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America's Shame – A Turning Point?

EDITORIAL NOTE: In a departure from the usual TimeGoesBy fare, today's post has nothing to do with growing old unless, like me, you didn't believe you would ever see concentration camps in the United States. Second, I finished writing this on Sunday but things move so swiftly in Trumpworld that god only knows what will have changed in regard to the border crisis by the time you read this.

* * *

Here is the latest New Yorker cover from artist Barry Blitt.


It took long enough but at last, this past week, the U.S. is paying attention to the cruel, merciless and inhumane policy of President Trump's administration at the country's southern border.

Did you ever, in your wildest imagination, think that the government of the United States would snatch infants and toddlers from their parents and stick them in baby jails behind chain link fences?

How about all those teenage boys in tents in 108-degree F temperatures? Do you believe the government when it says those tents are well air conditioned?

And what about the girls? Where are the girls? Why won't the government tell us?

It was only after hundreds of protests and marches around the U.S. that President Trump capitulated and signed an executive order to end family separations at the border late last week.

And it was not until this weekend that a few members of Congress were allowed inside one or two detention centers in Texas. But no pictures allowed.

”The lawmakers didn’t know exactly how many children were at the facility,” reports Bloomberg News, “and complained about being unable to get numbers and other specific responses.

“They were told, though, that 26 minors brought to Tornillo had been separated from their parents at the border, and that three of them have since been reunited with their families.”

The Trump government doesn't know how many kids are in their tent jail? Doesn't know???

And that figure of 2,342 children snatched from their parents arms between May 5 and June 9 that the media keep repeating? What kind of number is that? How many were taken away before 5 May and since 9 June? Can we trust these numbers? Can we believe anything the federal government says about their zero tolerance border policy?

No one from the press has been allowed to take photos or videos inside any the camps. What is the government trying to hide?

It has been obvious for a week or more that when Trump's “zero tolerance” policy was enacted and they started grabbing kids from their parents, no one – not a single federal employee including the president and cabinet secretaries – had any intention of keeping records of the names and contacts of the parents and their children.

Why would they? If you believe it is a good idea to lock up children without their parents, keep them in empty warehouses in chain-link cages and not allow anyone in to verify who is there and under what conditions, why would care about returning the kids to their parents?

What else would you expect from a president who spends his time name-calling people he doesn't like, lying once every two minutes or so about pretty much everything, and is generally nasty in word and deed?

As bad as all this is, now the government will no longer split up families, they say. Instead...

”The Navy memo outlines plans to build 'temporary and austere' tent cities to house 25,000 migrants at abandoned airfields just outside the Florida panhandle near Mobile, Alabama, at Navy Outlying Field Wolf in Orange Beach, Alabama, and nearby Navy Outlying Field Silverhill,” reports Time magazine.

“The memo also proposes a camp for as many as 47,000 people at former Naval Weapons Station Concord, near San Francisco; and another facility that could house as many as 47,000 people at Camp Pendleton, the Marines’ largest training facility located along the Southern California coast.

“The planning memo proposes further study of housing an undetermined number of migrants at the Marine Corps Air Station near Yuma, Arizona.”

Does any of this sound familiar? Some people younger than you and I may not recall those evil places called concentration camps in Europe during World War II or that other shameful episode in American history of rounding up Japanese-Americans and placing them in internment camps during the same war.

Apparently there is no time limit for holding families in these new camps. The word “indefinitely” has come up in the discussions.

There are plenty of useful and humane possibilities to deal with undocumented immigrants coming to our country but this administration didn't bother to look into it. They chose the racist answer.

I'm sure none of this is new information to you – all of the U.S. and much of the world has been watching this brutal practice for days. But I don't want to end this post without one more comment.

First Lady Melania Trump went to Texas one day last week to see the children. She wore this jacket:


When objections erupted, a spokeperson for Mrs. Trump said it is “just a jacket,” no message intended. No, it is not just a jacket (price: $39) when a woman who regularly spends thousands of dollars on a single dress wears it. It is a choice she made, a message she wanted people to see.

