Crabby Old Lady and the Holiday Season

The Good Ship This End Up

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we chose a name for the ship we here at Time Goes By are traveling together on my last great adventure in life? We voted, settling on This End Up.

Let me back up a bit. Last week one of my most favorite friends came to stay with me for a few days. Stan James, who is a blockchain engineer (you're on your own to figure out what that is), lives in Boulder, Colorado and he is one of the few people left in the world who often communicates by snailmail.

Postcards show up regularly along with the occasional actual letter on paper in an envelope. They always look something like this:


Yes, Stan is a master at beautiful, gorgeous, amazing calligraphy.

Somehow, until this trip, Stan had neglected to tell me that his art is not confined to paper. He is also what I am calling for now a beach calligrapher.

Here is Stan himself with one of his sand creations:


Since we are celebrating one of America' iconic holidays tomorrow, here is an appropriate creation from Stan for the season:

Happy Holidays

And now, the piece de resistance for the denizens of Time Goes By, take a look at this fantastic sand creation just for us:

Isn't that wonderful? It makes me want to cry with joy. You can find much more of Stan's sand calligraphy on his Instagram page.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


These are fantastic! Kudos to Stan for finding a passion and sharing it with others, in a big way!

Happy Thanksgiving, Ronni and everyone else. There's deep gratitude for the open sharing of life, our travails and loves amongst us ship mates. I care about everyone here.

Thanks Ronni, and Stan! Beautiful. Enjoy the holiday, however you choose to celebrate. So glad to have you here on my laptop today, and most days. The Good Ship "This End Up" is a wonder.

Wonderful Ronni. Hope your holiday is joyful and "Up."

Thank you Ronni! You are a blessing to many and it's an honor to be on This Good Ship!

That sand calligraphy is wonderful--and so much better use of a rake than raking the forest floor!

Ahhh Ronni, you're the best. You're making me blush over here.

I'm so very thankful for our friendship over the years, with both of us in changing places, changing life-phases!

Thank you for sharing the beach art work! The beach is one of my biggest joys.

The art is superb, and This End Up is perfect.

What a great gift from Stan. Made my day! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Ronni, to Stan, and to all who follow your postings.

Beautiful work Stan! And thank you Ronni for letting us see this today. I'm thankful for finding your blog Ronni. I'm thankful for the many wonderful people who share their thoughts here with you. Warmest wishes for a lovely Thanksgiving to everyone - as you wish - alone or with others. Hugs.

I just loved Stan's creativity. Definitely will follow him on instagram. It brought joy to this Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you for sharing as it reminded me how important beauty is to daily living.

I checked out Stan's page. What wonderful and uplifting creations. Glad you have his friendship in your life.

Well, for heaven's sake, this makes me sniffle too. How lovely. Thank you so much for sharing your journey, you have lots of company.

Now I know what to do with the dust on top of my dresser.

Thank you both, Ronni and Stan, for sharing this beautiful and heartfelt work - what a wonderful reminder of how beautiful and very temporary our creations are. I am grateful to share what may very well be our last Thanksgiving together. In the meantime I am happy to be journeying with you all on the Good Ship This End Up. Much Love to All, Sulima

This is an excellent example of how you enrich our lives, Ronni. Stan James' art and talent are amazing! thank you as well as Thanksgiving wishes to all, Captain Ronni and the members and crew of the good ship This End Up.

Oh good heavens. The crashing ocean waves, the setting sun and This End Up.

How perfect is that.

Yes, crying with joy.

I loved Nana Lorena Royer's comment (above). I certainly agree with her when she says, "That sand calligraphy is wonderful--and so much better use of a rake than raking the forest floor!"

Thanks for sharing Stan's work and the love he shares with you!

Stan's art is wonderful. So original! And I'd probably want to frame that envelope. Thank you both for all you do. Wishing you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving. Hugs from Denver.

Love love love!
Oh the smiles that brings... XX

Wow! just wow!
So glad you have a wonderful friendship with this amazingly talented man.
Giving thanks for this post and for all that you have shared with us, Ronni.
Warmth and love to you this holiday.

What a delightful thing! Imagine a techy who is so artistically talented, and his added advantage is that he has a friend in you.

Absolutely spectacular. I would like to ask permission to upload the photo of Happy Holidays to Twitter with credit to Stan and a link to this post? Or any other sort of attribution that you both prefer? If not, totally understand. It's just so beautiful.

A blockchain engineer who prefers snailmail? I love it! The sand art/calligraphy is beautiful... art and beauty that disappears... A great reminder of the impermanence of all things, including ourselves... Ronni, you know the most interesting people! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Fantastic! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Of course you may, Lisa. Just link to Stan's Instagram page.

Absolutely stunning. That blockchain guy is amazing. Hold him tight.

What a profoundly beautiful message today. Stan is a great example of how Ronni brings together the most wonderful talents for all to appreciate and share. As a not very good, wanna-be calligrapher myself I count myself lucky to see such beautiful work. And our boat is at the beach!!! Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving Stan and Ronni!

I can't add anything to the wonderful comments from my fellow travelers on This End Up.

Happy Thanksgiving to Ronni, Stan and all of the wonderful voyagers.

That's so cool. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ahhhhhh! Puts HAPPIEST in This Thanksgiving!

Thank you Stan, Ronni, Everybody!

Thanks to Ronnie and Stan..............this guy's great! Snail mail........oh yeah, love holding something in my hands, spending some time with images, words, papers. No wonder you two are friends, you're both the real deal. Beautiful, putting his creativity in sand, sharing with all. Don't know what a blockchain technician is, sounds kind of scary, but if Stan's doing it, it must be okay!

How very cool, what a personal and personalized gift! Happy Thanksgiving to the whole Bennett family.

Such beautiful work. I too am a member of "The Snail Mail Gang," May it live forever. The good Ship "This End UP" calligraphed on the beach, a lovely lovely touch. A gift from the heart.

Is Stan Finnish?

I have no idea. You ask because???

Fantastic! Thank you, Stan! Happy Thanksgiving, Ronni, Stan and everyone!

Ronni ~ Stan's calligraphy is spectacular and amazing...so beautiful.. and so thoughtful. You and Stan have a Happy Thanksgiving and know that we are all thinking of you and on the journey of This End Up!!! Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony to you and yours in this holiday season.

Truly unique and special! Thanks for creating and sharing — Stan and Ronni.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and all!

Thank you both, and a lovely thanksgiving to you.

Wonderful! Thank you!!

Oh, Stan James, thank you so much for your lovely art. Wishing you, Ronni, and everyone else here a good holiday. Sending love and hugs! So grateful for each of you.

That is heartrendingly gorgeous and I love that the arrow is pointing out to sea.

Thank you so much.

Thank You for sharing so many wonderful and interesting things with us that we would never know anything about. This sand art is amazing. God Bless You for your diligence .

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