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Missing Here on Wednesday

Crabby Old Lady Has Three Things to Say Today

Starting with 1. MEDICAL
Crabby Old Lady is sorry to have been absent here for a few days. This blog is Crabby's job. It is what she does. She enjoys it still even after all these years. She learns a lot both from the work that goes into it and from readers too. She misses it when she is away or out of commission for awhile.

To bring you up to date, Crabby's cancer has disappeared or at least gone into hiding and last Thursday, doctors did an amazing maneuver to stop an internal bleed they and Crabby have been keeping eyes on for two or three months.

With two little holes, one in in Crabby's neck and the other in her groin, they used “interventional radiology” to thread their way to the bleed somewhere in her abdomen, insert a stent – not unlike the kind used for heart patients – that will force blood to go where it should be instead of where it has been going.

For Crabby, it was easy – she slept through the procedure – and woke with two small Bandaids covering those two tiny incisions.

There was no pain afterwards and she went home that evening, slept like a newborn babe and felt terrific on Friday, enough to attend her regular current affairs discussion group.

Crabby hopes the stent works; she's tired of anemia, blood transfusions and iron infusions that had become a regular part of treatment.

There are a few words in the English language that are terrifying: for Crabby, “pancreatic cancer” is at the top of the list.

Has Crabby mentioned that 35 years ago her father died of it? Until her diagnosis last year, Crabby had almost forgotten. Now she can't avoid it and the reason is that it appears to be the media's new go-to disease.

Pancreatic cancer is much less common than, for example, breast, lung and prostate cancer but it is much more deadly. Only ten percent of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are eligible for the only treatment – the Whipple procedure - and many of those patients die soon anyway.

Crabby is deeply grateful every single day that she could undergo the Whipple, that it was successful and that she has recently been pronounced cancer free. She would like to stop thinking those words now but there are reminders everywhere she turns.

There are the ubiquitous cancer treatment commercials on TV, in magazines, even giveaway newspapers and Crabby made the mistake of searching for some information about pancreatic cancer online.

Now, pretty young women with big smiles on their faces follow Crabby everywhere on the web promoting a link to a pancreatic cancer website. It's not unlike those marketing idiots who spend six months showing Crabby ads for the shirt she already bought.

Shirt. Kitchen sponges. Cancer. What's the difference?

It gets worse. This past season, Crabby has seen at least half a dozen television dramas that have made pancreatic cancer a plot point. “Fred won't be back. You know he has pancreatic cancer and won't live more than a couple of months.”

Geez. Thanks.

Over the weekend, Crabby read Barbara Ehrenreich's new book, Natural Causes: An Epidemic of Wellness, the Certainty of Dying, and Killing Ourselves to Live Longer.

It's a strong polemic with, among other kinds of information, a lot about how cancer tumors in general work and how new types of treatments are being developed at the cellular level.

But even Ehrenreich, among all the different kinds of cancers she might mention, won't let go of making pancreatic cancer the centerpiece.

In the space of two pages she tells readers that Rockefeller Foundation director John H. Knowles died of it in 1979, at age 52; Apple CEO Steve Jobs died of it in 2011; Henry S. Lodge, co-author of Younger Next Year (a dubious assertion) died of it in 2017 at age 58.

Crabby wants nothing more than to leave this horror behind and the media just refuses. Maybe zombies have worn out their fright value and pancreatic cancer is writers' latest ploy to scare the bejesus out of us.

Crabby Old Lady has silenced the cable news channels in her home. No more. The anchors and hosts treat every Trump tweet as if it's a revelation when it is only repetition. Different topic sometimes, same complaint: “I'm so wonderful, why doesn't anyone like me? Throw them all in prison.”

He's an idiot, a con man, likely a criminal but no one with the power to do anything will deal with it. They've always got an excuse. There are 535 members of Congress and even the few good guys are weenies in the face of Trump. They all deserve to be thrown out.

There is only one effective group of activists trying to make the U.S. a better place and they are all 17 years old. Aside from her excellent medical team, Crabby Old Lady is in a very bad mood today.


Excellent news, including Crabby Old Lady’s bad mood!