In the past, I've had some sympathy for the First Lady. No more. And from the public response, millions of others feel as I do.

God knows I could be wrong, but I sense that we have reached an inflection point in the politics of the United States. That throwing babies and toddlers (even teenagers, in my mind) into detention camps without their parents has been a bridge too far for a majority of Americans and maybe, just maybe things will begin to change now.


I, like so many others, share your outrage. We can continue to make phone calls, send emails to our representatives, protest, register and canvass for voters. Beyond that, however, what can we do but cry!

The 2018 Midterm Election is 19 weeks from tomorrow and I read in the NY Times that this administration still enjoys the support of 90% of Republicans.
We have never been particularly good people except in our own minds, and I have only the faintest hope that we'll take responsibility for ourselves even now.

I'm afraid Harold has it right -- it is in our minds that Americans are at our best. Despite claiming to be such a 'Christian' nation, America has engaged in plenty of despicable behavior over our entire history, beginning with the genocide and stealing and despoiling of lands where others who came here long before white Europeans had managed to live for centuries.

I have never particularly liked Melania, but felt that she was just along for the ride and would never even have come to live in the White House if she had been able to avoid it. If there was any doubt of this in my mind, before her visit to the camp, it's gone now. The plan was probably to do some good PR and damage control, using Melania. She was someone who could be sent to "make nice"; people like her, she's pretty and white, probably smells nice and always wears nice clothes. Ooops! -- a little slip in wardrobe management reveals her true colors. Trump and his entire entourage need to end this travesty while there is still a possibility of salvaging this country.

I am waiting for the comments from Republican commentators that suggest the "tent' cities that the military will erect are nicer than the horse stalls used to house the Japanese Americans forced from their homes. And "better" than the camps erected in various states to house them afterwards - where the snow and cold blew through the cracks in the walls, no privacy in bathrooms, towers with armed guards, etc. The current administration is erecting prisons pure and simple. This is unconstitutional - but they do not care because they do not care about laws. They are inhumane but they do not care about the humanity of others not like themselves.

I have lost all trust in GOP voters and politicians. There has been a stench-filled tide creeping across America for a few years now and we're suffocating. I once held out a little hope for Melania, but that's gone now. She wore her heart on her back for all to see.

June 1st is the beginning of hurricane season. What happens to the people in these tents when a hurricane heads their way? What provision has been made for caring for them? I’m afraid we all know the answer to that.
The graft and corruption present in this administration is unbelievable. And there is no attempt to hide it. No shame about it. It feels like the sole objective is to destroy America.
May the end to this nightmare come soon.

Held up by generals and the little Nazi Miller, Trump is rapidly escalating his most seedy propaganda by wanting to dismiss the entire judicial system in order to keep immigrants out of the country.
Once again brothers are being pitted against brothers in an attempt to start civil war.
Perhaps they realize they've little time left with Mueller getting closer but it seems the goal of the generals and Mercers is to destroy the ties that bind as quickly as possible while America still sleeps.

I keep waiting for a breaking point when even die-hard Republicans say, "Enough is enough!" Since you wrote this, Trump is talking about doing away with Due Process. If that doesn't outrage people who believe in our Constitution nothing well! He's created the fake crisis at the border by causing a bottle neck with a shortage of immigration judges. I've never been so ashamed of our country as I am right now! I live in Michigan and I have a relative who works in foster care and she said they are getting a flood of these kids from the border shipped up to their facility, even a few babies with no paper trail of who their parents are or where they are. We have to keep the calls and emails up to our representatives in congress.

Ronni, you ask where the girls are. And the babies? The discovery of that particular issue brought Rachel Maddow to tears. She was mortified with herself, but I sat and wept with her.

I very much second everything you write here. Next Saturday the 30th is the occasion of a DC march against the unspeakable immigration policies, like nothing I have ever seen before - that, however, is not the sole march against this evil administration and its "policies," I think there are 5 just in MN alone. If I am able, I will go to the one in Minneapolis - and take others along.

