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INTERESTING STUFF – 20 October 2018

The Alex and Ronni Show: On the End of Life

Before we get to this week's Alex and Ronni Show, let's decide on a name for the boat we are all on during what I now know is the final voyage of my life.

On Monday, reader Genie commented in reference to my choice to continue writing and publishing this blog for as long as I can during the weeks and/or (hopefully) months remaining in my life. ”This morning I imagine you as the captain for this journey,” she wrote.

Then, Tarzana suggested a contest to name the boat:

”I can already think of many possibilities,” she wrote. “Courageous, Hope, Gratitude, Fortitude, Journey's End and so forth. Your loving readers are much cleverer than I so I'd expect some real stunning, even humorous entries.”

More readers left their suggestions and I chose five of them for us to vote on. In alphabetical order, they are:

Ark de Triomphe
Ronni's Ark
Ronni's Ship of Friends
This End Up

There were a lot of other good ones but choices need to be made so here we are.

You may vote by leaving the name you like in the comments below (do not send email; they will not be counted). You don't need to say anything else but you certainly may if you want. Voting ends at midnight Pacific Time on Sunday 21 October and I'll announce the winner on 24 Wednesday 2018.

(Or, you can just count in the comments to figure out the winner for yourself.)

On Tuesday, my former husband and I recorded another episode of The Alex and Ronni Show. We spent most of the time discussing my new life predicament. There is a lot of laughing. Which is a good thing.

* * *

If you would like to see Alex's entire two-hour show with other guests following our chat, you can do that at Facebook or Gabnet on Facebook or on YouTube.


"This End Up" has my vote. "Furthur" is my final voyage vessel.

When I first read your "Into the the Great Unknown" post last Friday, a tidal wave of sadness and loss washed of me for a long time. You, along with your 'crew', have been a literal lifeboat to me, Ronni, since January of this year, and I am daily thankful.

When other reader's suggested we come up with a name for your craft, what came quickly to my mind was only one word..."INSIGHT".

The British way of HMS prefacing each ship's name seems to add a certain flavor to any name, yet other than RGS (Ronni's Good Ship) is all that came to mind for me. Perhaps simplicity, as always, is a better idea.
With admiration, Charlene.

Ronni's Ship of Friends

Ronni's Ship of Friends

Love from Hilary in England x

I love both Ark de Triomphe and This End Up. <3

Ronni’s Ship of Friends

(Ronni's) Ark de Triomphe...

Really, I love them all... You are our teacher now, and I thank you from the depths of my heart! ✨💙✨

I like Ronni's Ark, because it's general enough to contain......everything. Some ancient culture used to wrap up the deceased, place them in a lightly built boat, and release them to the river or ocean. Sounds good to me. Travelling into this world is a worthy endeavor, and so is travelling on from here.

This End Up.

Curiosity. Always my stance in life

This End Up

I'm ignoring those choices. I go for "My Redemption"

'Curiosity' sounds like a good name for a ship.

Ark de Triomphe! (How many times can I vote?)

Curiosity! That’s you. Because you never stop being curious, you will live forever - sort of. All my love from Switzerland: Hanspeter

Time Goes By

Honestly, I think you already have the perfect name for your ship: Time Goes Bye.

Ronni's Ship of Friends

This End Up is perfect.

The Good Ship “Curiosity” gets my vote.

Ronni's Ship of Friends
I’ve kept track of you over the years through this blog, Ronni. We haven’t seen one another in a number of years. I enjoyed our time “working” together and your blog has been my continued connection to you. You have a full ship of interesting friends here. Thank you to you for providing the platform for all that I learn here. It’s a lasting gift. XO

Roni’s Ship of Friends

Because we all are friends.....

Ark de Triomphe.

Or having been through this with my Beloved last year, or at least as far as we could go together, Ronnie’s Ark de Triomphe.

Heartfelt wishes for strength, some laughter and always, love.

Canadian Traveller

Ronni's Ark


This End Up. I like "Ark de Triomphe", but I'm not sure I could remember how to spell it properly ;-)

I like This End Up, for a lot of reasons but mostly because it includes humor, a necessary ingredient as far as I am concerned.

First choice Roni’s Ship of Friends. Second choice Curiosity. I found you just before your cancer diagnosis when you were looking for answers and then found one ( but not a good one it turns out) I have read all your previous posts through the past year and gained tons of insight through them in this my 72 nd year with one cancer scare 7 years ago. May whatever God we have guide you on a gentle voyage with fair winds and calm seas to your final port. It’s what all sailors hope for.

Should have been Ronni’s Ship of Friends. ( fingers faster than brain) Second choice Curiosity

Ronni's Ship of Friends
Love the visual of a ship full of friends, laughing, singing, hugging, having fun as we honor your journey.

