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INTERESTING STUFF – 25 November 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017, Everyone

Given the condition of the national government (not to mention some state governments), we in the United States could be forgiven for wondering what there is to be thankful for this year.

May I suggest we go micro, local, personal.

The biggest for me is old and new friends including all of you at this blog who have been so open, generous, understanding, giving and loving. Not that you haven't always been so but without your constant and powerful support since my diagnosis of pancreatic cancer earlier this year, I know I would not be nearly as positive as I am.

You are all wonderful people.

Secondly, I am thankful to the gods or to whomever arranges such things in the universe that I was among the 10 percent of people with this diagnosis who are eligible for the Whipple procedure.

In addition, the chemotherapy has so far been relatively easy with none of the gruesome side effects that can happen. How did I get so lucky?

And then there are the innumerable staff at the Oregon Health & Science University clinics and hospital where, without exception, every one is smart, thoughtful, experienced, caring and as far as I can tell, never has a bad day.

Moving on then to the celebration of this year's holiday...

In 2013, I vowed that due to my delight at rediscovering Arlo Guthrie's epic Thanksgiving fable, Alice's Restaurant, after the decade or two it lay somewhere in memory limbo, I would make the song the annual holiday anthem of TimeGoesBy.

As I noted that year, I was equally delighted to discover that with a couple of minor lapses, I still knew the entire monologue by heart. I can't say why but it gives me a great deal of pleasure to sing along for the entire 18 minutes, which I took the time to do (with gusto again this year) while readying this post.

Maybe you would enjoy doing that too. All together now...

It's a fine ol' song, don't you think.

At this point, I need to slip in a practical note: Last weekend, a huge, big box of baklava arrived at my door from Libanais Sweets. It has been a favorite treat – baklava – for many years.

Alas, there was no card enclosed nor could the nice woman at Libanais help me with a name when I telephoned so I have no idea who to thank. Please do let me know – the baklava, in several types, is wonderful.

Just because I can, I'm taking tomorrow off from the blog but will be back here on Saturday with the a new edition of Interesting Stuff.

For my baklava benefactor and everyone who honors me year 'round by reading, commenting and/or generally hanging out here,



I love you, Ronni! Thanks for Arlo, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, a fine old song. And may we spend the day counting our many blessings instead of complaining about our all-too-predictable problems. Peace to all ...

Blessings for you all you share, adding your light to our days.

You, Ronni, and this wonderful blog and all your diverse commenters are among the many things I am thankful for this year! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Happy Thanksgiving to you. We were lucky enough to see Arlo in person and hear him do Alice's Restaurant . It was in Athens, GA our daughter was attending college there and she took us.

I'm so grateful to read, and share, your blog, your life, your incredible community of readers who comment, and just being part of life today. Ain't it grand! I could wish for a baklava benefactor also, however! Until then I'l keep on counting my blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for sharing your thoughts, observations, and research in this wonderful blog.

Thank you for the perennial Thanksgiving favorite of Alice's Restaurant. It is a tonic when the cooking and other preparations try to sabotage the holiday spirit. So happy that you had a surprise gift of baklava! What a pleasant way to help keep those calorie levels up.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Crabby Old Lady and Ollie! Enjoy your day off tomorrow!

Listening to "Alice's Restaurant" as I type this and it made me think of "The Lily," the wonderful blog for women of all ages, supported by the Washington Post. In today's post, "The Lily" thanks several women, with Alice Waters as the first.

Check it out!

And, Ronni, I'm grateful for you and your work here. Happy Thanksgiving!


Ronni~ I am grateful on this Thanksgiving for your blogs that resonate with and educate
all of your followers. We are indeed blessed! I annually enjoy your serving of "Alice's Restaurant" and look forward to it. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ollie!!


Thank you Ronni! And, blessings to each of you. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving Ronni, Ollie, and all the other wonderful commenters on your blog!

Grateful for the TGB community, always.
May no one go hungry today.

Happy Thanksgiving Day Blessings
to You, Crabby Lady , Ollie & Everyone!

We are thankful for this place, TimeGoesBy
where we gather to LIVE!

Happy Thanksgiving Ronni and thanks for reminding me of Alice's Restaurant. I'm grateful for you and your blog and the wonderful spectrum of comments from all who write here. I have learned a mountain of stuff here. Wishing you joy and love today and always.

All the best to you, Ronni, on this Thanksgiving Day. It's a treat to be here with you and among friends.

A Happy Thanksgiving to you Ronni and enjoy your baklava!

I am so grateful that you are my friend, Ronni and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and to all of your team.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Ollie, and enjoy your baklava. (One thing, you don't have to use a grape peeler.)


Thank you, Ronnie.I send all my best wishes from my town, Paris, France.
Love you and love your blog. Chantal

Thank you for your great blog. Wishing you serenity and grace today and always.

Today I am thankful for you and the fine community here.
Always a breath of fresh air to add to any day.


Happy Thanksgiving, Ronni.

Here are some things I am thankful for about the U.S.A.

Your friendly nature.

Your gorgeous scenery.

Your highways.


New York City, San Francisco.

Your music (helped me through teenage years, still love all of it.)

Motown gets a line of its own.

Your random acts of kindness.

Your sense of humour.

Your beaches. Fort de Soto, Clearwater, million more like that.

Your movies.

Your confidence.

You are Canada's buddy.

Your way of resisting bullies. You don't give up.

That last one is the thing I like best about you.

"Treasure what you've got."

(Earth, Wind and Fire)

Happy Thanksgiving! I continue to appreciate your thoughts and words. We all have much for which to be thankful despite the times. Missing the writing and words she’s no longer able to share at Hattie’s Web.

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