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INTERESTING STUFF – 9 September 2017


From 1965 to 1971, I was married to Alex Bennett, a radio talk show host who now does an interview program on the internet and on Wednesday, he interviewed me.

This is a screen grab from the interview; I'm posting it because I don't like most photographs of me and I do like this one.

Ronni with Alex2017_09_06_680

Below is the full interview, about 30 minutes. We recorded it with Skype and had trouble with the audio/video sync so my voice lags a bit; I hope it doesn't bother you too much. Plus, I know the length at the bottom of the video reads 1:56:36, but the video stops at 32.25 where my interview ends.

If you would like to see Alex's entire two-hour show with other guests after me, you can do that at Facebook or Gabnet on Facebook or YouTube or Vimeo.


Something called Gulliver's Gate are creating miniatures of the world's most famous sites. Here is a short video about them from The New York Times 360 series. (Hold down your left mouse button and scroll around to view the images from other angles.)

You can see much more about the miniatures of Gulliver's Gate at the website.


As the Bored Panda site tell us, these are “bad-ass animals that won't follow your stupid rules” and it's really funny how they fool us humans. Two examples:

Bird Repellent

This second one needs a bit of explanation: Someone tried to fool a squid by putting it in front of a background that its camouflage can't possibly handle. No problem, said the squid, and just made itself transparent. So there!

Squid transparent

More at Bored Panda.


You probably know most of the information in this video about what we should eat but I was interested in how each kind of nutrient affects our brains and, therefore, our bodies.


Now be honest: all you northerners, like me, think that southern accents sound kind of funny and signal that the person speaking might be none too bright. We're wrong, of course, but it happens.

Here, then. is comedian Jean Robertson on how her southern accent went over in Lansing, Michigan:


TGB's Sunday TGB musicologist, Peter Tibbles, sent this Nonsequiter cartoon:

Nonsequiter Cartoon


As the YouTube page explains:

In Pembrokeshire, Wales, the cutest, handmade houses have been popping up around the county. These wee homes, made of natural, locally sourced materials and scavenged bits from the surrounding countryside, embody low-impact living.

“What exactly does that mean? It means that the inhabitants who built these houses, like Simon and Jasmine Dale, grow and cultivate the vast majority of what they consume.

“The two have been living in their very own hobbit-sized house since 2003. And now, they're helping others build similar homes in the Lamma community—the country's first eco-village.


Six historians each take a whack at answering that question in the current issue of Vanity Fair.

It's a long read but worth your time plus the caricatures by Barry Blitt, Edward Sorel, Ross MacDonald, Darrow, Andre Carrilho and Steve Brodner are delightful. Here's one of them, by Carrilho:

Carrilho Trump

You'll find the full story at Vanity Fair.


Ryan and Lana Weimer celebrate Halloween all year round: The couple from Keizer, Oregon, runs a nonprofit called Magic Wheelchair which the two founded in early 2015 to build elaborate—and free—costumes for kids in wheelchairs.

503613-Magic Wheelchair

Magic Wheelchair—which is funded by individual and corporate donors—relies on teams of local volunteers around the country who work together to build costumes for children in their communities. To be considered for a costume, families fill out an online application, which provides the nonprofit with a kid's biography and a description of their desired ensemble.

Here is a video about the organization:

You can read more at Mental Floss and visit the Magic Wheelchair website.

* * *

Interesting Stuff is a weekly listing of short takes and links to web items that have caught my attention; some related to aging and some not, some useful and others just for fun.

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I certainly remember Alex from his WMCA days. He, along with Barry Gray, made my nights.

So good to see you looking well Ronni ...

Great to hear your voice and see your smile!

You and Alex have such a lovely easy exchange -- laughing, caring, sharing memories, expressing appreciations. So pleasant and interesting to watch. The costumed wheelchairs... brilliant, loving. Thank you.

Yes, some people were meant to be friends rather than lovers or spouses. You and Alex were smart enough to recognize a wrong turn and seem to have a great friendship, as a result.

I sort of went against the thought that whom one marries at one age isn't the same as whom one would marry at another age since I married the same man at age 19 (he was 21) and, again (after 11 years being divorced), at age 50. Of course, I guess we really were not the same people in our early 50s. He, in particular, kept the best things about himself and improved a couple of not-so-great. Hunky Husband is Husband 1 Version 2.0. After 29.5 years together, this time, I think we are stuck with each other for the duration.

It was great seeing and hearing you, Ronni. Thanks!

You're looking great Ronni. What a wonderful big smile you have. Your recovery has amazed me.

Regarding the Southern accent ... I didn't think I had an accent until I left OKC and went off to college in Boulder, CO. During Rush Week the first thing everyone said was "What a cute accent! Where are you from?" I've been self-conscious about it ever since. I hear no accent in my four siblings. Where did I go wrong? Just for the record, the native Atlanta accents are lovely. Soft, subtle, genteel. Nothing like Robertson's or Paula Deen's which I find very off-putting (and suspect both are intentionally exaggerated).

Love the Magic Wheelchairs!

What a great interview Ronni. I really enjoyed it as well as seeing you look. I hope you do it again.

Wish I had the squid's invisibility.

Although born and raised in California, I am always being asked where I am from. I have quite the accent, probably being raised by immigrants from other places caused the accent--Arkansas and Oklahoma--foreign countries to Californians.

Great to see the person behind TGB, and to gain a newfound appreciation of Ronni Bennett as a result.

