That #$%^&* Republican RGB “Joke” Video

Many TGB readers have emailed to complain about the video I posted nine or ten days ago of Representative Ralph Norman's [R-SC] abominable joke about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg being groped by Abraham Lincoln.

The readers were not complaining about the joke but about the fact that the damned video kept replaying every time they opened TimeGoesBy in a browser. I know. Me too.

Clearing my browser cache on my desktop helped for a day or so and seemed to work for some readers but then the video returned. Or, in my case, just the audio from it.

It's a long, painful story of frustration and failure, my week-long search for a solution. I got so backed up in the rest of my life that by Thursday, I couldn't even find time to write a blog post for Friday.

After several more hours of work on Saturday morning, I finally found what appeared to be a solution. A couple of readers say it seems to have worked for them; no more Rep. Norman.

My brain is still fried from having spent so many days thinking through and/or reading about computer minutiae – something I can usually do fairly well but don't like to and it takes forever.

So this explanation is the best you're getting for today. I took the rest of the weekend off.

Maybe you want to chat about the Kavanaugh win? Or anything else that suits you. Let's make today a rare case of TGB open mic.


She persists! Thank you so much for getting rid of that glitch!

I agree. The glitch was annoying, but just for those few seconds, and by now I can repeat it word for word.

The news about the U.N. and what climate change could bring the world by 2020, was what I first saw on my news feed this morning. We need to make changes, but instead our country is going backwards.

I am very disturbed by the way the Republican party has been taken over by Trump. He is not a leader he only knows how to divide us more than we are already. The Republican party is acting more like him every day. I'm not sure as a country how we are ever get back to the middle where we make the best decisions possible.

One last thing - Trump is now going to reorganize the Military - move different people into command positions....this should worry everybody ....

He also going after reorganizing all of government -..... we should all be worried - look at his choices so far.....

Thank you for all the time spent with that darn video! I admire your tenacity.
I also agree with Nan. Our country is in sad shape. I was so hoping that work was going on behind the scene in DC that would eliminate the problem, but he continues to rant at these rallies. I don't believe the man is capable of much more than bluster. I'm am saddened more each day & even tho' I'm 81, I'm still concerned about the future of my adult children & grandchildren as I know so many of us are. If I could, I'd have a strong drink. Dee

Sad times for equality, ethics, compassion, and women.

Well, there is a confluence here: just last night, I read a sentence that for me pretty much summed up our state right now in this country.

And no doubt in other countries as well.. The confluence arose because I read this sentence -- and wished I could share it with you all - while all the time reminding myself that I cannot do so within the [and I agree with them] Ronni Rules.

But it definitely fits perfectly this morning:
Herewith the sentence:

"When the most wicked and mendacious are in
charge, truth is the one commodity that is the most valuable of all."

I have posted that sentence on my refrigerator.

As to its source: believe it or not, it is borrowed from Philip Kerr's Prussian Blue, one of the last novels of that great author and the creator of the Bernie Gunther series of stunning novels that focus on Germany [and elsewhere] during the 1930s and beyond.

Philip Kerr died recently. He will be greatly missed, not only by me. But I thank him for these words.

I am in the process of installing a new computer and system. Although it is better than the old system in many ways, I find that my tolerance for sticking with the learning curve needed is sadly gone. Frustration and I are not good friends and patience is sadly missing.

The good news is I escaped the extreme anger at the Republican party and the voters who still cheer Trump on. As they took over the Supreme Court with dishonesty I was nearly consumed by anger and trying to keep hatred at bay.
My diversion of having to use my brain kept me from being obsessed with the politics of today.

So, Ronni, although I share your frustration with computer problems, I guess I can see the bright side for myself.

I admire your technical persistence. Keeping my laptop up-to-date is enough of a technical challenge for me. Every time I encounter a problem I view it as an opportunity to see if my brain still works.

I never had a problem with that video.
Thanks for doing this work.

