Four Days in the Hospital
ELDER MUSIC: Forget Me Not

Notorious RBG (and Blog Schedule Change)

PERSONAL NOTE: Last week's hospital stay was a surprise that left me with no good way to post stories. This next hospital visit is planned.

As I explained on Monday, an internal blood leak resulting from my Whipple surgery last year needs repair and that is now scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday.

It may or may not be necessary for me to remain in the hospital overnight but no one knows that until the procedure tomorrow. With the various preparations, I've not had time to write a Friday post or the Saturday Interesting Stuff.

But do stay tuned for Sunday's Elder Music column from Peter Tibbles - this week will be songs about forgetting.

I'll see you back here again on Monday.


* * *

There are hardly any admirable people working in high profile positions in the Washington, D.C. federal government these days so today, I want to speak a little of one who is: Notorious RGB, the estimable Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who turned age 85 in March.

A TGB reader, Kathleen Noble, mentioned in a comment on Monday's post that she has seen the new documentary about Justice Ginsburg titled RBG which will be released in theaters on 4 May 2018.

Here is the trailer:

I may not be first in line when the film opens, but I won't be far behind. I have been a fan of Justice Ginsburg for years and years and years. She is my hero. A guiding light. I still want to grow up to be just like her.

She was also part of my inspiration when I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year as she survived that disease (in addition to colon cancer) a long while before I did.

The new film, according to Access Hollywood,

”...focuses on Ginsburg’s role in defining gender-discrimination law and systematically releasing women from second-class status, she argued six pivotal gender-bias cases in the 1970s before an all-male Supreme Court blind to sexism.”

Here is some more information about RBG from the production company press release:

”The film is told through the voices of Ginsburg’s family and friends, former clients and colleagues, her close friend and NPR legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg, and historic figures whose paths she has crossed, including the son of her close friend and Supreme Court colleague, the late Antonin Scalia.

“Throughout, interviews with Justice Ginsburg herself add poignant layers to the images and never-before-seen personal home movies that reveal a mostly unknown life of personal challenges, incredible discipline, and a touching, decades-long romance with her husband, the late Martin Ginsburg...

“While vérité scenes and archival news footage illustrate Ginsburg’s career and personal highlights, expert editing weaves Ginsburg’s speeches, writings, and Supreme Court arguments to round out her historic impact on American life.

“What emerges is the definitive documentary portrait of Ginsburg: a complex jurist, scholar, opera lover, wife, mother, daughter, and fierce citizen.”

Okay, okay, I know that's flak from the production company but with a life like Justice Ginsburg's and the extraordinary person she has proved again and again to be, I don't think they are far wrong.

I am certainly not the only Justice Ginsburg fan. In recent years, she has become an icon, especially among young women. Take a look at this short piece about her when the book, Notorious RBG, was published in 2015, that includes a short clip of Kate McKinnon's impression of RBG on Saturday Night Live:

If you have time to spare (more than an hour) here is a February 2018 interview with Justice Ginsburg at Columbia University Alumni Association conducted by CNN's Poppy Harlow:

While I was flailing around trying to sum up Ginsburg for this post, I ran across a YouTube video of five law professors who had been asked to describe her.

Each of the five once served as RBG's law clerk and know her in ways that are impossible for me. I just admire her from a distance but what these five former colleagues tell us rings absolutely true.


Ah, the glorious woman of our times. I've no doubt that her judicial achievements came from persistent exactness and keen discernment, likely in all areas in her life, from personal to professional.

What a woman! What an elder woman who includes grace with fortitude to give her life balance, and perhaps sanity.

I don't remember any images of her at the inauguration, so perhaps the wore a heavy, floor-length veil. In any case, I like to think that in these turbulent and disruptive times, she is the leveler who provides inspiration and substance.

Wonderful posting on RBG, and thanks for the "heads up" on when we may expect your next posting. Don't let "them" hurt you! Sending a gentle hug your way.

