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I often think “mac and cheese,” as it appears to be called nowadays, has been fetishized beyond on all reason. Nevertheless, it is a great winter or comfort food that I like a lot.

So it was fun, this week, to run across this video of a macaroni and cheese recipe from 1784. Take a look:

This also turned up recently – count them - 38 macaroni and cheese recipes.


As I write this on Friday, the east coast of the United States is being pummeled by a massive and destructive nor-easter. In Britain this past week, they called a similar storm with freezing Arctic winds, “The Beast From the East.”

The New York Times put together a video of it from around the country.


According to CEO Warren Buffet, Trump's recent tax cut for the rich, has given Buffet's company, Berkshire Hathaway, a $29 billion dollar windfall without his having lifted a finger:

”Berkshire’s $29 billion bonus stems from unrealized gains on equity investments getting taxed at a rate of 21 percent instead of the previous 35 percent rate,” reports the Daily Beast.

“The gain helped push Berkshire’s net earnings in 2017 up to $44.94 billion, nearly double the $24.07 billion recorded a year earlier. Buffet said while the gain is 'real,' it 'did not come from anything we accomplished at Berkshire.'”


It seems like every big city has a skinny house. The one in New York City, on the street where I lived, was 9.5 feet wide.

This one, in London, measures only 7.5 feet wide. According to the You Tube page:

”The narrow building features 3 floors, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and was renovated by architects alma-nac, who added features to the house to maximise every inch of the limited space.”

Here is a video tour:


You may think Oliver's topic last Sunday, Italy's political difficulties, are irrelevant to the U.S. and a lot of other countries, but you would be wrong. Oliver at his best and funniest.


This guy has been in more than 150 movies, but you would probably not recognize him if you saw him in the street.

”Doug Jones has been every creature, monster and villain known to Hollywood having portrayed the Amphibian Man in The Shape of Water, the Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four and the Thin Clown in Batman Returns, for example.

Here's an interview with him with a whole bunch of clips of the monsters he has played.


Nothing ever dies on the internet and I suspect I posted this five years ago when it was new. But I had such a good laugh at it again that I didn't even check to see if I'm repeating myself. Enjoy.


When it rains a lot, the Rio da Prata river runs of slower form, causing its damming, thus increasing the water level of the Olho D'Água river, explains the YouTube page.

”Despite the flood, on the day the video was recorded the waters of the Olho D'Agua river remained crystal clear due to their conserved riparian forest and being inside a Private Reserve of the Natural Patrimony - PRNP, a type of Conservation Unit.

“This was a rare episode, and by the end of the day the river had returned to its normal level.”


If the number of internet videos are an indication, baby elephants have a habit of falling into and getting stuck in waterholes. Then the grownups step in to save them. It is always heartwarming and fun to watch.

This one is from TGB reader Joan McMullen.

* * *

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Another cornucopia of fun and interesting items, thank you, Ronni! Elephants and mac & chese, two of my favorite things! John Oliver's theme is particularly of interest as I am currently traveling in Southern Italy and the elections are tomorrow. Could Berlusconi (Italy's Trump) really come into power again and will it be Italian women that put him there, like white women supported Trump? Oh, the horror.

Doug Jones. Of course, at first I thought you meant the new Dem Senator from Alabama.... But yes, Doug Jones. Who is, among other things, magnificent in The Shape of Water. He and Sally Hawkins together [and separately] are stunning. By the way, it is NOT a monster film, it is a CREATURE film, as far as I am concerned, and to be highly recommended, not the least because of its brilliant cast. Including Doug Jones.

Thank you, Ronni, for reminding me of that film again.



Doug Jones. I only picked up on his name after watching him on the new "Star Trek Discovery." Disturbed by his extremely skinny frame, I looked him up. He's 6'3 1/2", 145 pounds. And apparently healthy. Of course I then read about all his other roles. I guess that unusual frame has served him well.

I was practically raised on the boxed Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner, shortened to just "Kraft Dinner" in our house. It was the distinctive "grated American cheese food" flavor that I loved. And for a while you could buy separate cans of it and add even more. To me, anything else is just mac and cheese that I can take or leave. I've never liked any of it as well as the product I grew up with.

“Trump — the Forrest Gump of human misery!” Ha ha! What a line!

I didn’t have mac and cheese as a kid, or even very much as an adult. It must be an American thing.
One thing I cook, which would lend itself to macaroni, is “Three Cheese Gnocchi”:
In a saucepan melt some creamy blue cheese and grated cheddar in cream.
Let that churble for a while and add freshly grated nutmeg and pepper.
Serve over gnocchi and top with freshly grated parmesan.

You're right, Peter, that sounds like it would be a wonderful macaroni and cheese meal. Or gnocchi - either way it sounds terrific. Perhaps you need, like me, to be inordinately fond of blue cheeses.

Thanks for all the giggles today. I really look forward to your Saturday post and this was no exception! The Oliver piece was priceless.

Loved "Life Without Paper"
Thank you for the best laugh of my day.

The storms video prompts many memories making me glad to be living in So Cal now — except for the drought and if “the big one” comes to my house.

Always enjoy Oliver’s take, but this one leaves my mind reeling — if there wasn’t so much at risk I could laugh — stranger than fiction, but a true fantasy nightmare.

Make my day.....Emma!

Nature preserve view surreal! Also reminded me of eerie feeling I had driving across a Vermont or New Hamshire floating bridge across a river that midway sloped slightly below water level as we followed the road toward several covered bridges.

It is a little known fact that the original tune, "Yankee Doodle", included the lyrics ..."stuck a feather in his cap and called it mac and cheese", but had to be revised because the author couldn't find an appropriate word that rhymes with "cheese". Don't believe me? look it up.

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