My sister and I are avid readers of your blog. We spoke last night by phone. We knew the FBI investigation would be a sham. We saw the tired, ugly, ghoulish, rich, old white men on TV on the Judiciary Committee. It was disturbing and horrifying.

We decided that they really don't care about the American people and comments like women not being up to the hard work
they do were particularly gauling.

To me, Dr. Ford was completely credible and believable but that wasn't enough.

Kavanaugh is not Supreme Court material. We feel betrayed and share deep concerns abt the future of this country.

Just had to put it out there.

Just for today, I am enjoying silence, no TV delivering breaking news, no horrific assaults on my psyche..........maybe a bit of soft music later, maybe not. Knitting, meditation or some much needed chair exercise for seniors could renew my body and soul. It hurts so much to think of the world our children and grandchildren will be left. I cannot miss my opportunity to vote.

My latest contribution:
GOP = Grouchy Old Prevaricators
Gross Old Perverts
Greedy Old Perjurers
Gross Onerous Prevaricators
Grundgy Ornery Panderers
Since most youngers don't really know what GOP stands for and it no longer really stands for a "Grand Old Party", I have been having a great time finding new meanings to a once honorable political group! There are so many fun combinations available!

Things are getting worse before they get better. Flushing out of the darker side of humanity continues to show up, not just nationally but globally (Brazilian candidate right wing win yesterday is horrifying). Self congratulatory pictures of Mitch McConnell engraved indelibly on my mind, and arrogance of power and absence of civility and empathy stain our country in ways that make me feel shame. And with this, we must prevail, move from the smaller picture to the bigger picture and move forward without becoming polarized and becoming like those who are doing painful damage to our environment, nature, our world. Moving forward with the best we are and have, our own good hearts, love of truth, compassion for all living beings and a brighter future. I hope to be alive to see a brighter one.

You banished the beast! Blessed silence greets your smiling faces. Thanks for all the frustrating hours you had to spend fixing it. I sure hope it lasts!

So Hillary was on Murphy Brown. Well, the season opener of Madam Secretary last night has upped the ante. Not only was Hillary there, but so was Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright -- all three together in advising M. S. What a surprise! I haven't been a regular viewer , but I think I'll start. Trouble is, the character and attitudes displayed make one wish it were really so today. Alas.

I also saw the report on climate change first thing this morning. It's inconceivable to me that the time frame being mentioned is less than 12 years. However, I think this message may come from a recent book which I've not yet read, but have heard that the first half is very depressing but the second half is very hopeful. It helps to have that balance. If only there were reason to believe the same thing about the current president's tenure in office.

The massive split between the right and left has started here in the UK too and, if Brexit goes through, will just increase. Pharmaceutical companies can't wait to grab the assets of the NHS and we'll be so poverty stricken that everything worth having will be sold off at rock bottom prices, while anyone daring to disagree will be labelled communists and traitors. Hope the swing back to the centre left comes soon and true public service becomes valued in reality, not just in print. At least the BBC remains relatively impartial and we don't have Fox News!

Bah, humbug! Along with the great comments posted here, that about sums it up for me vs. the state of the world. Especially enjoyed Miki D.'s "GOP" revisions.

Congrats for taking the time and making the effort to deal with your computer. I would probably have thrown mine out the window (except I can no longer lift or throw much of anything anymore).

Back to bah, humbug!

I Totally get the misbehaving computer and frustration.
Well, after two years of writing and calling congressMEN, and senators, etc, the Kavanaugh debacle has done me in. I know it's important to press on, but I just don't have the emotional calories to listen and/or watch one more slimeball lowlife talk lies and craziness.
I'm thinking about a sign for my front door saying something like, "Take a breather, no politics spoken here." The hooks have gotten bigger........the language more hyped up and over the top, and like the fish on the deck, I'm gasping for breath. I need some clean air, gentle speaking, listening, integrity, etc. I don't mean to sound like a cry baby, but I'm taking two months off. Of course, I am going to finish reading "21 Lessons for the 21st Century," by
Yuval Noah Harari, it's great.