Thinking good thoughts for you that all will go well and you'll be home in no time. Stay strong.

Oh thankyou so much, I knew nothing about this film, and will definitely want to go see it!

Meantime, many blessings for your "repair." May it go smoothly, and easily for you.

The filmmakers included several clips of RBG watching the Saturday Night Live impressions of her, laughing! Don’t miss this film!

Wishing you a quick and easy recovery.

I met Justice Ginsburg when I was admitted to the US Supreme Court...a class act. She was the only one who stopped by after the ceremony for a meet and greet and photo session. Sending warm wishes to you for a speedy recovery. :)

I know that you will be held in good "medical" hands tomorrow, but please know there are many who will be holding you in their hearts AND wishing you well.

You've got the best medical team I know. I'll be glad when you are home again, be well.

I have and use "The RBG Workout: How She Stays Strong " exercise book she wrote with her trainer. She is a remarkable woman on many fronts.

Best wishes for a quick, easy R&R (repair and recovery).

May the Force be with you during the next few days..........along with all the prayers & positive energy from all of us at TGB. Dee:)

I am thankful for your blogg, and have learned many things over the time I have been reading you. Be well and I hope you are still writing for a long time to come. Thank You.

Thank you for the heads up on your procedure, and I will be waiting to hear good news that all is in good order after. Good thoughts, and vibes being sent your way. Like RBG, you is strong, you is beautiful and you is loved. !

Your "condition" sounds familiar. After my colon surgery a few years ago, there were numerous bleeds (one, a real gusher) that sent me to the hospital for a week each time. Eventually, it all came together and the real healing process could start. This kind of corrective procedure is very common after surgery on organs that process so much blood like the pancreas.

You are in our thoughts.
Take care, Ronni.

Thanks for all the interesting RBG material. All of it is welcome, but it is especially encouraging to see how much she is respected by young people. The short bit with the dogs, babies and tattoos is fabulous! And Kate McKinnon doing an impression of almost anyone is always a treat. (Her Jeff Sessions cracks me up!)

Wishing you all the best for a successful and permanent fix, and a restful weekend when you get home.

Wishing you skilled surgeons and a quick return to your new normal!

Along with your cheering section I will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending healing thoughts your way.

RBG is a hero and an inspiration to all women and is such great and disciplined lady that she is held in the highest esteem by all. I wish I had her dedication to staying healthy. I hate exercise and admire those who stick with it. Unfortunately, my dedication left me sometime in the last ten years and I can't seem to get it back. Alas, woe and embarrassment.

All the best for this surgery, Ronni. It sounds like your medicos are confident with the procedure, and scheduled is better than unscheduled! So I hope you are back in your own home asap. The TGB team are with you all the way!

Have enjoyed The Notorious RBG book and appreciate your tribute here. Will come back over the next few days to view the videos.

Looking forward to your return here soon following your latest medical escapade! May this be an unremarkable routinely resolved event with a minimum of discomfort for you. Sending positive vibes your way!

Thank you. I shall find the book and view the film. We will see you after your repair.

Wishing you the very best and most rapid recovery tomorrow.

Thank you for all you do for our community, as exemplified by that grand collection of RBG information.

Hope that your procedure went well and that you will soon be back to doing what you want to do. I think RBG is a good role model for you (and all of us); you both are strong women, mentally and physically. Sending you kind and healing thoughts.

Thank you for the wonderful read. Sending best wishes for recovery and for everything, always. You are our hero.

Hoping everything went according to plan.
Thanks for all the info about RBG

What was the name of the women, whose time to sue had run out. If I am not mistaken I believe that Justice Ruth Ginsburg listen to the case.

Sending wishes of speedy recovery and a thank you of gratitude for your lifelong dedication to equality for ALL. We STILL need your mind and voice if it does not sap your strength. From a lifelong humanitarian and maternal - child care provider... a nurse-midwife ... an advocate of informed consent and believer that good prevails. Get well soon!

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