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Are You Having Trouble Commenting or Receiving TGB Via Email?

We are here to fix those problems today but first:

EDITORIAL NOTE: Unless you have one or the other or both of this difficulties with using Time Goes By, this post will you put you straight to sleep so I've included a bonus at the end: The latest edition of The Alex and Ronni Show recorded yesterday.

For readers who want or need this housekeeping post, there is still the bonus for you too when you get to the bottom of the page.

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If you receive Time Goes By via email from FeedBLITZ or via Facebook, Twitter or just visit the website in your browser), you can skip this part. This is for people who subscribe to TGB via FeedBURNER.

As one techie explained to me a while back, some years ago Google, which owns FeedBURNER, stopped supporting FeedBURNER. Since then, Google has not updated the service, not added or improved features and most important, has not fixed bugs nor replied to support requests.

So sometimes the service works for some people or it doesn't or it eventually breaks and Time Goes By does not arrive or the reader gets an announcement with the FeedBLITZ logo that FeedBURNER has run into a problem.

This means it is time to switch to the FeedBLITZ subscription.

Some back-end adjustments to the feed have now been made that may help, but to be certain of receiving the feeds (which go out in the mornings, Pacific time, each day except Tuesdays and Thursdays), you can resubscribe as follows:


  1. In the upper right corner of every Time Goes By page is a subscription form.

  2. There are choices for Facebook and for Twitter if you prefer to read the blog on one of those platforms, although I rarely check in at either of them so hardly every see comments.

  3. If, instead, you want to receive blog posts automatically in your inbox, just enter your email address in the form and click the word, Subscribe. FeedBLITZ will send you a confirmation email, follow those instructions and then you are signed up. Nothing more to do. It is that simple.

Some readers report difficulties with commenting. This issue is mostly exclusive to people who subscribe via email so let me explain.

The problem always involves the user clicking the word Reply in their email program. That has nothing to do with commenting. It works exactly like any email you answer – it goes to the sender which, in this case, is FeedBLITZ which supplies a copy to my email address.

(Obviously it follows that when you click Reply and write a reponse, no TGB readers can read it – only I receive it just like any other email.)

COMMENTS MAY BE MADE ONLY AT THE WEBSITE, not via email. Here is how to do that:

  1. Click the headline at the top of the day's story in your email. It will open in your browser. Alternately, you can scroll to the bottom of the story in your email program and click the link supplied there to go to the story in your browser.

  2. To comment, scroll to the bottom of the story in your browser and click on the word Comments in the footer.

  3. The story reopens in a page with a form for your comment. (If there are comments left before you got there, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the list of comments to find the entry box.) Type your comment in the box.

  4. Enter your name or any alias, nickname, etc. you want to use. Enter a functional email address – it is for security purposes only and is not published. If you have a blog (that is not a commercial or retail website), enter the URL and your name will become a link to your site, if you wish. Or you can leave that entry box empty.

  5. You can Preview your comment by clicking that button and/or click Post. The page will refresh and your comment will appear at the bottom of the list of comments.

Remember: DO NOT CLICK REPLY IN YOUR EMAIL TO LEAVE A COMMENT. You must go to the website to have your say.

FYI, I switched the TGB email feed from FeedBURNER to FeedBLITZ a few years ago when Google announced it would no longer support FeedBURNER.

FeedBLITZ is a paid service for which I put out big bucks every year. In fact, they just charged my credit card for 2018.

So please, if necessary, make the switch to FeedBLITZ. It will save me hours answering your emails individually and also, I don't like wasting my money (actually, your money if you participated in the donation drive in February).

FeedBLITZ is good service. In all my years with them, there has not been a glitch and they have always answered my support questions within an hour. They are well worth the expense so please take advantage of it.

* * *

Here is the latest episode of The Alex and Ronni Show.


No not at all getting by email or posting

I get your blog on my blogger reading list, but in the past couple days a whole long list of your previous posts pops up with a different look than usual.

Loved the Alex and Ronnie show. Don't worry about the ratings. I listened while cleaning up the kitchen this morning. Ronnie, You look gorgeous!

Really enjoyed seeing and hearing you, Ronni. Such a mellifluous voice and with the funky hair, you're all I thought you'd be.

