Homeward Bound

Recovering at Home

This post has been the Saturday Interesting Stuff for many years but not today. I'm writing on Friday morning because I am too tired now to think that I can do any better later.

One day at a time. Up days. Down days. Certainly I overdid on Thursday so I'm taking a makeup rest day. No need to comment - you have all been wonderful keeping my spirits high.



A quick thank you for giving good news.

Steady sails, Ronni.

Rest on!

We will too.
Redstone and Yellowstone

I'm not sure if this will work, but thought I'd leave the below link. This is from Sunflower Farm Creamery and is a baby goat pajama party. It's adorable and hopefully will make you smile. It's a youtube video, so if the below link does not work, you can cut/paste the below or do a search on you tube for "baby goat pajama party"


Keep well Ronni!

Have a lovely Saturday and Sunday. We will all be here next week. Thinking of you

Nature has a way to make you slow down and being tired (exhausted is more like it) is her way. Listen to your body and just rest, rest, rest.

I'm so glad you are home. Get lots of rest and quality time with Ollie. Many hugs and good wishes for your recovery.

Listen to your body. Still including you in prayers. Just enjoy being at home.

do take it easy, Ronni, you have been through a lot, physically, emotionally, mentally. But I bet you and Ollie had a good reunion ---

The link for the baby goats is slightly wrong: what does work is simply doing as Linda suggested, put the words in. Then it pops up. And it is indeed a portrait in great joy, which can help us all.

I know we aren't not supposed to include links on TGB, so I won't. But the words work at the YouTube website..

take very very good care.. We are all thinking of you.

You know the saying: "one day at a time". Take it slow and just give yourself some ME time. You'll get there.

Take your time Ronni. Plenty of time for make-up.

Sending a big virtual boost of healing energies here in bogland. Well, we might as well do that, because everything is energy, energy can't be destroyed, and here we are in a venue that gives words and pictures across the miles...which is another form of energy. So, boom, there comes a boost to heal, and it's gentle, but strong and has endurance as needed. Why not?

In my experience, Ronni, healing after surgery is an up-and-down process. I expected I would heal in a gradually improving way until I was all better. In all my surgeries (3 for cancer), I found that I would begin to feel better, and then I would have some kind of a setback - some pain I wasn't expecting and had to ask the doctor about, some exhaustion for a day or so, something that would make me feel like I wasn't healing fast enough or well enough. The medical staff said my body had suffered an 'insult' and was mustering its forces to get itself back to normal. The general anesthesia alone, especially for such a long surgery, is an insult, never mind the surgery that affects the digestive system. I would say expect ups and downs while healing, but at some point, there will be more ups until you realize you've turned the corner. I'm sending you hugs and healing thoughts.

Ditto what Darlene said. We will be here sending good thoughts.

Any of us who have had big surgery can relate to your current feelings. Rest. Maybe listen to some audio books.

What Cheryl said. Listen to your body. Good thoughts and prayers for an easy recovery.

Keep up your spirits! Your readers are behind you.

Resssssst..... It must be so lovely to be home.

The baby goat url worked for me, and boy, what fun! Whackadoodle. You don't realize how tiny they are until you see them with the cats.

Have a delightfully peaceful day. Hugs from the beach.

Hip, hip, hooray,
Ronnie's home today!

(This is a cheer, not a comment!)

We, your 'legions', are SO pleased (and relieved) that you're 'on the way back'. You have nothing more important to do than listen to what your body is telling you, right? Now let's shift to your today's final sentence, about, " - - keeping your spirits high." Well, maybe a toke of that would be enjoyable. Afer all, it's legal in Oregon now!
Cheers - -

I've been in Chicago without my computer , so you have not heard from me. But, I have been following your progress since I got home. What a wonderful following you have ! so many warm and generous friends.....all across the country !Your recovery seems to be coming along. Hope you'll go home soon. That will be harder....not so many helpers...so be patient. You have the best situation right there. Best wishes for a compete recovery. ellie (in Colorado)

Yes! Resting is so good, resting is a verb! Home with Ollie, oh I bet he's purring now! Much good resting and healing energy to you each day. Thanks to Autumn and you for keeping us in the loop.

Sometimes, days after an illness or insult by life, I'll hear myself singing in the shower or on a walk and think, "Oh, I guess I'm feeling better!"

Roll on, dear Ronni.

That sounds familiar, Ronnie. Six months in after diagnosis, I can say that rest and eating well are the most important. My oncologist can't believe how well the chemo is working for me,. Don't let yourself be uncomfortable or in pain and you will heal faster. I would not worry about opiates. They give me a lift, and I never increase the dosage.
All the best to you.

So glad you are home. So glad you are resting. Love.

Home! Yea! Hospitals are no place for sick people. Continued good thoughts on your recovery :)

Thank you for not just disappearing but you really don't need to explain that you need a rest day (or rest days). You have more than earned a slew but maybe, despite all you've been through in the past few weeks, you are still in "I'm responsible" mode ...
will keep my fingers crossed that you can move into the parallel universe for a while, let go and have Autumn post a sign ("TGB is temporarily down" or "Work in progress" or whatever strikes your fancy) and we'll understand and just be grateful for the occasional report when you feel like it. Your only real job right now is taking care of yourself.

Cheering for you--and Autumn--and Ollie.

It's hard not to overdo when you're having a good day, so time to rest up from that now. Love you, Ronni.


Do not worry
You are going to take sometime to be with the same disposition.
Be good to yourself and rest rest rest

Have a great weekend



Sending love

I agree with Cheryl, ups and downs is the way it goes. So stay in your pajamas and rest, rest, rest. And even on the "up" days, don't rush to get things done. Rest, read, binge watch something, get up and walk around if you are up to it and then rest some more. It's a slow process but you'll get there.

Maybe one of these days you'll tell us how you like Amazon's Dot. I just heard that the Dot reads books from a Kindle out loud. This might be very useful in many circumstances, particularly for you at this time.

Up and down ... and all around ... seems to be the nature of recovery from the multitude of differing medical diagnoses recovering individuals I've encountered experienced. Keep on keepin' on!

Recovery lesson we learn --

"Time is your Friend"

One of those phrases which is easy to say and is true but doesn't mean anything until you reach the day you feel "alive" again

Hope your day comes soon--

I agree with many of the posters - - listen to your body and rest!

Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.

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