But basically I find I waver between desperation and fury. And I am not alone. Telephoning, signing petitions, protesting in various fashions: these give us a sort of temporary ease to our pain and outrage. But I still feel pretty helpless.

In the meantime, though, those children - those boys, those girls, those babies - are caught up in this hell. As are their parents.

Perhaps the most frightening thing for me to realize is how much of western Europe seems to be following suit in its - what? - admiration? delight? for the unspeakable US leader.

So more power to you, Ronni. You have provided me, at least, with some energy to keep going.

Re: How many were taken away before 5 May and since 9 June? Can we trust these numbers?

NPR (Ann Arbor, MI) interviewed the director of Bethany Christian Services who said 81 children, yes 81, mostly babies and toddlers, were brought to Grand Rapids in mid-April.
Yes, mid-April. She also said many would probably not be reunited with parents because they didn't know who they were and the children couldn't tell them.

Now, let yourself extrapolate from this reporting....81 children in mid-April in one middle-sized city in Michigan and then ask yourself the question Ronni posed in her column. Did we even know parents and children were being separated like this mid-April?

The answer is clearly: we didn't know and we won't ever know.


Trump needs to resign. He, Ryan, McConnell and most Republicans in Congress are draconian in every way imaginable. Even those 'nice' ones who vote along party line rather than for the good of people. They can and will "say" anything. It's what they do that matters.

And if he doesn't and they don't, then we, the People, must. I'd rather fight this cancer now than find ourselves with no rights, no ability and no choice down the road.

The Pharaoh in Egypt, Haman in ESTHER, Herod in Bethlehem, Hitler in Germany...all had or wanted to have the children of the Israelites killed. None of these are heroes. History never looks fondly on those who mistreat children.

We journeyed to the border south of San Diego this past weekend to make our voices heard outside the immigrant detention center at Otay Mesa. The best moment was when the women held inside heard the crowd outside and returned our shouts. "Where are the children?"

I don't want to muck up Ronni's comments with links, but if you follow the link from my name and scroll down the blog, you can see and read about this action.

What matters in this time is that we all DO SOMETHING. Whatever we are individually able. This is the only remedy for despair in the presence of horror.

I fear many of those families will never be reunited because officials had no thoughts of ever doing so and did not create the paper trail necessary to ensure it.

Separating children from their parents is inhumane. Families should be treated as the units they are and processed, admitted, or repatriated together.

Trump, Sessions, Miller. Whoever thought up this idea, initiated it, enforced it, supported it -- I hope their dreams are forever haunted by the faces of crying children.

I stumbled on a documentary about Watergate last night on MSNBC--and the making of the movie--and the takeaway was that, in the end, the system worked, and Nixon was deposed. But that left Gerald Ford. I have a sinking feeling about this situation. We have Mike Pence and the rest of the minions waiting if Trump goes down, which eventuality doesn't seem likely. The Republicans led the impeachment charge after Watergate. Fat chance now. What we do have are the courts and the governors--and the organizations that are working non stop to push against this evil administration.

I agree that parents should not be separated from their children, it is cruel and uncaring. However, I think we should bear in mind these people have indeed broken the law, and some action should be taken. Other lawbreakers have consequences, so should these. Also, you may see these accommodations that are being provided as inadequate, not fit for habitation. You are looking at them from a point of view of American living, I would not be surprised to find that for many, they might be a vast improvement to what they left behind. Many of these immigrants are using reasons for entrance into the USA that seem flimsy at best. One woman wanted to escape an abusive husband. She had to go to another country to do This? Another city wouldn't have been sufficient? It would be like someone from NY saying they had to move to China to be safe. I certainly hate that people are being used as pawns for political purposes, but the influx of illegal immigrants must be stopped , abet in a better way.

An election might get rid of this nightmare, but can we really trust our voting system? This is so scary.

