. Heal and rest and rest and heal. Thank-you good person, Autumn for what you are doing.

Yes, Autumn, tell us your story. Thank you for being Ronni's hearts friend and for keeping us up to date. Love to you both. Marian

Thank you for the news. Thank you, Thank you!

No wonder you and Ronni are such close friends, Autumn! Generous spirits with a great sense of humor and the ability to write well and inform clearly. It has been such a tiramisù to read the good news. Profound thanks.

And won't that first sip of water taste like the best drink in the world!

Thanks Autumn - great job keeping us up to date! and the news is most reassuring - isn't modern medicine marvellous - when it works:) - keep feeding Ronni our loving well wishes

It just makes my day to continue to hear healing progress for Ronni. I will chime in with the others - Autumn, it would be lovely to get to know you a little - we already think of you as an angel. Cheers!

Sounds like Ronni progressing well -- yeah, great to get rid of NG tube and onto ice chips. Laughing releasing those healing endorphins -- good! Lots of tales to tell with hallucinations. Thanx for update & trust you're taking good care of yourself, too.

Thank you for this great update, Autumn, good to know that Ronni can sit AND talk. As a total sissy when it comes to pain, I think that hallucinating beats being in pain!
Thanks again for being there for Ronni.

Great news. Not bad for only second day. Some of those drugs are scary. I saw butterflies coming out of the TV on the wall.

All good news, I wish Ronni a continuing speedy recovery. Here's to ice chips and a window!

Great news...awesome progress.
Thank you Autumn.

This news is the beauty of our day, thank you, Autumn.

Thank you for keeping us up-to-date on Ronni's progress through your observations and experiences. It's so good to hear that things are going as well as they are. I hope you're getting enough rest and taking as good care of yourself as you're taking of our friend. May the simple pleasure of ice chips come swiftly. -- they are the things that dreams are made of when you have been unable to drink for days.

Excellent news, Autumn.

Thanks for the update.

You are one heck of a friend.

Take care of yourself on this journey.

XOXO from Montreal.

She is improving and I feel better.

Great news. I'm amazed and grateful Ronni is up and you are both laughing. Hugs to you both. My Dad, post op, saw rainbow colored "critters" crawling over the walls.

Continue wishes for her and prayers.

Autumn, that's great to hear. Sitting up after such major surgery is indeed an accomplishment! And that first drink of water will taste great. Nobody would choose it, of course, but illness does make you appreciate the little things so much more.

Good to hear.
Hugs, Love, and Prayers.
Thank you, Autumm for the updates.

Best Wishes from Redstone and Yellowstone

Post surgery--2nd day, I think--I saw my son walk by my room and glance in. He was just checking to see if I was asleep or not. Only problem--he was in Afghanistan at the time!
RONNI, on the other hand, is probably seeing all the famous people she has worked with over the years checking in on her--as well they should~!

You are the best, Autumn. Thanks for your hands-on with Ronni and sharing here with us.


God Bless both of you



This is amazing news Autumn, Sounds like she is not too far from being on her feet.
You and all Ronni's readers are amazing as well. The circle of healing is in full force.

Wonderful news! I check in from Maine ahem, the state Ronnie wasn't the happiest living in after NYC lol Continued great progress!

Good to hear. Go Ronnie!

Sending especially beautiful light from New Mexico to fill the room. Yes, Autumn, do take good care of you, too.

Your updates are my morning fuel. Thank you for being there for Ronnie and for letting us know her progress. I think of both of you throughout the day. Best wishes to her for rapid healing.

Thank you so much, Autumn. You and Ronni are constantly in my thoughts

Woohoo ---look at you go, Autumn--- Throwing around techie terms :)) "central line was removed" "NG tube"

I'll bet you and Ronni are learning more about hospital procedures then you ever wanted to know. It is a whole other world isn't it. One that one never understands until you have been there.

Thanks for being there --- your little karma book is adding points in the plus column.

This is awfully nice of you to be there for both of them. Waving at Ronnie. Scritching Ollie.

Team Ronni is cheering on her progress! Interesting that she can hallucinate and then be aware that it was hallucinations. 'Ditto' to all those requests that you take care of yourself, too, Autumn! You are a dear!

Fantastic, terrific, wonderful, superfragilisticexpealidocious news! I am amazed that Ronni is sitting up already. That means she will heal much faster and be leaving iCU soon. I am truly amazed.

I am glad the hallucinations are funny and you can both laugh about them. Mine were frightening - monster heads in psychedelic colors. But then maybe Ronni would just laugh at those. What a great attitude.

Everybody should have a super friend like you, Autumn. I know you must be exhausted and still you write a wonderful update for Team Ronni. We are so grateful. Thanks a million.

Wow - so glad to get the latest good news....Healing wishes for everything to continue well ! XXO LOVE and Hugs

Thumbs up and continued good meds to you, Ronni! Thanks, Autumn.

Ronni and Autumn,

What great progress of our own 'wonder woman' as reported by her capable and ever-loyal friend. My imagination says Ollie and even Crabby are contentedly purring away.

This good news of Ronni's improvement brings forth a desire to celebrate, and provides a welcome feeling of gratitude. Today it'll be a hot fudge sundae with a cherry or 2 on top.

Cheers and keep on keepin on.

P.S. Autumn, hope you are documenting some of the good experiences and laughs for Ronni in case the drugs also mask the memory.

