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INTERESTING STUFF – 16 December 2017


An interesting thing that has happened from my cancer treatments with many visits to clinics and doctors is that I get to watch them at their jobs and pertinent to this, listen in on their conversations with one another. It's often filled with words I have never heard before.

This week I ran across a feature story listing some fancy medical terms that professionals use for commonplace health issues. Some examples:

Corn: That callus on your foot may be soft, in which case it’s a heloma molle. If it's hard, it's a heloma durum.

Getting the wind knocked out of you: This feels bad, but doesn’t last very long. Just a transient diaphragmatic spasm.

Sneeze: Why sneeze when you can sternutate?

There are about 18 more of these at Mental Floss.


British TV Christmas commercials are always beautifully produced. Here's a cute one this year for Heathrow Airport.


I've checked all over the web and this is a true story:

”A surgeon has admitted burning his initials into the livers of two transplant patients with a laser beam,” reports The Telegraph

“Consultant Simon Bramhall, 53, branded "SB" on the organs of a man and a woman undergoing transplant operations.”

I am speechless. I cannot imagine how doing this could even occur to anyone let alone follow through. You can read more here.


I had no idea this existed. As the YouTube page explains,

”At the International Spy Museum, there's something for the spy in all of us. Gain access to world's largest collection of international espionage artifacts - gadgets, weapons, bugs, cameras, vehicles, and spy-tech that defies classification.”

Here's a short introductory video:

More at the museum's website, and here is the museum's YouTube page which has more than 200 short videos about the museum and espionage.


Darlene Costner sent some still shots via email of this adorable and huge bear family. Then I found a video with those stills so you can now see them.


At age five, Johsua Williams started a non-profit to feed the homeless where he lived. Since then he's fed 300,000 people. Now age 16, he continues his work with a whole lot of others helping out and expanding the project. Take a look.

Find out more about Joshua's Heart Foundation here.


Cats do what cats want to do – it's hard to dissuade them – and they are expert at making themselves the center of attention at any cost.




There are 17 more photos of cat-crashed nativities at Bored Panda.

* * *

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What beautiful photographs of the bears! I can only imagine Tom Sears' excitement in getting such a photograph not just once, but twice in their development and in the same setting! Remarkable!

And the cats in the creches are terrific! Thank you for all of these this morning, Ronni!

Those wonderful teenagers feeding the homeless should be an inspiration to everybody out there to do what they can for the poor and vulnerable.

Last night I sternutated for what seemed like hours due to apparent allergies. I used a medical term once, but will go back to my old standby "sneeze".

Lawyers and doctors like to use their own terms so we mortals don't know what the heck they're talking about. Show offs!!!!!

The Heathrow Airport commercial is a video of cuteness.

Oh la, I want to do what those kids are doing!

I wonder how many people recognized the music played during the story of the Mama bear and her 5 cubs as "The Teddy Bears Picnic". I loved that song as a child. Beautiful photos, too.
"If you go down in the woods today
You're sure of a big surprise
If you go down in the woods today
You'd better go in disguise!"

And the Joshua Foundation brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart that there are still some Youngers coming up who will be able to patch up this poor old USofA after we are gone.

Wonderful column! Love all of it--my favorite may be the creche cats.

Your MD lingo (and the amazingly juvenile initials-on-liver bit) reminded me of a doctor I once knew socially who told me that he'd seen doctors talking as they made rounds on some ward, and one of them, momentarily mentioning some patient of theirs, referred to them as "CTD," which turns out to mean "circling the drain." Gad.

And...dentists refer to a specific tooth by its positional number: Number 1 is the upper, right-hand "wisdom" tooth, proceeding across the top of the mouth until reaching Number 16 that is the upper, left-hand "wisdom" tooth. The lower left-hand "wisdom" tooth is Number 17 with numbers proceeding back across the mouth to Number 32 which is the lower, right-hand "wisdom" tooth. For those with a complement of more than 32 teeth, you are on your own. I've never thought to check what the extras are called/numbered.

Next week, we start with "lingual"....

Loved the cats and their almost universal expressions of "I'm here. Where else do you think I belong!"

As always, a fine Saturday post. Thank you.

I synchronous diaphragmatic flutter. My mother synchronous diaphragmatic fluttered, and my youngest daughter also synchronous diaphragmatic flutters. LOL

I love the kitties, delight in the bears, am proud of Joshua, and love the commercial. You are just what I needed today.

PS: Joshua's foundation is marvelous. Thanks. I was homeless once.

Wonderful "Interesting Stuff" today, thanks so much.
Especially loved the cat antics.

Wish Joshua was running things instead of that sorry mob in Washington.

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