Post-Op Day 2
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A Room with a View

The good news keeps on coming! Ronni was moved out of The Unit and into a regular room this morning after her NG Tube was removed. She has been sitting in a chair and clearing her lungs out as the rest of her body starts to kick in and work on its own. I called to chat this afternoon and there was no answer as Ronni had gone for a walk!

Ronni's medical team continues to impress me. They are knowledgeable and compassionate. They are patient and are willing to take extra time to answer many questions that I spring on them.

Ollie is great and being loved on by many great friends. This experience has really brought to light the goodness in people. Thank you.



Oh happy day!

This is wonderful news!

Thank you for caring for Ronni and Ollie. Sendong love snd white l8ght for a speedy recovery.


Woohoo! May it keep on rolling in! Brava, bravissima, Ronni ... and Autumn ... and, of course, Ollie, who is evidently rising to the occasion, too. Thank you. We are and will be here for the news whatever it is but oh frabjous day that it is good.

Ronni's knowledgeable and compassionate medical team is a true match for Ronni. Thank you for the good news. Sending cheer, as ever :)

Brave Ronni! Looking anxiously and eagerly forward to this report each day. Thank you, again and again, Autumn.

Great news! Walking is good...gets the blood flowing.

I appreciate the updates!

I saw a sign the other day saying: "I saw that" signed Karma

Autumn, I am certain your good deeds here are being seen.

Wow - this is impressive.

Well done, everyone!

Thanks, Autumn.


Magnificent news, Autumn. Your concluding comment I applaud, agree with, and pledge to hold at the ready, remembering to notice, then repeat: "This experience has really brought to light the goodness in people." xxoo


More good news Ronni is up and moving about!

Okay, I've booked us in or a couple of sets of tennis on Thursday.

Wonderful news, Autumn. Hugs Ronnie and yourself. And a pat on Ollie's head.

Haha Peter Tibbles!

So grateful for these updates, so happy they are positive. Ronni is strong inside and out!


From Redstone and Yellowstone

This is good, this is great!

C'est formidable!

Merci Autumn.

Great news! Thank you! Sending you and Ronni big hugs. Take care.

With that excellent news, it must be time for get well cards and corny jokes to help (or hinder) Ronni's healing process.
Here's my contribution, a bit of doggerel dedicated to Ollie (and Autumn):

It's Spring, it's Spring,
The bird is on the Wing!

Absurd, absurd, absurd!
The wing is on the Bird!

'Atta girl, Ronni -- show 'em how it's done!

Thank you for the continued reports from the field, Autumn, and your steadfast care of the homefront.

Wonderful news! Thanks, Autumn, for keeping us up to the minute! Looks like she will be home before we know it!

Glad Ronni is getting the love and care she deserves after helping out so many of us with her blog.

So glad to hear the re overly is going well. I continue to pray for Ronnie.

And Thank You Autumn, for all you're doing for Ronni and all of us! 🌸🌿🌺🌿

such good news. glad Ronnie dear that you can take a walk or two and now have a room with a window. How lucky you are to have your dear friend with you. blessings to you both.

Think back - a week ago today. The apprehension, the dread, all the emotions before major surgery. Then think forward - next week at this time. Ronni talking, walking, eating and ....maybe writing. Then celebrate the wonder of these present moments. Gratitude and love . Ann Burack-Weiss

Think back - a week ago today. The apprehension, the dread, all the emotions before major surgery. Then think forward - next week at this time. Ronni talking, walking, eating and ....maybe writing. Then celebrate the wonder of these present moments. Gratitude and love . Ann Burack-Weiss

Happy news
God Bless both of you.




Sorry I am so far away. I can send prayers and good thoughts tho. Thanks to you also for all you are doing.

Great progress! Just a few days after 14 hours of surgery and a major assault on the body, it is amazing to hear you are up and taking steps Ronni. It must be difficult, but I know it's the best way to regain strength and ward off complications.

You'll be ready for tennis with Peter! You go strong elder woman!!


Re: room with a view

All on Ronni's team are just hitting it out of the park. Especially Ronni.

Thank you for the update,


It's so great to check in and see good news! Blessings to both of you!

God has richly blessed us with Ronni's wealth of information and the vitality to share it. God has blessed Ronni with a good friend in you, Autumn. For all of this, I am thankful.

And now, to hear how quickly Ronni is healing, and what a great medical team she has, I also give thanks.

She is really zooming along. They don't let you lay around long in hospitals these days. Hope she will be home soon. Thanks again for the updates and positive news.

Hooray! Ronni does indeed have a VILLAGE around her. Nothing "official" yet here we all are! Great karma .... she has given so much to us, we are glad to be able to give something back!

Such outstanding news.

I have decided Ronni has two teams. Her Oregon team headed by Autumn and her surgeon and including caring nurses, good neighbors, and Ollie.

Then her vast virtual team who have been sending prayers, good Karma, healing thoughts and constant hope for the great recovery she is exhibiting.

Heading it all is one strong lady named Ronni.

May the good news keep coming.

I forgot to add that I loved the title of this post. A room with a view - clever.

How wonderful! Keep up with the good news!

Wonderful and welcome news about Ronni being in a room with a view. AND walking. My, my. Give her please my love and best wishes.

And Autumn, you too deserve as much praise as we can heap on you for being such a faithful correspondent, for keeping us all regularly informed about Ronni and you and Ollie. Thank you so very much.

I hope all three of you have a good weekend -- and yes, isn't it fine that it is this weekend and not last, when dear Ronni was so down - understandably, of course --- but gee, maybe my old pessimistic soul has reason to retreat for awhile, in my strong hope that things will continue to improve on this daily basis.


I am so happy for Ronni! Her steady progress is wonderful! And Ollie... how great that he enjoys the affection of so many of Ronni's friends and neighbors. Thank you for the work you're doing, Autumn.

You all give hope and reason to rejoice. One heals, all heal.

"This experience has really brought to light the goodness in people. Thank you." Unquote. Those are Autumn's final thoughts today. And my immediate response was: "Yes, Autumn, and you are foremost among those who are lighting the way of goodness on behalf of Ronni!" Oh, that all of us should be so fortunate as to have a friend such as Autumn. Now, Go!, Ronni - -

So glad to hear the good news -thank you for keeping us informed and again send Ronnie love and healing thoughts from this blog friend.

Great news! I am carrying u with me throughout the day yeah hip-hip hooray!!

Wonderful news. Thanks for sharing. Ronni is walking her way to getting home. Sending love and hugs.

So pleased the news continues to be so positive. Take care both of you.

Thank you Autumn for being such a constant friend, to Ronni and to us!

So delighted to hear of Ronni's continued recovery. The best thing after surgery is to move, move, move. It's wonderful that she can.

Continued strength and light for Ronni,
Gentle hugs for both Ronni and you, and an ear scritch for Ollie,
Deb in Canader

I got home from a long day being cashier at my sister's garage sale to the wonderful news of Ronni in a new room and WALKING!! That is such remarkable recovery so early, but Ronni has the will and the stubbornness to do this.

A kiss (from afar) from Nibbles to Ollie, even enduring a possible hiss in return. Thanks, Autumn, for your great blog posts and assistance to Ronni.

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