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INTERESTING STUFF – 10 November 2018

EDITORIAL NOTE: Again this week, my selections are heavy on animals. I hope you enjoy them.

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That's what Bryant Johnston, long-time physical fitness trainer to 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told a reporter after RGB fell last week and broke three ribs:

"To all the stressed out people in America," Johnson told The Cut, "remember that the justice is TAN. Now, I always use that acronym: TAN. She’s tough as nails. You think three ribs are going to stop Justice?

"We probably won’t train at least for another week or so just to give the ribs a chance to heal because the ribs are just very sensitive areas that you just gotta give them a chance to heal. And then we’ll pick back up just like we usually do, and I’ll take in account for the ribs and we’ll just kinda ease and move in a little bit easier around ‘em."

Thank god she is TAN. We need that woman on the Court.


Julien Tabet is a young French artist who says he likes to surprise people.

”...imagining the improbable fascinates me...,” he says. “My works deal mainly with animals for a lot of reasons. Animals are different from humans because they are so much more humble and innocent.

“But what I like the most is that they can be mysterious due to their anonymity. I love to dream up the way animals act when we aren't watching them, kind of like Toy Story.

I think his work is magic:




There are more fantastical images at Bored Panda and at Tabet's Instagram page.


We may have elected a Democratic-majority House of Representatives on Tuesday but that doesn't mean Congress will suddenly function.

The Washington Post and ProPublica got together to produce a short animated video, How Congress Stopped Working, that includes some predictions about whether it will soon get better.

Warning: This is not encouraging:

You can read more at the Washington Post and at ProPublica.


The YouTube page tells us:

”An inquisitive cat in the Luxembourg city of Esch-sur-Alzette, saw something move across the street and immediately trotted over to investigate. Upon discovering it was a rat, the cat began the chase.

“This tough little rat, however, turned right around and instead became the chaser...nipping at the poor kittie’s heels all around the streets.”


This is so cute:

”A noble German Shepherd named Thorin,” says the YouTube page, “very gently sniffed out a bevy of baby quails who were chirping away while crawling around on a comfy shag rug. After meeting these little birds, Thorin sat down and stood guard over them, remaining completely affable even when they climbed upon him.”


I may have mentioned that I can no longer read stories about climate change. Just the headlines make me weep for our beautiful big blue marble home in space.

Then there is this from the BBC. It won't change much, but it's good to read:

”The ozone layer, which protects us from ultraviolet light, looks to be successfully healing after gaping holes were discovered in the 1980s. The Northern Hemisphere could be fully fixed by the 2030s and Antarctica by the 2060s.

“A new United Nations report says it's an example of what global agreements can achieve.”

Read the entire story at the BBC.


Undoubtedly you know that maps made for a flat surface distort the size and shape of land masses. Climate data scientist and interactive mapmaker, Neil Kaye, has made an animated gif to show the differences in the size of countries between flat and globe-shaped maps.

”Because the Mercator Map distorts land size in accordance with increased distance from the Equator, countries like Greenland, Russia, Canada and the United States look so much larger than much of the rest of the world.”


Read more at Laughing Squid.


A succinct little video about the way humans bury their dead has changed from the earliest days of humankind to the present.


Most of us get stuck with annoying earworms from time to time, a tune stuck in our brain that won't go away.

Susana Martinez-Conde, writing at Mental Floss, has five suggestions for banishing them. One of them is to listen to a “cure tune”:

”The same study also found that some subjects used competing songs, or 'cure tunes,' to control their earworms. The researchers identified 64 such tunes, with six of them named by more than one person.”

Another suggestion is to chew gum:

”Chewing might hinder the motor programming involved in speech articulation, and therefore could keep people from subvocalizing (saying the words to the songs in their heads). They found that vigorous gum-chewing did reduce the number of unwanted musical thoughts, but...”

Read the rest at Mental Floss. I have no idea of any of these work.


The Comedy Wildlife awards are back again this year with some of the funniest animal photography you've ever seen. A sampling of finalists:




The 2018 winners will be announced next Thursday, 15 November, in a ceremony at Foyles in Charing Cross, London.

Meanwhile, you can see a lot of more of the finalists at Bored Panda (click through for the entire five pages of entries) or at Comedy Wildlife Photos.

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Yikes. Wouldn't want to encounter a rat bold enough to chase a cat! And the German shepherd with the quail -- absolutely adorable. Can't have too many animal features. They are one of the few things that don't get politicized.

Go get 'em RBG, the indominable! (You, Ronni, and she share a lot of the same spirit.)

I can so easily follow your links and lose a day. LOL

Enjoyed all the links and shared the political video with our local Indivisible group.

Thanks for the lively mix........

Oh Ronni, all the climate change videos and articles bring me to tears also. I still listen and read though it pains me to do so. Personally, I think climate change is the biggest issue we (all countries) have.

What good is it to fight for equal rights, fair wages, universal health care, against racism, against misogyny, etc. if we are killing ourselves by destroying our home and its environment? I do not understand how so many people can live in denial about climate change. We are such a stupid species to destroy that which supports our lives.

I certainly haven't given up writing to politicians and supporting politicians whose ideals I believe in; but we need to remember we are all one on this planet and need to protect it. Otherwise the result will be: we will die, but eventually the planet will recover without us.

Re Trump's lies and bullying--I believe that his supporters greatly enjoy these sadistic behaviors. This depresses me to think about. But on the other hand I am so relieved that Dems took the House. I had been afraid of election rigging so severe that we would lose both houses. And this gives me hope for 2020...

I always enjoy these posts. I’m not disappointed.

Page, I think you are right. I read this essay by a very good writer at Wonkette and I shared it with everyone I know -- I think you might like it.

John Gear, Ronni doesn't let people post links, not even good ones that are part of the conversation. That's a slippery slope she has never had time for, and even less now, so your comment is likely to disappear as soon as she sees it.

But everyone here has Google. We can post search terms... in this case, "Wonkette Hollywood Access" brings up the essay you're talking about as the first hit.

Thank you, Sylvia, for the explanation. Yes, I removed the link. Nothing wrong with that link, John Gear, except that it encourages people who use blog comments to link to retail sales sights, porn sites, promote dubious businesses, etc.

I chose this method of link removal because there just isn't time for me to check them all. I know this can be a pain but it keeps the comments on topic, useful and interesting for us all without the trolls to mess up everything.

Oh yes, we need RBG as never before. This “stuff” is always so interesting! Wish our dog had been so caring with baby hummingbirds on their first flights from the nest.

Slightly related to funerals, but more serious, — about environmentally sensitive burials — rare, new to me — is the description Vagabonde, on your blogroll, currently has movingly described with shared photos following her husband’s recent death.

Oops....my mistake....should have double-checked first as thought I found the blogspot blog I mentioned above on your blogroll, but discovered I’m mistaken. Sorry!

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