I don't comment so much these days but keep up to date with your posts, all of which I enjoy. Thank you Ronni for all you do.

Thanks, it is sporadic for me, often I can't access TGB on Saturdays. So I've fooled with it per your instructions, and will hope for the best. Your blog is so valuable.

Good interview! I like the funky hair too.

It is not easy to be relaxed and articulate when 'the big eye' is on you.
You two, on the Alex and Ronni Show have it down to a science.

FWIW, even though you were talking about serious things, you were discussing them in a humerus and lighthearted way. That made "the medicine go down" and kept a smile on my face as I listened to you.

Thank you.

You look awesome! I so enjoy your show and the repartee you have with Alex. Keep up the good work… Stop by and say hi when you can.

Mark the jeweler

I'm subscribed via email, but only for notification. I always come to the blog to read and comment. Sure, I could read the post in the email, but I like to be on the blog, seeing and reading it the way the administrator set it up. (Otherwise, you might as well just broadcast emails.) Anyway, no problems other than sometimes if I click on the blog title, FeedBlitz tells me there's a problem. But if I click on the header with all the photos, it always works. The only problem I've ever encountered with commenting is that if I am interrupted and don't click "post", after about 30 (?) minutes the whole thing times out and I have to start over. So if I have to stop in the middle, I copy and save what I've typed so I don't have to start over.

"Everyone wants to live a long time, but no one wants to get old"
Thanks for another session with Alex in discussion. Liked the parts especially about safety
how we watch for youngsters, and not oldsters, and how by doing things like putting benches and cutting curbs, it helps all. And haven't seen the magnifying glasses in supermarkets but sounds great, maybe Florida should have been doing this already, m

also, the tech side, think your voice and video is in sync, and did you leave out BETA, in the discussion of mediums?

Going to share on my page, Martha in Jax. Beach, (ps. had dental work yesterday so yes, to discuss why it isn't included in health plans, and Yes to Medicare for all, single payer.)

Pied Type and I share the same problem of being kicked out if we wait too long to post. I told Ronni about this some time ago and she checked with her system and then f0und out that it was my server causing the problem. I never did learn how to fix it.

Several weeks ago I typed a long comment and when I tried to post it, the site was blocked. I then copied it and went back to my in- box and waited several hours and then signed in to TGB and pasted my comment only to discover that I was still blocked. I tried it again that evening and was still blocked out so I gave up and never did post my comment.

I love the Ronni/ Alex talks. My only objection is that they are too short and I feel there is a lot more that you want to say on the subject when Alex has to end it. I love your turtle neck sweater and the color becomes you, Ronni. A cheery red.

I enjoy your conversations with your ex husband tremendously on many levels.

Ronni, you look relaxed and settled in your space.

Your hair is cool!

Please tell your ex these interview/chats must be a regular thing.

It's all good.

I subscribe via

Works well.

I love every installment of the Ronni and Alex show. Such a treat to hear your voice, Ronni!!

No problem with receiving TGB, fortunately--I'd really miss getting it and scream loudly to whichever feed was depriving me of it (if I could figure out which one it was). I totally agree with other readers about your chats with Alex. I hope they continue.

As far as getting old, living a long time isn't necessarily something all people wish for. It just happened with me. I didn't take great care of my body in my youth since I never figured I'd make it to 80. Surprise!! Frankly, as I've said before, personally I'm not a huge fan of old age--too many limitations, including physical and financial.

Ronni, before I neglect to say it and wish I had, you are beautiful!

I often have the same challenge others mentioned with timing out when writing a comment. I simply copy what I’ve written, refresh the page, type a letter in the comment area, then paste my comment, finally delete that initially typed alphabet letter and click post.

I have experienced this same issue on only a few other blogs. It is an inconvenience, especially when I realize it’s gotten later than I thought and want to hurry ...... but I try to practice having patience in my old age — considering this just another tech aggravator.

The "Ronni & Alex Show" is such an uplifting treat: two exes having a great time talking... Hope you two keep up the show.

You two are my heroes and she-roes. I love listening to your show. I don't know another team podcasting with your chemistry. I agree with you that to be a healthier society everyone needs to admit we're best served if we hold these conversations and accept our mortality. I see you as a thought leader, Ronnie. Another version of your proverb everyone wants to live a long time but nobody wants to get old: "Everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die."

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