ELDER MUSIC: Christmas 17
Looking Back at 2017: Trump and Cancer

Merry Christmas To All – 2017

This blog has been around long enough now – there was a first, tentative appearance in 2004 - that some traditions have been formed.

At U.S. Thanksgiving last month, there was the fifth annual rendition of Arlo Guthrie's epic monologue, Alice's Restaurant.

So it is only fair that today, for Christmas 2017, I have for you the sixth annual playback of Penelope Keith's marvelous reading – as Miss Cynthia Bracegirdle – of And Yet Another Partridge in a Pear Tree: A Cautionary Tale for Christmas Showing That it is Better to Give than to Receive.

In the comments on the Christmas 2015 post, the writer, Brian Sibley, left a note for us about the recording:

”You might like to know that I wrote this piece and that it was first broadcast on the BBC (Radio 4) on 25 December 1977.

“You can hear the original recording on my Soundcloud page here. You can read the script here.”

That's enough intro – here is the wickedly funny Penelope Keith with And Yet Another Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Penelope Keith - And Yet Another Partridge in a Pear Tree

Whatever you celebrate this time of year, Ronni, Crabby Old Lady and Ollie the cat thank you for the fine community you create and sustain here all year every year and we wish you a big, fat, bright red



Thank you for keeping your traditions, Ronni. They sustain us all. Or, to correct my over-generalization: They sustain many of your readers. Happy Holidays to you and to all of your readers. We are a community!

Count me among the sustained by this blog! Happy Holidays to you, Ronni, and to all your readers. 2017 was a rough one for so many of us. Let's hope for a better new year!

I'm in total agreement with all of the above & then some. Wishing you the best Karma possible for you and the TGB folks in 2018. Dee:):)

Sustained, supported and succoured ... informed, cheered and enriched. Thank you and TANTI AUGURI a te, dear Ronni, now and always.

Hope you have a peaceful day . Blessings to you and Ollie.

Merry Christmas to you two, and may you have a happy and comfortable day.

Happy Holidays, Ronni, and thanks for sharing the Coffin Club video I had found. I am in SNOW in Seattle visiting family and wonder if Portland got any!

Many, many thanks for resurrecting that very funny And Yet Another Partridge in a Pear Tree: A Cautionary Tale for Christmas Showing That it is Better to Give than to Receive. for yet another holiday treat. Once again, I giggled and gasped through the whole thing.

And along those thanks, Coco-the-cat and I also thank you for this blog. Yes, it has become a tradition for me - a nearly daily one - to see what Ronni has to say about us elders. At times it's even been fun to act upon some of your recommendations. For example, my comment on "Net Neutrality" has opened some very interesting doors. I must track down some of the others with 'my' name who seem to wish to abolish it.

Okay, enough!. Time to enjoy the holidays and to look forward to the next year with anticipation and with hope.

I was unfamiliar with this rendition of the 12 days and I can't get the grin off my face. :-) I trotted off to Wikipedia for the history of this song.

Have a wonderful day and a better New Year.

Happy holidays to you too, Ronni. Let us hope the new year will bring better things for you and for all of us -- healthwise, politically, even emotionally. A hug for Ollie too. And don't forget Crabby Old Lady, who, I must admit, is sometimes my very favorite person in the world to listen to/read.


Thank you, Ronni, and all those whose comments I enjoy .

Knowing that the holidays can bring out unwelcome feelings, the opposite of the popular notion of smiling faces and happy memories, I wonder how you are feeling these days, Ronni. I hope you have found comfort or peace with undergoing the treatments you had to have per medical advice for the best outcome.

Let us all find the most good in our lives today so that we can enjoy the day we so richly deserve.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and all the readers here.

Happy Holidays, Ronni. Wishing yu all the best.

Argh, sorry about the typo.

Happy Holidays to you Ronnie and all the familiar names I see everyday. I count you among the people I enjoy being with even if it's only on the computer.

Happy Holidays, Ronni, with my sincere wish that 2018 brings you healing and peace !


Yes, - - snow in Seattle.
For Christmas.
Out too late in Bellevue.
Snow in no hurry
To lay it's blanket on us.
Crunch of our feet
The only sounds.
Look -- over there - -
Isn't that Santa?
Love to you all on this very special day.

Thank you for this wonderful blog that I never miss.
Merry Christmas and good wishes for the New Year!

Think of you everyday - Hope this day has been a peaceful and an easy day for you. I imagine each day has something going on - Wish you the best each day - whether it is food, sleep or a good laugh - just hope you have something that makes you feel good!

Hugs, laughs and good thoughts to you today and every day!

Just wanted to stop by and wish you happy and peaceful holiday.
And of course a great New Year!

Hope your holidays are peaceful and fun!

My very Best wishes and thanks to Ronni,
Crabby Lady, Ollie, Peter & Norma and
the TimeGoesBy community --My favorite Christmas gifts who keep me thriving into/throughout the New Year!

Peace, Joy, Hope & Love to All!

'18 will be better - Santa promised.

Ho ho ho, loved the 12 days of Christmas...a new rendition to me, which kept me glued to speakers rather than fixing my next cuppa. My cat sends yowling greetings to yours...she must have wanted to be part of the festivities too. Wishes for all your readers and yourself to have good health and abundance in the next year.

Lovely tradition Ronni. Hope your holiday was peaceful and happy. We are covered with snow here in Walla Walla too. A very white Christmas, for once I decided to just enjoy how beautiful and clean everything looks.

It's been a tough year for many Americans especially we older folks who seem to have become the focus of an economic war perpetuated by the latest edition of the U.S. Congress. And, if what we hear is correct, we can look forward to the assault on our Social Security and Medicare to continue.
In 2016, 53% of people over the age of 65 voted for the current majority (including the president) mainly because they were not properly informed of the consequences. This is why we (seniors) need blogs like yours Ronnie, to supply us with the knowledge we will need to make informed choices in the future. We need you around to help us cut through the bull s**t and get to who is really out to do us harm.
With that being said, I wish yOU and all of your readers a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Your blog is so important, Ronni! Thank you so much for sharing & posting. Best wishes for the New Year!

A late Happy Holidays joining my thanks to those of everyone else!

Ah, dear Ronnie, thank you for your writing, for being able to keep you in my heart and thoughts during this time, for, although we've never met, being someone who inspires with perspective, connects with humor and enlightens with points of view. Wishing you health, energy, joy and meaning in 2018.

Merry Christmas!

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