For me, the other valuable take-away is seeing the love, humor, and respect that you and Alex still share after all these years. The interview is a beautiful testament to the power of friendship, forgiveness, and resilience, and touched me deeply. Your smile, Ronni, is sweet and contagious.

Both of you deserve a standing ovation for what you've accomplished and now share with others.

Wonderful interview. Take him up on future interviews. Bug him. There's so much more...

Oh it was so wonderful seeing and hearing your infectious laugh. You are looking great, Ronni, and I am awed by your ability to keep that wonderful smile in the face of the adversity you are going through. You are an inspiration to this old lady, as I am sure you are to many.

I have always felt close to you because I believe we share the same values, but having seen you laughing and joking with Alex Bennett makes me feel that I now know you even better. I am so proud to call you friend.

I got a big laugh of the bird in the nest on top of the bird repellent device. I will go back later and read the Vanity Fair article. The cartoons alone should make my day.

Wonderful smile, and equally wonderful wheelchair creations.

Ronni-- I so enjoyed the interview and I love the photo. Your smile and personality have not changed over the years. So proud to know you! Sending much love!

While I have not yet taken the time to savor today's articles, I do need to voice my admiration for your latest look. Your personality shines through and your visage is quite glamorous! Yes, indeed, remove one of those masthead photos, and put this one up asap!

Ronni, you are beautiful.

How many former married couples even speak to each other in a friendly manner, let alone discuss life passages as you just did with Alex?

That interview was fantastic.

You have an engaging personality, a great smile.

I always wondered what you would sound like in real life.

You have the kind of voice that brings people close.

Your laugh is contagious. You made me laugh when you laughed!

Keep it going, Ronni.

Message to Alex:

More Ronni interviews, please, on all her blog topics.

Take care, Ronni,

Your Montreal Fan in Belfast

Another interesting Saturday, but loved seeing and hearing you! Radiant!

What an absolute treasure trove of delights! But, obviously, the one that enthralled me most of all was your interview! Compliments to Mr. Alex Bennett for recognizing that he had "a VERY special guest" on and that "TGB is VERY valuable" and for acknowledging the great writing you are producing.

You were both very natural, very real, very entertaining. BIS! BIS!

So wonderful to hear your voice and your laugh and see your smile. You look so very beautiful and it's so great to have that new photo up above!

Have to thank you for the reference to James Garner and for the confirmation that he was indeed the nice person I always felt sure he was. He was always one of my favorite stars.

And I, too, had always thought that Marcel Marceau NEVER spoke (except for that one "no").

I wonder whether you were thinking about Larry David? If so, or whoever it was, I'm sure you came up with it very soon after the interview. How well I understand!

Thank you, dear Ronni. Thank you, Mr. Bennett.

Yes, Laura, it was Larry David I was thinking of and it DID NOT come to me when the interview was done so thank you.

what a great interview!! What a life you've lead!! I'm so glad our paths have converged in this life and what a blessing it's been getting to know you!
cya weds ;)

What a terrific interview! You look and sound great, and the rapport between you and Alex is delightful. It was a treat to see, hear and learn more about you. And there was not a hint of any brain fog. I agree with others here who suggest that you do more interviews.

As far as the other Interesting Stuff items here -- I especially appreciate the reminder of how we should eat. I too easily get off track these days, and eat far too often for reasons other than good nutrition and health. Maybe if I lived in one of those cute hobbit houses and worked outdoors more I would also be better at healthy eating. That lifestyle looks like heaven to me!

What a fabulous Saturday post, full of interesting things and the bonus - seeing and hearing you.....a great interview. You are so generous in sharing yourself with us.

Washington post articles on DT all encompassing. I especially liked the first one with a lot of stuff about Kennedy's abilities. I've recorded the quote from B.H. Liddell Hart's book about Deterrent or Defense as it has application in many modern conflicts: domestic, organisational or political.

Thank you Ronni for continuing to come up with relevant, interesting posts at a time when you have a lot of other stuff on your plate.

Haven't listened to the interview yet but will. BTW, you look absolutely GREAT! Your powers of recovery are absolutely amazing. Love the hairdo. Agree with sflichen: that photo belongs on the masthead.

Enjoyed your interview despite discombobulation of audio and video -- being out of sync. I think more interviews with your ex would be most entertaining. Perhaps talking in what seems to be a natural relaxed conversational atmosphere may jog your memory to recall some interesting stories to relate.

Your ex really is a hypochondriac, isn't he -- as I listened to rest of his show! Tell him I said he's old enough now he can get over it! We've all been dying ever since we were born -- it just takes some of us longer than others. :-)

Interesting variety of "stuff" continues. Southern accent reminds me that when I moved to the south my northern accent was a novelty to Jr. High classmates they revealed to me after we became friends. Seems initially they invited me to join them during lunch hour just to hear me talk. Then later moving back to damn Yankee country friends there informed me I had unconsciously picked up a slight southern touch.

Thank you for adding the "new you" to the masthead.

I spent the morning watching the whole video of Alex and friends. Don't know why, but I couldn't just stop. Interesting exchange with you and him. Good to know you in a more personable way.

Thanks for sharing the wonderful interview by and with Alex. I agree with SC Jones: glad that you've included a frame from the video in your revised masthead. Hello to Ollie.

Oh Ronnie, you look *wonderful*! No one could guess the challenges you've been through these last three months. What joy to see you looking so well and to see your beautiful smile.

Haven't seen your beautiful face since the PBS series. You're very good on camera. I hope you'll consider posting videos of yourself from time to time.

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