Crabby Old Lady's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day(s)
INTERESTING STUFF – 28 October 2017

It's Friday. That's the Best I Can Say For the Week

As Olga, who blogs at Act Three, posted in the comments on Wednesday,

“And some days are like that, even in Australia.”

And sometimes, Olga, whole weeks are like that here in the U.S. Australia too?

Today's public event in my life was supposed to be a simple little dental checkup in the morning.

Not so simple during this bad week. I took a wrong turn, got horribly lost on the way to his new office on Thursday and was nearly an hour late. The wait for my delayed turn and the work took a lot longer than expected and it was past 4PM when I got home.

In recent years, it is usual for me to lose all energy, physical and mental, by early afternoon so I have to get all necessary work - blog writing, household, errands, appointments, etc. - done before then. It's a challenge but I've learned how to live with it.

Nevertheless, trying to write even something this easy, is difficult at this time of day. So I'm just going to wander around here a little bit, say a couple of things to not leave anything hanging from previous posts and call it a day.

What happened, if you're not one to check in here regularly, is that Crabby Old Lady complained bitterly on Wednesday's post. (And, she insists still that it was fully justified). It was about how her computer died, that her cheapo laptop is so slow it may as well be on a dial-up connection and she had been worried for a week that the suspension of her chemo infusion last week might mean dire news for ongoing pancreatic cancer treatment.

But that last item turned out to be the single bright, shining moment of the week. On this Wednesday, when I went for blood tests and possible infusion, the numbers were all back to normal, the physician assured me this is a common experience with chemo and all was on track.So they poured that medicine into the infusion port and I felt fine. Forward Ho!

Isn't it weird to say that the way things are going this week, cancer treatment is the one good thing?

Also, apologies to those of you who mentioned feeling fearful for me at the headline on Wednesday. I probably went too far. Won't happen again.

That brings us to computer problems. A number of readers have emailed suggestions for a reliable computer fix-it folks. After some thought I'm going with a local freelancer (as opposed to corporate repair services) that a friend I trust on such things has used twice with excellent results at a fair price. Unfortunately, he's out of town until next week so I'm booked for that Thursday.

It means excruciating psychic pain in dealing with anything on this screen until “miracle guy” fixes the computer or I learn I need to get a new one. Bear with me please. It's going to be irritating in that way only computers can be, so posts may a little strange during the disruption because it is so difficult and so time-consuming to get around the web and even the computer itself to find what I need.


Re computer: not to worry, Robbie. We all are not going anywhere.
We all feel your pain!
(darn machines!)

Tee Hee!!!!
You know I meant "Ronnie"!!!!

Ronni, so glad to hear the white blood cells were able to come back in just a week's time. And, yes, it is strange to have cancer treatment be the bright spot in your week. When the Mighty Compter man comes to save the day on Thursday, here's hoping for success.

Sometimes the universe just sucks.. be it small, be it big, be it a total 'whatever' across any other week in time..
Glad there was at least a highlight to hold on to (however perverse it may seem!) xx

Oh, my, my, you have my sympathies (and joy for the "whiteys" returning) with having computer problems. The little stuff I can fix, sometimes with a helpful phone call, and since my computer's old - as Apple says(2011 Macbook) - I fear it's nearing its completion of reliable service. Gulp.

Maybe this is giving you time to relax and review, as they say. You can throw out any old subjects and we'll run with them. I'm sure you have more serious, worthwhile information to share, but it'll still be there after Thursday.

It is truly a bad week when your cancer treatment (which went well, thankfully) is the bright spot! There are many tried, true and trite sayings I could type here, but we all know bad things can't last forever! Next week will be better.

Please don't feel obligated to censor to placate our feelings!! One feels what one feels. To bad if it makes others feel uncomfortable.

Ronni. Your posts are terrific. Keep it up! "Forward Ho!". Tell it like it is--do not worry about us as we love your authenticity. As for computers, while they have enriched us senior's lives, I often think all of this online stuff has placed a huge burden on seniors, some that are not so skilled with them, and eventually, with our/my eventual or inevitable loss of faculties, will make it nearly impossible to carry on with life's obligations without help. Passwords, computer maintenance, and just navigating the options and decisions therein will someday be too much for me, even. Managing one's finances is huge too, and much of it is online. It's all a blessing and a terror at the same time. So, to me, it is down to two things, making sure that I can walk and maintaining my computers and skills--otherwise I'm toast. John

Totally understandable! Computer problems really are difficult! We usually use them for good and valuable reasons and when they don’t serve that purpose, we suffer! Hoping your miracle man can perform a miracle. My second computer just died (after only 2 years! I think it was a lemon..) just bought a new one and have high hopes. Forward ho on many levels!!

Hurray! So glad your lab work is back to normal and chemo can continue. I know how worried you were about it. And computer problems are de rigueur for anyone with a computer (you know, those things that were supposed to make our lives so much easier and eliminate paperwork). For all that ease and convenience we pay dearly in lost time and hair-pulling frustration. Try not to fret about it (like that's going to happen!). We readers will be here, regardless.

Well, the title of your post certainly made me smile. It was a favorite book of my oldest son and I plan to buy it eventually for his son.

I hope your computer woes are fixed soon. Yay for the good chemo news.

The NYC transit system just voted to phase out the present "Metrocard" fare pay system in favor of one that requires the use of a smart phone (or similar device) in order to access the buses or subways. Of course the members of the MTA board did this without realizing that many seniors (who rely on mass transit) neither have or know how to use these devices. Hopefully wiser heads will prevail and devise a system beneficial for all.

Sounds like you have plenty of reasons to feel crabby and I can identify with getting lost on the way to a new doctor's office. I did that myself this week and it's SO stressful.

