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A TGB READER STORY: The Big Yellow Pot - A Story of Love in the Kitchen

By Trudi Kappel

We met at a party in July. By October, my birthday month, we were an item. My birthday was the first traditional gift giving occasion of our relationship. Knowing his thrifty nature, I wondered if he would buy me a present or even a card.

I was delighted when he invited me out for a birthday dinner, recognition of the occasion. He arrived at my apartment carrying, not only a card but also a large heavy wrapped package. WOW! A restaurant dinner, a card and a present! This was special.

When I opened the box, I was nonplussed. It contained a big yellow enamel cast iron Dutch oven. I saw myself as a career girl, not a homebody but I thanked him with as much enthusiasm as I could muster.

I doubted the relationship would last, sensing our different views of my life plan. After five decades we are still an item and we still cook in that Big Yellow Pot. The pot is a metaphor for the relationship - durable and don’t be stingy with the spices.

We are showing some wear. Grey hair for us, chipped enamel for the Big Yellow Pot. We endure and we cook together!


Oh Trudi, when I saw the title of your 'love' story I couldn't wait to read on. Your engaging tale made me laugh with recognition and sweet memories, thank you for sharing it.

I have the twin of your "big yellow pot" still in my own is 60 years old and also purchased by an apparently hungry man soon after we were married. A few chips on the lid and some porcelain gone...but maybe older folks need the iron in the diet. :-)

Your own disappointment brought to mind a wedding shower gift made by a wise old family friend I only knew as "Gamma Ruie". It was a large canvas pastry cloth embroidered up the long side with "Kissin' don't last---cookin' do". Both can last for some of us, dear lady.

Trudi's yellow pot : WOW is right !! What a fun way to start a grey Monday in my neck of the woods. Thank you, Trudi !!

What a wonderful love story! THANK YOU for sharing!!

Thank you so much for this simple but so beautiful and true tale of love. Delightful.

A delightful story! Thank you so much for sharing your Big Yellow Pot.

A surprise that turned out to be a beautiful relationship. Sometimes our plans end up in unexpected ways.

Cooking together is a true measure of enduring love. How romantic.

Wonderful and sweet. Congratulations.

How wonderful to have that pot and such a long beautiful affaire to go with it.

A wonderful story, Trudy. Hope you have many more years cooking up a solid relationship.

So simple, yet so powerful. I bet you have memories of many memorable meals in your Dutch oven.

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