I have given up on Trump long ago, knowing he would never (could never?) change. Not that I don't still complain about him now and then, but what I have started doing recently is tweeting a reply to some of his most offensive tweets, but not responding to his content. Instead, I send a link to something I find enlightening or lovely or funny and leave it there. He probably never sees these, but somehow, it leaves me feeling better.

Aw, thanks, Crabby. Now I'll have to go take out my frustrations on the poor, innocent weeds that chance to grow in my garden. *smiling* I'm just glad that you are feeling well enough to be crabby!

I'm with you, all the way!

I love it when Crabby posts. I am also tired of being scared to death with drug ads and the latest scary/deadly disease or illness. Enough already.

Succinct. I appreciate the word and the quality.

We are so glad you are doing well! And we share your bad newness about DT. Look forward to reading your thoughts!

No one writes as you do. You get the award for blogger/writer of the year. "Thanks" doesn't do justice for what you have written today. Kudos for your written word & your intelligence & I'm with you, Crabby. If only we could somehow do away with commercials especially those from BIG Pharma!!! They are the worst of them all. Sell me pampers any day.

Didn't you love it when Comey said he was immorally fit to be President? BTW, I swore off the "news" cable stations a long time ago. It's trash & serves no useful purpose. Almost as bad as Twitter & you know who! :)Dee

Thanks for your writing. You brighten my day even when you're in a bad mood!

Oh, how well said and glad you belted it all out, Crabby! I too am tired of hearing about all the things out there that lie in wait ready to grab my happy life from me. Between Trump, war, climate change, and disease worries, what's a person to do to keep their bubble from being invaded? It's a daily assault. It's like the car wreck, much as we don't want to look, we do. It is my own fault that I stay glued to what is bringing this to me. Life wasn't always this way. We need to take a stand and close out as you have wisely done with cable news, the bad stuff. Next is getting rid of things that make us nervous about health. We have the power and have to create a habit of not looking and listening. It's a movement in the making and you have started the ball rolling. Just say no? It's up to us. Back to my bubble that I must control so I can just be me, living in blissful ignorance and enjoying it all the more. Opt out!!


Yeah for Crabby! In deference to your no advertising rule, I'm going to email to you a suggestion for getting rid of the pancreatic cancer web site that chases you around the web. So glad this medical episode seems undramatic!

With *rump and politics in one way or another put out in front, by the media, at the expense of other more interesting, or frivolous and fun, perhaps dead-serious worldly news, are we all becoming a form of narcissism as a country (the best, most powerful, and greatest on earth)? Yes, I also blame all media for the formation and continuation of this dismantling of our form of democracy by a unfit person and the Republican Party.

I consider formats of more thorough content, such as J.Oliver, Maddow and mostly online, not as "media" but rather as clarifying what the pundits put out.

And I will work hard and give willingly for the upcoming elections. That hope is truly a need for reversing the trend needs everyone's involvement, and we must each find our own way to support this cause.

I hear ya, Crabby.

And beyond great that you're doing so good.

Glad you're back, COL, with a gripping crabby post and a equally welcome report on that latest physical repair of yours.

I don't watch much TV, and never the 'cable news' stuff. It's too creepy. After watching a lot of basketball this weekend, it occurs to me why. Those announcers who are relating breathtaking descriptions of every single play of the games are to keep us glued to the screen (to sell more product?) The news readers on the cable news programs do the same thing! (to sell more product?)

For basketball, it's easy to avoid this stuff by simply watching the game with the sound off.

For cable news...well, there's always classical music. And a few responsible newspapers.

Again, welcome back, and I'm glad to hear the good news.

Love it all, Mz Crabby--you, your state of health, your crabby blogs, your informative and/or fun ones. I often share them with younger people. Your blog is the only one I've been able to stay with over the years.


We've got more than two years to the next presidential election when, if we can, we will finally be able to rid ourselves of this menace. The only thing that I'm worried about is that in that time I will have become so numb to his shenanigans that I will no longer care and do something stupid in the voting booth.

I’ve always been something of an addictive personality, (tobacco and women being the most damaging manifestation of this trait) and cannot seem to distance myself from the many facets of American Exceptionalism as portrayed by Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams and The NPR Political Podcast. That being said, viewing America from Canada is often more entertaining than frightening.
When Breath Becomes Air says much about life, some things about the medical system and a little about cancer. Live today.

