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INTERESTING STUFF – 28 October 2017

EDITORIAL NOTE: Due to my ongoing computer problems, I haven't read much news this week so I don't have as many items this week, I didn't have time for random web wandering and worst, my safety, backup list of good items is stuck in the broken computer. So today's offering is skimpy and leans heavily on animals. Maybe we all need some lighthearted Interesting Stuff.

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It's been hot, hot, hot in southern California. On the first night of the World Series, the temperature was above 100F. Apparently it was even too hot for a bear family in the San Gabriel Mountains who strolled down to a backyard swimming pool in the town of Monrovia.


Well, they surprised me. I didn't know anyone was buried there, but a scientist named Eugene Shoemaker is:

”Shoemaker enjoyed a celebrated career combining his main discipline of geology with more astronomical applications, helping to create the field of planetary science,” Atlas Obscura tells us.

“He studied a number of craters here on Earth, and in the early 1960s, he founded the Astrogeology Research Program within the United States Geological Survey. Shoemaker used his knowledge to train a number of Apollo mission astronauts about what they could expect to find on the surface of the moon, in terms of terrain.”

Eugene Shoemaker

”A close colleague of Shoemaker’s, Carolyn Porco, had decided to try and finally get the deceased scientist, who had wanted to be an astronaut in life but was disqualified for medical reasons, to the moon. Luckily, NASA also liked the idea of honoring Shoemaker by getting his ashes all the way to the lunar surface...”

You can read how that was accomplished at Atlas Obscura.


At least, when you lose your car in a parking lot, there are different colors to help you find it. This poor guy, looking for his parked donkey, has only one color to deal with.

Okay, okay, I know it's just a joke video but it gave me a good giggle.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions is beginning a push to further criminalize marijuana. He's on the wrong side of history and as Gallup reported this week, even a majority of Republicans was legalization:

Gallup marijuana

More information and slightly larger graph at Gallup.


Anyone who needs a respite from the daily drumbeat of horrible political news might be restored a bit by this lovely, short, little vid.


On 1 October this year, new stiffer penalties went into effect in Oregon for people caught red-handed uses telephones in their cars:

”When House Bill 2597 takes effect Sunday, drivers will no longer be able to hold or touch their cell phones or any other electronic device while driving, reported”That means you’ll need to be hands-free and using options like Bluetooth or a mounted device. Drivers under the age of 18 can’t use phones or other electronic devices under any circumstances.”

This past week, Honolulu became the first city in the United States to ban using cell phones while walking across a street:

”Under the legislation, people caught manipulating a mobile electronic device while crossing a road or highway can be fined up to $35 for their first offense, as much as $75 for the second, and up to $99 for a third infraction.

“Pedestrians are still allowed to talk on the phone while crossing the street, Honolulu Police Department Sgt. James Shyer said to BuzzFeed News.

"'Looking down and manipulating the phone, like texting, means your eyes are off the road, you are distracted, you are not making eye contact with the drivers, and that's when you're subject to being cited,' Shyer said about enforcing the new law.”

More at Buzzfeed.


I had something wonderful for this Halloween weekend, but it's stuck inside the broken computer and I don't know where to find it online again, so this instead: I first published it in about 2007, maybe even earlier. I still think it's funny.


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Thanks for the donkey video..........I needed a good laugh! Don't worry about the blog minus the old/new computer. I'm amazed that you're even back on line. I envy your courage & stamina. hugs, Dee:)

Love the donkey one!!! Definitely made me laugh out loud.

Bears swimming, dalmatians cuddling w kittens. I agree — "a respite from the daily drumbeat of horrible political news." THANK YOU.

The donkeys were a great way to start the day. As was the slumber party. You can do animal stories all day long as far as I'm concerned.

Happy Saturday, Ronni, et. al.

You are far more dedicated than I would be. I admire your tenacity by continuing the blog on a slow laptop. I hope everybody appreciates your efforts to keep writing your blog for us. Thank you.

Thanks Ronni, loved the swimming bears.

Re: today's videos, animals age too. No reason you shouldn't keep the animal videos coming even after your computer is fixed. Thanks for the laughs & the sweet images.

Just what I needed! And I wasn't even really expecting to find anything, considering what you've been coping with this week! Thank you!

The bears frolicking around in a sparkling pool, and the unsteady broom driver made a fun way to start my day. Thanks for going the extra mile to post your Saturday Interesting stuff.

I also came across some cute Ninja Cat pictures this morning on another forum I frequent, so my day is on its way to becoming purrrfect.

Thoroughly enjoyed this post. The last two feedburner was screwed up.

Enjoyed your “stuff” today. Our L.A. TV News frequently regales us with videos of So Cal bear antics of all sorts — Mama and cubs taking a dip, tree snoozing, standoff’s with family dogs, regular trash can checks on garbage day and they don’t have smart phones to remind them of day to come. They’ve even been wandering down the mtn into our community, but not as far south as my house so far. Cont. keepin’ goin’!

Thanks, Ronni, they were all interesting once again. The poor bears lugging all that weight and fur in those hot temps. Who can blame them for finding a cool retreat?

I do hope that both parties can come together to get marijuana legalized for medical and recreational purposes everywhere. Maybe that would help stem the opioid crisis, too.

I hope you're having a good weekend!

Loved all of this today, Ronni.

Sending you a virtual hug and a chocolate milkshake.

Thanks, these are wonderful, and I'm amazed you were able to pull it off!

Thanks for all the posts, both funny and serious, but I was most pleased by the news from Honolulu about fining pedestrians who use smartphones while crossing streets. Hope this will be enforced. We could use it in NYC. The next step would be to somehow discourage the idiots who stop in the middle of a crowded sidewalk, or on subway stairs, focused on their phones.

What a lot of fun this all is. Thank you.
I was up your way this week. There's a computer repair shop right in the center of your charming village.

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