I am frightened for my country. People who say this is "un-American" don't know their history very well. We've done stuff like this and worse to others. But this is not what I expected to see in this day and age, with instant communication and social networks. That New Yorker cover says it all. I fear the effects of the trauma for us and the children will never go away, no matter what happens next. I am in a state of fear pretty much all the time these days. :-(

Thank you, Ronni! REAL Americans, - - of all colors and all religions, who, until this 'baby separation' thing, may have been hanging back, - -seeing Trump's earlier outrages as 'needed corrections' to previous 'overreaches'. But I think this 'baby separation' thing has finally wakened a great many REAL Americans. They'll be with us to Vote Our Fury in November.
If Trump tries to actually GET RID of MUELLER, we have to make ALL HELL BREAK LOOSE!
That should include not just marches, but blockades, strikes, shutting down water, power, power to Fox studios, and in D.C., - - the sewer system pumps!

No, it's not what I expected in the 21st century, that's for sure. Like DJan, I want to say, "This is not America--we're better than that". I believe most of us think that. However, historically and very sadly, the facts show otherwise. I just didn't expect to see concentration camps set up again during my lifetime. Especially concentration camps for toddlers separated from their parents!

The thing is that except for protesting loudly and frequently, and VOTING (elections may not be 100% honest but they're all we have short of insurrection or revolution), ordinary people may not have much power against the Emperor of Trumpistan and his minions. It's all about "follow the money". Every day solicitations for political donations flood my inbox. I have little money to donate, so I feel helpless to effect change.

I've said many times that I'm no fan of old age, but there may be an upside: not living too much longer under this cruel, inhumane, horrendous, corrupt, racist administration/wannabe dictatorship! However, maybe I'll live long enough to see them thrown out of office. Now THAT would be the day!!

These frightened, separated children are scarred for life. Not that Trump and his ilk care. I just learned that calling all (except Fox) news fake was also another lead up to Hitler's reign. If I remember correctly, in Germany it was the "Lying News." Trump wants to be a fascistic, rascist dictator, he has thrown his lot in with them, and dissed our allies. I know America has never been kind, but this latest, separating parents and children, helter skelter, has me brought low. This is not populism, it is fascism. Like other writers, I too am frightened. But let's not be too frightened to do everything we can to right this whole situation. And let's not grow weary........."pace yourself," said the cheetah, "it's a long run."

Every single word Tim Hay wrote.

Resist all the way to the finish line.

Gail, you are missing some information.

There is supposed to be a legal process to handle claims of asylum. The first step is called a credible claim hearing. Those who don't have a credible claim that they face real danger if sent back, can be sent back right away. Only those who pass that test go on to the next stage of the process.

If a claim is not valid, it can be dealt with very quickly. So anecdotes about claims that seem flimsy to you, really aren't any justification for what's being done.

Here's another thing: CBP has been physically blocking entry at the designated crossing points. Then they have been arresting those who cross elsewhere and present themselves asking for asylum. Let me repeat that: They make it impossible to enter legally, then they're using the excuse of 'lawbreaking' to treat families with children as if they were dangerous criminals, when the offense is roughly equivalent to jaywalking.

And finally: Conditions in Honduras and El Salvador are terrifying for the people who live there. Not even slightly comparable to NYC. Nobody would give up everything they know to make a thousand-mile journey with their children on their backs, through the most dangerous territory on earth, for a light cause. They do this for love of their children. They do it to try to save their young sons from being killed by the gangs, their young daughters from being raped.

I am so outraged that I just wrote the longest comment I have ever made and it suddenly disappeared. Is Grump reading my comment? I will try again.

Grump(not a typo), Miller, Sessions, et. al, should be on their way to the Hague right now to stand trial for their inhumanity. What is happening is so sick and frightening that we should all be very terrified. This is one vicious administration and the fact that they are not allowing journalists to see what is going on is beyond scary.

Using cruelty on the most vulnerable to achieve a political goal is so malevolent that I am sickened by this shameful policy . I am horrified that 90% of the Republicans approve of this action. What is wrong with them?