Love the way you speak your mind, Ronni !! And it's good to see Crabby Old Lady on the loose again. It's the best sign yet that you are well on the road to recovery. Never stop fighting, marching and carrying big signs, whether literal or figurative. It keeps the blood flowing and the mind alive.

Glad you're back and feeling feisty. As for pancreatic cancer being mentioned everywhere, remember that you are particularly sensitive to those words right now. That will probably fade in time.

I gave up cable news completely when Trump was elected, and watch very little national broadcast news. (I like BBC and The Guardian for unbiased, factual reporting of our news.) We have a local news station that will devote a minute or two to any truly notable national or world news, but focuses almost entirely on local news. Good, uplifting local news.

As for the ads that follow you, just delete their cookies.

Anyway, it's great to have you back again!

Yippee!!!!! So good to hear that you are up and running again.

It is affirming to read your thoughts on Trump and the complicit media. In the last week, I have watched less and less of this non stop news feeding frenzy being promoted at the expense of real news and cogent analysis.

I would be interested in websites that get through to MSNBC and CNN head offices to let them know I think they are bottom feeders and perpetuating the 24/7 commentary on this dangerous administration aided and abetted by the Republican House and Senate and the Fox trolls.

Remember what Margaret Mead said about a few enlightened, dedicated people (paraphrasing) changing the world. We have to make our voices heard!

Thanks for your presence.........


Love it! Keep it coming!

I love you more each day. Thank you, COL.

You seem a bit perturbed with a few things which just happen to be more than annoying to me, too. Being feisty is a good sign. I haven’t squandered my time on cable, Twitter, FB or Fox TV almost forever. Glad to note you’re getting on with life despite all the interfering glitches.

Welcome back. Seems your experience was as the least traumatic as possible. It will be quite the relief to cross that off your list. Welcome back Crabby! And welcome to the un-cabled club. Someone already mentioned deleting cookies. I am hounded by COPD advertising and an ad for a dress purchased by my sister who sent the Nordstrom photo of it to me in an email.I'm joining in to send you hugs and all kinds of healing thoughts.

Roast the weenies!

Crabby is the best.

Tearing down the "democracy" that is the US today is the only solution.

The stranglehold of corporations is wrecking the country.

The youth give me enormous hope. All youth.


1. There is a reason that I participate in clinical trials- to be of value to the research necessary to make recovery possible...as it has been for me.

2. We know the media is a good thing and a not so good thing, as the circumstance may be.

3. Amen!

Always keeping you in my warmest thoughts, Ronni!

COL forever--welcome back. Glad all went well with the "repair".

I swore that if The Orange Apparition got elected, I'd turn off my TV. I haven't followed through as well as I intended to--I guess it's a little like witnessing a train wreck or similar event. It's happening, you know it's a disaster, but you watch anyway. I do limit myself, however. Everything tRump is depressing and infuriating.

I hope he is forced to resign or is impeached long before the 2020 election. If that doesn't happen, getting every single eligible voter to the polls, especially the young people and immigrants, will be the key to sending him back to the golf course permanently.

I love you Crabby Old Lady. You make my day, my week, my month, and my life much better.

You are my hero.

love, Kit

"Devoted 'Time Goes By' Reader" admires the way you've dealt with your illness. He never miss an entry in your blog. In short, he's a fan. Having said that, as they say, he can't stand your use of the third person. He can't put his finger on why exactly, but maybe it's because "it's too cutsey" as his mother might have said.

However, your cogent appraisal of 45 is one of the best I've read anywhere:

"He's an idiot, a con man, likely a criminal but no one with the power to do anything will deal with it." That really says it all in just 22 words. Perfect.

10000000000000000000000000% agree.

Eyes front.


The more crabby you are, the more you inspire. Only an idiot (or a bigot) walks around carefree with Orangeman in the White House and a supine Congress doing nothing. Your crabbiness is indispensable to the rest of us.

