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Interesting Stuff – 28 April 2018

Oops – I don't mean to fool you. My intention, after missing last week, was to post an Interesting Stuff today but there was just too much catchup to accomplish yesterday after nearly a week in hospital again.

There is, however, a growing collection of Interesting Stuff so you can look forward to that in coming Saturdays.

For today, here is a simple one I can show you – the Mission Impossible squirrel. It's nearly eight years old so you may have seen it but I don't think you'll enjoy it any less this time.

They're clever littler buggers aren't they, those squirrels?


The homeowner is obviously as clever as the squirrel. And apparently they entertain each other.

I enjoy my squirrels and their entertaining ways.

This is indeed an intriguing obstacle course. Reminds me of our first house and the antics of a squirrel that had to jump a significant distance to reach our bird feeder one Midwestern snowy winter. Kept us busy filling the feeder but entertained us as well.

If you just let the first video continue you'll segue into a bunch more videos of crazy squirrel tricks. Who says animals can't reason ?

Enjoy your weekend, Ronni. I hope you're refreshed by Monday.

The squirrels are so entertaining. We love the ones in our neighborhood and feed them roasted peanuts and filberts. One with only a partial tail, who we call Stubs co9mes right up to our front door when we open it; he would probably knock if he had knuckles. He knows the sound of our car, and when we drive up, he's immediately looking for a treat. When I call in my indoor/outdoor cat, he comes to "kitty, kitty." He sits there with his paw out just waiting for something, and he is not afraid of the cat, nor does the cat bother him a bit. They are in each other's orbits a lot, but seem to get along well as many of the animals in some of the inter-species videos you sometimes share.

I hope you're feeling well, enjoying your weekend and getting caught up on rest as well as other things.

This is a test. Windows 10 has messed up my computer and I tried posting this morning only to fail. Let's see if I can post now.

Okay -it worked this time. Now I will add my 2 cents worth.

Squirrels are not only ingenious they are as fast as I am slow.

My Uncle used to feed them also and loved to watch their antics.

Forgot to add that the rest of the family thought my Uncle was nuts. (Pun intended).

Apparently squirrels were once kept as pets — just saw that somewhere yesterday. Yes, I have seen this before, and yes, I enjoyed it again. The music is just perfect!

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