How many times can I vote? Today I vote for Ronni's ARK.

Curiosity. It's why we keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Of those choices, I like 'Curiosity' best. It fits with the single names of ships of the past...Enterprise, Discovery, etc. and I think it well fits your approach to life and death. Thanks for the new Alex and Ronni show, but Alex, you need to let Ronni finish her thoughts! ☺ Thank you, also, for discussing the 'Death With Dignity' possibility. Living in Washington, I am relieved that I may have that option when the time comes. I am relieved for you that it will be an option for you, too, and I appreciate that you are willing to talk about it. Thank you for being you, Ronni, and thank you for sharing yourself so openly and honestly with us.

This End Up

I, like some others, think Time Goes By is still very appropriate. But if we’re looking at this as your final journey…but’s not final because as your former husband said, your writing will be out there forever, encouraging those who know you now and those you have yet to discover your honesty, genuineness, and heart. These are things that we all long for in our lives and as such are so drawn to you. How about “No matter what the future brings“ as Time Goes By. I suppose it doesn’t really fit but I’m sure many of us have thought all along even before last year’s diagnosis that no matter what the future brings we would be here with you. Carol 💛

I like Ronnie's Ark or ship of friends. I absolutely love the relationship you have with your ex-husband. Many women don't even have it that good with their current hubby!

Ronni, you will definitely be missed when the time comes - and I hope it is far from now.

Ronni's ship of friends

A bit grey here in Portland, but sunshine on it's way.
Have a happy day.
love from

on ITS way!

Ark de Triomphe

Well, I was going to suggest Scheherazade, the princess who wove a story for 1001 nights to a "prince" who had been in the habit of bedding a woman a night and then having her offed the next day. But I love some of the other suggestions.
Time Goes Bye, as harsh as the title may seem, is probably the one that seems to fit the best.
Are you passing your mantle to someone else?
Ronni, I was very sorry to hear the news but also not surprised. I am so happy that 1) you had an extension (probably the only positive side, as far as I am concerned regarding chemo is that it does, sometimes, permit an extension which, in turn, permits acceptance of one's destiny) and 2) that you feel really healthy right now.
Although it is not any of my business, I strongly urge you to forego doing chemo. Did you know that most doctors do not choose to do chemo when diagnosed with cancer? It is because they know the side effects and that it does not eradicate. In fact, and I am sure you know this, in the process of destroying cancer cells (which grow much more rapidly than our regular cells) it kills off everything in our immune system.
I write this only because I have seen too many loved ones choose chemo and it is not a pretty choice. Death is a scary thing to confront, the ultimate unknown, but it can be peaceful. You have many choices besides chemo.

#1 - Ronni's Ark.
#2 - Time Goes By.
Whatever it is named, I know that I will be among friends. :)

Like many others, the choice of just one name is really hard. The names that we are to choose from are all good.

Ronni’s Ship of Friends is lovely. ARK de Triomphe is witty and I like it, reminds me of your wonderful wit. Curiosity makes me think of you— maybe of all of us — this blog is rich in curiosity, probing topics that get raised, exploring everything!

Ok, I’ve listed too many——

Ruth-Ellen (who, as always, enjoyed the most recent Alex and Ronni Show. And who appreciated all the laughter. )

Ronni, very touched by your show above. I so appreciate and admire your forthrightness and honesty about your health, thoughts and feelings, especially in a current cultural climate where outright lying and obfuscation are so prevalent.

Even in my own home, when I ask my seriously ill 74-year old husband "how he is" (in as many ways as I can think of), the answer is generally "good". Frustrating and even a bit counter-productive.

You continually help and inform so many of us. You give and give some more. If there is any way any of us can give back, please say. xoxo

I vote for "Onward". No way is this your final journey.

Ark de Triomphe

of the choices you've made, _Curiosity_ gets my vote. I would have gone for _Journey_ had it been on the list.
You are and have been an inspirational skipper for all of us on this voyage into age and the unknown. Bravo Zulu, and thanks, Ronni.
Fair winds and following seas.


Ronni's ship of friends! Bless you so much for sharing your life and experiences. I love your blog and your honesty.

Curiosity !

Ronni's Ark ...

Curiousity ...

It's great to read end of life blogs - or listen as in your case ... we can all learn so much ...

Good to be here - and all the best to you both ... Hilary

Ronnie's Ark! Love that it brings to mind many different and splendid creatures along for the ride.

Ronni’s Ark de Triomph

This End Up.
It's clever and good humored.

Ronnie's Ship of Friends.

I have always loved--and still love--Time Goes By. Truth and grace.

Curiosity. Maybe Times Goes By could be your theme/anthem.

"Ronni's Ark Angels"

Who says we're not?

