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INTERESTING STUFF – 20 October 2018

The Alex and Ronni Show: On the End of Life

Before we get to this week's Alex and Ronni Show, let's decide on a name for the boat we are all on during what I now know is the final voyage of my life.

On Monday, reader Genie commented in reference to my choice to continue writing and publishing this blog for as long as I can during the weeks and/or (hopefully) months remaining in my life. ”This morning I imagine you as the captain for this journey,” she wrote.

Then, Tarzana suggested a contest to name the boat:

”I can already think of many possibilities,” she wrote. “Courageous, Hope, Gratitude, Fortitude, Journey's End and so forth. Your loving readers are much cleverer than I so I'd expect some real stunning, even humorous entries.”

More readers left their suggestions and I chose five of them for us to vote on. In alphabetical order, they are:

Ark de Triomphe
Ronni's Ark
Ronni's Ship of Friends
This End Up

There were a lot of other good ones but choices need to be made so here we are.

You may vote by leaving the name you like in the comments below (do not send email; they will not be counted). You don't need to say anything else but you certainly may if you want. Voting ends at midnight Pacific Time on Sunday 21 October and I'll announce the winner on 24 Wednesday 2018.

(Or, you can just count in the comments to figure out the winner for yourself.)

On Tuesday, my former husband and I recorded another episode of The Alex and Ronni Show. We spent most of the time discussing my new life predicament. There is a lot of laughing. Which is a good thing.

* * *

If you would like to see Alex's entire two-hour show with other guests following our chat, you can do that at Facebook or Gabnet on Facebook or on YouTube.


I am finding that I still cannot visit here without tears flowing at the thought of losing you. I've followed you for years and was the one who said the operating room would be crowded. You have the most amazing friends here, which is no surprise. My personal preference for the name of your ship is Spirit, as I will always see your Spirit floating through my life and heart. I will, of course, vote for the popular This End Up, as it does make me smile. Sending love and gratitude for who you have always been - thanks for having been born, Ronni.


Ronni's Ship of Friends

This End Up. It has a nice ring to it.

Hi Ronni ! Out of the five I would say. This End Up. Hahahahaha. Says soo much. God Bless you. See you on the boat. ❤️🤗

For a brilliant (in insight, warmth, and lovable character) role model, RONNIE'S SHIP OF FRIENDS.

Like Darlene, I will vote for my (unintentional) suggestion because you have brought me through many a
“flood” of tears or confusion or uncertainty with your intelligence and integrity ... and appreciation of the world’s wonders.
Like Darlene, I like and appreciate all the suggestions (whether in the list or elsewhere) and I am almost as grateful to your readers as I am to you.

Ronni’s Ship of Friends

"This End Up" strikes me as reflecting your zest for life. I find you very inspiring.

I vote for This End Up, because it made me smile.

Like Darlene, I will vote for my (unintentional) suggestion because you have helped me navigate through so many uncertainties and fears with your intelligence and integrity, not to mention your smiles in those photos over the years.
Like Darlene, I like just about all the suggestions, whether in the list or elsewhere and am almost as profoundly grateful for many of your readers as I am for you.

Ronni s ark

Runner Up: Time Goes Bye. (the added "e" makes all the difference!)
First choice: This End Up.
Both are witty, and wise. Like you, dear Ronni.

My vote for name of ship: Curiosity

I like This End Up, because it reflects the sense of humor so often on display on your blog, and because, after all, this is how we all end up - into the great unknown.

For the record, I like all the suggested names, and so will be happy with whatever name wins.

It's hard to choose, but I'm casting my vote for "Ronni's Ship of Friends".

It was Darlene's suggestion and I always think of her as the elder statesman of Ronni's blog, adding her ancient (as she calls it) wisdom to Ronni's.

My second choice would have been Curiosity, because I think we all have that in common here.

This looks to be a really close race. Is it a photo finish? Will we need a runoff for the top contenders? :-)

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