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Sorry: No Interesting Stuff Today

It's Friday evening as I write this and I'm just now home from the two nights in the hospital. Cancer related, of course.

It was due to a repeat performance of November when I had extremely low red blood cell count. This time, more blood transfusions, plus an internal bleed that involved the necessity of a couple of procedures to figure out where it is and the cause.

I'll explain more next week but now I just need to go to bed. As I'm sure any of you who have been there know that there is no such thing as sleep in a hospital.

One thing for Celia Andrews and Yvonne Behrens-Waldbaum who each won a copy of Malcolm Nance's book: Yvonne blogs at Aging Us.

I didn't get the books in the mail before going to the hospital and probably won't get to the post office until early next week but I'll mail them as soon as possible.

There is so much email piled up that I may not be able to respond to it all. My apologies but there is only so much time in life. Thank you for your patience. I'm fine and be back to my usual self on the blog by Monday.


Rest, rest, rest and feel stronger soon. Don’t worry about us!

Thanks! What Carol said!

No, there is no rest in the hospital. We'll be here when you're feeling back up to things. I wish there were more that we could do. Rest now and feel better soon.

We're fine. Take care of yourself.........you deserve it & more. Sending positive energy.......Dee:):)

Rest up and feel better.

Ignore the emails and just rest - lots and lots of rest. Sending good thoughts.

Sorry that you had to go through this. Accept help. Be kind to yourself. Thinking of you.

It's not as if the whole cancer thing wouldn't be scary enough for anyone...these episodes of low red blood cell counts must be terribly disturbing. Then...of course one cannot sleep in a hospital. It is my hope that you don't bother reading the current comments until you have caught up (possible?) on your sleep and feel much better. As others have written: We can and will await your return!

Hugs to you, Ronni.

Your rest and well being are paramount. Feel better. Have they given you any end point for your chemotherapy? It has taken a long time. Sending you white light and love for your recovery.

Maybe we should stop sending emails to Ronni. As bad as we feel, it just puts more pressure on her...and more email that she doesn’t have the strength or time to read. So just stop!

Just take care of yourself!

Hugs, Diane

Ditto Carol in spades. NO apologies ever, please - ahi! Sounds like "love never means ..." but I don't believe that. We do love and cherish you though. Take care of your very precious self, please.

Keep on trucking my darling. I volunteer in the local hospital Oncology Clinic and fully understand what you are going thru. I have been doing this for 8 years now after my wife passed away. Wish I be closer to hold your hand during your transfusions.

What everybody said. Much love.

Rest easy, Ronni. Lots of online community supporting you.

I've got to tell you I love this woman! She defines courage and selflessness by sharing it all with us. Stay strong Ronni. Your shoes cannot be filled.

Thank you for letting us know what is happening. Now just take care of yourself! You are special to us, and we want you to put all of your focus on *you* now! Hugs! Know that we all care and are rooting for you!

Most important: take care of yourself, get the rest you need, and know we care about you.

Hugs and love. Get all the rest you need.

Please be very good to yourself Ronni. Your healing is of paramount importance. No worries about mailing the book. I was pretty darned excited just to win one.

dang, another setback. Once again, we can be grateful that you have such excellent doctors and are getting fine treatment.

No Interesting stuff? Well, here's a little substitute - from Mental Floss (you taught us about that site)

This is National Trivia Day. Some of the trivia Mental Floss lists is yummy & funny so I've copied it below - meanwhile, I'll add my thoughts to the others and say, "take care of your self!

* Ben & Jerry learned how to make ice cream by taking a $5 correspondence course offered by Penn State. (They decided to split one course.)

*. M&M's actually stands for "Mars & Murrie's," the last names of the candy's founders.

Thinking of you. Just spent 12 hours at the ER with my husband and now, two days latter we are just feeling recovered from the ordeal!!

Nothing to add to all the above. Rest up. Put yourself first. We are all here, sending love.

Forget everything and everyone else for now (except Ollie!), and continue taking care of YOU!

Just rest, Ronni. Forget everything else. Know that we are all thinking about you and will be here whenever you feel up to returning.

Appreciate the "yummy and funny" Interesting Stuff, sflichen - nice of you to step up! ☺

Love you Ronni! When you feel better give Ollie a big hug from me.
You two are very special

Just another voice in your cheering section, keeping you in my thoughts and sending good wishes.

Love and Blessings always.

Take care of yourself. Sending good thoughts.

Hi Ronni: Thank you so much! I am totally astounded that I won the book! I feel as excited by this news as a kid on Christmas morning!

Please take all the time you need to rest and recuperate.

Warmest regards,

Yvonne Behrens

Take your time and rest easy.

You've got this.

Your Montreal Fan

I hope you feel better by now, that you're receiving practical help and having quiet healing time, with as much sleep as you need. Take care and let others take care of you. My very best wishes, Ronni.

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