This should not come as a surprise to those of us who pay attention. The Nazis used the Jews as a scapegoat and Grump used the Immigrants. That his constant propaganda and lies was successful is the most frightening thing to me. Immigration was already down when he started this rant about murderers and rapists coming across the border. Coupled with the lies about Muslim criminals coming to kill us he succeeded in creating a climate of fear and hatred. He was setting the stage for this policy that he enacted without hearings or other normal actions and the kidnapping of children was the next step. He hoped to blackmail congress into funding his wall by this inhumane policy. That he might succeed is disgusting.

Separating families has been used by the cruelest dictators and now we can add the president to the list.

Those poor children will be traumatized for life. The older children have justification for hating Americans now and may grow up to be the terrorists that Grump rails against.

I have heard that the people taking care of these children are not even allowed to hold them or comfort the small toddlers who are crying for their papis and nanas. I weep for them and for their parents.

Follow the money again. The suppliers and contractors becoming wealthy at taxpayer expense for this misguided policy is another plus for the enablers of Grump.

And for those who excuse this policy by saying the people broke the law, I say to them that they were NOT breaking the law. They were here begging for sanctuary, as is the right by well accepted international law. What should have happened is that they would be given a hearing and if they had a valid case they would be admitted. If not, they wold be deported. This is what they expected to happen.

Thank you, Sylvia, for your response to Gail's comments about this situation. You presented the facts about what is happening so well!

What’s everybody so surprised about? My opinion and perspective follows. This leader has made it clear from his candidacy an intent to alter our form of government. There’s a word for people who take such action against the government to which they claim to pledge allegiance.

It’s been clear from the beginning that steps are being taken to weaken and destroy our democracy, by systematically undermining citizens trust in all branches of government, disregarding law, taking on more power centralized in the executive branch, disparaging the Fourth Estate, news media, and all who question authority. This is what history shows us has occurred in the past in countries taken over by authoritarian types, essentially dictators.

Take a look at what’s happening in Turkey — Now! It’s a gradual process, but moving pretty quickly here in the U.S. because of the appeasers who naively believe they can control the monster they support. That’s what another nation’s people’s in Europe thought in the 1930’s which culminated in WWII. Our freedoms are at stake. Do you think leaders who could treat infants and children in such an abominable manner would hesitate one minute to treat you differently if they decided you weren’t sufficiently subordinate so labeled you an enemy of their state?

The dictators of the world do often support one another so no wonder our leader caters to Russia’s Putin, N. Korea’s leader. We the people better regain control of this country in our coming elections as what’s happening to these children gives fair warning.

I certainly appreciate the addition information Sylvia provided .I do wonder about two things. When all the people who leave troubled countries what will happen to the gangs and criminals that caused them to leave. Will those type of people stay where they are with no victims to inflict their terror upon, or will they too look for greener pastures. My second concern, if drugs, gangs and uncontrolled violence spread to other central or south American countries , will those people also seek a place here in the US. How many can we hold?
The drawing of the statue of liberty brings to mind my husband's parents who fled Germany before WWII, came thru Ellis Island, learned to speak English, and were proud to be Americans. They did not expect signs to be in German, they did not shop in stores that carried only German foods, they never spoke German, even in the privacy of their home. Can the same be said of today's immigrants? Do they truly want to be Americans or do they just want the benefits of the American way of life?

Illegal immigrants numbers are the lowest than in years, the woman running from an abusive husband was running from a gang that had threatened to kill her daughter. None of us can speak to the threats these people have lived with from the comfort of our American houses. I'm just furious that this country has taken this path. As we're seeing a lot of people telling us to behave w civility, to be nice... if your get this as well, every time trump has behaved abominably there was not ONE call for civility. Now we're speaking up and the trumpers talk about civility? 💔

There is one solution that no one is seriously proposing: Why not open the borders? It costs about $20 Billion a year to police the border and chase down undocumented immigrants of all ages. Trump's ugly and offensive wall would cost anywhere from $22 million to $40 million to complete.