1. Time Goes Bye - even though it wasn't a choice
2. Ronni's Ship of Friends
I am sad that your cancer has returned. Even knowing better, I expect people and things I care about to go on forever. You are helping all of us by sharing your journey.

Ronnie's ship of Friends

Ronni's Ark

or maybe second choice Time Goes Bye

This End Up

Ronni, you have been an inspiration to me.

The Good Ship Curiosity
as I think you are as curious as I about what comes 'after' !!


This End Up or Time Goes Bye. . .

Ronnie ship of friends


This End Up because it's funny and I hear you and see you laughing when I read it.

The cabin boy votes for Ark de Triomphe.

Time Goes Bye is perfect but of the 5 I like This End Up!

You might as well dance! Hugs.

This End Up.
I feel it captures your attitude.

Ark de Triomphe has my vote! After a lifetime in the jungles of Time and Space every human rides Triumph into the next dimension in my opinion. Tom Kenyon has a song called "The Boatman" which I consider an adult lullaby. Part of the lyrics invite you to leave your past on the shore and go with the Boatman into the Land of Dream "to see the more that we can see, and be the more that we can be." May you and your Boatman have one heckuva glorious journey!

I vote for Ark de Triomphe because “Ark” connotes a new beginning, and the rain-bow is always a sign of hope and promise. And “ Triomphe” defines your triumph over an original diagnosis of a premature end of life.

I vote for Time Goes Bye too.

Curiosity - we are curious about life and the end of the journey always.

All good names but I force ranked This End Up, because of the humor. I felt overwhelmed with sadness when I read this, even though I only know you through this blog. I’ve been actively involved in kith and kin end of life a half dozen times already. I am so grateful to everyone for the practicality and positivity.

Ronni's Ship of Friends

Ronni’s Ship of Friends

Ronni’s Ship of Friends

Hey Ronni, Have you considered traveling to NYC in the near future? You could go to the theatre and museums, feel the hustle and bustle. You seem to have such a fondness for the city.

I'll go with This End Up mainly for the irony. I'm honored that you took me seriously on the boat name thing. I lived on a cruising sailboat for 9 yrs and saw many, many clever and not so clever names. Ours was Laura Lee, hubby's Mom's nom de plume, so we informally called the boat Mom.

I eavesdropped on you and Alex which I usually skip, but I was hoping you'd talk about what's next and you did. I don't know if I'll get any forewarning of my time left, but I hope I can control the timing of my exit . You are lucky to live in Oregon. Whatever you decide, I'm sure all of your blog friends will be with you.

This End Up, I wish we could all go out with a laugh.

Would it be gauche to vote for the name I suggested. Being a selfish creature at times, I will do so. I go with Ronni's Ship of Friends because that's what it is. The other names are wonderful so if one of them is the winner I will be happy.

I liked this episode of the Ronnie and Alex show very much. I only wish you had more time to expand on your feelings of death. We must all be thinking about that now and the realization that we will be no more is daunting to me.

Thank you for your honesty and courageous view of the knowledge that you may not know the day, but you do have a time frame. Please remember, doctors can be wrong. My friend in NYC is also dying of cancer and when it was first diagnosed he was given only 3 or 4 months to live. He is still alive one year later even though he declined heroic measures and is just on palliative care using Home Hospice care.

From the beginning , Ronni's unquenchable desire to know and learn
fuels her life less now toward the great unknown.

It has been said , "The end is not the end, but the whole purpose of the beginning."

As Time Goes By, we sail on with Ronni !

All aboard the Friend Ship CURIOSITY!


Ronni's Ship of Friends

Ronni's Ship of Friends

This End is Up, because it is my way, go out but cause a grin while going.

Ronni's Ship of Friends

Thanks for including us

My vote: Ronni's Ship of Friends.

Ark de Triomphe

Ronni's ship of friends

Ark de Triomphe


Good ship Ark de Triomphe.

Ark de Triomphe

This end up!

Oh Ronni, it's so good to see you and hear you laugh in that video. I'm scheming to try to figure out how/when to come visit you pretty soon. (Yep, got others to visit out there too.)

I am torn between "curiosity" and "Ronni's Ark." I like the personal quality of the latter. But "curiosity" says so much. Of course, it is already the name of a Mars rover. (Ronni's Rover?) I know it is too late to make new suggestions, but mine would have been:

At the end of one of the best original "Star Trek" episodes, Chekhov the Russian navigator says to Kirk, "Vitch say, Kyeptain?" And Kirk sort of shrugs, gestures expansively, and says, "Out there. ... Thataway!"

My suggestion would've been "Thataway."

But wait, I have to vote. OK, "Curiosity."

Dammit, I didn't preview, and autocorrect sneaked up and nailed me. That would be "Vitch vay," as in "which way, Captain?"


Ronni’s Ark.

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