There was a news article on OPB about how much better patients do if they move around as soon as possible. Sounds like she's in a hospital that wants to do the best for their patients, and that's how it ought to be!

Ditto on the how you two met, and another thank you for doing this for Ronni and for us!

Thank you for your daily updates, Autumn. What an ordeal! It's sobering for me to think that one day she was Up and about with Ollie, and now recovering from such a major life event. Like Ronnie, I've been blessed with minimum health problems, which I'm not sure if it makes it easier or harder. Whatever the case, The amazing thing is that Ronnie's body and spirit are strong and recovering each minute, and I am holding the space for great news about complete recovery and much more feistiness and enjoyment to come.

Oh, yes, those after-surgery experiences: some 10 years ago, but as if it was yesterday, I still remember being asked to solve three impossible math problems, and then I would be allowed out of ICU. I think I called a friend...(joking)

Glad to hear all the news is good news. Will look forward to tomorrow's update.

Thinking of you, Ronni, and happy to hear the news is good.

WOO HOO!!! Moving right along!! Amazing progress, Ronni.
Don't forget to let the staff take care of you, and not the other way around...

Linda W

138 Hickey Lane

Ronni, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your speedy recovery! Autumn, thanks for the updates and for being such a wonderful friend (to Ollie as well).
All the best wishes!
Teresa (your Polish reader in Poland, with Kasia and Alfi the cats)

Hello Ronni,
I have not posted on here before but have been following your blog for over a year. Only religiously follow 2 blogs just so you know. Wanted to wish you a speedy recovery and let you know how instrumental you have been in my post-retirement life. I left my mental health counseling practice in December of 2016. Wasn't sure what I would do. Then read your blog about the Indivisible movement and some other like-minded souls here in a very red county in Tennessee began an Indivisible group. It has been thriving and has given me the focus I was looking for. Can't thank you enough!

Oh, happy day! I'm usually a lurker but decided to crawl out from my cave to add my good wishes to all the rest! It's wonderful to hear that Ronni is making such great progress! I think she has a special friend in you!

I'm loving all this good news, Ronni and Autumn, thank you both.

So good to hear!! Love and hugs to Ronni and you, too, Autumn!

We are starting to exhale and I hope you are too. I had an empty bed episode with my dad once and it was a shocker. They should put a sign on the bed to let folks know it is temporary. Thank you so much for the updates.

Thank you so much for the update. Its good to know things are progressing the way they should. My appreciate goes out to you for keeping Team Ronni as they say updated along with the best good wishes to Ronni
I was re reading a couple of my favorite posts. She is a wise woman on so many levels not the least of which is having a good friend like you.
When my husband was in the hospital and not doing the best he asked for a particular friend to visit. When I asked the friend he replied "I don't do hospitals they creep me out". This was a man in his 50's. Hello? They creep every person on the planet out in someway or other. What's that have to do with it? Of course, I didn't say that back to him, although I've often wished I had. I didn't tell my husband what he said only that he was busy and would try. Their friendship was never the same. You find out who your friends really are sometimes and clearly you Autumn are one of the best.

Thanks so much. Feeling hopeful.

What a treat it is to get these updates, Autumn..............I can clearly see why you guys are kindred spirits. Bundles of blessings and tons of thanks.

Excellent news!

Thank you, again, Autumn, for being a true friend and an excellent blog writer. Ronni and her team-Ronni cadre are so fortunate to have you in her corner.

My cat Nibbles sends a "purr" to Ollie.

Little by little -- baby steps really -- Ronni will progress. She'll get mad at herself some-times, but hopefully her sense of humor will take over...

I applaud her courage and common sense.

And, thank you for all you do, Autumn. Please give Ollie a warm hug for me. I thought if Ronni couldn't find someone to take care of him, I'd offer to ship him here to me in Wichita!
(silly me...).

Great report. Thank you so much for
for the update.

Great news--so glad to hear that Ronni (also you and Ollie) are doing well. So far, so good. And a shout-out to Jerry in Tennessee from deep blue WA State and to his Indivisible group. Indivisibles are really needed in Tennessee and the other bright red states!! How can anyone still support The Orange Apparition and the Repugs after release of their "health care" plan?!

Thanks for the updates. (There are plenty of fellow cat-people out here that could foster Ollie temporarily if the need arose.)

Good news!
Thanks for keeping us updated.

This is great news, so glad to hear it!

Thanks for the updates. Am thankful Ronni is responding to treatment well & hope she'll be home soon. Lana Agnew

Thank you Autumn!

The updates are much appreciated and I'm very glad to hear Ronni is doing so well. If I could I'd send a big bottle of the fragrance of the wild roses climbing on our fence. It smells divine here!

Sending love and healing thoughts from Canada,

I read faithfully but I don't post often.

I'm so glad Ronnie is progressing. I hope she got that NG tube out tonight. I had one for a day or so recently. Hated it!

My dog sends her best to Ollie

Ice chips today, and then onwards toward the yummy ice-cream shop Ronni took us to in Portland!!

Keep up the good progress Ronni, and thanks again, Autumn.


Autumn, your comment about ice chips reminded me how exceptionally delicious they tasted after the doctors removed me from the ventilator after bypass surgery 18 years ago. I remember asking the nurse if they were specially made. No, just regular ice chips. They remain unforgettable to this day.... I look forward to comparing notes with Ronni.


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