The immigration issue has escalated to near hysterical proportions, thanks largely to DRT, but he is not the first or only President to pursue repressive anti-immigration tactics, including separating families. Bush and Obama, as well as most previous POTUSes since 1930, have pursued similar policies, albeit without the crudeness or cruelty of Trump. It wasn't always this way. Before 1929, immigrants could freely cross the border without fear of criminal prosecution. By 1930, Congress had begun to adopt racist laws designed to create a "whites only" immigration system, with outright bans on Asians and strict limitations on other non-European immigrants. Even after an application system was introduced, Big Agriculture loved Mexican immigrants as long as they didn't try to become citizens.

Who are these dangerous criminals from South of the Border? For starters, they aren't criminals. Immigrants have a much lower crime rate than non-immigrants. And they are not a vast horde "infesting" our pristine nation. If you add the number of apprehensions and the number that have eluded capture plus others who somehow managed to gain legal entry, you would probably be talking about far fewer than a million human beings added to a population of approximately 327 million. Many of these, as we've seen, are children and many others would be seasonal workers, as they were in the past, if not for the fear of multiple dangerous border cossings. They are, for the most part, earnest and hard-working people who take on the lowest paying, dirtiest and most dangerous jobs in our economy. Moreover, historyhas shown that remittances to countries below the border contribute considerably to economic development and could even conceivably reduce the need for immigration.

Only one prominent politician has dared to express a viewpoint about immigration that is counter to that of the mainstream. In one of her Wiki-leaked Goldman Sachs speeches, Hillary Clinton said, "My dream is of a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunityfor everyone in the hemisphere." This speech, and others which her campaign team unwisely tried to keep out of the media, proved that she had the vision, the wisdom and the pragmatism to be the President that DRT (or BS) could never be. She was, of course, pilloried by the right and the left, as Hillary often was. But her vision was praised by most economists, who had long espoused the benefits of open borders.


The last time we had an evil, mendacious demagogue (McCarthy) everyone got their news from the same sources. TV, especially Edward R. Murrow, as well as other media that everybody relied on eventually took McCarthy down. Later, with Nixon, there were members of Congress who stood-up to a president of their own party.

Now, Fox News functions as a state propaganda organ the way Pravda did in the Soviet Union. Half the country relies on it for its version of the truth. And there are no Howard Bakers in Congress.

We are FUBARed.

For those of us who won't live much longer, this is an incredibly sad note on which to leave the world.

I had hoped and believed that Hillary would be the next president, that she would appoint center-left justices, protect the environment, and advance social justice, and that I'd be leaving the world on an optimistic note.

Election night, 2016, was one of the worst nights of my life. And then things got even worse as Trump has been more of a disaster than one could have possibly predicted. And his continuing popularity is the final nail in the coffin.

Thanks, Comey.

FWIW, Gail, your concerns that languages other than English are detrimental are misplaced from my experience. The more we all understand each other and our languages the better. I live in a state that is composed of individuals from many nationalities — we no longer have any predominate one. Our state has grown and prospers with most of our citizens unprejudiced about our differences, in fact appreciating them. We learn so much from one another. I think it’s possible for immigrants to simultaneously be Americans while proudly retaining aspects of their heritage, including their language.

Individuals who grow up in an environment that allows them to acquire and speak more than one language are fortunate. We know that the best time to learn another language is up to the age of puberty, that it’s learned differently and can be more challenging to do so after that. What a marvelous opportunity for a child to acquire another language with native speakers — with their family members at home. Yes, speaking English at home matters, too, for all family members, but integrating the two is not impossible. Some of my family members children and parents successfully did so in reverse when as English speakers they lived in a Spanish speaking South American country.

Studies have also revealed that additional neurological connections developing in our brains from learning other languages can be beneficial. Knowing another language provides additional opportunities to seek stimulating new information to keep our minds alert and active as we age and become old.

The slogan on Mrs Trumps jacket has been suggested to be related to Italian fascism ("Me ne frego/I don't care" is still in use by various militant fascist groupings) - and while there is no clear evidence whether she purposefully chose to wear it on that day for a message and as we may also allow for the unlikely fact that she may not be the smart one behind her wardrobe choice, there is one thing to bear in mind: "Me ne frego" was also the campaign slogan of the recently elected extremely right-wing opposition party in Slovenia, where - surprise! - Mrs Trump was born and raised.

