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[EDITORIAL NOTE: At last, a new Interesting Stuff that has been missing for two Saturdays in a row due to my hospital visits. I always have fun doing this so I'm glad to be back at it.]


Particularly since the 2016 election, it has baffled and embarrassed me that the majority of elder voters identify as conservatives and/or Republicans often when it is in their own best interests to vote otherwise.

Now, after more than a year of President Donald Trump, that may be changing. Here is a new survey from Reuters about how Americans 60 and older are moving toward the Democrats:

”The potential impact of any swing to Democrats is magnified given that older, educated adults are reliable voters. They also make up a sizeable portion of the voting population in many districts where elections are close.

“How they vote could decide elections in as many as 26 competitive congressional districts where Democrats have a shot at winning a seat.”

Personally, I think it is way too early to predict what will happen in the midterm elections – a lot can happen to sway people in different directions between now and then. Here's the Reuters chart:


You can Read more here and here.


I've always been a sucker for the history of small, unimportant things. Here's one about the humble bread bag clip:

”The tiny piece of plastic keeping your bread fresh is all thanks to one family. Through the company Kwik Lok, the Paxton sisters have been carrying on their grandfather’s legacy, selling over a billion bag clips every year.”

Let's go to the video tape:


Oh, no. Just because my sweet tooth has inexplicably faded since my Whipple surgery nearly a year ago doesn't mean I don't care about this news. As my Salem, Oregon, friend John Gear says, “this is serious.”

”Cacao plants are slated to disappear by as early as 2050 thanks to warmer temperatures and dryer weather conditions,” reports the World Economic Forum. “Scientists at the University of California are teaming up with Mars company to try to save the crop before it's too late.

“Cacao plants occupy a precarious position on the globe. They can only grow within a narrow strip of rainforested land roughly 20 degrees north and south of the equator, where temperature, rain, and humidity all stay relatively constant throughout the year.

“Over half of the world's chocolate now comes from just two countries in West Africa — Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana.”

You can read more here.


My long-time friend Wendl Kornfeld has been given the Samuel Sacks Achievement Award for her volunteer work at Temple Emanu-El in New York City.

She also works with and is an expert on elder orphans, people who are without family in their old age. Congratulations, Wendl, for the award and thank you for your ongoing hard work.

You can read more here.


John Oliver tells us on his HBO program, Last Week Tonight. It's a long-ish video but always worth the time.


U.S. Medicare has begun mailing out the new Medicare cards – the one's that do not expose our Social Security numbers. They look like this:


Medicare has now posted a chart showing whether the cards have been mailed yet to your state. Here is the current update:


You can sign up here to be notified when mailing begins for your state.


Any one of the accidents this man has lived through would be enough for me to consider myself lucky.


TGB reader Bill Griffith sent this movie trailer for the film, Little Pink House about the U.S. Supreme Court case, Kelo v. City of New London and the doctrine of eminent domain.

I followed the case closely over the years it was happening, eventually disgusted with the outcome. You might be interested too – that a big, fat, billion-dollar company can take your home just because.


Here's a little bit of political history for you – the reason for tiny doors throughout the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

NOTE: For some reason this video refuses to play. There is another video about the tiny doors in the Capitol Building at Roll Call. Just click the link.

* * *

Interesting Stuff is a weekly listing of short takes and links to web items that have caught my attention; some related to aging and some not, some useful and others just for fun.

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It would be interesting to know how much the political shift for the elder population reflects actual changes in thinking by the same people, how much reflects new people moving into the age category, and how much is an artifact of the polling methods. Intriguing!

Thanks, Ronni - it's great to have this weekly column return, filled today with all sorts of interesting items.

Wendl - Congratulations on being recognized for well-deserved and valuable volunteering on a variety of projects in the city. What an impressive body of work you do!

It won't be as easy to remember the new Social Security numbers as it has been up to now.

The Luckiest Unlucky Man is a poster boy for "Hang in there!" or "it's the goal, not the journey..." mantras.

And bless John Oliver and his show's thorough investigations and reliably frank critiques. Humor helps to swallow the bitter pill that knowledge delivers in his accounts. Sometimes awareness sucks.

Oops, meant Medicare numbers.

Ronni, I was so surprised and gratified to see my award mentioned, thank you! You were and are one of my greatest inspirations and mentors on this amazing journey through our older years. Viva TGB!

I hope the trend continues, and that conservative voters of every age will think long and hard about the wisdom of continuing to vote Republican. Nobody is too old to change if the facts warrant it. And if not for themselves, for their progeny.

I'd not heard of the tiny doors before today. What a fascinating historical detail. I'm glad remodelers had the foresight not to cover all of them.

Congratulations Wendl!!

Great job and it's nice to see that sometimes a deserving person is rewarded.

Thank you and welcome back! I love interesting stuff!

I couldn't help but grin on the Medicare card mail out chart and did sign up for an email, but at the rate they are moving I wonder if I'll still be around to get mine?

Love the little door story.

I am so glad you were able to continue with this part of your blog. It's my favorite to read each week. So many goodies this week to comment about.

I too don't understand why older voters continue to vote against there own best interest but I hope the trend that you shared continues for the November election.

Getting close to Medicare and I am glad to see those SS numbers disappearing from the cards. I worked for an audiologist whose patients were over 65 and was astounded at the time when I took their Medicare card for our records to see SS numbers on them.

Thank you for sharing the trailer for the movie "The Little Pink House." I live in Connecticut and remember that story but had not followed it too closely. I had no idea that it went all the way to the Supreme Court. I am going to try to see the movie if it makes it into one of our theaters.

So glad you're feeling well enough to continue this part of your blog.

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