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INTERESTING STUFF – 1 December 2018

It's been an exhausting and busy week so I haven't had time to collect the usual number of Interesting Stuff items. Here is a shorter than usual list for this week.


On August 15, 16 and 17 in 1969 what became known as the Woodstock Music Festival was held on Max Yasgur's farm in Bethel, New York. In 2017, the site was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Department of the Interior.


”Today, the historic music festival is marked with a small monument that offers a panoramic view of the original festival site.

“The site is adjacent to the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, which contains the Museum at Bethel Woods, which features displays and artifacts related to the Woodstock festival and the 1960s counterculture that it came to represent.”

There are many more photos by Rhapsodic Bohemian at Atlas Obscura.

I was there in 1969. Were you?


Cosmo is a St. Bernard who weighed 130 pounds and had never lived with a family or been inside a home when he was adopted. Lovely story.


As Big Geek Daddy explains:

”A dog named Toby is out walking with his dog friends when he discovers a mud puddle that is calling out to him to play in. He can’t resist the urge to jump in and take a mud bath on a cold winter day and needless to say it is quite the experience.”


I always thought so and here's the explanation.


From TGB reader Charlene Drewry, an orphan otter lives to tell her tale. She is the cutest thing.

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The feet video was very informative for me. I wore size 11 medium width at age 17 to size 16 triple e 50 years later. Doesn't explain the size change in my nose and ears. Or why all the hair coming out of those openings.

Hang in there Ronni. We all (especially me) love you to pieces.

I consider it a failure that I did not go to Woodstock. I can't say I even heard about it beforehand; there certainly weren't any advertising posters in my small town. I would have loved it. The animal posts this week are awesome! I don't know who I love more, Cosmo or the wonderful family who took him in so lovingly. And the pup in the mud puddle was hysterical.

Like Nina, I did not know about the Woodstock festival... even tho it was only about 50 miles from my home. On Friday evening, I was returning home driving west along the usually lightly trafficked I84 (on the east side of the Hudson River)... when I encountered a traffic jam? What? I took the next exit and found my way home via local streets. That evening on the TV news, I discovered that it was not a crash that caused the jam... A fifty mile traffic jam... amazing!

I've never liked crowds... so unlikely I would have tried to attend... even if I'd known about it.

I always envied the Woodstock crowd. I loved music and dancing, but I was such a nerd.

They ran the other way whenever I tried to invade their world.

I was too uptight to relax and enjoy ---so my loss.

Only in my imagination did I become part of the age of Aquarius ---

I remember being at Woodstock with my mate Glagadeen Capisce. I did acid and became gay.

I was not at Woodstock :-( I was in Seattle and very pregnant. We did go tmy fo some scaled down versions that took place between Seattle and Portland, what a great list of artists that was.

Oh, and my feet are bigger,gone from 8 1/2 to 10's over the years. Still quite narrow though, hard to find shoes that fit except online.

I heard about Woodstock as a teenager in South Africa. I was regarded as being most peculiar for wanting to have been there! You have led such an interesting and inspiring life - hope you have either written or dictated your autobiography.

Im grateful i have found your blog. You are one hell of a woman. I will keep reading here, forever.

Love from Amsterdam, the Netherlands,

Adie van der Veen

Cosmo and his humans! And fur siblings! Also, I’ve noted to schedule a doc visit about fallen arches! Helps explain new pain in one heel after walking much. Finally, Tilley and her humans and babies. I love these shares. All focus on good. And I love you!

Love the Woodstock plaque. Thanks for that. I didn't get there either. I ached and cried because I wanted to go so badly. As one of the co-founders of the Atlanta Folk Music Society, I was deeply involved in that music era of the 1960s and knew and loved the music of all of those performers. sighhh No money, two kids and located far away in Atlanta, it never happened, much to my regret.

Some folks commenting are regretting missing "Woodstock".

Well all is not lost....there is always "The Burning Man Festival" coming again in summer 2019.

Every year, thousands gather in the Nevada Black Rock desert just Northeast of Reno and Pyramid Lake to erect a vivid temporary city devoted to art, community & 10 guiding principles including "radical self-expression."

It was all free and more mellow in the beginning, but now I feel it is only for the adventurous and stout of heart. Easy to just 'Google' "Burning Man" for a bit of history and the cost $$$ of youthful madness in this century. Interesting.

My wife went to Woodstock, long before I met her. I did not because I lived in Los Angeles in those days and, besides, had I gone, I may have met up with her (1:1000 chance) and totally upset the correct timing for our eventual meeting in 1979 near an Indian reservation in Yuma, AZ--so I'm glad that I did not go, not wanting to mess with the cosmic timing associated with our eventual encounter.

We have visited the Woodstock museum in New York and it's very well done and I'd recommend it to everybody--it's so interesting, both the museum exhibits and the adjacent actual field where it all took place. An added bonus would be the beautiful New York countryside.

"Ach, Toby!"

Did not go to Woodstock since I lived in California, but there were lots of 3 day concerts all over the state following Woodstock and I attended my share. Saw many of the same acts. Slept in my VW bug, smoked a lot of pot. Oh the good old days! Drugs, sex and rock and roll!
We also had "love ins" during that time in history. Remember those?

Missed Woodstock, sigh, as I was in California, having returned from a graduation trip to Europe and was preparing to leave for Frosh Week at college (yeah, poor me, lol). It would have changed my life. However, I've experienced probably more than my fair share of "sex, drugs and rock and roll" since then (poor me). 😉

The animal stories/videos made my day. We certainly need an extra dose of adorable animals, silliness, love and human kindness these days!

Thank you, Ronni, for your inspiration and guidance each week!

Another fabulous post, Ronni! I love the animal stories, always!
Sadly, I was only 12 in 1969 or I would have gone, walked, hitch-hiked or begged a ride. As someone else mentioned, I still did my share of love, sex and rock n’ roll. I’m so straight now, I even bore myself.

I love the Cosmo story and love St. Bernards, but would hate to have to feed one.

The playful Otters are adorable and I loved the story about Tilly and her successes.

Ah Woodstock - I was too old for the Age of Aquarius. My generation missed most of the teenage fun. The most fun we had was sneaking a beer or going to a sock hop.

Missing Woodstock felt like missing a truly historic event but alas, I lived in Oklahoma and had a 1-year-old to care for.

Aha! Now I know that the growth of my feet is just one more symptom of old age. But why do my feet grow nearly a full size from morning to night? Only strategically placed slippers save me from unendurable pain just as I am ready to relax into the telly.

About the sex, drugs and rock and roll of our youth: I wonder if young people looking at our wrinkles and gray hair can even imagine the good times we had. Or realize that eventually they, too, will be old and have only their recliners or rocking chairs and their memories. Great memories.

Such fun, both Woodstock and these animal videos. I was mom of 2 little guys, and moving between CT and FL at the time, so missed Woodstock except on the evening news. I caught up in the 70s to the "Sex-drugs-Rock n' Roll" fun.

I had graduated from high school in May and was working on an assembly line. We must have gotten our news via Pony Express as I didn't hear about Woodstock until weeks after the fact. The music still fills my head with joy and hope for the future.

Thank you for all you've done, Ronni Bennett. xo

I've never liked crowds and disorder, so watching Woodstock on film was fine for me. But oh, what music we had then!

I think Toby must actually be an otter!

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