This assimilation versus pluralism argument has gone on for more than a century. Jane Addams and her colleagues struggled with it in the early days of Hull House and other social service programs. I do not understand why some people don't seem to appreciate how enriched America has been by the food, clothing, music, and art and even languages brought here by other cultures. Instead some people seem to see that as a threat. What I see as much more of a threat is the creeping advance of the United States of Stepford, where varying from a white bread uniformity is less and less tolerated and where ignorance, narcissism and authoritarianism are celebrated.

Gail, above, compared the current Latino immigrants unfavorably with the European immigrants from the last century. She wrote that the European immigrants sought to assimilate culturally while the current immigrants do not.

The Eastern Europeans, especially Jews, but even Italians, were subjected to bias in housing and employment as well as every other aspect of life. *That's* why they learned English. *That's* why they anglicized their names. Being white, they could blend into the society more readily than brown-skinned immigrants. It was as much protective coloration, a defense mechanism against the bias directed at them as it was pride for or love of their new country. Racism has been endemic in the U.S. since its founding and continues in the present. Witness the screaming mobs who attend trump's rallies and who elected him and have been emboldened by him and his hate-filled rhetoric. Hate crimes have inceased markedly since Trump became POTUS.

Also, Gail's assertion that Latinos don't learn English is flat-out wrong. I've been in California for years, and I know that second generation Latinos speak English as well as  -- and  often better than  -- Anglos whose families have been here for generations.

As a native Californian, I have always lived in a state where nearly every town, city, or county has a Spanish name. This is no accident. The states of California, Texas, Nevada, and Utah, as well as most of Arizona and New Mexico and part of Colorado were once Mexican territories. They were ceded to the U.S. in 1848 (I think) after the U.S.-Mexican war. The Hispanic people of my state have as much right to speak Spanish as those of Anglo background have to speak English. It's pretty well known now that the majority of California's population has a non-European background. While English may be the language of commerce, we are quite accustomed to ballots, signs and other official business being printed in several languages.

The only light at the end of this horrendous tunnel is that two Gallup surveys taken June 1-13 show that Trump is out of step with American voters. Gallup's Immigration Survey found 80% of Republicans and leaners and 92% of Democrats and leaners say legal immigration is a good thing for the U.S. Currently, 44% of Democrats and Democratic leaners would prefer immigration to be kept at the present level, 36% would like it increased and 15% say it should be decreased. Among Republicans and Republican leaners, 35% think immigration should be kept at its current level, 20% would like it increased and 42% say decreased. Half the respondents to the survey were asked the question with the word 'legal' deleted. Those asked the "legal immigration" question were more likely than those asked the "immigration" question to support increasing the level of immigration, 34% versus 28%, respectively.

A second Gallup poll, also taken June 1-13 shows that 57% of Americans oppose expanding the construction of walls along the USA's Southern border, a centerpiece of President Donald Trump's proposed anti-immigration strategy.

At the same time, 83% of Americans favor allowing immigrants brought into the country illegally as children to have a pathway to U.S. citizenship. Both proposals are included in at least one of the two Republican-sponsored bills the U.S. House of Representatives is preparing to vote on this week.

Gallup has not yet published any polls on reactions to the separation of children from their parents, but it's sure to be an interesting one. I found all this information while looking for where a "fact" I heard on the news which said Trump has 90% approval ratings by the Republicans, wondering where they got their figure. It certainly wasn't from Gallup, maybe an 'alternate fact' from Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Or they went around the table at his boot-licking meeting and everyone testified. (Shudder)

Yes, America's shame is right. Every time I see this photo of ivanka, my stomach turns. How could she??? How do you fight misinformation and downright propaganda when some are so willing to believe? I used to be involved with the immigrant communities around Minneapolis, teaching ESL, volunteering assistance of every kind to help them get their lives here under way. Now I just feel completely helpless and sickened.

Melania, not Ivanka.

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