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INTERESTING STUFF – 4 November 2017


I always wondered about this. Here's a good explanation:


Yes, daylight savings time ends in the U.S. tonight which can give you an extra hour of sleep – you know, that one you lost in the spring.

I didn't have any success in finding a cool video to go with this reminder, but I did find a wonderful one from John Oliver's show from spring 2015 discussing the uselessness of this semi-annual ritual. Enjoy:


My friend, Jim Stone was the first of many TGB readers to send this fantastic video. As he wrote in his email, “A boy can dream, can't he?”


Undoubtedly some of you, like me, wonder how it is every single presidential nominee to head various federal agencies are people opposed to regulation of the industries they are hired to oversee. Or at least, it seems that way. Are we wrong?

Apparently, the Daily Beast was thinking the same thing, and they looked into the issue:

”The Daily Beast examined 341 nominations the president has made to Senate-confirmed administration positions. Of those, more than half (179) have some notable conflict of interest, according to a comprehensive review of public records,” reported Lachlan Markay and Sam Stein.

“One hundred and five nominees worked in the industries that they were being tasked with regulating; 63 lobbied for, were lawyers for, or otherwise represented industry members that they were being tasked with regulating; and 11 received payments or campaign donations from members of the industry that they were being tasked with regulating.”

So my back-of-the-envelope calculations weren't wrong. You can read more at the Daily Beast.


Who knew? For decades, this woman has been standing in for Queen Elizabeth when the monarch's public appearances are being rehearsed.


Pluto TV is television service that runs on a variety of apps and on the web. I had never heard of it before this week when I was made aware of its all cats all the time channel.

What could be more appropriate for the place, the web, that was built on cat videos and cat memes.

At Pluto TV online, you can watch cat videos 24/7. See it here where there are clip shows around the clock. Find out more about Pluto TV at Wikipedia.


These days we most frequently hear the phrase “war horse” as a metaphor in reference to old politicians or sports figures who have been around forever and, sometimes, stage musicals that are frequently revived.

But for centuries, there were real-life war horses. As the YouTube page explains, these “Friesen” horses

”...were originally the days of knights and armor. As armor got heavier, bigger horses were needed and the Friesens almost became extinct. They are now back and are one of the most beautiful horses in stature as well as gait...

“Their manes and tails are the longest that I have seen and I noticed that when performing on grass, their hoofs do not kick up a divot, as they land flat footed...These horses are native to the Netherlands.

Thank Darlene Costner for sending this.

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Looks like you've got full computer access again--great! Wonderful collection of articles--especially love the Robert Mueller video and the Friesen horses. What gorgeous creatures!

Good grief, what a collection!

Thanks for your usual fine post, Ronni.

And yes, Thursday was to be the day for your reentry into the fast lane of computing.
Hope all went well without too many $$$s involved.

wonderful, interesting stuff. I too loved the Friesen horses and the Mueller video. If only !
Thank you Ronni.

Lovely horses. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Another fun Saturday read. I, too, enjoyed the igloo explanation, although do not plan to check it out for myself so long as furnaces, woodstoves, or even battery-operated socks exist!
The Friesens are refined and majestic on the surface, yet it is apparent they are super powerful when in motion. Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede dinner/entertainment shows star a Friesen as the mount for Miss Dolly's local substitute performers, btw.
Should you have the opportunity to see a touring production of War Horse -- or Google it for decent video clips -- it is more than a theatrical adaptation of a children's book and worth the hassles of sitting in a theatre!

Beautiful horses. don't know why I couldn't save it correctly to fb

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