At what point do we fight back? How bad does it have to get? I feel as if we just continue being proper, correct and nice while the bad guys take over. Rules? Laws? Decency? Who cares? With enough judges all that can be fixed. They're probably busy right now fixing all the voting machines up and down the country.

Thanks for the audio fix...not something I wanted to hear ever again.

The worst thing for me about the Kavanaugh debacle was something I've read and heard in several places. It seems that after Ford's morning testimony, a lot of people (including Republicans) thought Kavanaugh was a lost cause. Then Trump's lawyer, Donald McGahn, talked to him and told him to take the gloves off, just rant an rave as much as he wanted to. So Kavanaugh did just that, and the tide turned in his favor.

It's so sad to me that when a man behaves like an arrogant prick, cursing out everyone, i.e., acts like Donald Trump, then he's considered strong and admirable.

I recently learned about something called the Dunning Kruger effect. This is the basic definition:

"The Dunning-Kruger effect is a type of cognitive bias in which people believe that they are smarter and more capable than they really are. Essentially, low ability people do not possess the skills needed to recognize their own incompetence. The combination of poor self-awareness and low cognitive ability leads them to overestimate their own capabilities."

My son, a high school science teacher, introduced me to this study, published in 1999. I think the study perfectly defines people like Lindsay Graham, Mitch McConnell, Brett Kavanaugh, and obviously, Donald Trump, along with the majority leadership in our country. While my son has been concerned with the Dunning-Kruger people who are convinced that global warming is a hoax, we both agreed that the Dunning-Kruger Effect defines the incompetent people who lead this country. And, probably defines the people who elected them and continue to support them.

Google the term "Dunning-Kruger Effect" to learn more. And, Ronni, I apologize if you have already mentioned this study, or used a video to illustrate the study. I may have missed it in your column, but thought it was worth mentioning.

Had terrible troubles trying to log into TGB for several days; it would just open onto a page suggesting I download the Norman file, which then wouldn’t open anyway. (I don’t remember trying to watch the RBG video.) Finally got rid of it by going into airplane mode (ie., disconnect from worldwide web) and clearing cache and cookies several times. Glad to see I can now read TGB again.

I continue to struggle with rage over the whole Bart O'Kavanaugh thing. (Thanks, Mimi, for the GOP renaming.) It has helped to contribute to and watch the donations to the future election opponent of Maine Senator Collins climb to over three and a half million.

The misogyny, racism, homophobia and greed of the powers that be is beyond disgusting.

Just a big thank-you and a hug for all your blog has taught me- been reading it since you started it.

I'm so burned out and discouraged over the Kavanaugh debacle. The Kohl brothers bought and paid for Susan Collins and they got their money's worth. The Republicans have lost their moral compass...if they even had one. I think it was all an act, their Moral Majority. Now, they praise a Pussy Grabber President and a lying-before-the-senate-conspiracy-theorist for a Supreme Court Justice.

I haven't read the preceding posts which I will enjoy later this evening.

I just want to say how pleased I will be when computers have a single key that will unfurl !!$#%&!!?^ with one "keystroke"!

Seems to be my most used expression these days..........


As soon as I listened to Susan Collins speech, I sent $4 to the Working Families Party in Maine who pledged to give it to whomever runs against her in 2020. Ronni, you are right: she is a dissembling fraud who only knows how to talk falsely.

50 Minutes fart music outside

Thank you Miki Davis, you brought me to laughter today.

Answering an unintended 'challenge'...G.O.P.

An aging Monty Python commented in a recent interview that irony isn't understood well today, and blatant sarcasm has replaced it on stage, and sadly represents current culture.

Personally I believe there is a subtle intelligent wit to irony, whereas sarcasm is only thinly disguised hostility. Yeah...that is what I'm feeling after this last week in Washington.

the saddest thing about the Senate hearing was they had already decided to confirm. It wasn't a matter of did they believe her, it was a matter of, they did not care.

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