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TGB's New Storytelling Feature and The Alex and Ronni Show

Your response last Wednesday was overwhelmingly positive. More than 100 yes responses to reinstating a regular feature of stories told by Time Goes By readers.

Here is how it will work:

I've taken several commenters' suggestion to start light – one story a week. That will be on Tuesdays and in time, maybe expand to two days a week by adding Thursday which is currently dark.

My biggest concern, based on the huge response last week, is that there will be so many stories we'll never get them all published at the rate of one or even two a week.

For now, let's see how that goes and if the story pile gets too high, perhaps I will open and close the submission window as needed depending on the number in the queue.

There is a new link in the right sidebar under “Features” - Story Submissions/Guidelines. That will take you to the Rules of the Road page and where you will always find a link to an email form to submit a story.

You may also submit stories via the “Contact” link at the top of each blog page. Just PLEASE read the guidelines before submitting.

There is also a new link in the “Categories” cloud in the right sidebar: Readers' Stories. That will take you to a page listing all published stories in reverse date order with links to them.

Author names and story titles are findable from the search box at the bottom of the right sidebar.

That does it, I think – all to be amended as needed, and you may now begin submitting stories. The first one will be posted next Tuesday.

* * *

Here is the latest episode of The Alex and Ronni Show recorded yesterday. If you would like to see Alex's entire two-hour show with other guests following our chat, you can do that at Facebook or Gabnet on Facebook or on YouTube.


You two are delightful!! I enjoyed every minute. My grandson is moving to NYC next week. I hope he enjoys it as much as you did!!

Your Ronni and Alex show gave me an idea for a story. Now if I can just write it.

Kenju is right. You two are delightful. Your reminisces are so much fun and I think most of us can relate to them and it brings back our own reminisces. You are a joy to watch.

Yes, I agree, The Ronni and Alex show is delightful.

I love how diplomatic you are with your nice you two can chat and reminisce about your favorite city.

I agree about your "diplomacy" with Alex! What he means when he says New York is no longer as wonderful as it was when he first came, is that He is no longer the same. He is no longer young, no longer open to change. I moved here from Boston in 1958 at the age of 22 and have lived here for 60 years. Of course, it has changed. Why shouldn't people close their restaurants and retire after 35 years? Why should their children be forced to carry on the tradition? Has he not noticed all the wonderful, young people - so much more diversity now than then! - who are now staking their claims here!

Having said that, There is no better place on earth to be old. I can experience the world within 5 blocks of my apartment . People of every class, color, age, ethnicity under the sun. Foods of every land. Parks, movies, theaters. Architectural wonders going up along the HighLine! Hudson River Park an oasis of green with miles of benches overlooking boats, birds, and seaplanes taking off and landing. Purveyors of any goods or services I might need, delivered to my door. And yes, there are still homeless on the street, still strange encounters with odd people that leave you chuckling or wondering at the human condition. To paraphrase Ben Jonson on London "when one is tired of New York, one is tired of life!." Now that you are well, Ronni, please come and visit your favorite city. Happy to collect all local readers for a welcome party at my apartment! Love, Ann

Sorry Samuel Johnson not Ben Jonson. Need to check google Before posting! Love, Ann

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