It's Time to Abandon the Phrase, Anti-Ageing

INTERESTING STUFF – 11 August 2018


The Washington Post headline explains it all:

”Patients are desperate to resemble their doctored selfies. Plastic surgeons alarmed by ‘Snapchat dysmorphia'”

In case you are as light on the meaning of “dysmorphia” as I was, here is Merrian-Webster's medical definition:

”...pathological preoccupation with an imagined or slight physical defect of one's body to the point of causing significant stress or behavioral impairment in several areas (as work and personal relationships).”

As The Independent reports:

”According to plastic surgeons and researchers, patients are no longer bringing in photos of celebrities, they are bringing in pictures of their selfies - edited to look like perfect versions of themselves.”

Here is WaPo's video about the phenomenon:

Further, from the Washington Post:

”According to the annual American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery survey, selfies continue to be a driving force behind why people wish to get plastic surgery done.

“In 2017, the survey found that 55 percent of surgeons reported seeing patients who requested surgery to look better in selfies — a 13 percent increase from the previous year’s results.”

It's mostly teens and young adults looking for this sort of change. Do you suppose they'll outgrow it?


Food deserts – lack of affordable, healthy, fresh food within a reasonable distance of home – are increasing in number around the United States. In Conetoe, North Carolina, the Reverend Richard Joyner decided to change that in his community:


There are a lot of websites that collect images from around the web on a given topic with, usually, funny results. Sometimes I can get lost in them for an hour, laughing my ass off.

Here are a couple of teaser images for you on this “dad solutions” topic. First: Biker Baby.

Biker baby

And this is Baby Butt Mousepad:


There are more dad solutions photos here.


The YouTube page tells us:

”Everybody loves to travel and go on vacation. Cat Nanny is no exception. She traveled from the Rocky mountains in the North, all the way to the Pacific Ocean in the South.”

Take a look:


On last Sunday's episode of HDO's Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver took on prosecutors. It's a compelling report and a perfect one for a week when the Manafort trial has been going on.


This video has been sitting on my “potential” list for Interesting Stuff for several weeks. Even though nothing happens in the lemon's quarter-mile trip, it got a big enough response that the Washington Post wrote a whole story about it.

And I watched to very end. What about you?


Decades ago, long before the internet, I relied on the telephone librarians at the New York Public Library to answer questions for me.

Nowadays, even with the internet, they still do that and now there is a special group who track down the titles of books callers can't remember and for which, sometimes, they have only the vaguest description.

”To solve these little mysteries, Glazer recently assembled a team of sleuths from across the branches: Chatham Square, in Chinatown; the Jefferson Market, in Greenwich Village; the Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library, near the Flatiron Building; and the Mulberry Street branch, in Nolita.

“At lunchtime on a recent Wednesday, they were gathered in that computer lab in the library’s offices—across the street from the soaring, spectacular Stephen A. Schwarzman Building (the Main Branch)—to nibble on homemade lemon rosemary cookies and apple, carrot, zucchini bread while they clattered away on their keyboards.”

You can read more about them at Atlas Obscura.

Anyone can call phone the Library question line. (Back when I traveled a lot, I used it not only from various states, but countries from around the world.) They usually answer, often via email now, within 24 hours. The number is 917-ASK-NYPL (917-275-6975).


If you are not yet old enough (65) for Medicare, the Trump administration changes to Obamacare are going to make health coverage more difficult for you. Here's an explanation from PBS News Hour:

More details at Kaiser Health News.


The more you watch the louder you laugh – that's what happened to me. This guy is having a terrific time and it's easy to enjoy with him. Thank Jim Stone for sending it.

At the YouTube page, it's titled, The Hillbilly Slide And One Mad Coon.

* * *

Interesting Stuff is a weekly listing of short takes and links to web items that have caught my attention; some related to aging and some not, some useful and others just for fun.

You are all encouraged to submit items for inclusion. Just click “Contact” at the top of any Time Goes By page to send them. I'm sorry that I won't have time to acknowledge receipt and there is no guarantee of publication. But when I do include them, you will be credited and I will link to your blog.


Great choices for laughter beginning with cat video - hilarious Roomba ride and personal videos for kitty's entertainment, the Raccoon dance with guy's impressive moves, and an placid video watching a placid lemon stroll down a gutter. Enjoyed them all - to the finish.

The Orange Mango is chipping away at our lives. In every way he can.

It's particularly disrupting to see how he's attempting to create fear wherever he can. It's a daily disturbance.

Like the Republicans and him, I want the good old days back -- mine are anytime pre-11/16.

Stop him - vote! Help others vote!

The Nanny video was fascinating. I've had cats all my life, but never one so placid. Such a pleasure to watch a beautiful cat being ... beautiful.

And who thinks to record a lemon rolling down the street? The internet is so full of interesting and creative things.

As for the political things, I've taken to avoiding them as much as possible. Just not worth my time and energy to get all worked up about the idiocy running rampant. Biding my time until I can vote them all out of office. Or die trying.

What a fun collection! I'm sad for those poor folks who are so absorbed in their own selfies - what a waste. I want to move to North Carolina so that I can attend this pastor's church. I am allergic to cats so seldom get to enjoy them in person; I loved this beautiful cat and her attitude (and I have a bit of a crush on her human).

Reverend Richard Joyner! A hero!

Thanks for a most entertaining Saturday! You're the best!

Our criminal justice system is full of injustice. It badly needs to be reformed. Perhaps long prison sentences for the crooked prosecutors for misconduct would be a start.

I loved Nanny cat. She is so pretty and placid. I laughed at the improvised litter box that the human devised. Nanny's ride on the Roomba is so funny. That is one laid back cat.

Ronni, you know I'm a sucker for cats, cat videos, cat humour.


I got a laugh from the librarians finding books with vague descriptions. When my husband & I met, over 44 yrs. ago, he told me about losing a book while hitchhiking across the country. He said he wished he could find it so he could find out the ending, but he couldn't remember the title nor the author. I asked him to tell me a little about the story as I read a lot of science fiction. He started telling me what he remembered, after his first sentence, I said "oh that is by Author C. Clark, Childhood's End." He couldn't believe I would know it by just the beginning. I told him how it ended.

He, still to this day, says this is how he knew he couldn't let me get away. I recently got him a Kindle copy of the book, so he finally read it himself.

Thanks for the wonderful photos and videos. I love them all. I really enjoyed a lot.

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