I hate computer problems! Good luck with yours.

I once read a cartoon by Schultz where Lucy said “ there’s nothing like a little physical pain to take your mind off your emotional problems “.
I knew your counts would go back and order such as it is these days would be restored.
And now that it is you can return to the emotional trauma of your computer glitches!!!
It’s all relative...
Warm best,
Lynn L.

Bruce, interesting! We're becoming even more dependent upon smart phones at home and out. Seems like it could make us more vulnerable; with a disaster that could damage those towers or somehow make our tech products unusable. We need a choice with manual operation.

Sometimes I feel paranoid, like wondering who's driving the car, and is the larger purpose to keep track of where a person is or has been, etc?

Enough!, it's the weekend and gorgeous weather.

Ronni, IMHO, paying someone to fix an old laptop is not a good plan. Do some research online, and order a new one - they're not that expensive in recent years. You probably will need to pay someone to resuscitate the old one to the point that you can transfer the files. After so doing, he/she may want to wipe the hard drive before recycling.

As much as I love old things in other aspects of life, with technology, newer is better. Sad that we live in a "disposable society" but that's the reality.

Glad your health concerns have stabilized. Get some rest!

I feel your pain with your computer problems, but my son - bless his little pea-pickin' heart - gave me the best computer advice I've ever gotten: Buy an external hard drive! Plugs into one of the USB ports on your desktop or laptop and keep all of your "gotta-keep" stuff on there, like pictures, documents, household financial stuff, etc.

I also invested several years ago into Carbonite on-line storage and although I haven't had a meltdown, I feel a lot more secure knowing that there is another place where I can find my stuff in addition to the external hard drive. The externals are under $100 at WalMart and my little Toshiba 500g just keeps on humming along. After losing all of my pictures several years ago in a Gateway meltdown, I also back up all of my pictures on SD cards and keep them in the safe. I guess I'm paranoid, but I haven't lost a document in about 8-9 years.

I adore Crabby. I know particularly well the getting lost thing. Happens to me when I know where I'm going--one careless wrong turn, and it's over.

As for computers, I cannot even allow myself to think of all that can go wrong.

Great news about the white cells roaring back!

So glad the chemo part of this week was the good news. The rest is easy to deal with, but we heard and shared your concerns about the blood levels and were a little worried.

I think its a wise choice to go with independent computer wizards -- at least that's confirmed by my experience the past few years. I've lost track of how many computers I've gone through over the last couple of decades, but I think it's 4. My faithful laptop was restored to life two years ago when all the big box repair services were saying replacement was the only option. I use it sparingly, though, because I think it's days are probably numbered, and it's not a very high number. I just had to replace a monitor for my desktop yesterday. It had been working fairly reliably until two days ago when it started getting lines, but it was about 20 years old, so I think I got my money's worth out of it.

I hope next week is a much better one for you. You're sounding much better in this post.
Keep on keeping on.

So glad your white cells are making a comeback, that is a high point! And lots of sympathy for the others problems of the week, some tough ones there. I hope you have a soothing weekend.

I've pretty much retired my laptop. ..I soley operate with my smart phone. Email txt all works perfectly for my needs at this point of my life. I have a Samsung note8..about 3x8 inches.totally flat in shape. So glad your white count recovered. I recall, in my journey, that was always a primary concern during chemo. I believe there are shots now to boost the count if needed. Low counts are a concern for potential infections. I also stayed down low from huge crowds with hacking cough syndrome lol You are doing just fine Ronnie! Much luck with your computer issues.

I think you're doing great under stressful circumstances. May the Force be with you.

Glad the news is better on the health side. I do enjoy your posts. Always something new to think about.

On the computer side I feel your pain. I too am dealing with rebuilding my 7 year old laptop. I did something stupid and got it to a place where it would not boot up at all. No way to recover the ability to start up. Fortunately the data is all still intact just the operating system crashed. Hope you can recover all yours as well. Computer guys can be a wiz at recovering data if the drive is not totally messed up.

So bought a new hard drive ($50), reloaded Windows and got it back running. Reloading the data now.

In the process I found out half my memory was bad and had that replaced and with a clean install of Windows the laptop is running much better and faster.

So in a way the crash was a good thing as I probably needed to rebuild the hard drive anyway. Now I use the old drive as my backup and, as Nancy mentioned, I have an external drive for backing up my files and photos. Nancy has some good advice there. I'd hate to loose 15 years of digital photos.

Anyway good luck with your computer too.


Yeah, computers! Those machines that were supposed to simplify our lives and make things SO much easier. Even when they work, it's hard enough trying to keep up with all the cyber threats and junk email (much of which is political and has its grubby hands out for money I don't have to give, however strongly I may support the candidate or cause). When they don't work, enter Bah Humbug!

Glad a fix may be somewhere in sight, also that your infusion went as planned. I hardly ever drive to any place I don't know anymore. Who needs getting lost on top of all the other stuff we have to deal with?

Yes, an External Hard Drive is not that expensive and easy enough to use, basically like a USB port. The issue is remembering WHEN to back up. My office says once a week, I try for once a month. My computer was encrypted and I was held up for Ransomware last year. I lost a year of files from courses and research, all because I had not backed up. It is so elementary, like having a carbon copy, but I had not learned the lesson, and still have a block about .
backing up to External Hard Drive. It makes me feel both stupid and annoyed. The fact is, I am getting old and not keeping up.

So many great comments. Thank you, Ronni, and thank you all.
Please don't worry about posting if it is stressful for you. We LOVE reading your posts, and Crabby's posts, but if you need to take some time off to concentrate on other things, we will of course empathize and just look forward to your next post, whenever it may be.

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