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Are you wearing green today? How is it, do you think, that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day?

This video doesn't answer all the questions anyone might have about this holiday, but there were a couple of things I didn't know.


Civil rights pioneer Viola Desmond this week became the first woman to be featured on Canadian currency. This is how Desmond's sister reacted to the honor for her late sibling. (Thank you Jim Stone.)

More about Viola Desmond here.


My friend Chuck Nyren (May I call you my friend, Chuck?) posted a terrific blog story last week about his love for actor Helen Mirren:

”I hate it when I love someone everybody else loves. I feel like I’m just a boring, average, celebrity-obsessed dunderhead. But I do love Helen Mirren.

“Not just lately. I remember her in the 1970s (Oh, Lucky Man!), before long she hid out (from me) doing theatre in England, then popped up again in the 1990s. She was great in The Madness of King George.

“Since then Helen’s made a few flicks and TV shows. What she did a few days ago knocked me out.

What she did was allow herself to be photographed sans makeup for the Oscar show with a followup photo after the artists finished their work on her face and hair. And then, AND THEN, she published the photos to Instagram. I would expect nothing less from her because she is as much a favorite of mine, for all the many good reasons, as for Chuck. Here are the before and after:


You can read Chuck's entire post at Advertising For Baby Boomers.


Remember that little creep Martin Shkreli who bought the rights to the drug Daraprim and then increased the price by 5000 percent?

This past week he was sentenced to seven years in prison – but for a different lawbreaking, not Daraprim:

”Martin 'Pharma Bro' Shkreli was sentenced Friday to seven years in prison and a $75,000 fine after he was found guilty of defrauding his investors last year,” reports Huffpost.

“Shkreli, however, is best known for an affront to the American public: hiking up the price of the lifesaving drug Daraprim by more than 5,000 percent in September 2015.”

But guess what. Even with all the terrible publicity and condemnations, the drug still costs $750 per pill:

”HuffPost contacted a representative Vyera Pharmaceuticals, Turing Pharmaceuticals’ new name. A company representative confirmed that Daraprim still costs $750 out of pocket, with a reduced price for patients who meet certain federal poverty guidelines.”

What makes it even worse is that there is no alternative for Daraprim. You can read more here.


”Gyosen Asakura’s temple is not your average place of worship,” the Youtube page tells us. “Using his training as a professional DJ, Asakura combines Buddhist scripture with techno beats to create a unique experience. His innovative services have attracted a new generation of people with hundreds flocking to witness the DJ Monk bring his temple to life.”

Take a look:


For hundreds of years there has been a secret pub hidden inside the Tower of London. It is private, just for the Beefeaters and their guests. Here's a short video:

Read more about the pub at Atlas Obscura.


Watching harpy eagles being destroyed in the wilds of Venezuela, Alexander Blanco Márquez decided to take matters into his own hands.Now, he’s going to extremes to protect these eagles, often putting his own life on the line.


That's what Jim Stone said in his email sending me this and I agree:


Damian Aspinall and his wife, Victoria, made a special trip to a gorilla sanctuary in Gabon. The Gorillas had met Damian before but they had never met his wife. This is the moment where the gorillas decide if Victoria is welcome or not.

Thank you, Darlene Costner, for this.

* * *

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Enjoyed the gorilla segment and hope the world moves gently, protecting all featured today and more - the eagles in Venezuela (so regal!), the elders, the street musicians who are appreciated for bringing their best to share.

We must stand by all of them, and each other.

Love Helen Mirren along with the rest of the world - but I like her sans makeup, despite the facial expression being dour. The talented transformations by cosmetic workers is appreciated, however.

Oh, I think you saved the very best for last. I loved watching the gorilla trying on the hat.

The Canadian currency story may come as a shock to HRH Queen Elizabeth II who has been on the $20CDN bill.

All wonderful, the gorilla touched my heart with most. Thanks.

IMHO, Ms Mirren looks better in the "before" photo. If makeup artists made me up to look like the "after" photo, they would be looking for work! As do most, I really appreciate Ms Mirren's talent for transporting me into the story line.

P.S. I should have added that I see more than a passing resemblance between Ms Mirren and Ms Bennett.

"Stand by Me" has been one of my favorites since I first heard it back in 1961. Loved this video.

And the gorillas. What can I say. The difficulty of finding anything in that dense jungle. The mental "what if" those huge animals decided not to be friendly. And then the interaction between the woman and the gorilla. So beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.

By far the best if the video of the gorilla meeting Victoria. Put a great big smile on my face to watch this gorilla become smitten with her.

I love Helen Mirren with or without makeup. I do think the addition of mascara brings her eyes out and is an improvement. Most of all I applaud her chutzpah in allowing herself to be filmed without any makeup and making it so public. What a wonderful woman and actress.

Digital music in a Buddhist temple is a surprise. Music soothes the savage beast in all of us.

Most of all I loved the international music "Stand By Me" and it was a feel gooder.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Ronni!

Music is the universal language as your blog has shown today.

I know that my opinion re "Pharma Bro" Shkreli is no help to the patients who need but can't afford Daraprim, and I sincerely hope that a generic version is available SOON at an affordable price. However, regardless of the crime for which "Bro" was convicted, this over-privileged, arrogant brat will now be spending 7 years of his youth doing time in a federal penitentiary. Good riddance, and I hope it is not a pleasant experience for him.

I'm not by nature a vengeful person, but finding him guilty of any one of a number of financial crimes he has probably committed against ordinary people produced a positive result; it couldn't have happened to more deserving guy. With any luck wannabe Emperor tRump will be joining him before long.

I'm still humming. Thank you.

The first post I look for on Saturday morning is time goes by, even before the lottery results. And the world is a gooder place now after this one.

After a splendid, spring-like weekend out of doors and with grandkids and friends, I am feeling a bit let down by the silence and returning cold weather. "Stand By Me" truly make me "feel good." Thanks for all the items, but particularly this one.

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