Oh, Crabby, you are most wise to turn off the cable toxic news. Those people are not your tribe! Yes, we gotta do what we can do......get out the vote, if I didn't get lost all the time, I'd drive people to the polls, and so forth........but we don't have to give our spirit to that lowest of low, soul depleting garbage all the time. I watch the news twice a week, read a bit, that's it.
He is a fascist, and we are living in a plutocracy, and ICE is destroying good peoples' lives daily, and I know it, and am still going to give myself room to breathe and be and feel some joy every day, otherwise, what the.................???

I love all those 17 year olds.
Glad you are up and crabby. Tomorrow should be better. Hugs from here.

The trouble with those cable news shows is that they aren't really news. Most of it is supposition about what could, might, or should happen. Plus everyone seems to shout. I'd rather get my news from the newspaper but even that can be a challenge because its mostly sports, car ads, and celebrity news. Much better to give PBS news hour a look every couple of nights or so while I'm cooking dinner and call it a day.
Walter Cronkite has left the building that's for sure.

I faced cancer at the age of 45. My children were in preschool and second grade. I was worried about my life, my husband’s and my children’s lives. Now, with Trump in office, I am again concerned about my life, my husband’s and now grown children's lives. Cancer was a malignancy I had to fight. Now the malignancy to fight is Trump. Never give up!

Still watching the news - desperately looking for GOOD news. And I think there is some. It feels as if we're on the verge of total, bottom-up change. Trump's a caricature of life as it was and the world's no longer willing to accept that. Young people can see that and they're leading the way.

Hey, I'm jumping on their bandwagon. How about you, Crabby Old?

Hi COL - good to have you back - like you too much info/attention - after having had breast cancer I thought I would puke if I saw another pink ribbon advt or article - enough already!

Great post! I remember when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I searched online for ovarian cancer survivors. The results came back: so and so died of ovarian cancer, survivors include ...

Ronni, and all those in the same way, please read on the internet Libby Znaimer's story on her pancreatic cancer, a real Positive. Libby also writes articles for Zoomer mag. (Cdn) and is a local Toronto celeb.

You can be crabby all you want. We still love you. Thanks for all of your wisdom.

All of ALL the above, in spades! Thank you, Ronni. Thank you, Ronni's Readers.

Well, to add to your list . . . my mother died of pancreatic cancer in 2000 at age 89. So I'm glad to hear of your great prognosis, and hope you will live to 89 and beyond. Otherwise, I gave up on Trump tweets a long time ago, and I think everyone else should as well. Why encourage him?

You said it, Crabby. Thanks.

When the creepy stalker ads get to be too much, try "shopping" a few items by your favorite artists on one of the big art print web sites. Then the likes of Rothko and Thiebaud and Chagall (my favorites) will follow you around for a couple of weeks. Improves the view a lot.

Fantastic that you likely have resolved bleeding issue.
Fantastic that there are no visible signs of cancer.
May you live past 90, at least.

As for Trump, I may be your only fan that tends to tolerate him and at times even sees value in his policies, but does regret certain behaviors. I've never met a President I did not learn to like--so far it has worked out. I tend to steer clear of politics on public forums but for the sake of full disclosure, I had to say it just this once. John

Isn't it exhilarating watching those 17 years old activists/future voters that don't seem to be going away?

The good news was good indeed. And the stuff that makes us crabby is mainly annoyingly dangerous and certainly depressing....

I hope silence here doesn't mean you are back in the hospital. I worry.

I saw one post that was a bit on the positive side on our current president. President Trump is, I'll admit, a bit of a blowhard, but it seems clear that he delivers on his promises and then some.

So there, I guess I'm starting on the wrong side here.


No sides here, Charles.

The point is for each of us to share our experiences, our ideas, our selves, and sometimes governance and politics, to put it liberally.

Well, Simone that is what I hoped would be felt, that my effort to give a little balance would be accepted as just that.

I am reading these comments months late & will most likely never get any clarification from the two men (John and Charles) who wrote in support of dRump. I am curious about which promises have been delivered (and then some), what specific things about him you have learned to like, and which policies of his are to be valued. I am sincere in asking these questions since I am flummoxed in trying to identify any redeeming qualities at all about him since the first time I heard of him. Thanks for any explanation!

Ronnie, your blog adds so much to my day! I agree with everything you say (which means you are not only wise, but you are right) and you often give me food for thought. I just wish I had discovered you sooner. And I hope you keep on for a long, long time.

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